Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Shopping!


Spent: less than $20

I did 2 transactions (too many products to list), starting with using my $19 ECBs, then rolled the ones from purchase 1 to pay for purchase 2.

ECBs I have left to spend: $34.19



Hall Pass & Ghosts of GF Past = $1.96 ea

Ice Age & Inglourious Bs = $5 ea

Transformer toy = $10

This was a miracle & a horrible experience (last year was way way better)



Laundry soap & Wrapping paper = Buy 1 Get 2 Free (paper $1.99, soap 6.99?)

Stuffed Animals (Love Kermie)= Buy 1 Get 1 Free ($7.99)

Razors= 2 for $6 (get $4 rr & used $2 coupon= free)

Spent about $19 but have a $4 rr to use next time

And the thermacare was about $2.50, cashier had $2Q, got back $2.49 RR I rolled

2 cute stories about my dog Mr. Goo aka Zoey

Above: Zoey our 6 year old dog-child (this photo is a complete recreation)

So I, of course, had to do my drug store run yesterday (while the bird baked hehe). We picked up the free/nearly free items (another post to follow).

Yesterday evening my husband & I finally decorated our tree, we had on the new Ice Age Christmas special. Afterword we decided to get ready to head out to walmart in an attempt to get the "too good to be true" xbox games. When we walked back to our bedroom I stopped 2 feet before entering the room & gasped. Mr. Goo (above) had the Tiger in the bed with him. Note: this was not intended for him & it was laying in one of several plastic shopping bags on the floor next to the bed. And of course my gasp made him jump off the bed & go into his travel cage (it's like is time out spot) without even saying a word.

After we epically failed at walmart, we headed home. Like usual Zoey was in his cage when we arrived, we think he goes in it sometimes because of guiltiness due to something he got into. I didn't notice anything and he came out and laid in the bed as my husband & I changed into comfy clothes. A moment or so later, after my husband had went to his desk I saw Goo laying on the bed looking at me with his head down, kind of weird expression if you can imagine, so I went over to pet him because I thought he felt bad. As I move my hand towards his head I notice behind him is a green bag of Christmas M&M peanuts. Which as with Tiger, was in one of several plastic dogs. Note: this dog likes chocolate, although we do not, repeat DO NOT give it to me, one year he found a open box of chocolates in y mother's bedroom & nearly ate the whole thing- which caused him to vomit & us to call the vet & get a stat order of charcoal which we forced him to ingest so he wouldn't die. Also the bag of M&Ms was not open, did not have a any evidence that he tried to open it. More or less he just wanted to keep it.

So I guess our little Goo wants M&Ms & a tiger stuffed animal for Christmas. He really is a sweetheart.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve!

My agenda today:

  1. Make pumpkin pie & deviled eggs

  2. Prep turkey in roasting pan & veggies

  3. Put away clothes (didn't do yesterday)

  4. Vaccum (didn't do yesterday)

  5. Do errands with hubster (didn't do yesterday)

  6. Do CVS shopping at midnight

  7. Monitor Amazon

I think that's it, of course my silent intention is to have the bulk of it done (stuff I can do at home) by noon so I can then plan my CVS trip & continue with my note card making, because for some reason I didn't complete them yet..... All I know for sure is that I will not be getting 8 hours of sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be cooking, watching the parade, & visiting as many deals online as possible- maybe I should take the laptop to the kitchen? I'm sure I'll pass out in the afternoon, I probably should plan a nap because tomorrow night we have an evening run to Walmart, & I've been tempted to stop at kohls but probably won't. I'm really an online shopper, hate having to work to find items I want in store, if you know what I mean. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Slow starting day....

My agenda today...

  1. Make as many note cards as I can (prep for test next week)

  2. Put away my clothes

  3. Vaccum

  4. Make dinner (pork chops, broccoli, & rolls i think)

  5. Do something else productive (ex: make cookies to satisfy my baking urge- rob can take to work tomorrow, work on my xmas shopping list - what i have, what i need, decorate the tree I put several days ago?)

  6. Run my errands (husband & mood willing)

  7. Continue to monitor Amazon for deals

The likeliness of me completing this list is probably 75% chance lol! Kind of feel like a slow start, considering I think I have maybe an hour until I start my workout. But I suppose at the end of day, regardless of what I accomplish, I'm grateful I have today. Did I fail to mention I have some sinus infection or something going on the past 3 or 4 days.... ugh

Need a last minute recipe for T-day? Check out Kraft!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Let the deals begin!

So I woke up earlier than I had planned, hopped online and went to OMG they have like 50 lightening deals today (if not more). Needless to say: I won't be far from my lappy today. Hope the device holds out on me... hehe
- Amazon deals
- Forever 21 pre-black friday sale (starting at $2.99)
- Old Navy 35% off with code MERRY
- Aeropastle 50% off & free ship with $75 purchase
- Torrid BOGO 50%

Enjoy the shopping...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Shopping & Date

So today me & the Hubs did some shopping, ate lunch at Five Guys (which was pricey for burgers), & saw Breaking Dawn....

I have to admit this twilight flick was maybe a little inappropriate for the tweens, I'm not sure how I'd feel about my 15 year old niece seeing it but hey I'm not a parent. No nudity but where do you draw the line of censorship. I know teens aren't dumb & isn't it ok for a married couple to "do it"? But still seeing the motions of it seemed like something maybe I wouldn't want my kid to see. Like seeing it will make them want to do it- i don't feel that way, I'm truly confused on what is ok and not ok for teens. Any who....

  • Dollar General: got the awesome deal om Libby's canned veggies (sale 40 cents/can) used my $1/4 coupon so I ended up with 16 cans = $2.40

  • Next I went to pet smart where my husband saw puppies- OMG if I said yes we'd have a new family member but then again... we'd possible have a kid by now. I asked Rob baby or puppy? he said puppy lol! I truly can't blame him, after all at some point in my life my dogs were not my pets anymore, if you know what I mean. Doubt many will understand by Max is my baby, and sadly one day I'll have to say goodbye- can you imagine that feeling? Anyways I got a couple gifts for my doggies, spent $21

  • Then went to target- forgot to use my gift card like a dummy ($5 rob got from work) but ended up getting the last of my personal holiday cards & a birthday card, some charlie brown Christmas glasses set, spent way too much...

  • Then Old Navy: 75% of sweaters. Deal & sweaters- sold! Got 1 (many had rifled through) a $50 sweater for under $15. Yes I'm addicted to Old Navy & sweaters. Yes I live in FL where it's still in the 80's most days- I have issues, who doesn't !?!

Lessons I learned - Sundays suck for dealing with crowds, should have stopped to eat before we got to the shopping center (like McD's or taco bell- cheapo!), & I might actually be better at shopping online because i can look and think much longer than in store. Also it kind of leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you spend nearly $20 for 2 adults to see a movie.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Tidbits...

Yes, I'll just admit it, I've been post-happy lately. Enjoy it....

  • This one is for my oldest best friend, 2012 baby trends, read it here...

  • Are you doing in-store Black Friday shopping, Deal news has a list of freebies (in store only) check it out here. At the moment I'm only going to Wal-mart, could stop my Kohls only because it's like 5 minutes away but truth me told unless i know for sure what I want, pushing through crowds suck so I'll miss my fav Old Navy deals but hey that's why Cyber monday is for! (or cyber Thanksgiving week? since Amazon is starts deals monday- time to stock the bank account hehehe) did I mention I hit up the drug stores too?

  • Wanna win $15,000? Enter this giveaway daily til the end of the year...

Just a few links to start the day...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Day...Preview

So are you ready for Turkey day? If you know me then you'll already know how much I love the holidays, which means I've already started he prep work....

  • Ready for some parades & holiday family TV time? Go here for the TV guide calendar. Looks like you have a choice of 2 parades (Macy's on NBC & The Thanksgiving Parade on CBS both start at 9am). Then later that evening get the family together to watch a new Ice Age Mammoth Christmas, followed by a brand new Charlie Brown (Happiness is a warm blanket) on Fox!

  • Have you bought your meal fixings for T-day? I just did yesterday. Of course my feast won't be huge, as it will just be 3 people but we'll be having Turkey, sister schubert's yeast rolls, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, scalloped corn (aka corn puddin), apple & pumpkin pies, & of course our "relish" tray to snack on all morning (carrots, celery, dip, cheese, crackers). I'll miss my sweet potato casserole, GB casserole, & noodles but maybe next year when I'll have more family and friends I can go all out. (yes, I am not making homemade rolls don't judge me!)

  • Word is Amazon will begin black Friday on Monday- check out the countdown....

Well that's all for preview at the moment. I just got 3 magazines & a library book in the mail so I'm off to browse them & get some productive things on their way.... Happy Turkey shopping!

It's a Wonderful Life $5!

That's the deal I got at walmart because in the Sunday paper- Big Lots ad had several christmas movies for $5 so I price matched. Unfortunantly they did not have Four Christmas's so I didn't get that deal. This was on my Christmas list but I couldn't say no to the deal, FYI walmart's price was $13= savings of $8.

Let the holiday (or deal hunting) shopping begin!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wed Morning Review...

Or what I like call: my tidbits!

But first, yesterday was my last clinical of the year. I am so glad they are over with, although I'd love more time & experience (particularly one on one like the community time in N3) & my instructor was the bomb. On to my tidbits:

  • Normally I wouldn't post a "negative" article but this truly offended me. I don't really want to discuss it but it involves a children's store and inappropriate merchandise. I truly believe that this really should involve a minimum amount of common sense to determine it isn't a good/smart idea.... Check it out here if you want....

  • Get a free thanksgiving card at Tiny Prints here, use code FREETHX11. I ordered for a few weeks ago for my dad, I customized with a message inside and a photo printed on the inside of the card as well, I paid 44 cents but only because I'm having them mail it to my dad VS send it to me for me to mail.

  • If you haven't signed up with Zulily yet, click my link right here, and sign up because 1. they have many daily days from awesome shops for children's, women's, & home items (truly unique) & if u sign up through my lick I'll get a credit to my account!!!! Check these clogs out- so tempted to get a pair instead of the Croc softy lined clogs.

  • Check out this deal for 50 AA batteries for $14, that seems pretty good.

  • Bath & body works online has a sweet deal- spend $30 get 1 free body butter plus free shipping (i think they might even be a coupon code at to use with this). I haven't taken advantage of this offer because honestly I don't have much Christmas shopping to do and can't justify spending it all on me.

Guess that's all I got today... Gotta get on with my morning and prepare for my afternoon class- last week of lecture....

Monday, November 14, 2011

40 days to CHRISTmas do da do da...

So I've been hunting down black Friday ads like it's my part-time job. The deals make my eyes light up with possibility. Of course I'm not made of money or even making any money unless you count the occasional survey, so... at some point in the next week & a half I have to make my picks for deals and gift giving. I got my nieces list, roughly know what to do for my hubster, and well usually wing it for my parents. But with all the deals & dollar signs I have to step outside my bargain hunting self- in my world it doesn't matter what gift you get or how much you spend. It is the thought of giving and of course bonus points if it is something I wanted or can use. I was thinking about my nieces and how I'd love to spend a certain amount but then multiple it buy 4 or 5 and it's a rather large sum. Too large for my current financial status.... so I keep the thought in my heart that it shouldn't matter about the $ of the gift but the action of the love to give. I know there are many people in the world that don't understand that concept but it's how I feel and if others do not- they can deal it with it on there own time....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Duggar Tuesday- belated

So did you hear the news about the Duggar family? They're expecting there 20th child. While some people may gasp and have negative feelings about this, I don't. I'm excited and overjoyed for them, I wish them good health and blessings. I agree with them- children are blessings from God. Like a person said on the today show - I'd rather good parents have 20 kids and tan bad parents have 1!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Not without Jesus....

... could I have all passing grades on my 3 previous exams (or really any exams, right?). So my last exam was more difficult than I anticipated earlier in the semester. Yes it was exactly 3 weeks from the minute test 2 began but I wouldn't be able to anticipate that I would be miss a big lecture (and quiz) or more importantly- that my Aunt Jan would die 6 days before the exam. Although I can not say I've spent an exceptional amount of time with my Aunt or that I was very close with her- it is still sad to lose a person who has been in my life since birth. Perhaps equally sad to be able to say I've lost 3 Aunts & 1 uncle... I have only left 3 Aunts & 1 uncle (biological, not spouses). One thing I've learned in life: it sucks to lose people and it never really gets easier, and when around family/friends (people you care about) that start to cry- you'll soon start crying too.
On an uplifting note, hence the title of this post, God blessed me again because I got a 79 on my exam, that is a C & only a few points into a passing grade but I accept it cheerfully. And knowing that I exceed that grade on the next exam. I think God has carried me or boosted me when I needed it and now that it seems like I'm in a better place, I can be more devoted to earning that better grade on the next exam.

  • Here is an interesting article on the mostly likely times of the year people are sad. Here.

  • Now that Halloween is over, time to prepare for Black Friday (Thanksgiving too hehe). My fav 2 sites: tried & true black friday info site I used last year and deal news which posts the best deals online each day plus BF info.

So that's all I got today... I have to do a case study for clinical, tidy the house for the inspection tomorrow, and make a batch of cookies for my clinical comrades.... Let tomorrow be a blessed day!