Saturday, October 31, 2009

Interesting facts on last names..

I found this neat (free) thing that tells you info about your last is some stuff I found out...
  • Had more people on the confederate side of the civil war (but some on union too)
  • Is English (as in england) origin
  • 38% were farmers in 1880 (Nat. Avg. 35%)
  • As of 1920 they are a few Radfords' in most states but mainly the eastern half of the country


  • Most live(d) in Ohio and Penn but slight amount in most states
  • Altered spelling of German "Baer"
  • Top place of origin is Germany, followed by Ireland, Scotland, England, & France
  • 287 Union service men and 43 Confederate
  • in 1880 40% were farmers


  • Name origin is South Wales
  • Slightly more in the Union but more people served in Civil war (than other 2 names)
  • Live in similar places as "Rafords"
  • in 1880 38% were farmers


  • Origin (several locals) mainly Swedish (as is my MIL madien name= my hubby's a swed!)
  • Thousands served both sides of the Civil war (more than the other names I looked up)


  • Americanized spelling of "von der Burg" meaning "from the castle"
  • the state with the most "Funderburg's" = OHIO (go Ben!)
  • Only place of origin = Germany
  • in 1880 53% farmers (wow)
  • 6 served in the Union, and 23 were Confederates

Check it out Here

Happy Halloween!!

I love halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. Perhaps the only holiday that involves a community coming together by handing out candy to the kids (and sometimes adults hehe). And it just might be the only holiday that allows you to pretend, for one night, and be anyone you want, to forget the troubles of your life and endulge in the happiness of kids and sweets. (I say this is b/c Christmas is good but often followed by stress or a reminder of what we can't afford for those sweet little kids..)
So...did you know that halloween is orginially a Celtic (Irish) holiday?
It's mainly about religion and harvest stuff but has evolved into this trick or treat thing. Wanna know more? Go here...
What about the pumpkins?
Well it has to do with a guy named Jack and him tricking the devil....eventually he dies and God won't allow him into to heaven, not the devil allow him into he wanders the earth with a tiny bit of coal to light the the whole story here.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Hallo-Eve

You know what I love most about the week before halloween?
(if you know me then you should get this right!)
All the scary movies on TV! I've come to realize that nowadays most tv I watch is some sort reality thing (like 18 Kids & Counting, Deadliest Catch, Real Housewives of ATL, food network programing, etc.); so I'm thrilled to watch some slightly censored scary yet sometimes funny and predictable, Horror movies. Of course they usually seem to miss the latest ones or a few of the most awesome ones, I still enjoy seeing Jason killing those idiot campers, as well as the haunted insane asyllum taking revenge against seemingly innocent people. And of course thanks to AMC I have this quote stuck in my head " They're coming to get you Barbara.." LOL I know I'm not exactlly in that "normal" american catagory, whatever that is.....
(if you really pat attenion to a big chunk of horror movies you learn just a few useful things, such as: drugs, alcohol, premartial sex are bad and don't trust any stranger, oh and if it seems to good to be true it definately is...)
  • I've "heard" a few select stores are reducing halloween prices now, instead of Sunday (walmart has a tiny selection of home decor reduced but not any candy or other goodies at my location). I look forward to hitting up a few candy options (maybe something good to hold back for the xmas stockings - the candy is usually good until next summer give or take) and target is my fav halloween decor/misc items....waiting for the vet visit to determine my clearance shopping participation!
  • Also noticed that has a "christmas" catagory at the top with the usual u hear christmas jingles? lol
  • Well my eyes are waiting to see headlines like "reduced turkeys", "black friday preview", "cyber monday preview", "sale on canned pumpkin".....hoping to catch a couple good deals, last year (low budget) I was able to get 2 movies from (TG weekend) for $3 each (gifted to hubs, Simpson movie!) I'm alreadying attemptin to gather lists from my most loved family members so I can watch out for deals of items they actually do want (rather than plan B- things i think they might like) lol Xmas lists= Better
  • I'm also waiting to see what my adverturous brother has planned for his Xmas decor, he mentioned he may make a 1st attempt to doing the outside of his house (figures I'm like 11 hours away) but if he loves me (cough cough BEN) he'll take photos for memories and email them to me so that i may live vicariously through his family. Take that as a compliment Ben! Here is an outdoor decoration my SIL Barbara might like here. I think a reindeer would lik good in the front yard between the trees here or here or here.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back from TN...

I haven't uploaded the too few pictures I took but will soon.... It was a great trip, for some reason it doesn't feel like 1 yr & 1 1/2 months since we moved from there. I can not explain it but eer since we moved here it seems like time has stopped but clearly it hasn't as my lovable nieces are growing up. And even though in 3 years (when i graduate) my 2 younger nieces will be nearly 17 and long as they are in TN I think a part of me will wanna be there too (not to mention my brother and his wifey). I truly miss those family moments and get togethers....after all...when life is done that's you have left, no material possesions but loving memories. Which is why my husband wants me to try to get my first nursing job up there....i kinda miss the cold too....Funny how you spend a few days in 60 degrees maybe 50's and you hot Florida 80's and it feels like 100 degrees lol....
  • Got the pumpkin cravings? I sure do, especially after my IHOP pumpkin good....check some out here
  • Want some neato address labels, 140 for $3 shipped? Check it out, I did and created some custom ones with little figures representing my family (me, hubs, doggies & kitties).
  • Went to walmart the Xmas trees up and everything...and received there add for this upcoming Sunday "tis the season" some great food sales!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Price Matching...

Have you ever done it?
I've done it twice at walmart, almost 3 times when the Hubs went to get the newly released Transformers (target ad $15) but when he got there it was on sale for $14.?? which I thought was unusual for a new releasal but awesome. We did it on a Wii Fit (saved $20) and a DVD (saved $2.50). Now that I'm getting into the swing of things I might try this more often, like with more everyday purchases (ie food or health and beauty). I even heard of a woman somehow getting 12 FREE bags of chex mix this way....not sure where she did the deal but I know it involved a target sale and coupon for $1/1 plus a MQ for .50/1.
Well...i'll be taking a break from the posting as tomorow we'll be heading North! Will probably be internet froo until Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Duggar night....

Aren't extra blessed by having 2 whole hours of the Duggar Family, uplifting & inspirational! I' watching the rerun of the "GrandDuggar" now, I just finished putting the dye in my hair so I'll be up late tonight! (Gotta maintain the pink, at least while I can...)

  • Today me and the Hubs went to a walmart further from our house and realized it was much bigger and had things our new-ish walmart did fabric and expanded craft well as a $5 "shelved" movie section....of course...we each picked 1 out (mine= Black Christmas remake, Rob= Lake Placid) we might have to shop their more often.
  • We have an antique night stand looking thing (i got at a second hand shop for $20 when i was 16/17) so ATM it holds kitchen towels/rags and batteries and lil things like that and we place the dog leashes on it since it is near the door...well a year of this and I've noticed some varnish wearing off where the leashes I've got some fabric and going to make a kind of table runner inspired thing to place on top (probably hang a little over on the sides too....gotta break out the sewing machine!)....will post when complete!

Good week so far...

Yesterday my husband went to his new job orientation and found out they do offer insurance. That's so awesome, the only slight negative is if we go with the cheaper medical plan and add optical and dental for just the 2 of us the monthly total would be about $236 (or $118/per pay check since it's biweekly) thats $3,658/yr. That seems like alot for just 2 people but what do I know. Since we both have bad eyes (me glasses, him contacts/glasses), he's had 2 bad teeth pulled in the last 14 months, and 1 ER visit (but i have about 4 visits/yr for B.C., and should get back on regular oncologists visits...).....I think it would be smart to take the ooportunity and get the coverage.....although when i see the money I sorta want to pass....I truely believe that if we "had" insurance we'd use it more often, ie...get bad teeth filled vs pulled...rob needs new contacts ASAP anyways....and well you never know when u need a Dr. So although I'm sightly reluctant I'm going to do it. Gotta invest in yourself, right?
Also got an awesome piece of mail acceptance into the Fall (august) 2010 Nursing program for my school..... I had a minor set back last week with the knowledge of "never received" application call.....but over joyed to see that God was watching over me and blessed me by this and not delaying my nursing start/graduation any longer than necessary. I will have much blood, sweat, and tears but in May (?) 2012 (before I turn 30 yay!) I will (will continued help from God) graduate and finally be a Nurse.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Columbus Day?

I just read an interseting artcle about Columbus. I guess I never really analyzed him or the actions related to him before as this article does, but I have to admit I'm started to think the truth of this holiday stinks. I'm all about holidays and all but the idea of celebrating a possibly mean man who brought disease and death to Native Americans is upsetting. When it comes to taking sides, my heart will always lie with the Indians, even though I'm just a reduced fraction of one.

Food & Recipes oh my

Yummy, huh? that was dinner last night.. & i still lost .2 #'s
My Library Books
And the recipes that peaked my interest...
America's Most Wanted Recipes (Mock recipes, not official!)
Arby's- BBQ sauce
The Cheesecake Factory's - Banana Cream Cheesecake
Chi Chi's- Pork tenderloin w/ bourbon sauce
Cracker Barrel's- Fried Apples
Panera Bread's- Broccoli Cheese Soup
Rainforest Cafe's- Blue Mountain grilled chicken sandwich
Ruby Tuesday's- Super Salad Bar Pasta
The Soup Nazi's- Cream of Sweet Potato Soup
Starbuck's- Chocolate Fudge Square's w/ mocha glaze
""- Gingerbread loaf
Subway's- Sweet Onion Sauce
TGIFriday's- JD sauce
""- Orange Cream (drink)
The Everything Cooking For Dogs book (for Dogs!)
Turkey Gravy
Egg Drop Oatmeal Soup
Savory Bacon, Cheddar, & Oatmeal Biscuits
Pumpkin Pie Biscuits
Healthy Family Meals (healthy recipes)
Pick your own Pita Chips
Broccoli Cheese Soup
Sweet Potato Pie Salad
Ginger Beef Stir-fry
Italian Chicken & Penne Salad
Turkey Tetrazzini
Roasted Sweet Potato Fries
Tropical Mango Quick Bread
Spiced Applesauce Cake
Pumpkin Patch Smoothies
Southern Living Comfort Food (probably not healthy but oh so tasty!!!!)
Home-Cooked Pole Beans
Beef Stroganoff
Hot Dog Chili
Slow-Cooker BBQ Pork
Cola Pot Roast
Smoky Brown Sugar Bacon
Hash Brown Casserole
Cinnamon-Raisin Rolls
Buttermilk Honey Pancakes
Poppy Seed-Lemon Muffins
Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake
Caramel Nut Pull Apart Bread
Fresh Corn Cakes
Summer Squash Casserole
Crumb Topped Spinach
Chicken Tetrazzini
Twice-Baked Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole
Giant Oatmeal Cookies
Pecan Pie Brownies
Mississippi Mud
Banana Pound Cake
Fresh Apple Upside Down Cake
Coconut Cream Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Peanut Butter Pie
Country Peach Cobbler
Pound Cake Banana Pudding
Caramel Apples
Pumpkin Chess Pie
Roasted Pecan Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge
I know what you're thinking.."why don't u just buy the dang book?"...well aren't we in a recession? I know money sure doesn't flow like water in my house and although I want a ton of recipes from that last cookbook it cost $30 and is not on the top of my book wish list....Therefore I'm frugal, all it takes is a free library book and sometime (which I happen to have more than enough right now)... Are you interested in any of my picks?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Duggar Tuesday!

Aren't these so cute? I wish they have Native American ones to go with it!

  • Tonight is Duggar night on TLC...not only will you get the "usual" new episode at 9:00 but it will be followed by the GrandDuggar special, the arrival of Josh & Anna's baby-1 hour long. That's 1.5 hours of "new" 18 Kids & Counting! If you haven't guessed I have this hsow every week and will be tonight as well my usual go-through-coupon-box (pulled out all coupons expiring the Sunday after next)

  • Have you been to Amazon lately? Well if you have a wish list be sure to add something to it at least 1 items each week for awhile b/c Amazon is giving away "dream prizes"...this week is a dream kitchen (including items kitchenware items and an awesome looking oven), and if you don't have a wish list...well....start one! I'm a "wish list" addict, if you have a close relationshp with me that involves gift giving you can't say I never gave ya options but I have lists all over the place, not to mention since I was able to write I've been making annual "Christmas Lists". I know someone of you may say that's a kid thing and I don't care because it's so me! I even got my nieces into it during the 2001 Holidays (when i lived them) I made a whole evening of construction paper and glitter and browsing a catalog to list out things....A memory I'll cherish forever....

I'm off to cook up some dinner- Bacon Cheeseburgers with sweet potato fries/ tator tots!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool things I stumbled on...

Since I had nothing better to do tonight I decided to mess around on the internet....

  • I found this at William Sonoma online, it's so cool! If I had a house where I could display a jack-o-latern I'd have to get this (make mental note for housewarming gift option whenever I buy a house!) Check out this special light for pumpkins....

  • Also at WS...Brining bags, like for those big turkeys..I brined the last 2 turkey's I cooked and they were yummy! Just used a big pot though, only 10-14 pounds bird.

  • Ya know how some super rich people might have a place in their home devoted to gift wrapping? (heard something like that on tv) well now everyone can, although still pricey...could be affordable wrapping station at pottery barn.

  • OMG a tuffet! I always wanted to know what Miss Muffet sat

  • Here is an interetsting article published earlier this month about the retail world and Christmas 2009...the jist= Traditional will win over new themes and concepts. Stick with the red and green...just like grandma and grandpa did.....
  • And just a note.....Today I was at Walmart and I noticed that a "seasonal/promo" isle had a few cases worth of ornimental christmas tree balls...."if feeling low and when in doubt go ahead and put it out"....let the "holidays" begin shall we!

Monday Menus

I don't know exactly what days I'll be cooking what yet since I haven't planned it out yet....
(and if you are wondering why I post this to the world, it's a blogger thing with the couponing ladies lol)
Creamy Pasta w/ Shrimp & Veggies
Sweet & Sour Pork w/ Jasmine Rice
Hamburgers & fries
J.S. Chicken 'n' Dumplings w/ veggies
BBQ Chick Pizza (maybe)
Fish Fillet Sammys (maybe)
Chick Tenders & Veggies (maybe)

Columbus Day...

What does that mean?
No Mail
However I did get 2 library books delivered today (private delivery service), America's Most Wanted Recipes & Healthy Family Meals. Already picked several recipes to keep!
Also my husband got the call today, his orientation for the new job is monday and he gave a weeks notice to Applebee's....just hope they don't tell him he's fired when he gets there tomorrow (they have been known to fire people and not let them finish their "notice" time). No prospects for me yet, keep on applying...Hoping that tomorrow will be a great day (by great I mean that I get some mail I've been waiting for and an email!)
Also, this isn't "my" news but the Duggar Grandchild has arrived, late last week. And I believe TLC will have a special episode of it Tomorrow night. I just love that show so much!
Happy Columbus Day

Monday Errands (aka shopping)

2- Lunchables (not in photo)
2- Gal milk
2- Bagel bites
1- 10 ct garbage bags
4- Yoplait Delights yogurt
7- Iams canned dog food
1- red pepper
2-small baby prtoabellos
2- roma tomatoes
1- lettuce
1- small zuchini
2- Compleats meals
1- Wet wipes
1- Wonder bread
1- buns
1- Southern Living mag
Total (29 items)-------------------$37.13
2- Honey maid grahams (BOGO)
4- B.C. boxed potatoes (BOGO)
1- Glade candle
1- Downy fabric softener (Buy Theirs Get Ours Free promo)
1- Publix fabric softener
1- Clorox wipes (Buy theirs promo)
1- Publix wipes (free)
Total (11 items)---------------------------$11.11
2- B.C. icing
4- Totinos pizzas
1- Marcal tissues
Total (7 items)-------------------$4.07
Aldi (no photo)
3-3 # bag Boneless/skinless Chicken Breast
Total Spent(50 items):$70.28
Total Saved: $36.94

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baking Day

Pumpkin Spice Bars
from the 2009 Christmas w/ Southern Living cookbook

Peanut Butter Blossoms
from the Hershey Kisses website

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Must be that time of year...

Pregnant people everywhere...
I know 3 people personally, that are pregnant and due soon. Plus on 2 of the soaps I watch there are 2 pregnant people. I also just heard that MTV is doing a spin off of 16 & Pregnant called Teen Moms which with feature 4 of thoe 16 & preggers girls.
I'm happy for my friends and cousin-in-law, trying not to watchh the soaps that much, and you know I won't be able to pull myself away from MTV. But I'd be a certifable lair if I said I wasn't a tinsy bit jealous or frustrated/left out or having an unfillfuled desire to have a little crying pale bald blue eyed human (named Dax).
But at the end of the day my brain wins out and natural human desire holds out....
Next week...shot here I come!
Update: This is another reason to add to my growing list of things that make me wanna have a kid here

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

walgreens 10/4

4- Campbells tomato soup
2- Giant Reese bars
1- Halls refresh drops
1- Emergen C immune boost shots
1- B-day card
1-Denteks floss

Total Before Q's: $15.49
After Coupons: $13.99
RR recieved: $7.50
Total left----------------------$6.49

Going back for more soup! (Store coupon 2/$1 used with MQ (.40/4) = .40/can)

Publix 10/4 & 10/6

Sunday's Trip:
4- Goodlife cat foods (3.49 ea)
1- Newspaper (not in photo 1.50)
2- Nestle cookie dough (bogo 3.39)
2- Smithfields bacon (bogo 3.99)
1- milk (3.09)
6- Ham helpers (bogo 1.95)
2- V8 fusions (bogo 3.99)
1- publix reuseable tote (.99 not in photo)
1- Jif peanut butter (2.83)
1- Publix pb (Free-buy theirs get ours free deal)
1- Del monte peaches (1.89)
1- Publix peaches ("")
1- Del monte green beans (1.29)
1- Publix GB ("")

Total Before Q's: $42.77
value of Q's used: $20.99
Total saved (sales + Q's): $42.21
Total spent------------------------------$22.85

Trip 2:
2- Cookie crisps (bogo 3.99)
1- Crisco spray (2.50)
1- Raisins (1.50)
1- onion (.94)
1- Del monte GB (1.29)
1- Publix GB (free)
Total Saved: $7.58
Total Spent-----------------------$7.47
Trip 3 (no photo):
1- Jif PB (2.83)
1- Publix PB (free)
1- DM peaches (1.89)
1- Publix peaches (free)
1- DM GB (1.29)
1- Publix GB (free)
Total Spent--------------------$6.01
Note: Walmart's Green beans are .72 at my local store, so the green beans I bought would come out to be about .64 a can (.645) which is cheaper than walmart brand. Needless to say this was a good item to stock up on, along with the PB (will use mainly for cookies), & although we don't eat canned peaches very often they don't expire until 2012.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

It's finally here and isn't it fitting that a couple days ago a cold front drifted down here so the nights are comfy, the mornings a chill, and by noon the sun is beating down 80 degrees. I'm also pleased to see that Glade has added their new "limited edition" holiday scents to their website. I look forward to this scents all year, in fact I may try to hoard a few packages so I can enjoy them year long. I really think that some of these scents are better than their normal ones they offer, so act quickly and but them the first glance you get because last year I went to walmart to see a new displayer. It was huge! But the next week I came it had been severely looted and I was lucky to dig deep on the bottom shelf to grab a few "limited editions" for scented oil candle holder.
On another uplifting husband has gotten a new job, which won't begin for about a month and will be a increase of .25/hr. Hopefully it will be ear or at 40/hrs a week and we'll be doing pretty good.
On a negative note, which really isn't negative, just a tiny disappointing but really is ok. I didn't land an awesome old navy high dollar coupon, just 20% off...But I really can not complain b/c God has given us a great day and opportunities, a true blessing.

Busy Weekend...

I guess this our splurge weekend, to have an early celebration of Halloween....
Thursday...............Attempt to get a great (high $) coupon from Old Navy tonight (& rob has job interview this afternoon). Dinner: Roasted Pork Loin/Baked potatoes/corn.
Friday......................Go to Old Navy (shopping!) & going to see ZombieLand. (not sure what dinner is)
Saturday...................unsure. Dinner: Fish
Sunday....................... Going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. Dinner:unsure.