Friday, December 30, 2011

Third Day video

Old Navy Winter Coat under $20!

I just bought this coat at my local Old Navy For just under $20, can you say awesome?

Now I have a new coat to wear my first winter back in Tn (winter 2012-13). Online it's about $35 but I guess they have some promotion in store- 75% off I think.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Art Cow deal & menu

You know I can't pass up a good deal when I find it! I just ordered 4 customized cosmetic bags from for just under $15 total! (free shipping!) I saved like $43. And like my giving nature, not one is for myself- gifts for others. I could have probably made like 5 more but I do need to study, after all the test is about 2 weeks away..... ugh. Check out this dealio posted by hip2save here....

I also actually planned a whole weeks menu (usually ad-lib a couple meals).
mon- rob's pizza sandwiches
Tues- salad w/ crispy chicken
wed- Turkey burgers & fries
Thurs- pancakes
Fri- ham potato cheese casserole or Rob's sandwiches
Saturday- Mennonite Bean Soup (chicken soup for rob)
Sun- chicken lil sammys

The casserole & the bean soup are from my new cookbook I got for Christmas - Treasured Amish & Mennonite Recipes. The soup sort of reminds me of my oldest Best friend's mom's ham & beans. I didn't really like it much as a kid but I'd probably eat anything except peanut butter to spend more time at my bestie's house! As an adult I'm curious if I'd like it more, now that my food spectrum has expanded, maybe I should ask her for the recipe of this one is less than expected.. hm.....
So tomorrow the hubster & I have errands (return something to walmart & check out clearance, get milk, maybe a public run) and we may go to the movies. Probably the last for awhile since School is less than 2 weeks away..... I still don't think it's fully hit me that I have a huge test (like a final) the first week of class. And I'm far from ready for Pharm. Maybe I should skip my fin-aid & order my books (2) from Amazon since I can't get them from the bookstore for another week....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saving for God?

Isn't weird how it seems like we or I tend to be more reflective on my life and the past year, the future? This year my Husband & I achieved what I might call a milestone, we attended a christian event (The Night of Hope with Joel Osteen). Now if you know me maybe that isn't the most surprising but if you know my husband it could be shocking, maybe? I'm pretty sure it's been a decade since I attended church & I don't know if my husband could even answer that question if you asked him... but anyways I'm drifting off of my topic/point!
So today I was able to organize the money gifts we got for the holidays and a deposit I had withdrawn several weeks ago. I was able to add them back to our "savings" (BTW way we are $2,800 from our goal & have til May). I even added my own little personal savings (to save for a big ticket item, used my unspent allowance & Christmas money) & a thought popped into my head... maybe I should make a savings for God...?.... If I did attend Church I'd definitely make a donation.... So I think I'm going to take $10 out of my hiding spot & place it in an envelope marked God.... maybe I'll save until my next churchy event or til next Christmas & donate it to a church or Christian fund to help the less fortunate. I'm not rich but I'm not poor & I guess I feel like I should make an attempt to a tithe.

Tuesday Tidbits

Let's get to it, things that I find interesting!

  • Do you watch American Horror on FX, if so then you'll understand my sentiment "wow", so if you want a peek into season 2 then read this article, looks like we won't be seeing the "house" or the Harmon clan (sadface) but it will be totally different, maybe not even a haunting at all....

  • Want to drop a pound or 2? Mosr americans probably could spare a few... read theses tips

  • I'm a sucker for those articles that rank American towns, check out this one on the Best Downtowns here....

Ok so today was kind of slow for tidbits, Thought there would be some awesome deal for after Christmas shopping, I did find True Blood season 3 in the Target ad & online for $15 but other than that .... lots of stores have sales if you have any money left to blow lol

A few words for the end of the year & 2012, a prayer for everyone

So like most typical Americans I enjoy the holidays and then afterward I feel as though I need a resolution or a change. I guess sometimes I feel I get sucked into my dull routine, perhaps I spend to much time being distracted by TV or doing unproductive things on the Internet. So as I sit on my bed in the central Florida 70-something degree weather on Dec. 27th I make a silent goal for myself, to do less wasting time. 2012 is the year of change in the Watts house, of course most of the changing won't occur until 4-5 months in and continue throughout the year. But with Blessing from the Lord my savior, with his guidance & aid, this year will include me passing my classes successful the first time to lead to my graduation (aka pinning) on May 2, 2012, which should then be followed by taking & passing the boards on my first attempt & then getting my first nursing job somewhere in eastern TN so that I can make nice little home (rental most likely) for my husband & pets (aka kids) to join me and truly start off a new kind of life. Of course there could be a few more changes to occur after that, like replacing the Geo, making the official decision to start a family, start the process of my husband's career goal (aka school), and maybe even buying a house (only if the right opportunity came around, otherwise we can wait).
It seems like a lot but know God's will is what will be and I have faith & confidence in his direction for my life & my family's. So if you choose, send me prayers for my goals- particularly the graduating school & being a nurse one, since those are the earliest tasks at hand & will open more doors than I even know right now. God made me a giver & called me to be a nurse, with those 2 things I think I can really help some people in the world. For all my loved ones and those you read my blog I send you prayers for blessings & that your 2012 will be joyous & that you & yours can have great things in store like I may have.... Turn to the Lord for he loves you, forgives you, & only wants good things for you.....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

So this is what I got for Christmas! (above items from Rob, Mom, & Santa)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 Days until Christmas....

So I'm back from Vacation.... woke up with a headache- yay. I had a great time like always, unfortunately my niece came down with flu A & B so we all got to take the expensive medicine Tamiflu (costs about $100 if you don't have insurance), then my brother got in a car accident which destroyed the car but did no harm to himself. I have to say it was one of the most eventful trips (or days) in TN. I truly love my family & miss not being able to see them when I want. I know vacation is never the same as real life since you kind of leave your life at home but I look forward to starting a new life (or should I say re-starting) in east TN. By the Grace of God I'll be doing that in 6 months. So send me prayers for passing my nursing school (tests & classes), save the material gifts, graduating with a nursing degree is a gift that will keep on giving.

Tidbit time!

  • Check out these "of the month" clubs, like fruit of the month, beer of the month, etc.

  • Need a creative idea to wrap a gift? Check out money saving mom's post here

  • Check out this graphic about USA pets from Frugal Dad here

So I have a mountain of laundry & some major cleaning to do....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dear God,
Please allow me to pass my exam & Nursing 4 today.
Thank you & amen....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tic Toc...

Well the time is ticking closer to test time. While half me wants to gorge myself into a deep food coma, the other half wants to throw up as if it would attempt to make myself feel better. If I had boots on I'd literally be shaking in them. Yes I have faith in God but every couple hours I'm scared. I should be suffering from ICP because i'm not sure the last day or so of review has actually done anything. As if my brain has to output info to input anymore. Reguardless of the torture i put myself through.... at the end of the day, in my brightest or darkest hour I know that God is there, he has a plan, whatever happens is his Will & it would end up that way no matter what I do. he only was success for me, good fortune and great things. So i'm going to battle myself tonight half relax and half study, wake up in the AM, get on my knees & pray then cram in a little more. I love God & I know he loves me so there is nothing else really to do but put my trust and my life in his hands....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

in 48 hours....

  • Nursing 4 will be over (by the grace of God I'll walk out of that room with a big smile silently repeating "thank you God thank you God")

  • I'll be getting cozy in bed so I can wake up way before dawn

  • As long as the first point (above) is glorious then I'll be starting a new chapter in Nursing - Prepare for 5/Pharm/6, know it , breath it, eat it.... & I'll be thankful for nothing can bring me down or take away this Christmas gift from God. When I'm a nurse I'll have alot of "paying it forward" to do, I'll do with a grin & gratitude!

So I'd say at lest by mid-day, maybe 48 hours until test start I began the nervous/stressing feeling. Not the ok I'm worried. The physical- I need some Mcd ice cream cne or cheesecake, I want to eat, I don't want eat, I think I should work out but I can't because "it takes away study time", the "I wish I had 3 more days", I can't study anymore, I can't study enough, I shuld stay up late tonight & study but then by 9 I can't focus & I just feel blah. Blah almost sickly, just not great but no pain. Take a few deep breaths, read the bible or pray. This will continue until I leave for the exam. All I want, strive for, & ask God to help me with his to pass this test, pass this class. It's like labor- once it's over with i'm so happy.

Prayer Request....

Ok so don't flip out or anything, no one is dying! However this is still a serious issue to me & my future (ie families future?).... I have my final for nursing 4 this coming Tuesday around noon or 12:30 until 3:30 i think. I normally do pretty well, all my past Hesi exams were in the 80's. Unlike past courses this one requires your average exam grade to be a passing average (there are an optional 20 points that they will only count if you get the passing average, yes it's weird). So I need a 72 to pass this class. Although 76.45 or lower is consider failing (no D's in nursing). I'm going to give it all i have but I wouldn't deny anyone for sending God a few prayers for me. I know I need him with all endeavors, especially ones like this. So if all goes well I will celebrate Tuesday afternoon by getting down on my knees or closing my eyes and bowing my head as soon as I hit the car or maybe even as soon as the grade pops up on the computer my inner voice will shout "praise God thank you lord". It's what I want for Christmas I guess you could say. I just want everyone to be healthy & for me to pass this class = stay on track to graduate next spring.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Tidbits

Final: T minus 8 days

Trip: T minus 9 days

Christmas: T minus 20 days

Semester 5: T minus 35 days

  • Want over 3,000 mp3 songs? go here to amazon, many Christmas songs!

  • Check out this charming house plan, isn't it nice & cozy? Maybe I'll be blessed with a place this beautiful & spacious in the future....

  • Right now Walgreens (at least in Central FL) has a dozen eggs for 99cents which is a pretty good deal because all my other local stores have them for over a $1.

  • Want some discounted shoes? Head to and use the code mentioned in Hip2Save's post, it will earn you 40% off. I wasn't going to get my husband the slippers he saw at Kohls (ones you can wear outside) but payless has even cuter ones for $19.99, with discount will be sweet! Want something sweeter? get it shipped to your local store to save almost $6.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Studying, Christmas, Library Books Oh My...

The above will be me all week or at least it should be me. Got just a wee more than a week to study for the final of Nursing 4 aka Med/Surg 2 aka the 2nd to last semester! Woot! Requesting prayers daily!

Then after my final, I'll be waking up way before dawn on the 14th to make my way north to TN. The picture above is Graceland (not going there but all I could find when searching "Christmas in TN"). But I'm sure my brother's house is lighted up with Christmas joy!

I mentioned this book in a previous post but here is a photo for your viewing pleasure. I got this from the library and hope to start and God willing ( & time management) finish it before it's due. But since I did have a test the first week of the next semester.... it's not The priority. And here some other books that are "in transit" to my house from my lovely delivering library:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Night of Hope with Joel Osteen

So it was awesome! Rob even enjoyed it, he said it was different. I think he was expecting something else. He even laughed a few times because Joel Osteen jokes a little, i like it. There was a lady, I can't recall her name, nor find it on the Internet but she said she was a director of music, she had a beautiful voice. Then she gave her testimony, about wanted to start a family and have a big one. It took several years before she and her husband had a son. And a few years later they were trying, even looking into fertility treatments. Her young son wanted a sibling, he would pray for one but the Dr. told her it would be impossible. Well months she got a call from a find that works with women in crisis & a young lady was pregnant with twins. The friend asked if she would be interested in adopting them, she said yes but the mother has to choose so they put together an adoption packet and prayed for favor. And favor they got, now she is a mom of 3.
So the next day Rob asked if I would do something like that. This is probably going to sound odd but I think Rob and I almost anticipate getting pregnant to be a challenge. We are starting later than most and then there is a time period for the birth control hormones to run out. I guess I just wouldn't be surprised if it took a lot to get pregnant.... Hopefully next year we can give it a try.

The story really touched us both I think and the night was good. Maybe I'm wrong but I think maybe Rob god one step closer to God. Therefore, besides my own interests, it was a successful evening. I'd go again in a few years or if in the Houston area consider stopping by his church. So...

  • on his website he has some printable things I think are cool go here and scroll to the Resources

  • I also got his new book (bestseller listed) Everyday a Friday from the library, it happened to be delivered that day.... Divine Delivery?

I think it's past my bedtime. I was not very pleased with my latest test results so I must study and do excellent on the Final on Dec. 13th. Then it's off to TN for some R & R and hopefully snow. With God's Will this will be our last vaca to my brother's house due to my graduation & moving next May.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Shopping!


Spent: less than $20

I did 2 transactions (too many products to list), starting with using my $19 ECBs, then rolled the ones from purchase 1 to pay for purchase 2.

ECBs I have left to spend: $34.19



Hall Pass & Ghosts of GF Past = $1.96 ea

Ice Age & Inglourious Bs = $5 ea

Transformer toy = $10

This was a miracle & a horrible experience (last year was way way better)



Laundry soap & Wrapping paper = Buy 1 Get 2 Free (paper $1.99, soap 6.99?)

Stuffed Animals (Love Kermie)= Buy 1 Get 1 Free ($7.99)

Razors= 2 for $6 (get $4 rr & used $2 coupon= free)

Spent about $19 but have a $4 rr to use next time

And the thermacare was about $2.50, cashier had $2Q, got back $2.49 RR I rolled

2 cute stories about my dog Mr. Goo aka Zoey

Above: Zoey our 6 year old dog-child (this photo is a complete recreation)

So I, of course, had to do my drug store run yesterday (while the bird baked hehe). We picked up the free/nearly free items (another post to follow).

Yesterday evening my husband & I finally decorated our tree, we had on the new Ice Age Christmas special. Afterword we decided to get ready to head out to walmart in an attempt to get the "too good to be true" xbox games. When we walked back to our bedroom I stopped 2 feet before entering the room & gasped. Mr. Goo (above) had the Tiger in the bed with him. Note: this was not intended for him & it was laying in one of several plastic shopping bags on the floor next to the bed. And of course my gasp made him jump off the bed & go into his travel cage (it's like is time out spot) without even saying a word.

After we epically failed at walmart, we headed home. Like usual Zoey was in his cage when we arrived, we think he goes in it sometimes because of guiltiness due to something he got into. I didn't notice anything and he came out and laid in the bed as my husband & I changed into comfy clothes. A moment or so later, after my husband had went to his desk I saw Goo laying on the bed looking at me with his head down, kind of weird expression if you can imagine, so I went over to pet him because I thought he felt bad. As I move my hand towards his head I notice behind him is a green bag of Christmas M&M peanuts. Which as with Tiger, was in one of several plastic dogs. Note: this dog likes chocolate, although we do not, repeat DO NOT give it to me, one year he found a open box of chocolates in y mother's bedroom & nearly ate the whole thing- which caused him to vomit & us to call the vet & get a stat order of charcoal which we forced him to ingest so he wouldn't die. Also the bag of M&Ms was not open, did not have a any evidence that he tried to open it. More or less he just wanted to keep it.

So I guess our little Goo wants M&Ms & a tiger stuffed animal for Christmas. He really is a sweetheart.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve!

My agenda today:

  1. Make pumpkin pie & deviled eggs

  2. Prep turkey in roasting pan & veggies

  3. Put away clothes (didn't do yesterday)

  4. Vaccum (didn't do yesterday)

  5. Do errands with hubster (didn't do yesterday)

  6. Do CVS shopping at midnight

  7. Monitor Amazon

I think that's it, of course my silent intention is to have the bulk of it done (stuff I can do at home) by noon so I can then plan my CVS trip & continue with my note card making, because for some reason I didn't complete them yet..... All I know for sure is that I will not be getting 8 hours of sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be cooking, watching the parade, & visiting as many deals online as possible- maybe I should take the laptop to the kitchen? I'm sure I'll pass out in the afternoon, I probably should plan a nap because tomorrow night we have an evening run to Walmart, & I've been tempted to stop at kohls but probably won't. I'm really an online shopper, hate having to work to find items I want in store, if you know what I mean. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Slow starting day....

My agenda today...

  1. Make as many note cards as I can (prep for test next week)

  2. Put away my clothes

  3. Vaccum

  4. Make dinner (pork chops, broccoli, & rolls i think)

  5. Do something else productive (ex: make cookies to satisfy my baking urge- rob can take to work tomorrow, work on my xmas shopping list - what i have, what i need, decorate the tree I put several days ago?)

  6. Run my errands (husband & mood willing)

  7. Continue to monitor Amazon for deals

The likeliness of me completing this list is probably 75% chance lol! Kind of feel like a slow start, considering I think I have maybe an hour until I start my workout. But I suppose at the end of day, regardless of what I accomplish, I'm grateful I have today. Did I fail to mention I have some sinus infection or something going on the past 3 or 4 days.... ugh

Need a last minute recipe for T-day? Check out Kraft!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Let the deals begin!

So I woke up earlier than I had planned, hopped online and went to OMG they have like 50 lightening deals today (if not more). Needless to say: I won't be far from my lappy today. Hope the device holds out on me... hehe
- Amazon deals
- Forever 21 pre-black friday sale (starting at $2.99)
- Old Navy 35% off with code MERRY
- Aeropastle 50% off & free ship with $75 purchase
- Torrid BOGO 50%

Enjoy the shopping...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Shopping & Date

So today me & the Hubs did some shopping, ate lunch at Five Guys (which was pricey for burgers), & saw Breaking Dawn....

I have to admit this twilight flick was maybe a little inappropriate for the tweens, I'm not sure how I'd feel about my 15 year old niece seeing it but hey I'm not a parent. No nudity but where do you draw the line of censorship. I know teens aren't dumb & isn't it ok for a married couple to "do it"? But still seeing the motions of it seemed like something maybe I wouldn't want my kid to see. Like seeing it will make them want to do it- i don't feel that way, I'm truly confused on what is ok and not ok for teens. Any who....

  • Dollar General: got the awesome deal om Libby's canned veggies (sale 40 cents/can) used my $1/4 coupon so I ended up with 16 cans = $2.40

  • Next I went to pet smart where my husband saw puppies- OMG if I said yes we'd have a new family member but then again... we'd possible have a kid by now. I asked Rob baby or puppy? he said puppy lol! I truly can't blame him, after all at some point in my life my dogs were not my pets anymore, if you know what I mean. Doubt many will understand by Max is my baby, and sadly one day I'll have to say goodbye- can you imagine that feeling? Anyways I got a couple gifts for my doggies, spent $21

  • Then went to target- forgot to use my gift card like a dummy ($5 rob got from work) but ended up getting the last of my personal holiday cards & a birthday card, some charlie brown Christmas glasses set, spent way too much...

  • Then Old Navy: 75% of sweaters. Deal & sweaters- sold! Got 1 (many had rifled through) a $50 sweater for under $15. Yes I'm addicted to Old Navy & sweaters. Yes I live in FL where it's still in the 80's most days- I have issues, who doesn't !?!

Lessons I learned - Sundays suck for dealing with crowds, should have stopped to eat before we got to the shopping center (like McD's or taco bell- cheapo!), & I might actually be better at shopping online because i can look and think much longer than in store. Also it kind of leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you spend nearly $20 for 2 adults to see a movie.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Tidbits...

Yes, I'll just admit it, I've been post-happy lately. Enjoy it....

  • This one is for my oldest best friend, 2012 baby trends, read it here...

  • Are you doing in-store Black Friday shopping, Deal news has a list of freebies (in store only) check it out here. At the moment I'm only going to Wal-mart, could stop my Kohls only because it's like 5 minutes away but truth me told unless i know for sure what I want, pushing through crowds suck so I'll miss my fav Old Navy deals but hey that's why Cyber monday is for! (or cyber Thanksgiving week? since Amazon is starts deals monday- time to stock the bank account hehehe) did I mention I hit up the drug stores too?

  • Wanna win $15,000? Enter this giveaway daily til the end of the year...

Just a few links to start the day...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Day...Preview

So are you ready for Turkey day? If you know me then you'll already know how much I love the holidays, which means I've already started he prep work....

  • Ready for some parades & holiday family TV time? Go here for the TV guide calendar. Looks like you have a choice of 2 parades (Macy's on NBC & The Thanksgiving Parade on CBS both start at 9am). Then later that evening get the family together to watch a new Ice Age Mammoth Christmas, followed by a brand new Charlie Brown (Happiness is a warm blanket) on Fox!

  • Have you bought your meal fixings for T-day? I just did yesterday. Of course my feast won't be huge, as it will just be 3 people but we'll be having Turkey, sister schubert's yeast rolls, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, scalloped corn (aka corn puddin), apple & pumpkin pies, & of course our "relish" tray to snack on all morning (carrots, celery, dip, cheese, crackers). I'll miss my sweet potato casserole, GB casserole, & noodles but maybe next year when I'll have more family and friends I can go all out. (yes, I am not making homemade rolls don't judge me!)

  • Word is Amazon will begin black Friday on Monday- check out the countdown....

Well that's all for preview at the moment. I just got 3 magazines & a library book in the mail so I'm off to browse them & get some productive things on their way.... Happy Turkey shopping!

It's a Wonderful Life $5!

That's the deal I got at walmart because in the Sunday paper- Big Lots ad had several christmas movies for $5 so I price matched. Unfortunantly they did not have Four Christmas's so I didn't get that deal. This was on my Christmas list but I couldn't say no to the deal, FYI walmart's price was $13= savings of $8.

Let the holiday (or deal hunting) shopping begin!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wed Morning Review...

Or what I like call: my tidbits!

But first, yesterday was my last clinical of the year. I am so glad they are over with, although I'd love more time & experience (particularly one on one like the community time in N3) & my instructor was the bomb. On to my tidbits:

  • Normally I wouldn't post a "negative" article but this truly offended me. I don't really want to discuss it but it involves a children's store and inappropriate merchandise. I truly believe that this really should involve a minimum amount of common sense to determine it isn't a good/smart idea.... Check it out here if you want....

  • Get a free thanksgiving card at Tiny Prints here, use code FREETHX11. I ordered for a few weeks ago for my dad, I customized with a message inside and a photo printed on the inside of the card as well, I paid 44 cents but only because I'm having them mail it to my dad VS send it to me for me to mail.

  • If you haven't signed up with Zulily yet, click my link right here, and sign up because 1. they have many daily days from awesome shops for children's, women's, & home items (truly unique) & if u sign up through my lick I'll get a credit to my account!!!! Check these clogs out- so tempted to get a pair instead of the Croc softy lined clogs.

  • Check out this deal for 50 AA batteries for $14, that seems pretty good.

  • Bath & body works online has a sweet deal- spend $30 get 1 free body butter plus free shipping (i think they might even be a coupon code at to use with this). I haven't taken advantage of this offer because honestly I don't have much Christmas shopping to do and can't justify spending it all on me.

Guess that's all I got today... Gotta get on with my morning and prepare for my afternoon class- last week of lecture....

Monday, November 14, 2011

40 days to CHRISTmas do da do da...

So I've been hunting down black Friday ads like it's my part-time job. The deals make my eyes light up with possibility. Of course I'm not made of money or even making any money unless you count the occasional survey, so... at some point in the next week & a half I have to make my picks for deals and gift giving. I got my nieces list, roughly know what to do for my hubster, and well usually wing it for my parents. But with all the deals & dollar signs I have to step outside my bargain hunting self- in my world it doesn't matter what gift you get or how much you spend. It is the thought of giving and of course bonus points if it is something I wanted or can use. I was thinking about my nieces and how I'd love to spend a certain amount but then multiple it buy 4 or 5 and it's a rather large sum. Too large for my current financial status.... so I keep the thought in my heart that it shouldn't matter about the $ of the gift but the action of the love to give. I know there are many people in the world that don't understand that concept but it's how I feel and if others do not- they can deal it with it on there own time....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Duggar Tuesday- belated

So did you hear the news about the Duggar family? They're expecting there 20th child. While some people may gasp and have negative feelings about this, I don't. I'm excited and overjoyed for them, I wish them good health and blessings. I agree with them- children are blessings from God. Like a person said on the today show - I'd rather good parents have 20 kids and tan bad parents have 1!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Not without Jesus....

... could I have all passing grades on my 3 previous exams (or really any exams, right?). So my last exam was more difficult than I anticipated earlier in the semester. Yes it was exactly 3 weeks from the minute test 2 began but I wouldn't be able to anticipate that I would be miss a big lecture (and quiz) or more importantly- that my Aunt Jan would die 6 days before the exam. Although I can not say I've spent an exceptional amount of time with my Aunt or that I was very close with her- it is still sad to lose a person who has been in my life since birth. Perhaps equally sad to be able to say I've lost 3 Aunts & 1 uncle... I have only left 3 Aunts & 1 uncle (biological, not spouses). One thing I've learned in life: it sucks to lose people and it never really gets easier, and when around family/friends (people you care about) that start to cry- you'll soon start crying too.
On an uplifting note, hence the title of this post, God blessed me again because I got a 79 on my exam, that is a C & only a few points into a passing grade but I accept it cheerfully. And knowing that I exceed that grade on the next exam. I think God has carried me or boosted me when I needed it and now that it seems like I'm in a better place, I can be more devoted to earning that better grade on the next exam.

  • Here is an interesting article on the mostly likely times of the year people are sad. Here.

  • Now that Halloween is over, time to prepare for Black Friday (Thanksgiving too hehe). My fav 2 sites: tried & true black friday info site I used last year and deal news which posts the best deals online each day plus BF info.

So that's all I got today... I have to do a case study for clinical, tidy the house for the inspection tomorrow, and make a batch of cookies for my clinical comrades.... Let tomorrow be a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joel Osteen Dec. 2nd

So sometimes on Sunday morning, while i clip my coupons and wake up, I watch Joel Osteen's 30 min sermon. It's the closest thin to church in my life at the moment. So a couple years ago I had Rob agree to go to church once before the year ended... needless to say the year ended without church. So on Dec. 2nd Rob & I are going to the Night of Hope with Joel & Victoria Osteen. I think it's a couple hours but it will be the first religious event my husband and I have attended together. And if you know my husband then you'll know this a big deal. I can't predict what my future involvement with church will be but I love my lord & savior and will for all eternity. So I hope that mu husband will enjoy the evening and come out with some new insight or something. It's kind of fitting that it is in Dec, with Christmas and all. Also it is after all my lectures are done and the day after test 4- so only the final will be left. But right now it's still Oct. & I need to do my mental health IPR & get cracking on some more neuro since the test is in 1 week.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Long time, no update... (mental hospital & aunt in ICU)

So wish me good luck and safety for the next 2 days because I'm spending 20 hours as the mental hospital! Yay for me! Not so much... Just part of my class, 2-10hour clinicals at the local mental/behavioral health center. All I know is what I've heard- no touching (they all want hugs), there is a peds unit (great- is Damien there? - omen ref.), the teacher tries to get you to do crafty things with the patients, and of course tuesday is an article presentation.... yay public speaking! So for multiple reasons my natural tendency is to dislike, stress over this. But I'm going to get through it, i know this.... so I'm going to attempt to do my best and put my fears aside (box them up and place them in my internal closet). After this I only have 3 clinical days left OMGoodness! Then it will practically be Thanksgiving and soon to done with N-4. So next week is test 3. Nervous because we only covered half the content so far (just 2 wks of test material on the test) and i have clinical, ie- monday paperwork, tuesday nursing work. So test 4 & final I'll have an extra amount of time to study.
Lord be with me everyday but especially on monday/tuesday when I "may" need your presence a little more so than just an average day at home. Keep in check, my mouth shunt unless saying appriopate theraputic communication, allow my to handle whatever the situation, not be embaressed (especially to the point where my face turns cherry red and I get nervousy like sweating and hot).
On a less than funny/cheerful note- my aunt Jan (diagnosised with Cancer couple months ago) is fighting for her life in a columbus ICU. She's been there over a week, she has 2 kids in college that still need her guidance in life. I think nursing has given me a strength to be very work like in these situations. It seems like this season is always not the greatest on my family....
So I'm going to get to work now.... finially writing my little paper that i must turn in tomorrow (yeah yeah I had a bad procrastinating weekend- call it stress).
God bless all my loved ones and have a great week!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Missing my Grandma- 5 years later

So... I did good on my test, 84, I could go on about how I should have done better and blah blah.... the fact is- on the first test of each nursing class I've only once done better than this grade (once got the same). If I made an 84 on each exam I'd be happy. So tomorrow I'll see my unit at the hospital and then have a fake test and check off. Woohoo- not. I'll get through it though, I always do....
On a less than chipper note- today marks the 5 year anniversary since my beloved Dorothy died. I'll never forget the last month of her life, the last time I saw her, or heard her speak, or walking into that funeral home with my dad on one side and my mom on the other as I broke down crying just barely in sight of her in the coffin (yards away). I dream of you often grammy and miss you so much. There will always be a hole in my heart with the aching of missing you and loving you.
Was it a coincidence that Hereafter was the movie to premiere on HBO Saturday....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye week 1, hello week 2....

So... the first week went well I think. And tomorrow is my first clinical of the semester. I think I'm ready. It seems like the night before these things are about the same: gather stuff up and relax, after doing whatever work first. I don't obsess about things, like I could be going over the head to touch like crazy and doing a couple dry runs with the husband but i'm just trying to be as calm as I can. Does that make any sense? Not that I have reason to panic but let's be clear- anything can happen in clinical. You don't know what you'll have to deal with or what questions you'll be asked.
So I'll spend the first 2 weeks a nursing home- mainly doing head to toes and dealing with the "final" phase of life... not exactly my highlight and may pose some personal challenages for me but hopefully I'll be the bestest nurse I can be (including control of my reactions & emotions).
Then the until Turkey day it's an oncology unit with some mental health throw in. Cancer- I should be good at that, huh? I've had lots of exposure and actually seen an oncologist but will this dig up fears and sadness? I think I'll be ok, I should fine tune my communication skills, wonder if I can discuss my experiences... hmm... only if it comes up like "I can relate... my blank had blank cancer too"... ?
LOL so what is my strategy for dealing with stress (other than doing all i can to prepare) sew!
I bought 2 yards and cut them into 3 1/2 inch squares. I just sew a few together at a time. Don't know what it will end up, just making square blocks for now.... So wish me some luck or send me some prayers or kind words! Nursing school is not for the weak & I know God choose this for me.
Goodnight & God Bless
Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Weekend of Freedom..

So I figure (on my next to last day of freedom before school starts) I should post something. I'd say I've neglected my blog a bit but honestly I've either had not much to say or been living it up. Just to recap quickly: My trip to TN was great, got see a high school football game and my niece preform with her color guard team, I even got to see my dad (been 3 years). 4 1/2 days go by fast. So I'm planning one last hoorah trip to TN (last because I plan to be moving there by next summer- fingers crossed I pass all my stuff so I can be a licensed nurse). And one last thing to mention my baby Max is currently under the 20 pound marker (has been as much as 22 or 23) just a few more to go! So here are my tidbits:

  • Article of the day: 10 states where no one wants to buy a new home ... (scroll down to the "Gallery" to see this list & skip the article) Sadly my home state Ohio is one the list (& much of the northeast/midwest). Guess selling anything (cough cough my dad's inherited over 100 acre farm) would not be smart at this time.... At least I basically have a house there...

  • Have you heard of It offers sales for cool shops for moms and kids and all the in between. They have some cute baby clothes that would maybe cost more than I'd want to spend but I'm sure whenever a kid comes into my life I'll use this site a few times...

As usual my intention of flooding you with links fails! I guess there ain't much going on in the world. Congrats to my niece Holly & Mo-West for beating Greenville! Go Trojans! Now into.. some chapter reading for school.... Monday is fast approaching (hopefully so will May when I get pinned - prayers)....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Healthy Veggie Soup

1st picture is most of the ingredients (not including some spices)

2nd is the soup

It made a huge pot full so I'm going to have it for lunch a couple days then freeze the rest in single servings for quick meals (I made it before and it freezes well).

Get the recipe here...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits....

As I watch the today show they pose this theory or idea: The End of Civility. I've learned in life that some things Ill never understand because I'll never be or do what the action is, therefore I can't understand others would. Don't misunderstand me: I am not 100% right, I am not perfect. But I do give it my best effort to be kind & polite, to give in some form and to help. I really hope the Today Show is wrong but all I can is my part....

Now my Tidbits...

  • First I just want to say I was blessed yesterday with a monday paper & another Sunday paper (FYI: I only subscribe to double papers wed-Sun)... No clue what was going on but thanked the Lord for added coupons anyways...

  • I also ordered the Smart Money magazine from Amazon, they had a sale for $5 so I thought why not, I'm trying to get my finances in tip top shape & hopefully in less than a year I'll have my first Nursing job and making more money than I ever have.

  • Taco Bell has there nacho surpreme for 99 cents- awesome. It's normally like $2.?? i think. Just for a couple weeks though....

  • Also my 2nd cousin Addie Dixon won the 2011 Champaign County Fair Queen! Yay!

I guess that's it for now... Next week I'm heading north to TN (big surprise huh?) I'll be there 4 whole days. My dad may be coming for a day and my brother's in-laws maybe coming too, and my oldest niece Heidi! Going to watch a high school football game (my niece is in the color guard). Should be so much fun that if flies by so fast that I'll be wishing I had more time but gotta get back to FL because it then be less than 1 week until school starts. Although I wish my break was longer than 3 weeks, I know I can do this- with lots of hard work I can do this! (& God too)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My first weekend-school free!

I was going to put "stress free" but there are always some minor stressers- ATM- Max isn't 100% yet but they did say could be 6 weeks (only been like 3), we are taking in the Geo today to finally get the oil leak fixed (& maybe some new lights & alignment), & just trying to get in all I can before the trip. God knows once we get back it's school school school!
So far I've done quite a bit: lots of laundry, cleaned up the bedroom, office, bathroom, & other room, washed the futon cover, started pulling clothes to pack, put up my N3 stuff, some other small things....
I still need to: schedule my shot, dye my hair, complete packing, clean up the living room (optional), print N4 stuff, buy my books, finishing burning/cleaning out my laptop, unload & charge my camera, prepare a package for mailing, some other things I'm forgetting, & probably study or do something for N4. I normally can't wait to get on the ball but after having only 1 week (really 1.5 wks) between the last 2 semesters I've just been not in the school mood. So I don't know what is better: A. take a complete break to recharge and get all my "other" things out of my system OR B. maintain a certain amount to studying/school so I don't get too relaxed and have a more difficult time getting back into the swing of things....

Update on date night

Harry Potter: OMG didn't really see the Snape thing coming....

Shopping: not that trilling. I was expecting to go to Old Navy and have to narrow down my purchases but 1. they didn't have much stuff in the store 2. Not much new fall stuff or clearanced summer... But I did find the one shirt I knew I wanted (sold out online) and ended up spending a few dollars more than I was going to because they had a sign marked wrong and I added a $1 things because I thought I wouldn't have spent enough for my coupon.. ugh but ok.

Food: ate at Ale House & like my splurgy husband- he has 2 "drinks", we shared an app, he got a meal & i got a bowl of soup, then we shared dessert= $49 (I was hoping more like $30 but what can say it was for is birthday..)

So I'm about to leave for the Chevy dealer to follow Rob in the honda so he can wait at home Vs at the dealer (who knows if it will even be done today). Hopefully it's reasonable, got a big vet bill coming Friday with Max's semi-annual stuff plus his $40 shot to help his bones/joints. I have no idea what I've spent on my doggie in the last 5 years and I don't care because he's here today & I love him so deeply. This dog has changed my life...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Praise Jesus I passed N3

So quick update: I passed my class and onto my 4th semester (aka nursing 4) at the end of the month. 2 semesters left until I graduate (take my boards) & become a nurse!!!!!!!!!!
On a shopping note: I spent under $20 on got a couple xmas gifts for some kids (clearance sales) & a couple things I didn't really need but Im compelled! LOL
Last minute note: Watching Hoda & Kathy at the moment and they just read some study or poll that married couples (non-newly-weds) kiss once a week, Dude? WTF I kiss my husband a minimum of twice a day (i always kiss him goodnight unless he is working and we usually kiss before one of leaves, like this morning he kissed me goodbye even though I was 80% asleep & didn't open my eyes). Just thought that was kind of weird- kissing 1 time a week but hey I'm not a judger!
Thanks for the support & prayers- now lots to do with 13 days until TN vaca! Wonder if I should start packing/planning my outfits..?... Yes I'm a pinch crazy- I like to call it Spicy.
Big date & shopping tomorrow!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tomorrow = Final

So I've tried my best to spend the day studying, I admit there were quite a few breaks and I feel nearly at the end of my rope with studying. I just hope not enough rope to hang myself hehe....
I'm not going to say how many points I need to pass this class because I don't want to just skim by, I don't want to aim for 1 more point higher than I need. I want to exceed and do so well that I a smile so big it hurts on Wednesday, when I find out my grade. Nursing 3 is easy some say... it's not easy just some of the content is a little familar (especially if you have kids) or some of the content is personally interesting. I hope the Lord will shine through me tomorrow and bless me as he has in the past. I know that whatever happens in life is his Will (with or without understanding). So as I round down my night with a little God time, I'm going to put it in his hands, give him my fears and the power over my life. Of course I'm going to wake up a little early and study more, just review some points. Always aiming for my best. & hopefully that equals success! Send some prayers for me if you like, I'd gladly do the same for anyone. I'd love to say on Wednesday I have 8-9 months left of school....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Update w/Links

(Farm Girl above)

So quick "Life" update...

School- I have just over a week or so, 1 final left that I need a 72 or better in order to pass, aiming for an A but know at the end of day whatever happens is God's will.

Max- injuried himself- his back leg has a ligament torn or something so we are hoping it will heal on it's own over the next few weeks. He has been seeming like himself the last few days with hoping around more & playing with the squeky toy. My little baby isn't a young pup but I love him so dearly- for all the 13 years he's been in my life.

Family- My aunt jan still has cancer but started treatment with radiation- if that fails then there is some kind of experimental thing that might help but still pretty if-y. My dad hasn't called in about a week so I don't have a health update. Hopefully he won't have cancer or any potentially fatal disease!

To say the least I have a lot of things to pray about.... on to the good stuff:

  • Saw this article on top hospitals- Cleveland Clinic number 4- yay! My uncle had spent some time there during his cancer battle, unfortunantly he passed in 2007.

  • I got an email from about 2 deals- 50% off & 200 prints for $2 or 100 prints for $1. Awesomeness! May need a code but not sure.

  • Watching True Blood season 4? I am of course (fav show) check out this preview- looks like things get pretty wild & is sookie facing another near death experience? I suppose it would be TB without one close call each season lol!

  • I stumbled onto this new online shop- Farm Girl (or Boy) clothing & merch. Ok so yeah for several years I did have pink hair (miss you pinkness) but I'm a little bit country too, afterall my dad is a livestock dealing or for short story- a farmer, My RIP GMA's house does have a property name as something gardens, & there is a small 100 acre farm that my dad owns (& rents & shares profits with) in the dear sweet green farm land of OHIO!

  • I'm a sucker for Old Navy & Fall, and since ON has started releasing some fall clothing i'm super stoked. I just need a climate that actually has "Fall" weather lol...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

2 weeks & counting...

So... test 2: 76.25. I can't complain but feel as though I should have (could have?) done better.. a well. I only have a smidge over 2 weeks left until the semester is donzo!
Monday: 12 hr lab day
Wed- Clinical
Thurs: 1 of 2 Finals
Fri: lecture....
Of course any test stirs up the jitters within but the 12 hour (so so long day) lab event, which seems to be a big mystery of what is occurring but you know it's a lot of Sims activity (simulation with group). Of course I'd rather take a written test or do a little one on one activity. People make me nervous, being put on spot makes me nervous, end of semester & in need of certain amount of points to pass - makes me nervous, the freaking final 2 days later that I've barely studied for- makes me nervous! Unfortunately I've had this terrible thing where I don't like to raise my hand or be put on spot for fear of being wrong (ie- failure). I can accept myself but I have a hard time with other people- the judgement thing i guess. Which i suppose stems from some unfortunate childhood experiences with kids being cruel. I know we aren't kids but we live in a nation of opinions- that most people have an opinion on everything. It's a get-through-it day for me (& I'm sure many other students too). So tomorrow I'm stepping away from test content & checking up on the areas they told us to look over (but still no precise directions of the day). Yes- many times I am my own worst enemy. And I'd easily not give a hoot about what they think but.... i am stuck there for 12 hours & more importantly will be spending at least 8 more months with these people. It's times like this I just need some magic pill to take away the excess unnecessary stress I cause myself, know what I mean?

So saying my prayers for school & my Daddy (& everything else- max). On August 2nd (final-final) I'm going to come home take a bubble bath & maybe read my Stackhouse book & just take a huge sigh of relief & most importantly thank the Lord , my Lord for giving me that day and allowing me to be right "here" (or there whatever).

Saturday, July 9, 2011

story about kid with terminal cancer- fine, add a dog - tearing up...

Quick update.... Test 1= B thank you lord!
3 regular weeks left but they highly irregular... next week double clinical & test 2. Week after: 12 hr lab & (1st) final. Last week of month: last clinical so i have to have a peer review article to mention! (or fail course)....then the 2nd final.....
So yesterday was our children's cancer lecture & our teacher showed us a youtube video & that we might need some tissues... i didn't. But later on she told us the story of a 10 year old boy who had terminal cancer and how he wanted his dog in the hospital (she allowed it) and she said it was one of the 2 funerals she ever went to (patient funerals) and they had a little dog bed thing beside the casket & the dog laid there the whole time. I seriously just about lost it. Children dying is sad but that poor dog really made that boy's life better in the end & now he's heartbroken (the dog). Maybe it's just cause i have dogs and no kids but the pet aspect really gets to me. Pets do love back!
So send some prayers if you like, I'm sure gonna need all of God's glorious help! So close to completing another semester successfully!

Monday, June 27, 2011


So my test is just a couple days away.... so here is the breakdown of my gradual peak of stress....
1. My impending test Thursday
2. My dad's Dr. app. Friday
3. My Aunt Jan has cancer (not just cancer but multi cancers)

so... I'm kind of stressed but i know a little bit more room for a little more stress (just enough so that every 6 hours or so it goes up- as the test time approaches)
So Friday I'll celebrate only 4 weeks of class (not counting final week) with a date night with my husband- Transforms plus awesome Red Lobster deal (& a trip to petsmart for my babies needs hehe). Hopefully my dad will call me with good news to end the day/week. I may not have brand new cars or a house of my own but I am blessed. I know life has challenges but I also know that God only was success for me, my family- to prosper, to help others, & all the good stuff!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

1 week away- Send a little prayer for me

So yeah 1 week until our first regular test covering all OB/newborn, peds- pain, nutriton, growth & development & GI.

  • So on the plus side I come home to 3 packages: my Hip2Tour shirt *w/coupons, my bath/body purchase, & a library book (Betty Crocker's the big book of cupcakes - i think I gotta add this to my wish list!)

  • Waiting on: FX shirt (exchange), Victoria's Secret, & my 2nd newspaper to start coming -?-

I guess that's about it- My cucumbers are coming along and I'm basically trying to get my booty in gear in terms of school. Clinical is good & I truly believe or hope that a regular exam will go better than strictly Pharm! But as with all endeavors in live- I can only do and go as far as God's wills is for me to go & do. In my heart I feel this is his calling for me so I'm hopeful that I'll be successful & graduate on time next spring & can truly turn the page onto helping others.

Hip2Help lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Double clinicals...

My feet hurt! LOL
So I finally checked my pharm grade- 68. Around the same as Pharm before. I think I got a few things reversed which messed me up but I was kind of expecting this to be my low test. It is pretty hard. Even though i "felt" better, guess I still had some struggles. The next test is 1 week from tomorrow so gonna pray and study my but off! Only 4 test remaining and I need to pass this class to move on... Dear God - let all be uphill from here!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cucumbers, Free McD's, & 14.99 Back to the Future Trilogy OH MY

I have baby cukes!
A couple weeks ago Rob and I went to McD's after my clinical for a quick hot meal. I ordered something I usually don't get because I was in a splurge kind of mood and was very dissatisfied so I emailed the company to express my feelings.... long story short.... a couple days ago We got a letter and 2 cards for a free value meal. (we used them on wed.). It pays to be vocal! Next email I'm going to tell them how wonderful there peach pies are and I wish they would keep them year round!

Newly released- Back To the Future Trilogy Bluray & Dig. Copy $14.99

So if you browse the Sunday ads then you may have noticed on the front page of the Target ad they listed a few movies for sale $14.99 (new ones)- I was like this is awesome! So my first thought was Amazon, I've seen them in the past lower prices due to other stores having low prices- so I emailed them to ask and make them aware of the target deal. They sent some BS copy/paste answer and I was like ok. But the next Monday morning it was on sale for $14.99. Now normally I'd bought it ASAP but due to some uncontrollable money issues I decided to wait until Saturday- pay day. Well hours later Amazon jacked the price up to $24.99- sad-face. However Walmart price matches! There latest commercial is all about it & they even say no ad needed. But I know how slow to change & paranoid many employees are (especially in this current economy & how easy some companies are to write up employees and tosh them out like expired milk- n0t mentioning any names but I have a few insider intel to a "thrifty" co.). So I price matched it last Thursday- was the last one on the shelf! But I did wait like 10 minutes for s supervisor to stick his key in the cash registered. Somehow waiting for a good deal doesn't seem as irritating as it would normally LOL The cashier did examine the ad carefully (doubtful I could have gotten this without the AD unless I waited & called a manager that was knowledgeable on current ads- is there one?) he even called nearby co-workers to examine it- i guess one said 25th edition & one did not. really? Even the super. looked (for 3 seconds) and said price match it, just match it, don't u know lol (he was laughing) and the cashier said he got in trouble once. I can understand the cashier's hesitance but hope that more walmart employees will adapt to the not new policy. This could have easily gone south but rather than consider the possible outcomes I am happy & thankful.

BTTF movies are awesome and I think they are pretty family friendly too which is hard to find nowadays but then again these movies came out when I was a kid and things have certainly changed a lot since then.....

Weekend Shop-a-Thon

Bath & Body Works (Semi-Annual Sale)
5- Full size lotions
2- Full size body washes
4- small candles
1- travel size lotion
1-5 ct small bottles of hand sanitizer

All items were on sale/clearance & I used a code (THANKS20) for 20% off
Spent: $33.59 (that includes shipping/tax)

Victoria's Secret (semi-annual sale)


1- bra (sale)

used 20% off 1 item

Spent: $34.?? (includes tax & $6.99 for shipping)



1- Halter/tank top

used $10/$20 purchase

Spent: $15..66

Plus my Hip2Tour tee (charity for Tornado ravaged south)

And trying to order my lexmark ink cartridges....

(I have to admit buying myself a top at Kohl's was not my goal but due to being pressed for time I wasn't able to search for good Christmas gifts. I was hoping to find some clearance/sale items or small useful items that I could get for gifts or just things we could use, maybe next time)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's day week!

If a perfect world (one where i'm not 18hrs away nor a nursing student) I'd probably head to ohio to spend sunday with my dad or maybe he'd come my way for a family dinner... instead I sent him a card and a customed pencil/pen holder for his desk- it has a picture of me in his house when i was like um..4 or 5. I look pretty darn cute! And to make the day special he didn't even open the gift when it came- waiting until the "day". I so love my dad!

Awesome shopping deals online that I'm hoping to take advantage of a few: Victorias Secret is having there Semi-Annual sale! Love the quality of there bras and my fav is on sale for around $30 (vs over $40) plus they have a 20% offf a single item that works on the sale items. Lexmark online is having 10% off & free shipping, I have there printer so I could save a few dollars with this deal vs walmart (plus after i buy 5 inks I get 1 free!). Bath & Body Works is also doing the Semi-Annual thing- found a few lotions I'd like and candles but more importantly christmas ideas (plus i think there is a code for like some percent off- check Then my fav couponing blog (Hip2Save) has her hip to tour shirt available (for her donation tour to the tornado stricken areas & its for charity!). Then the Orlando Sentinel has a deal- 2 of there subsription options offering a $10 Publix giftcard (+ would double my coupons I get... hm...).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bum Bum Bum....

So in 12 hours I'll be 5 minutes into a very challenging Pharm test! Yay for me lol
I wish I had more time, that is my only complaint with nursing school I wish my brain had more time to "thoroughly" absorb the accurate info. God is with me always and that will definitely be a comfort tomorrow (any day really). This class, this semester, this week- I can not put into words quickly enough to relay my feelings... night night all- Tomorrow my goal is to do my super best & be happy no matter what!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Give from your heart and get a little reminder....

So last monday I went to donate blood because I felt a deep desire to give and help out some people. It's free & they can always use my blood. I'm the universal donor baby! But, sadly I was unable to donate because they could not find the vein after they stuck me (they did have it before hand and I'd say they eventually got it because as soon as they withdrew the needle a spurt of blood came out- clogged needle?) this is my second failed attempt! It really brings me down. And ever since my arm has been tender, mainly my forearm. Weird.... It's Sat & I still have the red needle prick & the larger deep red splotch.

So now i'm struggling with Pharm studies ..... say a prayer! First test Thurday morning (drug aka pharm test) let the lord shine light onto my brain, give me peace & strength... As God as my witness I will pass nursing school in may 2012 & I will donate blood!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

JCPenny's shopping

Cami- needed a nude/natural shade (kind of hard to find)
$5.60 ---Orig:$16
Velour Pants (navy)
$7.99 --- Orig:$30
V-neck Sweater (green) been eyeing this since winter
$10.80 --- Orig:$36
Bath Towel (needed a few more $ to use my coupon)
$4.19 --- Orig:14

Used a $10 off $25 purchase or more (code:GO2SHOP)

Total including tax/shipping: $26.16
Saved about: $77

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wisdom tooth & cooking?

I woke up today with a tender gum so I think I'm getting one widom tooth in, I can feel it under my gum. If anyone has advice (other than go to dentist) feel free to comment. Took some excedrin and if it irritates will wash my mouth out with salt water & use ice cube. Since I can't really afford a dentist right now I'm going to see if mother nature will work it out.

Feel a little more prepared for my 4 fabulous days off! Studying as always but got my meals planned (mostly) & might even make some zucchini bread!

Saturday- beef soft tacos

Sunday- Sausage gravy & bisucits

Monday- Meatball subs

Tuesday- chicken something?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gooseberry Patch....

I recently bought a Gooseberry Patch cookbook on Amazon. I have to say the title and illustrations sold me! I thought a Autumn cookbook would be fun. I think fall is almost my favorite season. So then I found there website and tons before looking good cookbooks and had to share it on my blog!

Here is the book at amazon i bought

Here is the Gooseberry website

Oh & the best part... they're from Ohio!!!! Home sweet home
And here is a link to their blog with FREE recipes!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super "Study" Saturday...

Before my "cocktail" of pills kick in and my studies must begin, I'm going to do a postie-poo. hehe

Let me first vent a little about my academic week.... Tuesday: I did my fit test without issues.... Wednesday: Clinical! but I forgot my watch (bought one later on in the gift shop) & the computer system was not working right so it took a couple hours until I was able to log in, thus delaying my vitals & assessment! Thursday: Got to school earlier than I wanted to (b/c I was worried about traffic) and just when I was about to walk to my building, BTW the parking lot was full of cars leaving) someone told me school was shut down due to a water main break! It took be like an hour after that til I was able to get out. So I left my house at 8:30 am & didn't get back until 11:00 = wasted time!!!!! So school was canceled Friday as well...... This makes me concerned since the content was about 1/3 of our first test, and I really like the teacher who is lecturing it (we have 3 for the semester). I have to admit that the last 2 unschool days have not yielded much in school work.... Bad Lee! And the icing on this crap cake is that Monday is 1 of 2 all day 12 hour labs

So now here are some highlights:

  • I saw on the news that Tylenol or children's drugs (infants) are changing there OTC dosing. It will no longer be age-ranged but weight based. Really? Really? prescription meds have been weight based for kids, why haven't the OTC been that way before now?

  • Also on the drug topic, saw a headline saying there has been a new HIV drug (nurses usually gotta stay up on the drugs)

  • Saw this interesting article about does your spouse have ADHD.... I have often said "I think Rob has ADD or ADHD" but I sort of hope he doesn't because I also so on TV about Adderall and how students are taking it to get good grades but it's highly addictive... which will probably mean life-long use. Read article here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I just had a revelation...

or something?

I was watching Regis & Kelly (as I waited my cocktail of pills to kick in = VitA=D, Vit B12, 1/2 caffiene pill, & the icing on the cake- Excedrin migraine! lol) And I guess they have teachers week or something and they honored this teacher, who by the way looked so young, she teachers like preK or something and has many special needs kids. I was so touched by her that I just felt a wave of stress wash away from me. Because tomorrow I start Peds, just so you know I will not even be taught peds care in class until next month, when my Peds clinical is over so other than general adult knowledge my Peds knowledge is severely limited. This has caused me some apprehension. I might cry if i make a child ccry, who knows- my nieces are are basically teens/pre-teen now so.... it's been a long time since I was around young-ins & none of them were hospitalized. Althought I suspect this (more so OB-L&D-Neonatal) to be my path of choice, I know I'll be taking extra classes and hope to have a good nurse manager or do an internship.

So this show has made me take this attitude= tomorrow I'm going to go to AP & wash away my stress. I'm going to be thte kindest gentlest person I can and patient to my little patient. I'm going to talk to my kid, ask them stupid little questions like what is your avorite animal color, etc. I may take an hour before I get a partial complete assessment but I will show that kid that I care and give it my best not just to satisfy his/her medical needs but maybe crack a smile! I'm just a student afterall and one thing I learned is- we students usually have more time to devote to our patients than the actually nurses on staff. I only ask God to help me contain my emotionals and expressions and my gag reflex (especially the latter!) and to let my C.I. be a sweet lady that will help me when I need advice and attention and direction because afterall I'm not perfect, nor am I full-blooded nurse yet. I'd like to feel comfortable to ask my CI to help me because I don't remember how to do blank exactly.

It has begun!

So Nursing 3 started yesterday. OMG... 12 weeks... probably the fastest summer in my life is beginning now!

Tomorrow is my first Peds clinical and I'm nervous. Feel like I may be doing a bit more "hands on" than I thought.... Afraid that I may upset a child. We haven't even starting talking about kids so it's a little different. Ok... a lot different. Hopefully I have a sweet clinical instructor! All I know is I have to do some kind of assessment on a kid i think, a post-partum assessment, a newborn assesment... some sort of care plan and find a peer-revieved research paper to present and I'm sure there is something i'm leaving out of my clinical goals.

So thurs is the first offical lecture and the spike, prime, time check off (basically hanging an iv bag + a piggy back and calculate the infusion rate). So.... the only other stresser i can think of right now is the pharm test that covers all pharm for the class that is given in 6 weeks...... still don't know how I'm going to tackle that one.

Say your prayers! I'll have just barely enough time to breath!

God bless me with a 100 on dosage yesterday & hoping this will be my new trend for summer!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday but feels like a weekend to me....

Shopping day! Or should i say shopping day 1... lol

    -I went to kohl's & used my $10/20 purchase. I got a pair of capris & a tank top for OOP $13.82 (saved $35.02- they had some good sales)
    -Went to the party store to pick up some odds and ends for my packages to send out :)

    -Went to publix to use my $5/30 coupon- stocked up on soda, got some air freshener stuff, some corn (4/$1), & disposable razors ($5.49 BOGO - $2Q - $3Q=.49/2 Go Me)

    -Ordered somemore plastic drawers from & spotted a deal, at least I think so.... 8- 18 gal totes for $43.76 I figure I can replace some of my boxes with plastic totes. And Rob can use the drawers plus when we move we probably are not taking our bedroom set, since it was a hand me down- it will lighten the load.

    Some other tidbits.....
    -I stumbled upon this cool site that sells gentle used kids clothes (mainly baby/toddler stuff but anything really) This is how it works.... the seller gets a prepaid box to fill with as many items as they want (they make a list for the website), each box is $5 (plus the buyer pays shipping $10?) but you could 10 thing or 20 things or 2 things, depends on what you pick out. And I think if you sell high demand sizes then you may be able to get credit towards buying?) Check it out....

    -CMT awards were just annouced, yeah I know I must be sick but I voted. What can I say TN is country and I miss TN.... I still love my hard rock!

    -This Sunday paper is loaded with coupons, Pepsi coupons? Check here... if this is true I'm gonna have to get extras!

Well that's all for now folks!

Tomorrow I'm going to get my books for school, yay!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Final= 87

It was rough and even during the last question I closed my eyes and felt light headed. I even silently said God please help me several times during the almost 2 hours it took to finish!

Which 13 questions I missed Ill never know. Which is a disgrace because I'd love to correct the "wrong". But anyways I'm so so so thankful and excited and happy. In 2 weeks I'll be knee deep in kids- yep my first month of clinicals is Peds, then a month of mother/baby (aka labor & delivery!), then 2 weeks community clinic & 2 weeks women's health. And I'll learn all of it at some point in my th/fri classes. Sadly not all of my class has passed, I know of 4 confirmed so far...

Arnold & Winnie Palmer here I come

(that's my clinical sites)

Thank you God!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm about to go insane.....

in about 22 hours I'll know my fate, or God's will for me.....
I fell so stressed, trying to study/review- can't fully focus. Trying to give my brain breaks so I get up and walk around the house and go to the kitchen & consider eating but I'm not hungry.
A part of me wants a week more of studying, another part wants to take it now because what more will i know in 20 hours. My plan is to "try" to soak up something between now & 8 (6 hours) then it's relax time (maybea hot shower, maybe 1 hr of TV). Then bed by 9, wake up about 6:30- make good breakfast (eggs & toast?), then get ready, then review last minute tidbits for an hour, then drive to school and take a moment to myself in the car. Then Test time......
2 hours
110 questions
(10 don't count)

So please say a prayer for me, I've prayed already and will probably at least 4 more times before the test. Trying for an A but need to pass. I'm in God's hands....

Update 4:13 pm: I think I'm going to cry tomorrow no matter the outcome. I will cry for sorrow or for joy. I can practically see myself on the floor praising God for my success & sparing me from repeating such an intense class. Either way my emotions will be intense. Lord lead me toward my destination, I put my faith, my life, & my future in you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter...

I have fond memories of coloring eggs my Dorothy's house, getting an Easter basket- always peeps and my fav cadbury eggs. Oddly I don't ever remember coloring eggs with my mom..?... but anyways this day is about far more than cute bunnies, little newborn chicks, and candy! Good Friday- the crucifixion of Jesus and Easter Sunday the miraculous Resurrection.
I will sadly not be celebrating. I don't have kids so it makes a little easier to not make a fuss. But I must focus on my final. I will ignore the day but will not make a feast or attend any celebrations. I'm watching Mr Joel Osteen preach right now, then I'll get myself ready for the day and study. Hopefully God will extend holy week for me until Tuesday afternoon or at least continue to Bless me like he did the last week. I know just how truly wonderful God is and his will for me is what is to be and that is my future. I find peace in that. So...

I hope that everyone can celebrate this day in their own special way and God will Bless you and yours and that we will not forget that Jesus was resurrected on this Easter Sunday so long ago...

Friday, April 22, 2011

To look or not to look?

So the semester is nearly over....

All I have left is the final on Tuesday because today I took the last exam....

My class has a private FB page and so far my other classmates don't have anything good to say which scares me. Normally we wait for a week for the grades but today they are posted since we only have a few days until the final. So I don't know what to do. Do i look today? Do I wait until like the day before the final?

I think I've decided I need to look before the final (vs after) because I won't know if I passed OR better yet the teacher will just say you failed and I'll be double shocked!

But I know if it is less than 84 I'm not going to be happy because I need 168 points to pass (2-84's will do it). I might even (worse case) find out I failed upon looking at this grade. My fear is that my grade will affect whatever plans I have at studying. That I won't be able to instantly turn around and go back into hyper-study mode.

I feel ok, I felt more prepared for this exam, even though I did go back to about 10 like usual and they sneaked a few questions not pertaining to this material in there (not happy). God took away my fears the 2 days prior to the test so my anxiety did not overwhelm me.

What would you do?

UPDATE: My brother was pestering me to look so I told him to then he told me (even though i said not too but it's ok) because I got a 90!!!! Go me, isn't an A but hey I'm happy with it. Now as long as I score 78 or better on the final I will pass and start my 12 weeks of mother baby, Peds, & women's health on may 9th. So keep praying, I'll keep studying, and God can take the reins... his will is my future.

Happy Easter!