Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tick tock...

I know I still have just slightly less than 2 weeks until the first day of Nursing 2 but I already feel the muscles starting to tighten....
I made a goal that I was supposed to start last Monday (but have yet to do- spend 2/hr/day on school). So today I'm at 6 hours that I need to do to stay "on track" with my goal. Will probably just read the first weeks material and start my term sheets, maybe review a little material from Nursing 1.
Although the website for my class is a little lacking in info ATM, I did print the calendar and here are my topics or chapters (not really sure yet) for Nursing 2:
Substance Abuse
I'm currently trying not to over think/analyze the calendar so I can retain my control over not freaking out. Truth is I'm not totally sure what we will be doing other than 10 clinical at the hospital just about every week and 2 days of classes. I know I have moments when I feel like I can't do this but I made it through Nursing 1 and if I just take a deep breath I'm sure I'll make it to graduation. Hopefully my teachers will be just as nice and caring as the previous ones. So please continue to pray for me for becoming a nurse does not just open one door but it opens so many for my family. With this success I hope to be able to service a community, to help others and maybe make there medical care a little more pleasant, and for my family to get a good job with insurance and help my husband start college and try to start a little family of our own and buy a house and just have a peaceful life. So with God helping me along the way I hope to be able to make all that happen.
As this year comes to a close I am incredibly thankful for all the people in my life and for the blessings that have happened, especially passing Nursing 1.
Also... I have all my days off til the summer.... (Note only 3 days a week I will have school unless something pops up)
Feb 11th
March 7-11 spring break
My final currently is scheduled April 26th and Nursing 3 starts May 9th

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas post.....

The tree before Christmas
Peanut Butter blossoms
sugar cookies

I meant to post these before the holiday but I could get the pictures uploaded for some reason.... So it's time to clean up and get ready for the new year and refocus back onto the Nursing! The road ahead has lots of challenges for me but with God I believe I can succeed!
I just wanted to say that it took me hundreds of miles at the age of 26 to realize what it most important to me. That a place or object can not guarantee happiness but surrounding yourself with those who mean the most can, in any situation....

Saturday, December 25, 2010


zoey christmas eve night on the couch
my christmas gifts
more christmas gifts
my little old man under the tree (max)
mom opening Ben's gift

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas eve-eve

So I really haven't been doing too much stuff lately.... need to snap out of it so Nursing 2 isn't such a struggle.....
Already done:
  • Defrosting dinner
  • Softening Butter
  • Started to clean bathroom
  • Disinfected light switches & door knobs
  • 30 min on exercise bike

To do:

  • Finish cleaning bathroom
  • Give pets baths
  • Make cookies
  • Dishes
  • Wash blankets
  • Chill w/ Hubster

Of course there are some other things should do but I don't want to overwelhm myself with a big list... BTW I've only gotten 2 Christmas cards this year, so far..... But i know I've sent at least 15 or so myself..... Questions: Do you send Christmas cards? If yes, is it just to a select few close people? Everyone you know? Family only?

Friday, December 17, 2010


Just a few photos taken outside my brother's home in east TN after we got here on Wednesday!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock....

Well it is just about time... for the final.... gulp
I've done a practice exam, pracice quizzes, reviewed notes and terms... but am I ready?
Ummm...... no? I mean as ready as I'm gonna get.
It's like trying to stuff more junk into the trash can that is already overflowing....
So what else can do right
Pray to my dear Lord and Heavenly father... because no matter what the outcome he'll be there to praise me or lift me off the floor (and out of my puddle of devasting tears- yes i'm dramatic hehe)
So if you are the praying type please feel free send one my way. My families future relies on me completing Nursing school. Hopefully I can do this a reap the rewards (like finally starting a family with my beloved).
No matter what I'll be happy tomorrow afternoon and during my vacation because test results wont be up til Monday- our drive back.
I'm sure I'll be posting somewhere but just in case I forget...
Merry Christmas and May God Bless Everyone

Friday, December 10, 2010

Counting down til I'm Out of Town!

Nursing one is almost done! Thank you Jesus but don't forget me yet b/c I need some divine intervention for the final...
So... test yeah. Test 5 was my lowest score (don't ask me how because i really didn't feel like I was going to miss so many while I was taking the test). I miss the days when 100-90 was an A, 90-80 was B, etc..... So, if my calculations are correct all I need is 45 points on the final to pass....
I think I can manage that but it was a big blow to my head to see the score for test 5. So God, I know you're with me everyday but please especially be there on Tuesday Dec 14th from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. I know I said all i care about is passing but apparently I lied, I really wanted to get a good grade (like a B) but that chance is slipping away.....
Anyhow... I'm studying today and yesterday I did a practice final with a score of 71%, I'm cool with that (even though that is like a D). I just took a short break to look over my mail and I got the Freezer meals cookbook... looks pretty good. Want to try to the breakfast burritos (no defrosting needed, can freeze individually, and microwave in 2 minutes = perfect breakfast on school days) and they have a stuffed baked potato thing which is cool because sometimes when I buy a bag of potatoes I just don't know what to do with them all and I hate to be wasteful. So we've been eating quite a bit of baked potatoes! LOL Looks like they have an interesting marinade/sauce section - maybe i can prep these for quick meals during Nursing 2 or help Rob with some dinners!
Ok so.... my Christmas shopping is done! (BTW Rob hasn't gotten me anything yet)- guess they will just arrive while we are in TN). But I think I'd just really love to see some snow (in TN) and get some great photos of everyone- that would be a nice christmas gift.
I better get back to studying but before I do I just have to say- my P.O. was out of post card stamps so I thought ok I'll order them online- well apparently the credit card application isn't working so um... I'm SOL! Worst-case scenario = I'll go to the Talbot P.O. and get them o VACA.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Holidays are quickly coming.....

Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks until Christmas....
I've pretty much finished my shopping, need just a couple stocking stuffers.
So I have less than 2 weeks until my big break between semesters YAY!
Of course I had to check out the local libraries new additions (they post them the 1st of every month) and I had to request a few..... Here is what I'm currently waiting on...

Let's just say that my Holiday season will be filled with books of all kinds (text books and some for fun!)...Better get studying for my test on Monday...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December 1st!

Snack time treat
So it's december - YAY- only 2 tests left for nursing 1, no more lectures, no more labs! I got my nieces gifts and am awaiting for a few other items to arrive.... time to start wrapping because in 2 weeks I'll probably be approaching the TN/GA border right now...... So here are a few goodies I've put together for this beautiful slightly chilly Dec. 1st (and snowy in Ohio & TN-jealous)!
  • One of my fav websites for recipes- All Recipes - has a lovely page devoted to the Holidays, check out the gifts from the kitchen section in the bottom right corner! I love the gifts in a jar!
  • Head over to All You for Christmas craft decorations and Best Websites to Save.....
  • Check out Sunday's coupons here (last time I checked they did not have all the inserts up yet but they should within a day or 2) and don't forget to print your new coupons today, it's the 1st of the month!

Guess that's all I got for now... time to do some tidying up!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Holiday BF Shopping

My dad and me at Mad River Mountain 2006
Walmart Midnight BF run
Early friday evening run to Kohls
1 - frame $9.99
1- Holiday night light $8.99 (i miss my fireplace)
1- Yankee candle $1.99
Saved: $29
Coupon used: $10 off $20 purchase
Spent: 11.68
(3 dvds not pictured)
Box sets ($12 each)
- S1 Sons of Anarchy
- V5 Family Guy
- V6 Family Guy
- V7 Family Guy
Blurays ($5 each)
- Dark Knight
- Family Guy Dark Side
- Live Free Die Had
- Legion
- Independence Day
DVDs ($1.96, except 2 were $5)
- The Bourne Identity
- Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer
- Speed Racer
- The Girl Next Door
- Xmen The last stand
- Ice Age
- Gone with the Wind
- The Hangover
Total saved: a lot!
Total Spent: $103.01
The breakdown.....
Most of the movies are gifts for Rob and I (some are from me to him, a couple from him to me and will be wrapped under the tree), a few Rob used his tip money to buy, and just 3 are for us because we can..... Kohls- I've been wanting the night light because it's so cute and it waas on sale, the frame will be used to hold a family picture that we'll take later this week, and th candle was a filler item because i had to spend $20 for the coupon- will be gifted! Truth is that I don't have many to shop for and none of these items (or similar ones I could have bought) would have fit in. Of course I could have gotten a few dvds, like maybe an extra Ice Age and held unto it until I found it a home but... 1. I didn't even think of that and 2. that would kind of be unnecessary spending. Now I'm just waiting on a few packages to arrive and Thursday going to scope out Ikea & take a nice photo that I'll be putting in a frame for us and in a frame for my dad. Other than a last minute deal for Rob and some little stocking stuffings- my Christmas shopping is complete. Will be mailing my packages in about 2 weeks and less than 3 will be done with Nursing 1 and on my way to Rocky Top (aka Tennessee).....Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Countdown to Turkey....

So... normally I'd have my bird bathing in fruity, salty brine but hey I'm lazy! Will do tomorrow, along with a couple other pre-prep items and bake my fabulous pumpkin pie. I love to cook but without having more family to enjoy it I have scaled down my Thanksgiving day feast to the bare minimum- Turkey, gravy, stuffing (of the stove-top nature), real mashed potatoes, scalloped corn (aka corn pudding), rolls (of some instant kind- no point in making them homemade b/c it makes a lot), deviled eggs, apple & pumpkin pies, and of course the pre-dinner veggies/dip/cheese/crackers!
  • Ready for Black Friday? Here is my favorite sneak peak site...
  • For the drinkers out there, I got an email about a rebate for booze... yeah i know... so maybe you can save a little a by a few bottles but drink it slowly & responsibly!
  • If you haven't gone to Vista Prints yet, they have added a few extra freebies, like note pad! I want it but after placed a couple orders- i'm debating over the check'em out!
  • Head over to money saving mom for info on how to get a free Slurpee at 7-11 on Black Friday (there is one just down the street so... i might get it)
  • Just so you couponers know there WILL BE coupons in this Sunday's paper (usually holiday weekends don't but PG insert will be this weekend) Preview here

So an update on my holiday shopping...

Just need to finalize my brother's family, maybe get my mom something for the stocking, take & print nice picture for my daddy, and.... the hubster!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another B

for test 4. Can't complain, actually happy with this even though i don't feel that excited. I guess it's cause i got an A on the last one and all that stuff..... I feel sort of like the idiot that is goofing off at the end of the race b/c they seen the crossing line in sight and are being cocky and stuff.... then they trip or something stupid happens and someone else wins. You ever felt like that?
Nursing 2 will be full of challenages like patients that are dying or cancer patients who are post-op, plus a stint in the mental ward! I could start hyperventilating now but my coping skills are to not think... just take it one day at a time. At least when it comes to school..... Gonna take care of my duties tonight and take a long relaxing bath.... Tomorrow I get my first hospital badge...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stress Busters!

I know the holidays are fast approaching so I thought I'd post a few tips about coping with stress and preventing a major meltdown! I found these in a little magazine so I can't take the credit!
  1. Talk it out
  2. Take up a hobby (knitting is peaceful & can be done anywhere, even while watching tv)
  3. Yoga (or anything that gets your body moving)
  4. Breathe- deep breaths
  5. Say no
  6. Turn off the cellphone
  7. Eat right
  8. Relax neck/shoulders (get in the hot tub or ask spouse for a little massage or just loosen up with some stretches)
  9. Visualize peace (this is like a nursing intervention, take a 5 minute vacation by looking at a picture of the beach or something, you tube as some ideas)
  10. Walk (try it alone or maybe with others or just turn up the MP3 player & enjoy a little audio therapy!)

My 11th personal suggestion... Look outside yourself. No matter your situation it could be worse- you are still alive so be thankful. Remember and give thanks to whomever (I prefer God or just thanking my husband for some little thing he did). It's too easy to project your mad mood or whatever onto others when they (the others) really had nothing to do to deserve it (they didn't cause your mood so you shouldn't "blame" them). So, maybe if you are having a bad day, step outside yourself- make a cup of hot chocolate (for yourself? then make another and give it to whomever is there -mom/dad, brother/sister, child/spouse) and don't forget to say "i love you". It seems like the holidays = busy-time so take a moment to appreciate and give love back.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Freebies from Vista Prints

I just put in an order for Vista prints!
I got a mug (not pictured), 100 Holiday post cards, 10 Holiday cards, 140 labels, and 1 pad of sticky notes for shipping only! I already got a free tote bag, pen, and calendar - all customized!!
The mug and calendar are going to be gifts and the labels I made them into to/from labels since we know we will be moving again at some point since we don't own a home.....
Total: $12.08
Saved: $50.96
To get your free, customized stuff go here!
I'll be using the labels and postcards for years!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week ??

So I think week 12 is about to start... Tomorrow I have a demo (male cath) which should go well. Then I gotta book it back home so I can study study study for Monday's test (# 4). Then tuesday is going to be hell - simulation ahhhhhhhh! I hope and pray that i'm not the main nurse, I can not run the show! Wednesday will hopefully go well.... I need to spend a good chunk of time looking at a chart so I can do my nursing care plan next weekend. After about 3 pm wednesday then I can finally take a deep breath and relax.... Thursday is just a practice math test and hopefully that will go ok. Then my awesome date Friday!!!! And basically will spend next weekend doing the care plan, reading a few chapters, & planning my T-day menu/strategy.
Just a few more weeks (really 1 month) of studies and what not then I'll have a break woo hoo!
But then.... it goes up a level on the stress factor with Med/Surg & weekly clinical- where I'll actually do things- like bath a strange and possibly ill client..... Dear God, if it's not too early, please let all my clinical client/patients be understanding and friendly, and most of all patient! Save the angry and uncooperative ones for one the job....
  • Go here for the latest leaked Black Friday sale ads! I'm addicted to this site, although I usually just stay home and shop online, who knows- the hubs and I may attempt a BF outing this year......
  • I made a trek to Publix today (no pictures) and got some sweet goodies like BOGO Nestle chocolate chips - thinking of trying a white chocolate vanilla version of the "Chocolate Lovers cake" I made for my b-day. There is no recipe for it but i think I can make the needed substitutions.... too bad I forgot the sour cream- maybe I'll pick it up tomorrow hm..
  • Did you get your Turkey yet? Go here for some Butterball coupons (plus a male in rebate if you buy there turkey & Disney's christmas carol!) I did a few days ago, went on a trip to albertsons (since it's far away now) to get the Buy 1 Get 2 Free meats, had turkey's on sale 69 cents a pound and since I haven't seen any better deals I grabbed one. Me and the hubs spent about $72 on meat (3 pork loins, 3 full racks of ribs, 14 chicken drumsticks, 18 boneless pork chops, & one 15# turkey) Now we just need some steaks and/or beef roasts and we'll be set for months! And yes we love pork!
  • Christmas Carol coupon here for Bluray combo pack ($10 off)
  • For some odd reason a memory of an old movie popped into my head last night, forgot the name but eventually (through a little online research) recalled the name- Margie (1946). Sadly though it's not very easy to find.....

Well my study break is long over now... gotta get back at it!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Nov weekend

Today I pleasently surprised to get a $10 Kohls giftcard and a letter from McDonald's with 2 free McRib cards in it! Score for me! I also got an email from TooJay's loyality club with a free dessert coupon in it, not pictured.
Rob and I usually hang out on Thursdays because I have a short day at school and he is off, so we went to thte Waterford Lakes shopping mall or whatever to get some dog food at Pet Smart and go to Target. We decided to have lunch at Too Jay's because i haven't eaten there since we lived in South FL and i love it. I got the special (open face roast beef with mashed potatoes & Rob got the buffalo tender meal with mahed potatoes- it had like 6 or 7 tenders awesome!) Then of course we had to top it off with some of their wonderful desserts, they are so cheap ($2.50 slice of cake) and they have a dessert for 2 deal - $4.50 for any 2 slices of cake! Only sad part was it was lunch time so I wasn't able to get my favorite "dinner" meal... Guess we'll have to go back....
So... Nursing school..... Clinicals? was ok, would be better if I didn't have the pressure of "goals" to meet each week, like the care plan and asking certain questions/topics. I'd totally be cool if I didn't have to accomplish the extras! So I'll be glad when it is a week before T-day and I'll be done with the clinicals until nursing 2. I did manage a 10/10 on my quiz thursday, amazing! I was so tired Wednesday too!
So.... this wednesday will probably equally suck because Rob works a double and I'll be having my long clinical dinner will probably be some kind of fast cooking frozen thing. BTW where is my husband? He's been working since 7 am and it's almost 6.... tummy grumbling....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

these are a few items I got at Kohls for gifting
Each item was on sale + $10 off $20 purchase coupon
= $11.??
As for Christmas shopping, just a few people to shop for:
my brother's family
maybe my mom
my dad
and of course the Hubby
It's look like it's going to be a low deal getting year and next year too b/c my nieces mainly want money or really odd (not sale) items....
I look forward to have extra money to grab my own deals, to having little kids to shop for, and maybe adding a few close relationship that I can get something small for.
I love to give and shop for gifts!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

OMG I got an A on a test

Test 3 = A for Lee
Not sure how and don't know any other details but feeling pretty good... now as long as i pass my demo tomorrow, then my demo sunday, then my demo tuesday and my clinical wed....take a deep breath and start a new round of stuff....
About a month of hard work left, then buckle down for FINAL

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shopping 10/22

CVS $2.51
Had a raincheck for Purex Sheets (BOGO) used 2- $3/1 coupons

Publix $22.40
2- GM cereals (BOGo $3.91)
6- Nestle cookie doughs (BOGO $3.29)
4- BC dessert/bar mixes (BOGO $2.63)
1- Rubbermaid container set of 2 ($3.19)
1- Nesquick choc syrup ($2.19)
1- Carvel ice cream cake ($11.99 - Rob really wanted, needed to reach certain total spent, and had $3 coupon otherwise would never buy this overpriced little cake)
2-Doritos (BOGO $3.99)
Coupons used:
$1/2 GM cereal
6- $1/1 Nestle cookie dough
2- .50/1 BC dessert mixes
$1/1 Rubbermaid
$1/1 Publix Rubbermaid (store q)
$3/1 Carvel speciality cake
$1/2 doritos
$3/$30 Purchase at Publix (in today's paper, which i get for free on fridays)
Total Saved: $41.03

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Half way done?

With nursing 1? Guess so....
So week 7 was ok with the exception that I failed my female catheter demo... I didn't even get to the catheter because, idiot me- must have spaced out or something, i did not pull the curtain to provide privacy. Which of all the demos we have done this far, this is the most intimate one and most definitely I should have remembered the privacy! UHHH I could kick myself, I'm not angry or in tears because i know i can put in a catheter, just disappointed that i messed up on a critical element that i will do for every patient no matter what the procedure/assessment. The worst part is that i went to school Friday to get it "taken care of" and was informed that i can't do it because the same teacher can't to the "practice" round and the 2nd attempt.... So I'm trying to just put it out of my mind since i wasted about a day and need to read the new material for the next week. When will i do cath? don't know, either today or tomorrow I'll try to figure it out. I was just looking forward to have it all behind me and focusing on my other unfinished skills or book material....Trials & Tribulations
On a more positive note, my brother told me that he might have some career connections for me to "maybe" aid getting my foot in the door at UT Medical center. I don't know alot about Knoxville hospitals but my limited knowledge makes me hold UT as my top choice because it is University affiliated and could help me gain a higher degree and all that good stuff. So this has sparked a bit of excitement in me and perhaps will help me stay focused or refocus myself so that I can push through school and reap the rewards of being a nurse!
I think the key is taking it one day at a time and not allowing yourself to get "worked up" or overly emotional to anything about nursing school. Just stay calm, accept it, and focus on achieving and moving on....

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Publix 10/14

Spent $ 19.41
2- Banquet chicken products (BOGO $5.49)
1- Digornio stuffed crust pizza (Sale $5)
2- Mueller pastas (BOGO $1.39)
1- Smoked ham ($3.49)
2- Klondike treats (BOGO $3.99)
2- Lenders bagels (BOGO $1.99)
8- Yakisoba (sale 60 cents ea)
Used $7 in coupons, total saved: $24.37
Todays also marks a few thing
- 2 months until last day of Nursing 1 YAY!
- 10 months until our 7 year wedding Ann. (4 months until 6.5 and Valentines day)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vista Print deals...

Yesterday I ordered a customed pen and tote bag- free, just paid shipping ($4.41).
The above image is what will be on my pen, that is my family! Although I was hesitant to put Watts on it since it is likely that at some point will won't be the "Watts" family anymore, don't jump to conclusions... We will probably become the Radford family. (long story short= Rob and I are not Blood/Genetically related to the Watts lineage, but Radford being my maiden name- we have blood ties- Ancestry & my family name will continue rather than die out on this end of the branch... I have an Awesome Husband!)
The tote bag has the family characters on it but slightly different design. They have tons of choices, you can use pictures or just write something. I put Conserving Leos on my tote bag.
Go here and create something Awesome ...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Old Navy deal!

Today I got an email from Old Navy with a code for random % off an online purchase (i think it starts at 10% and goes up to 50%). I've had these before I usually end up with 10-15 % off- nothing extraordinary. So today i thought well let's see for the heck of it... it was 50% off!!!
And I Love OD so I bought some stuff. Mainly items for myself but did get a whole outfit for my cousin (for Christmas). My total would have been over $170 but with free shipping & 50% off I spent $90.??
BTW I got 19 items
I just checked the mail and I got an old navy 30% card for use later in the month...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Middle of week 6?

It's almost getting hard to kep count... lol
So thorw me a party- I passed my pulse counting skill (2nd attempt)... tomorrow - Wound Care skill!
Not so sure about the test- probably not my greatest work! And i'm off school today which is good because yesterday I had these "good intentions" and of course I didn't even open my book... But I did take over Rob's night to cook and watched the movie Frozen... horror film... original theme and actually a couple parts were a bit hard to watch- frostbite & skin to metal- OUCH! All I kept thinking was "IMPAIRED SKIN INTEGRITY, IMPAIRED SKIN INTEGRITY!!!" lol Note to self: when some tells you no- accept it, always have cell phone on you!
So i gotta hit the books- gotta feelin that we'll have a pop quiz tomorrow after the wound care demo. I think I might be able to see a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.... Of course it only helps to know that I actually might get to spend some holiday time in TN with my beloved family!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Macy's shopping...

I just ordered these jeans, my fav (and just about only brand I wear because I love the way they look and feel on me) Hydrualic jeans... on sale for $19.95. Cashed in $10.80 worth of points from Opinion Outpost for an Amazon gift code so I only paid $16.?? for them (shipping was $5.95).
Hopefully they will fit me (otherwise I'll have to return them) trying out a new size so we'll see! Really hope I don't gain any nursing school weight, would rather use a bit! Ok enough d**king around, time for hardcore studying!!!! If I project and prophecy my life then God shall lead me to it.... I will do well on my test tomorrow, I will preform my 2nd attempt skill great and pass it with calmness in my heart, I will be successful in nursing school and open new doors in my family's life and give with my heart and my skills to help others in the community! Praise the Lord, Amen!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday savings...

got 10 Kraft Cheese products (shredded/sliced/block) sale $2 ea
Used 2- $5/5 kraft coupons
= 10 cheeses for $10
Victorias Secret
got 3 bras (body by victoria type-various $) & 1 panty
Used promo codes for Free Shipping & $10 off BBV bra plus free panty
= 3 bras/1 panty for $116 shipped
I've put the cheese in the freezer; going to use on various things like grilled stuffed chicken burritos (pepper jack block), baked ziti (shredded mozz), baked mac'n'cheese (shredded cheddar), baked chicken/broccoli/pasta & cheese (shreed triple cheddar), and some other things...
As for VS... I've been needing some replacement bras, as well as a white one for my nursing uniform so I just decided to find a few deals and get the most for my money...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 5 done...

So I made it through week 5. But on Monday I have one of the most stressful days- redoing my Pulse counts followed by test 2! AHHHHHH!
Prayers always needed ...
On a non-school note....
Next tuesday Disney is releasing the Beauty & the Beast on Blu-ray/dvd combo pack diamond edition & they have a coupon for $10 off (combo pack).
I happen to know that Target it going to sell them for around $24.99 or so minus $10 = about $15
True- I have no kids
True - I want to collect them for my futures
also True- I really enjoyed this movie as a kid
so... I might just take a little bit of my birthday money and buy this... Do you think I can get Rob to watch this with me?
Also this movie has a great message and is wholesome entertainment!
Go here for coupon (if can't get it then login/create account for disney- the movie rewards program lets you put in codes for every disney movie you own already or buy to redeem for other things - I'm new to it so not sure but I think if I enter 1 or 2 more codes I get a free DVD?).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 4...

... has been the worst!
I still don't know what I made on the test but i think it went well. Got 8/10 on my quiz but yesterday I failed 2 parts of the assessment- Apical & radial pulse counts. I can not count the beats of the heart- not by listening or by feeling. I must be retarded!
Although I wasn't surprised I messed up on something I was surprised that it was that. I took it well when it was going on but 24 hours later the repercussion is overwelhming and there have been some severe stress induced tears. I get the chance to practice one on one and re-test (i gotta find someone available to do it- challenge). And if i fail again... I get one more shot But it's a big ordeal involving 2 ten year faculty members. Might try to get it done on Sunday but if i fail it again I'm not sure I'll take it as well as the first time. I'm pretty sure it will be either A. a slow burst into tears while they say just practice practice practice, u aren't first- u won't be the last... OR B. i can hold it in but am in tears before i leave the building or at least by the time i hit the car and just totally lose it!
Although I try to avoid those potentially negative thoughts- it's hard to control when you are already at the beginning of a potential downward spiral. My slim confidence is not destroyed. The devil on my shoulder says" why do u do anything u don't want to when u r an adult" "but the angel says it is for a good reason and persevere Lee"...
Like the captain of a ship, I will go down with it... even if it causes me 3 headaches in 1 day....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Skip week 3, I'm in week 4!

So..week 3 was alright. Slightly stressful but I pulled through...
So week 4...
I took my first Exam today! I think I did alright but we'll just have to wait for the scores to see... this will define my standings and clue me into what i'm not doing right, if anything.
So Wednesday is my big stress day... I'm just worried about assessing a classmate, I've practiced on my mom and Rob but on both I couldn't fine 2 pulses, not exactly sure about the chest sounds... I mean I just don't like the whole rib to intercostal space- I just don't feel confident in what i'm "feeling" i guess. Then the BP- I feel ok with this but not sure about being Spot On. At least with the systolic pressure- it just comes so fast....Brachial pulses aren't always easy either. Of course if you get nit-picky then I could list a lot more areas they may hold against me.
But I only get 2 or 3 "prompts" before failure...
So i'd appreciate any prayers my way! My class starts at 8 am on wed. and is over at 12.
My knees are a shakin!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 2....

Well well, week 2 is done...
It was a short one, just 3 days....
Learned some stuff but towards the end I just felt like I was slipping a bit. And I was informed that in 2 weeks when we have our vitals/neuro/vascular/cardiac demo check off that we will be paired up with a random student of the same sex and have to do the exam on each other, this will involve taking off our shirt (wear a sports bra or bikini top) and shoes/socks. UGH!
I can never find a good fitting sports bra so that leaves the bikini top. I have them but still... things are different with surgically produced breasts. Not sure if i'll have the choice of who goes first but I'd prefer second i guess...Then of course the other student will know all the mistakes I made and it is just one of those already nerve racking situations and they just made it worse....But before i start wondering down that "I don't know if i can make it" path I'm going to just take it one day at a time. Today I'm going to read and study my new chapters for next week and keep on that until monday. So anyone who reads this, please say a pray for me because this is incrediblly hard. Keep up the prayers until I graduate and get my license please :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

I survived the first week of nursing school.....

... but what about week 2?
So nursing school is the hardest, toughest thing because (at least for me) I really must devote 95% of my time to school related activities. Whether it be attending classes, setting up lab times for practice & demo check-offs, or studying, reading chapters, working on terms, and D.A. (basically drug math).
I have to say that I probably wouldn't be able to do this without my husband (or the financial assistance that allows be to spend all my time on school). Rob has offered to do the dinner and dishes Mon-Wed (maybe Thursday too) since I'm non-stop busy and those are his light or off days at work. Max even hurt himself this week and he took my dog to the vet for me. This made me happy but stressed too because i love my max and want to be there for him. Nursing school is like a lifestyle... I'll have to neglect alot of avenues of my former life just to attempt success at school.
Will I make it? I don't know but I'm giving it all I have and I hope & pray that it pays off/works out. I've basically given up on following my TV shows, maybe I'll catch a re-run on the weekend if i have a break in studies or something. I do still watch True Blood an Big Brother- although both those shows will end soon. I'm in bed my 9 or 10 and up my 5:30-6:30 just so that I am at school before classes and get an OK parking spot.
Everyone says it is hard and you believe them when they say it but "hard" is just skimming the top of what it is really like. Maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion but that is how it is for me. I do have to study all the time or I won't know my stuff. I can't just read it once and know it for life, lucky for those who can. So back to my terms, then maybe I'll actually start reading my 8 chapters over my long weekend.
And if I had my late checks then I'd print up a bunch of stuff....
Also I passed my hand washing skill & PPE skill... coming up skills:
Vital signs
Sterile field
Neuro/cardiac/vascular assessments
Wound care
Bed bath
Transporting clients
making a bed
TED hose
Ostomy care
Catheters (all 3 types)
Physical restraints
Medication applications (topical/inserts/drops)
And then I get 3 days with an eldery person ...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday

Which means... 1 week until school begins...uhhh
So it was slim pickins in my paper today.... although the cover says over $1000 in savings inside... but just one little insert, where is the rest of the savings? I'm lost I guess...
I did stumble upon some campbell's coupons, some sweet too! Go here. I may just have to run to publix again before the sale ends on Campbells Chunky soup! (BoGO $2.39- $1/2 Q= $1.39/2 which is good because my walmart had them about $1.50/1). And it's super quick for when i just don't have time to prepare a meal....
Other than that I'm hoping to accomplish something today and that my ant bites will go away- they have been waking me in the middle of the night because they itch like crazy!
I hope that everyone has an awesome Sunday!!!!
God Bless us and guide us everyday!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Birthday

This is my birthday cake, link to recipe in previous post. I made this! It's not store bought but very Delicious!!!!
This is what i got for my birthday, doesn't show cards, money, or the nursing book my brother's family got me.

Skinny Jeans?

For the last few years it seems like everywhere you go they have Skinny Jeans... If fact I'm fairly sure that my nieces almost strictly wear them. I have yet to be consumed by this trend... so my question is.... Do you do skinny jeans?
please leave a comment!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday!
I got my gifts after i woke up (except for father's) and right now my Chocolate Lover's cake is baking!
I already made Max's vet appointment so I have the rest of the day to do what i want.... I think i may workout a bit and later on eat some take out and watch a movie. Might even play our new Lego board game, Harry Potter! Will post pictures later....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skinny Veggie Soup & more...

This is called Skinny Soup, party of a diet thing from Woman's day... pretty healthy looking but it tastes good too! Get the recipe here...
Tomorrow is my birthday, yay! I won't be cooking dinner but i am making my own cake. I'm feeling adventurous and chocolatey... so i'm going to attempt to make this...
And i'm gonna eat it with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream- yummy! Hopefully...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

I know it's only August but come on... no scary movie marathon... no "Friday The 13th" movies? Epic Fail! But on a good note Dinner was great! I made Balsamic Chicken Breasts (from Southern Living magazine) w/ corn on the cob and baked red potatoes (it's what i had on hand and needed a small side)... then afterward, I made myself a smoothie w/ 2/3 cup ice, 2/3 cup milk, almost a whole banana (had mushy dark spot that i removed) and 2 frozen strawberries- yummy and light. Plus I got in all my food groups (meat, dairy, fruit & veggie.. ok no "grains" but i got carbs!).

Target & Old Navy shopping...

Old Navy Purchases
Short Sleeve Sweater thingy- $24.50
Pink tee- $4.99
Blue tee- $5.99
PJ pants (skulls!)- $10 sale
2 Flip Flops- 2/$5
Used $10 off $50 purchase
Spent: $43.11

Target Purchases
(Bought a few other items not pictured, such as 2 undies, 4 pk muffins-overpriced, 4 ears of corn- used a coupon so only paid 33 cents total for the 4, lego game board game thingy)
Top Photo:
Planner for school - $5.??
King size Sheets (anniv. thing)- $33.?? sale
Shirt- $4 (clearance)
Boxers- $6.?? (clearance)
Hoodie- $4 (clearance)
Bottom Photo:
Sweat pants- $4.??
Tank top- $4.??
That outfit is a gift which is really awesome because they are like plus size clothes which usually cost a few dollars more than regular sizes!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's Up Wednesday...

  • Do you take vitamins? Nature Made brand? Well if so, or maybe u should switch... b/c they have an awesome rewards program... I just signed up and entered the codes off of 2 bottles I've had a month or so. They yielded me 130 points; once I reach 500 points I get a $5 off coupon- how awesome!!! Check it out here...
  • I love my "on demand" tv! I have exercise tv on demand and am going to try there 30 day- 10 lb regime... check out the website- i think they off free online videos too! Here..
  • Do you like Arbor Mist drinks? If so you can score $1/1 coupon if you like them on facebook, just print afterwards! (you print 2, maybe pass along the other to a friend)...

That's it for now but might have something new to post about tomorrow! BTW a new season of the Duggars has already started- tues at 9 on TLC- watch it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nursing stuff

Here is most of the stuff I got today for my first nursing class... I still need 2 books and exchange my lab coat (not to mention I never ordered a uniform for clinicals!)...

Publix 8/10

4- Crystal Light Fitness drink mixes
($2.99 BOGO - 3-$2/1 coupons= +.02)
"Buy Their's Get Ours Free Promo"
1- Kraft Easy Mac ($3.39)
1- Publix easy mac (free)
1- Motts Applesauce ($1.89)
1- Publix applesauce (free)
Total Spent----------------$5.65
Saved: $16.36