Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saving for God?

Isn't weird how it seems like we or I tend to be more reflective on my life and the past year, the future? This year my Husband & I achieved what I might call a milestone, we attended a christian event (The Night of Hope with Joel Osteen). Now if you know me maybe that isn't the most surprising but if you know my husband it could be shocking, maybe? I'm pretty sure it's been a decade since I attended church & I don't know if my husband could even answer that question if you asked him... but anyways I'm drifting off of my topic/point!
So today I was able to organize the money gifts we got for the holidays and a deposit I had withdrawn several weeks ago. I was able to add them back to our "savings" (BTW way we are $2,800 from our goal & have til May). I even added my own little personal savings (to save for a big ticket item, used my unspent allowance & Christmas money) & a thought popped into my head... maybe I should make a savings for God...?.... If I did attend Church I'd definitely make a donation.... So I think I'm going to take $10 out of my hiding spot & place it in an envelope marked God.... maybe I'll save until my next churchy event or til next Christmas & donate it to a church or Christian fund to help the less fortunate. I'm not rich but I'm not poor & I guess I feel like I should make an attempt to a tithe.

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