Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wisdom tooth & cooking?

I woke up today with a tender gum so I think I'm getting one widom tooth in, I can feel it under my gum. If anyone has advice (other than go to dentist) feel free to comment. Took some excedrin and if it irritates will wash my mouth out with salt water & use ice cube. Since I can't really afford a dentist right now I'm going to see if mother nature will work it out.

Feel a little more prepared for my 4 fabulous days off! Studying as always but got my meals planned (mostly) & might even make some zucchini bread!

Saturday- beef soft tacos

Sunday- Sausage gravy & bisucits

Monday- Meatball subs

Tuesday- chicken something?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gooseberry Patch....

I recently bought a Gooseberry Patch cookbook on Amazon. I have to say the title and illustrations sold me! I thought a Autumn cookbook would be fun. I think fall is almost my favorite season. So then I found there website and tons before looking good cookbooks and had to share it on my blog!

Here is the book at amazon i bought

Here is the Gooseberry website

Oh & the best part... they're from Ohio!!!! Home sweet home
And here is a link to their blog with FREE recipes!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super "Study" Saturday...

Before my "cocktail" of pills kick in and my studies must begin, I'm going to do a postie-poo. hehe

Let me first vent a little about my academic week.... Tuesday: I did my fit test without issues.... Wednesday: Clinical! but I forgot my watch (bought one later on in the gift shop) & the computer system was not working right so it took a couple hours until I was able to log in, thus delaying my vitals & assessment! Thursday: Got to school earlier than I wanted to (b/c I was worried about traffic) and just when I was about to walk to my building, BTW the parking lot was full of cars leaving) someone told me school was shut down due to a water main break! It took be like an hour after that til I was able to get out. So I left my house at 8:30 am & didn't get back until 11:00 = wasted time!!!!! So school was canceled Friday as well...... This makes me concerned since the content was about 1/3 of our first test, and I really like the teacher who is lecturing it (we have 3 for the semester). I have to admit that the last 2 unschool days have not yielded much in school work.... Bad Lee! And the icing on this crap cake is that Monday is 1 of 2 all day 12 hour labs

So now here are some highlights:

  • I saw on the news that Tylenol or children's drugs (infants) are changing there OTC dosing. It will no longer be age-ranged but weight based. Really? Really? prescription meds have been weight based for kids, why haven't the OTC been that way before now?

  • Also on the drug topic, saw a headline saying there has been a new HIV drug (nurses usually gotta stay up on the drugs)

  • Saw this interesting article about does your spouse have ADHD.... I have often said "I think Rob has ADD or ADHD" but I sort of hope he doesn't because I also so on TV about Adderall and how students are taking it to get good grades but it's highly addictive... which will probably mean life-long use. Read article here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I just had a revelation...

or something?

I was watching Regis & Kelly (as I waited my cocktail of pills to kick in = VitA=D, Vit B12, 1/2 caffiene pill, & the icing on the cake- Excedrin migraine! lol) And I guess they have teachers week or something and they honored this teacher, who by the way looked so young, she teachers like preK or something and has many special needs kids. I was so touched by her that I just felt a wave of stress wash away from me. Because tomorrow I start Peds, just so you know I will not even be taught peds care in class until next month, when my Peds clinical is over so other than general adult knowledge my Peds knowledge is severely limited. This has caused me some apprehension. I might cry if i make a child ccry, who knows- my nieces are are basically teens/pre-teen now so.... it's been a long time since I was around young-ins & none of them were hospitalized. Althought I suspect this (more so OB-L&D-Neonatal) to be my path of choice, I know I'll be taking extra classes and hope to have a good nurse manager or do an internship.

So this show has made me take this attitude= tomorrow I'm going to go to AP & wash away my stress. I'm going to be thte kindest gentlest person I can and patient to my little patient. I'm going to talk to my kid, ask them stupid little questions like what is your avorite animal color, etc. I may take an hour before I get a partial complete assessment but I will show that kid that I care and give it my best not just to satisfy his/her medical needs but maybe crack a smile! I'm just a student afterall and one thing I learned is- we students usually have more time to devote to our patients than the actually nurses on staff. I only ask God to help me contain my emotionals and expressions and my gag reflex (especially the latter!) and to let my C.I. be a sweet lady that will help me when I need advice and attention and direction because afterall I'm not perfect, nor am I full-blooded nurse yet. I'd like to feel comfortable to ask my CI to help me because I don't remember how to do blank exactly.

It has begun!

So Nursing 3 started yesterday. OMG... 12 weeks... probably the fastest summer in my life is beginning now!

Tomorrow is my first Peds clinical and I'm nervous. Feel like I may be doing a bit more "hands on" than I thought.... Afraid that I may upset a child. We haven't even starting talking about kids so it's a little different. Ok... a lot different. Hopefully I have a sweet clinical instructor! All I know is I have to do some kind of assessment on a kid i think, a post-partum assessment, a newborn assesment... some sort of care plan and find a peer-revieved research paper to present and I'm sure there is something i'm leaving out of my clinical goals.

So thurs is the first offical lecture and the spike, prime, time check off (basically hanging an iv bag + a piggy back and calculate the infusion rate). So.... the only other stresser i can think of right now is the pharm test that covers all pharm for the class that is given in 6 weeks...... still don't know how I'm going to tackle that one.

Say your prayers! I'll have just barely enough time to breath!

God bless me with a 100 on dosage yesterday & hoping this will be my new trend for summer!