Sunday, December 11, 2011

in 48 hours....

  • Nursing 4 will be over (by the grace of God I'll walk out of that room with a big smile silently repeating "thank you God thank you God")

  • I'll be getting cozy in bed so I can wake up way before dawn

  • As long as the first point (above) is glorious then I'll be starting a new chapter in Nursing - Prepare for 5/Pharm/6, know it , breath it, eat it.... & I'll be thankful for nothing can bring me down or take away this Christmas gift from God. When I'm a nurse I'll have alot of "paying it forward" to do, I'll do with a grin & gratitude!

So I'd say at lest by mid-day, maybe 48 hours until test start I began the nervous/stressing feeling. Not the ok I'm worried. The physical- I need some Mcd ice cream cne or cheesecake, I want to eat, I don't want eat, I think I should work out but I can't because "it takes away study time", the "I wish I had 3 more days", I can't study anymore, I can't study enough, I shuld stay up late tonight & study but then by 9 I can't focus & I just feel blah. Blah almost sickly, just not great but no pain. Take a few deep breaths, read the bible or pray. This will continue until I leave for the exam. All I want, strive for, & ask God to help me with his to pass this test, pass this class. It's like labor- once it's over with i'm so happy.

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