Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super "Study" Saturday...

Before my "cocktail" of pills kick in and my studies must begin, I'm going to do a postie-poo. hehe

Let me first vent a little about my academic week.... Tuesday: I did my fit test without issues.... Wednesday: Clinical! but I forgot my watch (bought one later on in the gift shop) & the computer system was not working right so it took a couple hours until I was able to log in, thus delaying my vitals & assessment! Thursday: Got to school earlier than I wanted to (b/c I was worried about traffic) and just when I was about to walk to my building, BTW the parking lot was full of cars leaving) someone told me school was shut down due to a water main break! It took be like an hour after that til I was able to get out. So I left my house at 8:30 am & didn't get back until 11:00 = wasted time!!!!! So school was canceled Friday as well...... This makes me concerned since the content was about 1/3 of our first test, and I really like the teacher who is lecturing it (we have 3 for the semester). I have to admit that the last 2 unschool days have not yielded much in school work.... Bad Lee! And the icing on this crap cake is that Monday is 1 of 2 all day 12 hour labs

So now here are some highlights:

  • I saw on the news that Tylenol or children's drugs (infants) are changing there OTC dosing. It will no longer be age-ranged but weight based. Really? Really? prescription meds have been weight based for kids, why haven't the OTC been that way before now?

  • Also on the drug topic, saw a headline saying there has been a new HIV drug (nurses usually gotta stay up on the drugs)

  • Saw this interesting article about does your spouse have ADHD.... I have often said "I think Rob has ADD or ADHD" but I sort of hope he doesn't because I also so on TV about Adderall and how students are taking it to get good grades but it's highly addictive... which will probably mean life-long use. Read article here.

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