Monday, June 27, 2011


So my test is just a couple days away.... so here is the breakdown of my gradual peak of stress....
1. My impending test Thursday
2. My dad's Dr. app. Friday
3. My Aunt Jan has cancer (not just cancer but multi cancers)

so... I'm kind of stressed but i know a little bit more room for a little more stress (just enough so that every 6 hours or so it goes up- as the test time approaches)
So Friday I'll celebrate only 4 weeks of class (not counting final week) with a date night with my husband- Transforms plus awesome Red Lobster deal (& a trip to petsmart for my babies needs hehe). Hopefully my dad will call me with good news to end the day/week. I may not have brand new cars or a house of my own but I am blessed. I know life has challenges but I also know that God only was success for me, my family- to prosper, to help others, & all the good stuff!

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