Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wags/CVS Trip #2

Bought in 2 trans:
2- Bic soleil rzor refills (6.99 BOGO)
1- Gum toothbrush 2 pk (2)
1- Starbucks ice cream ($3 not shown)
1- Hair clips (.20)
2- Nivea body wash (4.99 ea)
2- Bayer crystals (2.49 ea)
1- Rembrant toothpaste (5.99)

2-$1/1 Nivea
2-$2/1 Bic
$2 Gum
$1 Starbucks

Total After coupons-----$25.99
(paid w/ $18 RR & $7.99 cash)
RR Received: $21

1- Fructis gel (2.99)
1- Schick razor (8.99)
1-CVS cotton rounds (.99)

$1 Fructis
$4 Schick
$2/$10 purchase (cvs)

(paid w/ $5.97 ECB & $0.33 cash)
ECBs Received : $6

Receipts say I've saved: $46.36-W $15.47-C


I'm feeling in an especially good mood today. I think my test went well (will find out later) & I got some more good deals at CVS & Walgreens. Not to mention I got my coupons i ordered in the mail today, a magazine, & a Free Folding Tote bag from the Neilson co. (my homescan people) the bag is even lined with that silver water resistant stuff, unlike most totes.
  • Vodka Drinkers in the House? Go here for a mail in rebate up to $20!!!!!!!!! (some states excluded, good until end of year, 2 rebates per house)
  • Some Kmarts are doubling again next week, mine is up to .75, don't think i'll be going.
  • Like Hummus? I'm only had the Sabra brand paired with Stacy's Parm. Pita Chips, get a Sabra coupon here (that would be about half off at Walmart).
  • Try RiceWorks rice chip thingys, they are so good, at least the Sweet Chili flavor, get a coupon here (i have BOGO's so i'll be stocking up on these).
  • Like the premium mac'n'cheese? Like Velveeta? Get a coupon here
  • Don't forget to grab a Sunday paper on 5/03, there will be 3 inserts, see preview here
  • Heads up COKE lovers, next week CVS will have an awesome deal, spend $20 get $10 ECB back. I don't drink soda regularly but I will take advantage of this deal and keep some in stock for spur of the moments & guests. Check ad here (may vary per area, like my store sometomes has 8 pks instead of 12)

Later i'll upload my shopping excursions, going to cook an early dinner now, Beef w/ Broccoli and rice. Tomorrow? Going to get my books and do somemore deal shopping....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So Today hasn't been too exciting. I have my math final tomorow so say a prayer for me! I've read a little bit more of New Moon. And I have All Together Dead coming from the library. So after tomorrow i'll have 10 days of no schol, then summer semester starts (3 classes for first half). Friday i'm going to drop about $450 on books, ugh...but hopefully they'll buy back the ones i'm finished with, if i'm lucky maybe i'll get like $75 (probably paid $3??). So I figure by the time S.S. starts i should have read New Moon, Definately Dead, & All Together Dead. If i'm super speedy maybe i'll even get to the next one Dead and Gone? Because in May I've heard the 9th Stackhouse book will be out. JOY! And i got a $20 check from Advantage Dog health something as a rebate for taking Max to the vet. JOY!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So my day started out as planned. Watching the couponing segment on The Early Show on CBS this morning but it was everything i already knew. Then i ran to Walgreens and CVS (see below). I studyed some math (but not as much as i should have), working out a little, and read a couple chapters of New Moon. I'm just at the part where Bella "awakens". Also added Dead and Gone to my library request list, hopefully it won't come until i've read All together Dead, which i'm not on yet.
I was surprised (kind of) that as apart of Bzzt! or whatever they are called, sent me 4 #'s of rice, some recipes, and 10 cards with 2 "free" coupons on each, to hand out. And this was all free, al i have to do is go to the website and tell them about whom or how i picked to hand the Q's out. I've already gotten rid of 2 (my fav cashier at wags & a lady my mom works with who actually cooks), probably will find the rest in the rice isle at walmart or maybe if a cashier is friendly i'll offer one. They are good until Sept so i guess i have a lttle bit of time if i need it.
Now i've just ate my dinner :lemon Seasation fish w/rice'a'roni & lemon sugar cookie ice cream (publix makes it) Yummy! I'm going to print a few Q's before the new ones come out, maybe read a little bit, watch 18 Kids & Counting, and study some math.

Walgreens 4/28

Bought (in 2 trans):
1- Contour Meter (14.99)
1- Quattro Razor (8.99)
2- Royal jellos (.69 ea)
2- Bandaids (3 ea)
1- Benedryl cream BOGO pack (4)
1- Rembrant mouth wash (5.99)
1-Nivea body wash (4.99)
1- Ait wick I motion (4.99)
1-Visine (3.99)
1- Ecotrin (2)
2- Clearance hair ties (.20 ea)
Coupons used:
Free Contour meter (14.99)
$3 visine
$1 bandaid
.50 bandaid
$1 benedryl
$4 airwick
$4 Quattro
$1 Nivea
(paid with $23 RR & $6.88 cash)
RR Received: $25
(a few items i'll pass along but most i will use, especially the benedryl cream, i have a big red bite on the side of stomach! & i'm still waiting for my last receipt to be reviewed for the lat rebate period, i should have over $30 coming on a new giftcard)
The receipts say I've saved :$132.43

CVS 4/28


1- KY Intense (23.99)

1-CVS 25 ct cotton rounds (.99)

1-Shick Intution razor (8.99)

1-Fructis hair spray (2.99)

Coupons used:

$2 KY

$1 Fructis

$4 Shick

$5 off/ $30 CVS Q


(paid with $10.87 ECB & $12.06 cash)

Total ECBs received: $16


Will pass along hair spray and you say I paid for them and got the other 2 items FREE

(receipt says i've saved $30.07)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Normally on Monday's I go to walmart, and my trip was not as much as an ease as i hoped.

  • The Redboxes (2) were both having maintance or whatever= no free movie monday for me...Poo...
  • They were out of a few things that i had soon-to-be expiring coupons for, such as betty crocker vanilla icing, and they must have reset some isle because i didn't see my True delights granala bars with the rest nor a spot...Poo...
  • Finially, my cashier whom is very plesant and the other day when i bought just a couple items she checked me out (but used no coupons); Today she first didn't enter the right $ for a BOGO coupon (ugh!), then she mised a few coupons, i guess they were slightly stuck together or the same size so overlooked (UGH!), Then she entered my doughnuts twice, and finially....she seemed to be frustrated with the fast i had about 25 coupons (most cashier are not but this lady was older, longish finger nails, and seemed to need t glasses!). So i ran over to CS for a refund for the doughnuts and went home.

I dropped off my duggar book at the library, very good. Everyone should read it. It has good tips, great inspiration, and a purpose.

As I type my little pathetic update (no pics) I'm drinking a fabulous Strawberry Shortcake TGIFridays mixed concoction. Tasty enough for another round...

Hopefully tomorrow I'll study my math, run out to wags and cvs for my loss leader deals, and all in all have a good day. Tomorrow night is 18 Kids and Counting on TLC, i love this show, though this NEW episode seems to celebrate the life and death of Grandpa Duggar= sad. I'm sure it will remind me of my grammy Dorothy in heaven now. I've read 4 more chapters in the next Stackhouse book.

Here is one of my fav scenes from True Blood Season 1, warning this is a bit graphic, so if you don't like blood then don't watch!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I didn't read but a couple pages of New Moon (I'd read the first chapter online a month ago), and of course I started Definately Dead, but i just read 4-5 chapters. This one seems just a hint less thrilling, no offense Miss Harris. I'm just too tangled up into the whole Eric senerio, I think the next book might have more to do with him since I think he's on the cover, don't quote me on that though. I still am very interested and love the Stackhouse novels.
This has led me to think maybe i'd like other vampire books or more Harris books; maybe i could fulfill a lifetime goal of writing a book. That would be satisfying if one day it happened, before i died. We'll just have to see.
  • Want some free Grilled Kentucky chicken? Go to your local KFC on monday and you can get a piece for free! Go to here for details.
  • Wanna find out who Miss Harris is or what books she's written(including the release of up coming Sookie books), check it out here.
  • Can't wait until New Moon premeires this Fall, then go here for the latest on filming.
  • Also there a few new coupons on my coupin sidebar, some good ones for pizza ($1.15-2 off).
  • One of my favorite sites for True Blood clips, recap, & news here.

Well, I suppose I ought to get some real things done today. not sure what it is on that list. Of course some dishes and a spaghetti & meatball meal w/garlic toast. And like everyday for the last couple week i'm sure i'll be picking up a book, currently working on 3 different ones so who knows but how could i let the sun go down on day without reading more about my "friend" Sookie...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Afternoon...

Today I got a coupon for BOGO pedigree canned food, one that i couldn't get to print. I also got a booklet of coupons from proctor and gamble, super! I also received 3 items by delivery, from my library. New Moon, a southern cookbook, & a WII game.
Just before I was about to start reading New Moon my brother called. He thought my deals today were pretty good but our conversation ended up with him basically saying that couponing would not save him money because he'd never buy the stuff i have for himself and his wife and daughters. Although I strongly beg to differ, clearly this an issue we'll never fully agree on. I am reminded of my life before Oct, before couponing. I once thought that if i wasn't going to buy it then a coupon wouldn't save me but after finding out how the "couponing" world works (pairing sales with coupons, etc) I eyes opened to the potential things I could and would get for free or half the cost. Some items i wouldn't buy, but will certain deals too good to pass i altered my "normal" brand for the better deal. With certain programs after CVS and Walgreens I've been able to score lots of health & beauty freebies, even some makeup. Items I wouldn't buy if money was tight. I never pay full price for stuff like that since i have a "stockpile" of items, which is a big part of couponing. If you wait to buy when u need it then you'll have to pay more because it is unlikely you'll be lucky to have the a coupon and sale available just for that item that you just ran out of.
If we lost our income tomorrow i know a couple things: my family would be clean from teeth to toe, our home would be spotless too, & our pets would have full bellies.

Friday morning Shopping...

1-Definitely Dead =$6.36
Come on now, you knew I couldn't fight the temptation...


2- Skintimate shave creams (2.99 ea)

Cost: $2.38 oop

RR's received: $6


Total before Coupons: $67.52

Total After Coupons-------- $15.37

6- Starkist Seasations (BOGO 5.99)
2- Glade candles (BOGO 3.49)
2- Marie Calendar Al dente pasta dinners (BOGO 3.49)
2- Publix Premium ice creams
1- South Beach diet drink mix (3.99, supposed to be $2 )
Total before Sales/Coupons: $62.38
Coupons used:
6- $3/1 Seasations
2- .75 off Al dente
$1.50 off Glade
$5 off when you spend $30
Total After Sales/Coupons---------$8.17

I also went to Alberston's but i guess i must have not taken a picture, opps
1- paper towels (1.39)
2- Capri Suns (2.00 ea)
3- Angus Roasts (Buy 1 get 2 free=23.01)
1- 3# onions (1.50)
Total before Coupons: $73.44
Total After Sales/Coupons------------- $24.50
Total value of items bought : $216.06
Total Spent: $54.78

Thursday, April 23, 2009

CVS 4/21

1- Reese eggs (.75 clearance)
2- Crest toothpastes (2.88 ea)
1- Edge shave cream (2.89)
1- Bayer Crystals (2)
1- Action scrubber (2.99 raincheck)
1- CVS cotton rounds 25 ct (.99)
Total before coupons--------------------$15.61
Coupons used:
.75 crest
$1 crest
$2.75 action scrubber
CVS $2 off $10 purchase
(used $7.98 ECB + 1.13 giftcard)
ECB's got Back= $8.89---------------=$0.22
Receipt says i saved $22.63

Walgreens 21-23

Bought all this in 4 transactions over a 3 day period because the first attempt this week was horrible. My giftcard that my rebates load onto was de-magnified i guess and a cashier didn't know what to do so the EXA came over and tried what the cashier did and said "sorry you can't use it". What? A day before this my fav cashier had just "punched" in the numbers. I am dumb founded that an EXA (just under store manager but aboce all the assistants) did not know how to do this or at the very least did not attempt to try. I should very well write them a note saying how come one cashier in the whole place is trained very well to deal with a variety of issuses while even an EXA can't figure out how to get a walgreens giftcard to go through....sorry i had to vent! I called before i went to make sure "my" cashier was there, otherwise i wouldn't have gone.
Not pictured are --------6-12 packs of A&W Root beer (3/$11)
2- Edge shave creams (2.99 ea)
2- Tums duual action (7.99 ea)
2- Schick razor refills 4 ct (11.49 ea)
4- Glade soy candles (5.99 ea)
1- Physican Formula Organic blush/bronzer (clearance 8.39)
1- Phy. Formula Organic eye duo (clearance 4.79)
1- Wags bag (FREE for earthday)
1- twizzlers (1.27 employee discount)
1- chapstick (1.99)
3- clearance hair ties/barettes (.20 ea)
Total before coupons--------------$107.94
Coupons total: $53
Total Remaining-------------------$54.94
RR's used:$32
Giftcard: $9.64
Cash (not including tax)----------$13.30
Rebates will receive: $10
RR Received: 24
---------------------------------$3.30 (not including tax)
i added up what the receipts said I saved =$105.71

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i've decided to bring some of the deals i've gotten into my blog as a way to share and spread the wealth of Frugalness.

First there are several items in which you can get FREE if your Kmart is doubling coupons up to and including $2 this week (i've heard some might double higher but not me, Ben i bet your store is doubling you should/could really take advantage of the Freebies!!!).Remember, you can print twice!

  • Pupperonies $2.89 & up used $2 or $1.50/1 coupon here = FREE
  • Crunch & Clean Dog biscuits $3.99 use $2/1 coupon here = FREE
  • The Good Life Cat Food $3.99 & up use $2/1 coupon here = FREE or cheap
  • Kotex Liners $1.29 use $1.50/2 coupon here = Free (or .75/1 from paper)

There are probably more but my time is limited, however there are several coupons that have been the Sunday papers that yield freebies, especially cat treats, dog treats, some cleaners, vaseline lotion, etc..

Other goodies

  • Snuggle $2/1 coupon here, buy at walmart $4-$2= $2
  • Glade Fragrance Candles $4/1 coupon here (reset), buy at walgreens & use there easysaver coupon, will make it free if you buy the smaller one.
  • Campbells cooking soups $1/2 coupon here, walmart $1 ea-$1/2=$1/2 or .50 ea
  • Excedrin $2/1 coupon here, catch a good sale could be free or i think they might have had some on clearance at walgreens but not 100% sure of that...
  • V8 V-fusions juice $2/1 coupon here, but is only good on 2 flavors: Passionfruit Tangerine & Goji Raspberry (if kmart has them it would robably be free, otherwise walmart will be cheap)
  • Venom Energy Drink $1/1 coupon here, i think i saw these at kmart for $1.99, i will see friday, that would be FREE.
  • Purina Dof or Cat food $3.50/1 coupon here, pretty cheap at walmart
  • Clean & Clear $2/1 coupon here, doubles at kmart, use on only product
  • Pledge multi surface or pet sweeper $2/1 coupon here, doubles at kmart which makes it less than a $1
  • Rebate for Free Recycled Foil here today only!!!!!!!
  • Today only get 15% off your purchase at walgreens + a free tote bag here
  • Colgate Toothpaste $1/1 Sensitive and/or Total care here & if you know Colgate soon enough they'll be a deal to get them FREE, seems like one comes along every few weeks

Well i think that's pretty good for now! I'm sure i missed a few good ones but hey i'm not the all to guide or anything and if i am talking to myself i'm not going to waste another hour putting up more goodies that only I will take advantage of....

Does anybody read Charlaine Harris books?

I'm feeling rather lonely out here. I rarely have a comment and it is almost always from my best friend Megan whom I've known for nearly 21-22 years (considering I'm only 26 that is a lifetime). I'd love to find someone who has read a Charlaine Harris book since I'm so addicted to the southern vampire series and absolutely love the True Blood series on HBO (an adaption). But i check my blog daily (have a limited life) and sometimes i feel like I'm preaching to a choir of 1 to none. Though i do this for my own personal thrill, it would be even more satisfying if i really knew that I am not talking to myself....

On that note I must update, i just came from the land of Wal-Mart and bought, of course, the next installment of the vacation in my life, Dead as a Doornail. Although I orginally said "Lee you are buying it but not reading it at all until tomorrow, you must, MUST work on your practice math qusetions so that a week from tomorrow you will be prepared and continue your streak of straight A's (although i only need 56 to get an A in the class )."
Since i've gotten home i said "ok 2 chapters max! Then homework..." LOL
Update: As of 12.48 p.m. i've read 3 chapters, i needed a dose of Eric to satisfy my craving...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...Dead to the World

Sigh..... My heart sunk with you Sookie.....
What will happen next? I'll probably buy the book tomorrow since i have the urge to do it now. And the ending....I mean I don't think Eric's only intentions are getting her into bed, he does so much, the little things that he seems to give her through delivery only must show some slight hint of caring.... triangle drama!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dead to the World....

....A few hours into reading and....Chapter 6....finally...after waiting for a few books worth of chapters.....Bingo! lol See i was introduced to the show before the book, while i read I see then scenes play out in my head with the same actors, the same places....I just can't wait


I finally got my book, Dead to the World. Rob will be leaving in 50 mins for work and my mom is alraedy at work so i'll be dipping into my book then. Right now i'm cooking up some cheeseburgers. I got an awesome deal at walmart, they had those 5# packs reduced to $6.87 ea. so Rob & I decided to stock up. I was just about out so we got 4 tubes of beef. This is how i broke them down (took me an hour).
19- half pound portions
7- 1 pound portions
1- 12 oz. portion
3- Hamburger patties (cooking now)
1- 30 oz. portion (i will add sausage to this and make 3-4 portions of meatballs for spaghetti)
that's at least 31 meals, would be about .87 a meal roughly & might just last close to the end of the year
Also Mr. Max has the sniffles, not sick i hope but i am somewhat concerned about his snifflely nose and breathing & he has an open wound on one of the spots they shaved to put a monitor when he had his dental work done, so if you can please say a prayer for him so that he will be 100% healthy, would be greatly appreciated!

Kmart Doubles 4/20

Another trip to Kmart, I had to get the mail in form to get my $5 giftcard and needed to return an item. So of course i picked up a few items that were mainly free but some i did pay, like cat littler cost me $5.50, the toothbrushes were just BOGO, and the A & H refills $1.99, ect.
Bought 23 items
Total before coupons: $66.57
Total After coupons: $12.98
That's 80.5% savings
My mom went with me and she decided that she is going back Friday to get more 18 pks of mountain dew for $1.99, so i'll be getting some more free Doggie treats and maybe a couple other items if i get lucky!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dinner ideas...

These 3 meals I made this week and my family loves them....
Beef & Noodles
Normally, I'd use left over pot roast meat but the roast i had made wasn't big enough to yeild enough leftovers. Instead i used Hormel Beef Tips (located in the refrigerated section).
1 pkg Egg Noodles
1 pkg Hormel Beef Tips
Salt & Pepper to taste
1. Cook Noodles per directions (1 pkg was more than enough for my family of 3 adults, so i ended up saving about 1/3 of the noodles for mac and cheese the next day)
2. Cook Hormel per directions (i heated mine on the stove in the pot i used to boil the noodles).
3. Add noodles to meat. (i added some and stirred it up, then added a little more until it looked like enough, if your family is big you might need 2 pkg of hormel to make it meatier).
4. Add a little salt and pepper.
This tastes just like the beef and noodles my mom made when i was a kid....
Chicken Taco Salad
I was inspired by Taco Bell for this dish, just as good in my opinion..
You'll need
Boneless Skinless chicken breast (I used 2 pieces for my family of 3)
1 can refried beans
Taco seasoning packet
1-2 heads lettuce
1 small tomato
green onion or regular onion (opt)
Shredded cheese (any kind u like)
Sour cream
1. Chop the lettuce, tomato, & onion; set aside.
2. Chop chicken into bite size pieces & cook in skillet. When it's fully cooked add taco seasoning (if chicken is dry might ad 1-2 TBSp of water) stir until mixed up.
3. Heat up beans
4. Everyone make their own salad using what ingredients they like...
(optional add it crunched up tortilla chips)
Chinese Sweet-and-Sour Pork/Chicken
this is from the Everyday Chinese Cookbook and taste very close to take out sweet & sour but not a sugar loaded artifically colored dipping sauce....
Although this recipe calls for deep frying and breading cut up pieces of pork (which i did) i imagine most people would not want to endure that kind of work, though it was so good!
1 pkg Breaded Chicken (popcorn would be good maybe)
1. Cook as directed
For sauce:
1 TBsp veg oil
1 garlic clove, minced
1 spring onion (green onion)
1 small green pepper
1 red chili
1 Tbsp Soy sauce
2 Tbsp light brown sugar
3 Tbsp rice vinegar
1 tbsp tomato puree/paste
1/2 cup beef broth (or water)
1.Heat oil in skillet, add garlic, chopped onion, pepper,& chili. Stir fry a couple minutes. Add soy, sugar, rice vinegar (i didn't have any so i substituted sherry or cooking wine, tasted just as good),tomato puree, & broth. Bring to Boil.
2. Add chicken and stir, serve over rice.
So So yummy!


...for my dearly desired Dead to the World....So far it has not arrived, i think the library is going down hill and should it not come today i might write them a letter to ask why does it say in transit for 3-4 days, then say i have it yet still do not.....How long does it take for a book to leave an orlando library & be distributed to an orlando home....It's so hard to not run down the road to Walmart and spend $6.00 plus tax on the book "in transit"....
  • I have no homework...
  • I washed Max...
  • I vaccumed & cleaned up the living room...
  • I ordered my coupons (although 3 were sold out, will check tomorrow)
  • Thought about reading a book i own but don't want to read a few chapters just to place it back on the shelf for a few years, since the book(s) will be here eventually, soon?
  • Conclusion: I'm Bored!

Friday, April 17, 2009

For my brother...

Today my brother called me asking if there were deals on a few items he needs. I told him the bset i could where and how to get these deals but also told him a few websites that might assist him in his pursuit. Here they are....

  • For Walgreens deals, including scanned current and future ads, as well as coupon match ups go to i heart walgreens.
  • For CVS deals, including scanned current and future ads, as well as coupon match ups go to i heart CVS.
  • For deals for almost any store, including department stores, grocery & drug; also links to printable coupons and future coupons coming on sunday, as well as almost anything you want to know or can ask about couponing and deals or problems; Go to hot coupon world.
  • If you see a coupon that will be in sunday paper, like this sunday there is a finish/electrosol $2.50 off 1 coupon, and u want more than the one in your paper or just don't want to buy the paper for only that one coupon, order exactly what you want, i use the coupon clippers and have never had a problem.

I use all these sites to locate where the good deals are and the coupons to get them. Posting future ads/deals has allowed me to order the coupons i need in advance, that is how i got 6 bottles of Vaseline lotion for .44 cents each.

Walgreens 4/16 & 17

Bought in 6 Transactions:
4- Skintimate Shave Creams (2.99 ea)
3- Chapsticks (1.99 ea)
5- Scunci Hair ties (2.00 ea)
4- Mushrooms (.50 ea)
1- Colgate Toothbrush (3.29)
Total-------------------$31.23 (not including tax)
RR's used:$21.50
OPP---$9.52 (giftcard)
RR's Received----------$31.50
________________ -$o.27 cents

My Friday (first half)...

So my day has been busy up until now, oh about 2:00 p.m.. I started it off like always, taking doggies out. Then Rob & I went to the Honda dealership to get an oil change and get a recall part taken care off. Then 30 minutes into it they said my brake pads are at either .2 or 2.0 (can't recall) and that they need to be replaced. Since i've had the car 3 years and 3 months and have not yet done this i though ok, hey as long as my car is in Tip Top shape I wanna keep it that way! And it has been 7 months since my last oil change so might be 5 or 6 until my next ( i love Honda's)...So instead of spending the normal $40, it was $2?? but just like a pet it is my responsiblility and hey we did have some extra money this month due to not having to "pay" for food since this is out last month of Food Stamps (god bless america for this program!!).

So then we went onto Cracker Barrel after being at the dealer for 2 hours. They brought me the wrong food, i wasn't angery but had them correct it. Our neighbor works there, she seems nice.

Then onto Walgreens, my home away from home! Will post my week of walgreens in next post. Let's say i think this was my 4th trip this week. What can i say..a good week for freebies & i came up an awesome idea on an affordable & practical Christmas gift basket idea to give to a few select people whom I wouldn't know what they'd want and/or might not be able to afford what they want. I'm really trying to save money yet not impart my gifting to the people I TRUELY love.

Then an unexpected stop at no ECB deals, not that there was anything i desired. Rob stopped into the minute clinic because guess what?!? He has pink eye...So he is not going into work tonight, which sucks little. That means he'll probably only being working about 22 hours this week but last week was the most ever, so i guess it slightly balances out. I was just hoping for a big check but hey today we are taken are of & that's what really matters, right God?

So now i'm at home on my much loved Laptop. I just checked my Library account, I still don't have the 4th Sookie book, it's been in transit for 3 days now but i also have another book "in transit" just got that way today...NEW MOON. Which will arrive first? How will i choose which one to barrel through.....I have to (though already planned on) washing the sheets and replacing them today so i folded up the comforter to put off to the side until i got up to put new sheets on and my dearly (youngest pet) Zoey just had to find a way to lay on it. Thus i had to take a photo.....

& this is my lappy top, i snapped this while i was writing this post...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


30 items for $28.12

1- Frosty Paws (3.79-.75 Q=$3.04)
1- Publix Tote (.80- 1.00 Q= .20+)
1-Big Red 2 liter (1.79 -1.29Q= .50)
2- Dozen eggs (1.59 ea)
2- Ortega Refriend bens (1.45 x 2-1.00Q=.95 ea)
4-Betty Crocker boxed potatoes (1.75 BOGO- 2-$1Q=.38 ea)
11- Yakisoba Noodles (.89 -.35=.54 ea)
8- Voila meals (4.99 BOGO -8-$1Q=1.50 ea)
Not bad for 4-$3 meals (2 bags Voila) & plenty of noodle lunches, had to buy the eggs for the Big Red Q and needed the beans for Taco Salad tomorrow, it was cheaper than the store brand & i never buy betty crock potato cuz at walmart they are always cheaper even with a Q but this deals was by far better.
P.S. Receipt says i said $41.54


  • Instead of cramming for my math test this morning, i got sucked into the Internet, i was trying to see the prices of a particular item my cousin said she liked but i found a 50% off clearance sale at So i decided since it was bargain prices to go ahead and order a few items for my dearly loved cousin as an early birthday gift. She really is low-income and would not be able to have such items. I love her so much. Then i studied for 30 mins...
  • I think the test went well though i spent 5 minutes trying figure out what to do next or if i screwed something up on one of the math problems, it has to to with Log's and factoring, so i probably got that one wrong but overall felt good about it.
  • I stopped by Walgreens on the way home to see if they had any toothbrushes but no luck, did notice some different clearance items than my regular wags & bought 2 items i'll probably use for xmas gift basket idea.
  • Then i headed to publix, so awesome! Next post will show the AWESOMENESS!
  • On way home checked the mail, just one lonely cell phone bill and as i turned around i realized that there wasn't any ads in yesterdays mail or today's so i checked the trash (thank god they have one) and low & behold there was ads in there. Why my postal person decided to skip me, i'll never know but this angers me! Especially because the Kmart ad says Doubles coupons up to $2, which i've been waiting for 6 months for my Kmart to do this again and am THRILLED! I've already begun to gather a pile of coupons to get free or nearly free items.
  • Where's my book? Not here yet maybe it will arrive soon or tomorrow, hopefully no later than tomorrow since yesterday was agony.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Book Updates....

Didn't think i'd have another update so soon but ya know one thing led to another and Wam Bam I finished Club Dead at 1:30 in the morning. I don't usualy stay up that late but i was wired at 11 having talked to my cousin twice on the phone and was bored or hould i say a little voice inmy head was saying "Lee, you know you wanna open up the book....Read Club Dead....What will happen to Sookie, Bill, & Eric?..." So i gave into those tempting desires, i swear i have never read a book so fast nor have a read so many in a couple weeks time....So I'll probably end up buying the 4th one (gotta look up the name at Charlaine next time at walmart, unless somehow magically the library send it out to me, will check prior to buying, ut let's stop kidding myself the end of the year not only will i own the DVD collection of True Blood season one but i'll own the whole book collection to....I guess i know where my allowance will disppear to, & I might buy a t-shirt too!
Update: Checked acct. status at Library website, Dead to the World is on it's way to my door step hip hip HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book updates...

True Blood
So i'm close to 3/4 into Club Dead and boy it's keeping me on my toes, i don't wanna give anything away but wow i never really thought , i mean i kinda knew it would happen but seems almost slightly out of character for Sookie to....shall i say bend the rules... I reserved the 4th book and it says it's on the shelf but not on it's way to my house, i think this is a mistake since i checked further and there are a few requests on it but only a few so i imagine i'll get it in a couple weeks top. I know i had book 3 on reserve but ended up buying it, i just couldn't wait. & i know i'll probably end up buying them all but ya know i'm trying not to spend $6 every week on a book...we'll see how it goes...maybe my anticipated busy summer school will slow down my reading...will i have read them all before the 10th book comes out? who knows (i think the 9th just came out, 10 later this year??? not 100%)
New Moon
So i checked my library account, i'm now #5 on the waiting list. Hooray!! But that is for the large print book, good thing i added it to my list, the regular one i'm still like 20 something i think but i'll delete it as soon as i get one of them.
20 & Counting
I'm about 3/4 through this book also. I must say the trials and tribulations they have gone through and risen above are inspirational. I love their TV show too. Although i respect and admire there "leave it up to God" philosophy on birth control, in another life i think I would do that too maybe. But i really admire there no debt atitude on life, and how sucessful they have been. Thanking God all the way through, which i agree has played a major roll in their sucesses & i too share this view with them.
I have never read so much or so many things at one time (why couldn't i have found Sookie last May when i had surgery?..) I've always been that child that dreaded reading and when i read a Wrinkle in Time in the 6th grade i got the worse grades ever because 1. I was cramming in chapters on the bus to school 2. Just wasn't into it so it was in 1 ear and out the other....I kinda say F U to reading Fiction, i admit i never finished Interview with the Vampire but i did make head way, nor have i finished any other of that series although it was the only books that sparkled an interest in my 12 + year old mind.....Now i'm enthralled, always a lover of non-fiction (love to learn!) now i'm proud to find a potentially cheaper, take me away from life hobby. I just hope that this hobby will not take away from more important things in my life, like school or in the future my family. Like with IWTV i wanted to be that sweet Claudia, little bratty princess (although i was 12 remember) & now i won't exactly say i would want to be Sookie ( i mean hello parents dead & then Gran too, & the damn cat..oh no! not to mention too many near death experiences...) But i wouldn't mind being Eric's love interest or having such a cute nice old fashioned-y house in Louisiana (bring on the Cajun food)... Or all in all having real life Vampires "out of the coffin" and a whole new world it would be.....
What's the one thing all these books have in common, i wouldn't know of there existence if it weren't for TV (movies), so thank you TLC, HBO, & whatever CO. made Twilight...

Walgreens 4-13 & 14

Bought (2 trans):
1- Edge Shave Gel (2.99)
1- Chapstick (1.99)
4- Mushrooms (.50 ea)
1- One-a-day drink mix (1.49)
1- Scunci hair ties (2)
1- Colgate Max toothbrush (3.29)

.75 of colgate

Total After sales/coupon---------$14.31
Paid with $8.50 RR and Giftcard
Total RR's Received: $10.50
Rebates will receive: $1.49

6- Vaseline Intensive care lotions (2.69 ea=25% off)
3- Soft soaps (.99 ea raincheck)
1- Scunci hair ties (2)
1- Scott bright sponge (1.24= 50% off)
1- Starbucks Frapp (2.49)
1- Starbucks double shot (3.29)
1- Easter chocolate bunny (.25 clearance)
1- Easter candy bracelet (.16 clearance)

6- $1.25/1 Vaseline
3- .35/1 soft soap
WG $1.80 off Starbucks
.50 off sponge

Total After sales/coupons-------------$19.17
Paid with $10 RRs & giftcard
RR's got back : $10

(note (6)$2.69 - (6)$1.25 =$8.64 - $6 RR= $2.64 or .44 ea... buy 6 you get 6 RR )
Also my fav cashier was out again so i didn't bother attempting more than one transaction because i didn't want the cashier to look at my strangely but since they were out of my mushrooms i will go back friday after my oil change (truck comes thursday) & get them or raincheck & more deals on hair ties, shave cream, chapstick, & hopefully toothbrushes)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Did you watch the Today show this morning?

If you did then you already know this, Josh & Anna Duggar are expecting their first baby. Joy!! I follow the 18 kids and counting show, looking forward for tomorrow's episode. I hope they will continue the "Tradition" and allow America to witness the growth of their wonderful family. I'm currently reading their book & it is truly amazing all the things the family has been through, the tough times and the rewards. They believe that through prayer God will guide them and he will provide. The books certianly displays this and they are a true inspiration, at the very least in their financial life if nowhere else. They live by the QuiverFull idea thus the large and ever growing family. Check out 18 kids and counting tuesdays on TLC.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I just have to say, I know Living Dead in Dallas and True Blood will not be mirrored but I'll be accepting with any changes so long as Eric will be wearing that pink tank top (& lycra/spandex tights?). Seeing that sight would forgive any changes i could possiblily disagree with.

Happy Easter

So today I made a nice dinner, tha was the extent of our celebration: peppered pork loin, mashed potatoes w/gravy, sweet corn, Hawaiian rolls, and a Duncan Hines french vanilla cake w/ vanilla icing. Very tasty but shortly thereafter i decided to "relax" and read some of Club Dead and after about a chapter the coma started. I'm nearly half way through the book. I also got a small rabbit and a cadbury egg from Rob ( i asked for the cadbury and peeps but they were out of peeps). At this rate i'll have 500 stuffed animals by the time i die lol. And i check my New Moon status i'm # 9 (large print edition). Super! Maybe just a couple months i'll be able to read it, but then knowing my luck, now that i'm reading as a hobby....i'll be overwelhmed with school and reading text books when it arrives lol.

CVS 4/12

Bought on 2 cards:

4- Colgates (3.99 ea)

2- Soft Soap Scrubbing Body Wash (4.99 ea)

1- Peeps (1.50)

Coupons used:

2- $1 off softsoap

2-$1 off colgate

Total After Coupons--------------------$27.35

Used $16.47 EB (rest of giftcard and cash)

EB (Extra Bucks) got Back: $24.94


Hey Ben don't be surprised if you see a few of these colgates in the mail in the next month or two lol I have 15 on hand and might be adding another this week, i hope you like colgate!

Friday, April 10, 2009

CVS 4/10

Bought on 2 cards:

3- Skintimate shave creams (3.49 ea)


Paid w/ $10.47 EB

Got back :$10.47 EB


Walgreens 4/10

Bought in 2 trans:
2- Glade Lasting impressions (5.99 ea)
1- Colagte (3.49)
1- Hair clips (.40 clearance)
1-Chapstick (1.99)
1-Ben & Jerry's (1.99 clearance)
1- Skimtimate Shave cream (2.99)

Coupons used:
Glade BOGO (5.99)
colagte $1.50

Total------------------------------------- $15.45
Paid with $11.50 RR & $5.28 on Giftcard

RR's Received: $8.50
Rebates will recieve: $4
- 12.50

Walmart 4/10

(not in photo 2 green giant steamers)
Bought (30 items):
11- Kraft salad dressing (1.58 ea)
7- Duncan Hines cake mix (.96 ea)
3- Snuggle Cremes (4.00 ea)
2- Artisan Wheat Thins (2.00 ea)
1- GV sprinkles (1.06)
1- Folgers Cappiccunio (3.54 addicted!)
1- Pace Salsa (2.44)
1- Finish Quantum (3.50)
1- Club Dead (5.97)
1- G.G. Steamers Broc (1.00)
1- G.G. Steamers Sweet Corn w/butter (1.78)
Total BEFORE Coupons --------------------------$59.39
Coupons used:
11- $1.50 off Kraft
7- .35 off Duncan
3- $2 off snuggle
BOGO Artisan Wheat Thins (2.00)
.50 off Folgers
$4 off Pace (Cashier didn't round down)
$1 off Finish
2- .60 off Steamers
Total of Coupons:$33.65
Total AFTER Coupons-----------------------$27.14
(Note: I was using my last month of food stamps and it covered $9.27, so i got all that food for $9.27) Super Duper Trip enough dressing and cake for a year! And I just have to say i checked to see the price of Club Dead and it said it was only available online,LIAR! I think that might have had each book in the Stackhouse sieres.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Living Dead in Dallas....

Season 2 Photo Sookie & Bill

So I'm a mere 11 pages from finishing the book, the 2nd in the Stackhouse seires by Harris. I have to say from the moment i saw Eric in Fangtasia he caught my eye. Like he was supposed to do super hot "glamoring" vampy! And like twilight, i haven't read much into the seires but i have gotten tidbit hints of what may come. And honestly "Eric" is only becoming more intoxicating and capturing. Although, i must admit Alex, the swed that plays him on True Blood, his eyes lock mine upon him and yes i wish Sookie would move out of the way so i could get in. lol Thank you Mr. casting guy for picking such a great guy for Eric. But all in all, i think Bill & Sookie should be soulmates. I'll take Eric .....(coming back to reality.....) I'm addicted to this sieres and can't wait to read #3, and what makes this better than twilight?

1. there are more books in the seires and dude Miss Harris is still writing
2. Once june arrives i'll have 12 nail bitting weeks of entertainment
3. This is not a teeny bopper book, it is a bit more graphic, like an adult's reality.
. The vampires have intergrated into society, no more vampy undergrounds, they are free (although trying to gain civil rights)

In May the 1st season will be released on DVD, I'm pretty sure i'll have to buy it since HBO won't put it on Demand.

If you wanna check out season 2, go to the bottom of my blog and play the video...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bedtime Stories movie $4.96+tax

Yes it's true. There is a coupon for $5 off (printable)
Then buy 2 rayovac batteries & 2 ortega products (i have coupons for both) joy!
Mail a copy of the receipt and a proof of purchse to Rayovac
Then mail the orginial receipt to Ortega w/ proof of purchase (my Wall-e dvd had 4 proofs)
at walmart it is $16.86 right now so...
- $5
-2/$5 Mail In Rebates
That's pretty darn awesome for a new movie, and i did watched parts of it yesterday while i as reading a book, funny.

CVS 4/7

Super Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

5-Excedrin 20 ct (1.99 ea)
2- Pringles (.88 ea)
2- Glade air fresheners (.99 ea)
1- Travel size Advil (.99)
1- Skintimate shave cream (3.49)
1- Gal milk (2.99)

Bogo glade (99c)
5-$2/1 Excedrin
$1 milk
$1 off 2 pringles
CVS- $1 off glade
CVS- $2.50 off $10 purchase of pain killers

-------------Total before coupons: $21.16
---------------Total after coupons:$4.72
Paid with $3 EB & $1.72 GiftCard
Got back $3.49 EB + tons of other coupons

So it ended up being that the pain meds i got free + overage, pringles .38/can , glade free + overage, skintimate free after EB. I have to say, a year ago i would have never believed you could get stuff like pain meds for free, now i have so many little bottles that i'll never need to buy pills unless it's for free, at least for a couple years.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Saving Money....

So today I went to walmart because my husband forgot to go on the way home to get our free redbox moving, but it worked ot better this, on the way to we checked the mail and i got some coupons i ordered, like 10-35 cents off duncan hines cake mix. I should have taken a picture of the walmart run but didn't, sorry. I'll give ya the short list.
We bought 79 items and the total came up to $80.07 (2.77 was tax)
Used $32.12 in coupons
That's just a hair under a dollar per item, super! I bought a whole bag full of dog treats plus canned dog food for max. Didn't really buy much meal type food, just some odds and ends i needed to complete my week and of course 10 boxes of cake mix, 2 bottles of snuggle, 12 packets of lemonaide, I'd have to say there was less than 10 items that i didn't have a coupon for. I always have coupons expiring every week so i go through them, i sort them into 3 stacks: will use, maybe use, won't use. I bring the will and maybe ones but keep them seperate, if the deal is good then i'll buy the "maybe" item, otherwise it goes to trash or i might leave it on top of the product i passed on. I bought 4 packs of begging treats with bogo coupons, that means less than $5 total.
  • Also, getting milk for $1.99 gal at CVS tomorrow (got a man. coupon)
  • We got Bedtime Stories at the redbox today (free)
  • Will go back to wally to get a couple items, (waiting on coupons, like 8 cent salad dressing)
  • Dinner tonight is completely from stock
  • Got "The Duggars" book from the library today in the mail(free of course)
  • Bought 100 Forever Stamps today, before the $ goes up!

well that's pretty much it i guess, i hear my timer going off so better get dinner finished up...


I thought i'd share with you what my little HomeSanner device looks like. In the photo it is in it's base where it charges and transmits data. It scans just like a register or telzon device.

Walgreens 4/6

Bought in 2 trans:
1- Colgate (3.49)
2- Glade sense & spray refills (2.99 ea)
1- Oust Air sanitizer (2.99)
1- Water (1.19)
1- Viactive chews (3.49 clearance)
4- Garnier Fructis Towellettes (5.00 ea)
2- Reach Flosses (2.50 ea)
1- Postcard (.60)
1- Hair band thingies (.40 clearance)
1- Skintimate shave cream (2.99)
1- Chapstick (1.99)
Coupons used:
4- $1 off Garnier
1- .75 off colgate
1- $2 off viactive
1- $2 off oust
1- $1 off/2 glade
2- $1 off reach
(total q's $11.75)
Total after coupons/sales-----------$39.31
(Paid with $7 RR & $32.31 cash)
----------------------RR received: $11
---------------Rebates to receive: $13

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good news...

I got my replacement HomeSanner yesterday later! And i popped that sucker out of the box, scanned my CVS purchases from the earlier post, and hit the transmit button. Wam Bam Thank you mam...and Sucess! Now i'll get my points for the week and be entered into the weekly $25 sweepstakes (if i transmit every week in the month i'll be entered in the monthly $500 or $1000 sweepstakes; of i transmit every week in a quater i'll be entered in a sweepstakes to win $20,000/or a car/or luxury Vaca ).

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Moon...

So are you addicted yet?
If yes then click see a potential trailer for NEW MOON.....

Walgreens 4/3

Bought in 2 Trans:
2- Tropicana OJ's (3.00 ea)
2- Chapsticks (1.99 ea)
2- Skintimate shave cream (2.99 ea)
4- Mentos Gum (1.00 ea)
1- Walitin 30 ct (6.99)

Coupons used:
4- $1 off Mentos

RR Received: $10 worth
Rebates to receive: $6.99

Note: Deal on skintimate/chapstick is month long, Free After RR (will gift chapstick, stock up n shave cream)

CVS 4/3

1- Gal of 2% (2.99)
1- Ponds 30 ct towellettes (3.99)
1- Ponds Dry skin moisterizer (6.99)

Coupons used:
$1 off milk
$1 off Ponds
$1.50 off Ponds

Total after coupons/sales--------------$10.60
Paid with $8.98 EB & $1.62 Giftcard -
EB Received---------------------------$5

I forgot for the clean and clear deal so i'll probably go back tomorrow....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Moon update...

On my reserve at the library i've jumped a few places, i'm now number 29 out of 32 holds for the large print

Updating again I'm now #26. I wonder why it's moving so fast....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marley & Me...

Do Not See This Movie....
It is a pretty good movie, the begining is funny and all but the last 15 minutes are painful. I suppose I'm more sensitive to it than some because I have 2 dogs and one of them is 11 years. So he's not a "spring chicken". I'm fully aware that everyone and everything dies but I don't enjoy thinking about it so i try not to dwell on it. This movie made me cry, I could barely watch the last few minutes.
Watch it
But if you are a dog lover beware because the ending is truthful to life...

What's New?

Well I woke up today and i think I feel a bit of relief or not so stressed about Max. I woke up to see him laying between my side of the bed and the wall (this is where I would usually find him every morning, sometimes he even wakes me up; but since the Vet visit he had not been into my room to sleep). Although I don't enjoy giving him the meds because he fights me, I endure my discomfort to increase his comfort. I can say I don't think I've ver loved a pet as much as Max, although my previous dog Missy was great and I loved her deeply, we did not have the close attachment as Max; maybe after 12 years you forget? I sure hope not. I love my dog more than some people......So i made him an appointment for next thursday, hopefully will be the last for year or at least next six months (can't forget gotta call Dr. Agee in 1 month to discuss growth, it's flatter now, maybe it will go away).

Now onto the goodies....
  • Want a preview for Sunday's 4 cupon inserts? Go here, note: 5 inserts only happen a few times a year, so support your community and BUY A NEWSPAPER!
  • Like going to movies and eating Kozy pudding? Check out this awesome deal where Kozy will give you up to 3 free movies tickets! I might have try Kozy, I ove movies!! Too bad you can't get 4 tickets though, average size family and all or at least 2 free trips for a couple.
  • New month = New coupons in my sidebar Click it and check out what's new or old and print'em up before they are gone.....