Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday Tunes

This week's song is a catchy little old song that reminds me of love. It also reminds me of How I Met Your Mother. But this song could be applied to many of the people I love and has a good beat tht I can clean to. Sing it with me...

And if Netflix hasn't taken HIMYM off the life-up then I'd watch an episode (it was featured in several episodes). Because when you love someone, anyone, wouldn't you walk some miles? 
For my daughters, my husband. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thrift Store Trip

So I like to go to some thrift stores every now and then and see what kind of magic I can find. I will say that stores of second-hand items vary greatly. The Goodwill stores near my home are not that great, maybe I've just come after all the decent things are gone OR maybe it is related to the organization of the store but I've rarely gotten anything at them. However, the very best second-hand shop I've been to is a Goodwill in another town (another state), I go to it about once a year but secretly wish I go about once a month haha. When I lived in Palm Beach County the Goodwill was pretty good too. Got some of my favorite jeans there. So do not judge one store based off of another!
My latest purchase was at my local thrift store. I was going for the purpose of needing some 18th-month clothes for Trinity, the selection was limited but probably expected due to the closeness to the holiday shopping season. I got some items for her and picked up a few more...

Above: 2 toys for Trinity $4

Above: 2 pairs of Torrid Jeans $18.99

I "might" be able to get a lower-priced brand of jeans at Walmart for that price, just one pair or slightly more. If I were to go to a Torrid store the price be about $64-74 for one pair, so I definitely got a good deal there! The toys I'm not sure what would retail for brand new. 

Do you shop at thrift stores?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday Tunes - Christmas Edition

Well it's December so that means it is time to bust out the holiday jingles (if you haven't done so yet). This week of my little musical segment I'm focusing on my favorite Christmas songs. Although, I am honestly still in a 90's R&B kick (or something with TLC, Boys 2 Men, etc). Which makes litte sense to me because I've a rock godess with heavy mental & alternative tendencies but I do grow up around then. Perhaps when I heard those songs my heart was still innocent & dreaming of a fairy tale... then life occured & bring on the Zombie muhahaha. But anyways, here is my (quickly put together) grateful 8.
1. Judy Garland - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

While I love most any Christmas song, the last one has been my favorite a long time. It makes me reflect and miss my grandma. But always a message dear to my heart keep going, move forward, it will be OK, we will meet again. 
Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Kohls Shopping...

Who doesn't love $15 Kohls Cash? Well, I loved it so much that I was able to score two of them with some post black Friday shopping. What is better than earning them? Redeeming them baby. Below is what I got...

Big One King Size Comforter Orig. $119.99
Moana Girls Tee Orig. 20
Baby Girl Jumping Beans Plaid Henley $16
Men's Sonoma Flannel Shirt Orig. 40
St. Nicholas Square Gingerbread Salad Plate $4.99
-------------------------Cost Me Out of Pocket $56.34------
Saved $154.59
used $52.12 in promo code & my previous $30 in Kohls Cash & $5 reward
I also earned $10 in Kohls Cash for use next week 

Moana Shirt - a birthday gift for Lily
Red plaid shirts - Lily & I already have one that matches them so we are going to be a red plaid matching family
Salad plate - it is going to be used as out Santa cookie plate for Christmas Eve
Comforter - Just something for me & the Hubs, we needed a change in the boudoir 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Walmart Beauty Box UNBOXING

I got my "Fall" Walmart beauty box last week. They cost $5 shipped and you get a random amount of women geared items. Mostly travel/sample size but I have gotten a full-size bottle of nail polish or lipstick in the past. Walmart also has a baby box but it is a bit different and only $5. This is not shipped monthly like other subscription boxes but seasonally (4x yr).

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday Tunes

While my original idea was to make a musical Monday post, life happens & that usually involves changes. This week is an old one from the 90's. Something about this song makes me want to dance and I did just that as I spent time cleaning. On a side note, I once had this song sang to me over the phone. Enjoy it (and the songs to follow)...

While I'm all about the original (above) I soon found that this song as many renditions. Maybe try one out? 

Voice of Germany  (why is a German show singing in English?)

Gee I...


What a complex system of the body! Liver, spleen, pancreas, mouth to anus. I'm guessing that most adults have had some sort of GI abnormalities, acute ones at least. The doctor may listen, look, poke around but all in the great effort to diagnosis without causing excessive unnecessary testing. So to all my future patients who come to me with GI pain disturbances, forgive me for palpating you. Just trying to assess the location & size of your vital internal organs. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

My Favorite Deals

The deals are a popping & the bank accounts are dropping
Have you done any post-holiday spending?
I definately have and here are a few of my favorite deals, catch'em if you can...

  • Kohl's: They are having a variety of sales, coupon codes for extra percentage off, & my fav $15 Kohl's Cash!!!!!
  • Shutterfly: Use code PREVIEW to get 10 free cards & 40% additional cards (there are probably other deals too or codes). 
  • Good Earth Tea Co.: Get a free sample here. But once they meet the quota then it's shut down so don't hesitate. I know I've been getting into tea more (I'm not cold/sweet tea person, I like green, herbal/medicinal types). 
  • Maple Holistics: Get a free sample here, I've not tried this company but have requested a sample. 
  • If you just wanna save on some groceries or other items then download Ibotta, use my link & we'll be teammates toward bonus goals & I'll receive a referral bonus too. (Make your Kohl's purchase thru this app and you'll save more). This year I'll earned over $95, probably gonna turn that into gift cards. Or you can use my referral code htmsmac
  • Walmart: My First Christmas teddy bear. I gotta get this for Trinity's 1st Christmas! Also some of the black Friday deals are online now. 
  • Academy Sports: Fleece blanket for $1.99, free shipping!!! LIMITED TIME deal here.


Have you heard of Brandless?

Apparently, it is a sweet online shop that offers everything for $3 in simple, no excess/hassle packaging with high-quality wholesome products because they reduce the need for all the extra pizzazz. So when they had a free shipping promo I ordered the Maple Pecan Granola & the Maple Cinnamon Twists. I haven't tried the granola yet (I usually eat mine with yogurt but due to family illness I've been off dairy for a week) but the M.C. Twists are yum yum!

Maple Cinnamon Twists
 Very flaky with a good coating of a maple, cinnamon sweetness. Crispy but not crumbly. The package is on the smaller side but I only eat a couple at a time which is satisfying (if you tend to eat a large quantity at one time you might order more than one). Vegan & no artificial anything.

                                                                      (copyright Brandless)

They have a variety of items like health, beauty, household, etc. and appear to be expanding. Also, my items were shipped pretty quickly after I ordered them. Very satisfied customer.

[my opinion is my own and I have NOT been compensated to post this, just a personal review of my own experience]

Friday, November 24, 2017

23 & Me

Have you done your Ancestry & Health genetic screening yet?

I did mine a few months back when I was in my epidemiology class because I found it was interesting to see what my genetic map may hold for me in my future health. And I've also been fascinated at what my ancestry holds. 
I'm mainly northwestern European, some Irish/British, French/German, & Scandivavian. 
TODAY ONLY you can for half off, $99 on Amazon!
Don't tell my husband but I ordered one for him....

Get yours HERE