Monday, December 24, 2012

to do 2013

So as I listen to "Zombie Apocalypse" on Discovery I think about what I want to do 2013. Also watching these "preppers" and pandemic entertainment makes me want to increase my emergency supplies and work for the CDC (because I'd rather work in the research arena VS the front-lines because I'll probably die).

I would like to start one. Not exactly sure but since this is my first semi-big venture I am going to restrict myself and not go overboard. Maybe 6 or so different veggies that way if I fail it is ok.

Having moved about 6 weeks or so in my first home I really need to get seriously and finally organized. My days of a billion boxes are approaching an end.

  • I was looking for a cool blog to help and think this might be one (of course pinterest is awesome too)
  • How to organize gift wrapping supplies (might need this is buy some clearance stuff for next year)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

VS sale, Best & worst Cities, & sweet brown...

Tidbit time (and a long time a coming...)

  • My fav bra shop has a sale- Victoria Secrets. Addicted to them so I love saving nearly 50% of things I actually use and need. Support the girls! 
  • I love those surveys of American towns... Here is the top 20 best cities to live (Columbus, OH is on the list- i used to live there) and then the 10 worst (and yes there is a city I used to live in on this one too). 
  • Want some interesting to buy? Shop at cafe press- love it. I've gotten a few shirts there and a sin that says the man cave for the hubster. Look at my latest find here... Want to know why I like it? Go here... Now check this out... sensational! (or see the video above lol)
that's all for now... Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

So long since a post...

We bought a house! 
Just like the rest the year the latter half has been full of changes...
Too many to mention right now! But I hope everyone who stumbles across my blog has a blessed Holiday and remembers what truly matters. Do not let the shiny distract you...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

House hunting?

Tomorrow evening my husband & I will be looking at the first house of several we "might" consider buying. Since I'm taking a night job, we have pets & most places don't allow them here, our rental is far from slightly perfect.... we are going to give it a good attempt at buying our first house....Check it out here...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Birthday

 I bought myself some PJs from target & a little Snoopy with woodstock from Halmark (total just over $30_
 This is from Rob, TB tee
 From Rob, NBXmas hoodie (for those chilly days ahead in TN)
 Books from Rob, NBXmas family decal set for my car.
 Miss Holly & Miss Kayla at the Kick-Off Classic (part of ben's head too)
Part of the pre-game show, Miss Holly is on the back row of flags 3rd from the left...

So my birthday in a nutshell.... Started with heading to Knoxville. Went to payless to try on shoes because that's the nearest one to me. Why Mo-town doesn't have one is beyond me.... I ordered some heels online later that day, check them out (so out of my comfort-zone but wanted something hot). Then we went to Target (got pjs above) and then went to Old Navy but didn't see anything in store I wanted so I just ordered a couple things online because 1. they sent me a $10 off b-day coupon 2. got 25% off new product.... I got a green hoodie & sweats set, pink hoodie, & shirt (check'em out). Lets say I'll probably have a hoodie for each day of the week... my collection has vastly grown in the past year.... (but for some reason I often put on my old blue Rob hand-me-down when I'm lounging around the house. It's getting worn, the wrist section is fraying...).
Then I went to see the first Football game of the season for my niece, to support her flag team. After that the day somewhat sizzled out.... Rob & I watched the end of Hatfields & McCoys on the history channel and ate my birthday cake, which is somewhat like strawberry shortcake. My 11pm I think I was asleep. I also ate at Texas Roadhouse in Knoxville for lunch, Chicken Fried Chicken- YUM!
Later today I'm heading to my brothers for a post-birthday celebration & watch Big Brother & True Blood. Then tomorrow is my first day on my own, God help me and be with me always....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 8th Anniversary to me & Rob

 Rob & before going out
 My anniversary gifts
I got this Merlotte's glass (from true blood)

I have such a great husband. God has blessed me.... now in a few short days I'll be celebrating my birthday and with God's help it will be awesome (as well as the 3 days of work leading up to it).

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've been working hard lately and only have 5 more days of orientation then I'm solo. Also Last Saturday we bought Rob a new car, a Honda Fit. But more importantly I'm posting my tidbits!

  • TLC has a new show coming on this Monday at 9 United Bates of Americaif you have watched the Duggars the you probably know them. They have a large family and live just outside of Knoxville, TN. Also 19 Kids & Counting will be back with a new season in just a couple weeks. Hooray!
  • Have you been  shopping lately? Yesterday I was at Walmart & saw a Fall display! So excited because I love Fall. I love the new sweaters, the leaves changing/falling, the pumpkins, Halloween, & more! And now that I'm back in Ole TN I can actually feel a real fall season. Did I mention the fall seasonal candles at Yankee Candle?
  • So a while now this house has been sale on the same road my brother lives on. In some sort of fantasy in my head I kind of picture myself living there but yesterday I saw 4 cars there so I guess someone else is seriously interested.... Here is the house, guess we'll see if it gets sold. We have come to the conclusion that we should consider buying next year since our rent is high for the area and our rental has problems (most recently a mouse). Maybe if get a good interest rate we can afford something near the house above... 
Well I guess that's it for now ...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lee Watts R.N. (& more)

Yes, by the grace of God I passed my boards. Not only did I pass but I did by taking the minimum amount of questions possible (75). Yippy!!!!
I also found out a little something about the unit I was hired for. It's an oncology/med-surg unit, the oncology patients will be mainly 2 types: A. those who came in for outpatient chemo that spiked a Temp or had a negative reaction or B. those who are about to die & need comfort care.... Of course I'd rather be in the nursery (my goal) but I pray the Lord will help me with these challenges, especially caring for a patient in their last moments of life (and there first moments of death). God give me the strength and the ability to not breakdown or get nauseated.

On to the tidbits:
  • Read this kind of cute article about the states & tv shows, check it out...
  • Got the urge to shop? Yankee candles has some clearance sales & 99 cent votives on the New Fall scents (love fall!). Also Tilly's is having clearance sale (50% off or 30% off already reduced items - the price changes when you add to the cart) with tons of items! Victorias Secret also has their semi-annual clearance going on, the bras can be pricey when Not on sale but I can attest they are great quality, very supportive and comfy fit (today they also have free shipping when spend $25).
Thank you all for the encouragement & prayers. God bless America on this beautiful 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

thurs: boards = ahh!

Thursday is the day that will change my life at least slightly because I take the NCLEX, the licensing exam for nurses. Today has been a mixtur of stress & studying. If I could study all day I would but the stress keeps me in check to the point that I take frequent breaks. When is comes to a "test" it never seems like you have enough time to prepare... You might say I've been working towards this goal for years yet there is so much I don't truly know or can't recite. And in my would be perfect world I would be able to recite each disease with his cause, treatment, complications, etc.

I'm far from perfect and often make mistakes, hopefully mainly little ones and learn from them. I ask for any prayers that one might send my way. Lord knows I've prayed for myself and this exam and that no matter what Thank you. If all goes well in less than 48 hours I'll have the boards behind me and can actually focus on my job and getting better at it (vs studying) for a written test).

I want to thank anyone who has had me in their thoughts, prayers over the last few years. I truly appreciate the love, kindness, and effort that has been put towards me and my life & goals. By the grace of God I will not just suceed but exceed for his Will is what will be and I know he only wants good for me....

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Good Morning Sunday
Although it has been a month since I watched my regular Mr. Osteen on TV and I have "stumbled" a bit with my bible studies, I'm taking today (the true first day of the week) to get back on track with my studies.
There is never a day that I don't have multiple things to think God for. I've fortunante that I haven't had a day where my only thanks is for giving me breath & life. But today I want recognize my thanks on Amazon Prime. It has allowed me to have some tv shows and movies to watch at no additional cost. Yes the selection is limited but there have been a few great ones (Glee, some Alaskan tv shows, & a few good movies like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers). 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prayers for NCLEX

So I made it throw my first week of Nursing. Of course you can't really call it that because I didn't do much of anything. I'm sure I'll slowly be doing more and once I get my license be doing it all....

I also got my first paycheck in about 4 years. I have to say that the paycheck is kind of like a mosquito bite... I just have this slightly "itch" to buy something... hehe. However, after visiting Amazon & Old Navy online, even adding a few items to my cart- I did not purchase anything. I have kind of taken a vow or something not to indulge in extra spending until after I pass the boards (praying for the 28th!!!!). It's a good bit of stress because I need the license to practice and keep the job I already got. But I am planning on taking Max to the vet. But that isn't really a want but a need....

So keep the prayers going, I'm taking the NCLEX on the 28th and should have a couple days off before to prepare. God has helped me get this far and I have faith he will delivery me to whatever is in his plan for me... I really think I can make a difference and who knows... Maybe I'll enjoy the new oncology unit more than I think....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last day before orientation (or my "official start date)

First I have to say that I find it very interesting that right now my website weather thing says Orlando & Urbana are 75F but the in-betweener Morristown is 69F. Guess it might have something to do with the impending rain that should strike this area today... ?.... Either way I'm thankful that the next few days predict that Wed will be no/low rain chance & Thurs/Friday thunderstorms. The reason I'm thankful is because Thurs/Friday my drive is 15 min but tomorrow it's going to be over an hour. I haven't 100% decided but thinking about waking up at 5:15 & leaving about 6:15 because map-quest says it takes 1 hr 10 min. If I get there 30 mins early I can sit in my car for 15 and then head in.

So my goals for today...
  • Errands
  • Study
  • Prep for Orientation (make sure I have my stuff ready)
  • Relax
Yesterday I called what was going to be my boss to leave a message about my new boss having not contacted me. I imagine getting promoted & getting a new hire(s) is probably not the ideal situation but regardless by Friday hopefully someone has communicated how the rest of orientation/my schedule will be. I admit I felt kind of bad or something when I left the message because it really isn't her job anymore but no one gave me any contact info for my new boss, so... I can't see myself really being at fault. I have a plan B if this plan fails.... I'm not all too concerned anyways since I have 3 days of orientation, plus I will then call for my CPR renewal & still waiting for ATT for NCLEX.

So... please pray for my family. That I get my ATT soon, that the job/orientation goes well, that Max's growth he won't stop licking doesn't get infected or isn't causing his health to decline and God will allow me to have the funds to take him to the vet soon (and/if before it gets worse).

There is one thing I learned in nursing school (more like a million but this one about myself) I may get nervous, maybe scared, at times doubtful but I can get through it, I can do it. Maybe I'll have a few questions along the way or maybe I'll break a sweat, maybe I can benefit from the experience of another but despite the roller-coaster going on inside me I know I can be an awesome nurse and that with each day I gain more experience I will be an awesome nurse. With God's blessing and his guidance and those he puts in my path I will do just so and a few months from now I'll have a new-found confidence.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rob got a truck- TY God

 Rob & his new (used) 1998 Dodge Dakota
 Back yard

I have to say I'm very thankful for the fact that my husband & I have jobs, we found him a vehicle to get to work once I start mine. Although I still have a big task of passing boards, I pray that I do & keep my job so my husband & I can take care of our family. It's nearly the end of the month and the bills are coming in. I start my orientation next week but at the moment I only know 3 days. Due to some lack of getting in touch on my end & my boss's I do not know what happens after next Friday... Maybe I'll have more work days, maybe not. All I know is that I need to call to set up my CPR renewal but pretty sure she said to do that after my official start date next week. I'm a little nervous about it all (nclex too!) and driving to Knoxville. But I'm going to stay as calm as I can & pray for God's aid. He has gotten me this far and I know he has much further places to take me... 

So send a few prayers my way so I can continue on my intended path & God's plan...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Humble, Humility

I have to admit that being humble is a varying work in progress. I desire to have a humble attitude, to appreciate everything & be thankful for what I do have vs. what I have not. It's easy to see or name the faults in something. It takes more effort or energy to name the positive attributes. Have you noticed how easy it is to correct someone when they are wrong or to address a situation where a mistake not in your favor has occurred? But if the situation was reversed, would you praise someone or correct the situation that actually left you in a better position than you should be?  I can think of numerous potential situations, maybe some might argue a few that it is your right to argue it or whatever. Should I eat those cold fries from the burger joint or complain & get a new order? Should I compliment the cashier on her service? - Something she does for 8 hours a day to random people, she is paid to do it but should I just say thanks? Should I say more, like you have been helpful or I like you earrings or thank you for the quick service? I imagine in this world I live in that more than likely I'd get a few stares at my verbal effort. The truth is I don't do a lot of that. I do always try to say thank you to my cashiers when they hand my receipts and throw in a nice day or "you too". Of course it's a lot easier to say thanks and have good day when it's being offered to you too. Almost a domino effect, don't ya think?

As a student nurse meeting a patient can be a little nerve-racking because like that box of chocolates " you never know what you're gonna get". So I try to get to know a little bit more than just the medically necessary with my patients. And if I time I usually throw a compliment too (I often compliment nail polish on my female patients).

But to me humility is more than kindness & effort but thanking God for things I probably wouldn't think to thank God for.... example: My new rental house, I could make a laundry list of things/reason I wouldn't buy it and I often think I should look for a better place before it comes time to renew in about 11 months. Lets just say I just wouldn't want a baby crawling around this place or giving them a bath in the tub. But the humble side says Lee you have a roof that doesn't "appear" to leak, you have your 4 babies & husband under 1 roof, the air works and you can do laundry without leaving the house - God blessed me!
If only my husband could be a little more humble and flexible to my wishes ... hehe....

I'm in TN, & even know I might have just killed some small winged bug on my dog laying next to me on the bed, I'm trying to be positive; at least it wasn't a spider? at least it wasn't on me? Our black comforter certainly isn't helping me out any..... All in all I can't complain. God got me through school, got me to TN with my family, got me a job super quick... now if he can continue to help me with NCLEX so I can keep the job and progress on my path in life....So I've got a nice index in my study bible- it has humble & humility in it so I'm going to read those verses that correlate to the topic...
Num 12:3
Ps 138:6, 149:4
Zech 9:9
Matt 5:5, 11:29, 21:5
Eph 4:2
Phil 2:3
Jas 4:6, 3:13
1 Pet 3:8, 5:5
Prov 11:2, 15:33, 22:4
Col 3:12

Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Monday...

So... I thought today might be my last visit to West campus but come to find out I must return after the transcripts are complete (they know for sure graduated) and when the notary is in the office so I can have it notarized, the final step in my app. So I guess next Monday might be a big day for me... Completing my application and putting it in the mail and possibly getting my last Depo shot... we'll see....
Side note to God: please let my body tolerate getting off depo well and without any discomforts...

I would have liked to have my most current stresser being the big move... but I guess I'll just try to put this last task to the back of my mind until Sunday. Going to try to enjoy my time with my dad and hopefully I'll locate the high school my pinning is at without any problems. Paying my last chunk of change to the lease man tomorrow (the prorate rent) and then going to "attempt" to set up turning on my electric and water (this will painful too as more chunks of change required= sad face).

So... please keep on praying for my family's restart life project (aka moving, nclex, new jobs, new home, new state, etc.)... God is great!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So... 2 weeks ago today (feels like 3 though) I was supposed to have an interview on the phone but the lady never called me. I left a message last week and called again today only to get the voice-mail... so I left another message. I basically short of of begged her to call me to let me know is she is still interested or not. By the strangest things ever to happen to be in concerns to a potential job. So I'm praying to God that she will call and at least put my mind at ease/peace.
As far as my lease situation- signed and paid! The keys are waiting for me. (or my brother). In a week or so I'm going to call for the electric and water, that is going to hurt the bank account....
As far as my TN-BON app... Seeing the dean next Monday and then I just need to order my transcripts which I might just do now. I just paid for my exam $200. Ouch! And then I just gotta get my $100 cashiers check for the TN app.
I have the graduate luncheon Friday, tomorrow is shopping day (grocery & new interview outfit). And Thurs/Friday I need to go to the Vet & get Mr. Max some food and hopefully a prescription.... after all that I should have just the prorate rent to pay and the Uhaul. So by the time my dad gets here in 1 week I'll be close to broke (at least in the bank).
The risk my husband & I are taking is bigger than any risk we have ever done before. I hope and prayer that God will provide for us and bless us with jobs quickly (precisely: rob by June, me shortly after or by the time I get my license).

Monday, April 23, 2012

I completed Nursing school!

Yay me... now I can focus my prayers on other things... Thank you God!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Water for Elephants- not again...

So I just watched Water for Elephants.... Although the story is kind of nice, like the circus thing, it is basically going into the catagory as "Marley & Me". Animals + Death = Lee crying. Of course this probably more due to reminder that my precious Max will not live forever and I'll probably outlive him, unless God has other plans. I don't have kids but I believe that the loce and care you give to one that needs that, to one that can't survive without you, that depends on you is a greater love than almost any other kind. Don't get me wrong I love my husband, my parents, and many others. But the love I have for Max is deeper in that way and I know one day my heart will ache like it has never had before.
So... I'm not going to watch Water For Elephants again.... back to studying....Prayers for me and my family, and my Max

Friday, April 20, 2012

To get list...

Things I will need:
  • Microwave
  • Gas can (for mower)
  • Shower curtain (extra wide one so it can encircle the tub)
  • Router & Modem (WiFi capable)
  • Dish rack drainer
Things I may eventually want:
  • Patio furniture (chairs or something)
  • Cheap Grill (or maybe I'll just go to Ben's)
  • Yard maintance supplies (rake, shovel, etc.)

What I desperately need:
  • Nursing job
  • Rob a job

More updating...

First of all I have to address this: what happened to blog spot? As I type this post everything is different...
Anyways.... here is my update of the 3 most pressing issues in my life...
  1. It looks as though I have finally figured out this TN-BON application and how I'm going to manage it. I called them and they said I do not have to send the transcripts and the app together. Thank you lord! So on the 30th I'm meeting with the dean to hand off my application and before then I'm going to put in my transcript order.
  2. I have a copy of the lease waiting to sign and then pay but I sent the landlord about 10 questions. And since my dad needs to sign I'm still on the fence of how I'll do that, probably best if I wait until he comes and get it in person instead of mailing it and leaving it up to my dad to send.
  3. I called back the lady from mo-town hospital and left a message for her on her work number. I hope she is on vaca or something because it has been over a week and now I'm really starting to feel as though she is avoiding/ignoring me. I suppose I'll pray about it because what else can I do..?....
As for now it looks like we will be moving on May 11th, still have to reserve the uhaul. It's going to cost alot but I have hope and pray daily that God will bless Rob with a job ASAP and that I will have one lined up by the time I take the NCLEX. Send me some prayers!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

and the Stress sets in....

so today or tonight I kind of feel a little more stress. Weight on my shoulders if you will. I believe it is stemming from the extra rent I wasn't planning on paying. It's less than $400 so I try to be like ok that isn't that much but then... I think "$400 to a couple without jobs could be like $4,000 or $40,000".
I still have 1 test and 1 practicum night left for school but I think I'll do alright with that. I'm most concerned with my application for the boards and my future job prospects. I suppose that some people in this stage aren't even concerned with a J-O-B due to the fact that we, nursing students, do not even know when we can work due to the whole boards and when can we take the NCLEX. But in my uniquely tight situation I have to be moved by July.... thus the boat I put myself in. I should be relieved to have a home for my family... but that too is like a slow ticking time bomb. Without jobs my saving will pour down the drain like water. So other than trying my best to get a job and get on with NCLEX I am just praying and putting it in God's hands. Am I scared? Somewhat. But I'm going to faithfully pray and ask for the lord's help.
--- this my venting of stress

Monday, April 16, 2012

Update (dean/lease)

So here is my update

  • Emailed the dean a second time this afternoon and she said 2 sentences: that she is familiar with TN app process and I will need to bring the forms. Did NOT say when we can meet... which was my whole point in emailing her.....

  • The lease dude told me I have to begin rent for April. He will prorate it to $300 something and the lease can start May like I requested. That kind of sucks but hey the most important thing is 1. he is renting to us 2. it's a nice house 3. no pet deposit. Its affordable compared to some other places, and decent looking so I don't want to risk paying more, not getting a place in time, or getting a dump because no one wants to rent with pets.

  • As for M.H. hospital interview- have not heard back.... sadface.....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My week reflected...

All in all I can't complain. I've been told we are approved for the house we want to rent, I got a B on the exit Hesi, and I was called for my first interview....
But is it odd that I feel somewhat down or disappointed?
I found out Tuesday about the house and have yet to hear back from 2 emails sent since then. My interview never happened. First the lady never called so I called the hospital, then through a 3rd party I was told she still intends to call me. But that was Wed. and no day/time was proposed. And the icing of disappointment- I have to wait another week to get my finger prints- ugh!
So although I'm glad for the Hesi and i guess you could say it is the most important thing to me at this time since graduation could make/break me. My overwhelming joy has sort of "deflated" and now I must shrink back my excitement to normal, everyday levels. It's like shrinking your stomach back after Thanksgiving dinner. So I'm currently waiting for 3 people to contact me, as my future may depend of them (at least 2 out 3). I have another place to apply for but I guess I was hopeful tat this job that called me could be the "one". So while my husband serves VIPs at Earth Day Birthday all day concert festival I will fight boredom and drowsiness all alone. The fact I'm slightly less than happy probably will only feed my drowsy state. I hope this next week which will start soon, will be better... loose ends tied up and complete a few things. BTW thanks for all the prayers and feel free to send a few more. My last exam is April 23rd.

Friday, April 13, 2012


So here is my mini update....

  • Took the exit Hesi yesterday got an 86.27 which is a B- yay! I must say that is pretty good for not hardly studying, it put be at the 77th percentile for the country.

  • So I haven't heard anymore about the lease on the house, we were approved but waiting to find out when we'll sign the lease, etc.

  • Well sadly on Wed my interview call never came. So after a couple phone calls the message relayed to me was She got caught up in something (left for the day) and she still plans on calling me.... Of course it is now Friday and I haven't heard from her yet... I really hope she intends to call and seriously consider me. It's hard not to be slightly discouraged or down about it since I now lie in limbo waiting for no particular time or day for some call. I truly hope that if for some reason she did decide not to consider me that she will have enough respect and integrity to call me and let me know so I won't spend my days wondering if today is the day.... Still praying though...

So what is left? Completeing my application to TN-BON (license), my final test on April 23rd, getting an appointment with the dean so she can complete and ensure my app gets to its destination, figure out the lease situation- sign it, and plan my move/move date.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blessings & Prayers

Allow me update you on my week... if you read my facebook page you already know! But I would love some prayers on theses 3 important things going on in my life...

  1. I have the exit hesi exam, which is like a final that includes everything we have learned plus somethings the teachers didn't have time to teach us (oh my goodness). 165 questions in 5 hours= 50% of my grade for N6- let the lord bless me and help me!!

  2. I have my very first nursing job interview tomorrow, even sweeter it's on a postpartum unit and in morristown so I wouldn't have an hour to commute to most other hospitals. Yay! it's a phone interview and I'm excited!

  3. Rob and I just approved for our Orchard Grove rental house! So now we are just fine tuning the lease agreement and whatnot so soon we will sign and pay. Unfortunanly we will probably pay rent a week or more before the date we will actually move due to graduation and having to get my paperwork done for TN-BON. But just glad to be able to get it!

So that is my prayer list (the short version) of course I pray to pass and graduate, this hesi exam will probably be a good determining factor in that since I got an A on the first test (but it counted for 25%). None the less this week has been amazing, & amazingly stressful! Time to study before my 9am thurs test! I feel like God is telling me I'm finally on the right path....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Prayers requested

Well before a take a moment to do a little bible time I want to update you. Last week I took my first of three nursing 6 exams and got a 94=A (it counts for 25% of my grade). I also went to TN to drop of my cats. I admit I do miss them, differently than I imagine the dogs because the cats are quite little fuzz balls that approach you when you want, sneak out the back door to eat grass while I take the dogs out, and end up taking naps on the bed or the blanket on the floor in the corner. I miss calling Jamesy and him meowing in reply as if to say "yes mommy?". I did see a house while we were there but it was disappointing. So I've contacted a couple property managers and going to pray about that because it truly is a challenge. I also have my NCLEX application on the way to me from TN and I completed an online interview questions & questionnaire for Covenant Health (applied to 2 jobs there). And if you think that wasn't enough I also made a vet appointment for Zoey!
But tomorrow will be a test of sorts, my first practicum night. So I'm sipping my too rich McCaffe Frappe to attempt to stay up at least until 3am and sleep until hopefully 2pm since I gotta leave about 5:30 to start my evening shift. I'll meet my preceptor and hopefully she be very informative my first night. I'll be hearing babies crying, helping moms and dads and asking very personal things from the moms (like when did you last change your pad, can i see it as well as your most intimate area, etc.). 3 weeks from today will be my last nursing school exam. And by the way, the 12th is the biggest exam ever! At least while in nursing school- the 165 question Hesi exit exam covering EVERYTHING plus things the teachers didn't have time to teach.... So God if you are reading my blog post pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me, please oh please! God Bless me, Nursing 6, and everyone else in the world.....
Option 1 (like this realtor best but waiting to hear if it allows pets update= just an email that they do allow pets for addition $25month, now waiting to see if that is per-pet or total)
Option 2 (realtor says i have to apply & pay app fee before I can view it - not thrilled about that)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let Nursing 6 begin- Road to Graduation!

Forgive for not posting sooner but I passed nursing 5. I was slightly disappointed with my grade compared to the last few Hesi exams but it was still good. Also slightly disappointed with the fact that I heard the teacher saying how awesome other students did but then said (reluctantly?) "good job and check the ones you missed so you can review them".... What can I say, I did my best and asked God to help and reguardless of what others think of my grade I did well and I passed the class with a B. Yes yes I got a B!!!! To me that is a miracle, so thanks God.....

But like nursing school fashion our first exam of nursing 6 is Tuesday.... momma mia! It's on Pharm, Mental Health, & Dosage so I'm trying my best to prepare like always and praying to God for help and releave my fears/anxiety etc. I think with each clinical lately God has shown me that I am on the right path and that he does want this for my life. I can't tell you how many times I have mentioned the "calling" I have for this profession. If fact I am not sure if most people would understand how moved I am and grateful that God has chosen this for me. I am just about to tear up thinking about it all and I'm not sure if I won't ear up at pinning on May 2, 2012. Especially since my dad will be there and the one person who won't that I wish could- Dorothy. So there is goes, trickle trickle down my face lol. I guess I need God that day too (like i do everyday) to keep me calm and in charge of my emotions so I don't start bawling my eyes out because for that I'm sure no one will understand.....

Ok so I have 3 exams and 7 practicum days on postpartum unit. So if care to pray for me that would be awesome because I'm sure to be stressed & challaged. God has blessed me so much and I hope he will continue to through this process and getting my family in a stable life in TN.

Also if anyone has prayed or will pray on my behalf- thank you...

Also- I've had that song "this little light of mine I'm going to let it shine" stuck in my head for days but I tweaked it a bit " This little light of mine, God's gonna let it shine..." hehe

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pharm = Complete!

So I passed my Pharm final, actually more than passed it so of course I did pretty well on the class. God answered my prayers and blessed me. So now I have to get my last clinical on Wed. & then the Nursing 5 Final on Friday. With God's blessing again I will exceed at that and complete nursing 5 so that I may start nursing 6 which means Tuesday exam!!!
Also we are going to check out the rental house down the road from my brother's house on the 29th! So excited, says they are still working on it and that it is 5 bedroom but they must be like tiny because the house is only 1800 sqft. But hey I'm not judging it until I see it (and smell it)! I hope all these little pieces are all apart of God's plan for my husband & I.
Say a little prayer for me!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Onto test 2 of 4....

In 24 hours I will sitting down at a computer about to begin the 2nd of the 4 tests in 2 weeks thing. It's Pharm, not my best subject, first Pharm hesi as opposed to teacher made exam but at least I have made enough points so far that I do not need a high score to pass, however I will do my best and hope to better on this exam that my last pharm exam. Then friday is my 3rd exam, another final, and I hope to surpass my previous exam by doing so well like 90 or better would be great. And then I'll know if I am passed & completed Nursing 5 & Pharm so I can start Nursing 6 next Tuesday. Prayers Please!
I'm going to try balance studying with coping with the stress. I have started etting almostt daily headaches since last Thursday (my last test), so I'm pretty sure it is due to stress/anxiety.
At the end of the day I know it's all by God's grace and his will so faith I shall have...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The last childless nearly-30-yr-old

I just re-realized that I am the only one of my friends that has no kids, this includes a friend a few years younger than me. I can't begin to analyze my life to determine what I did to end up this way, was not my plan but then again life hands you stuff. I have battled a life in a instability as it was how I was raised and maybe soon I'll feel stable again...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Request for prayers...

School is getting down to the nitty gritty.

Two weeks from tomorrow will be 2 weeks with 4 tests. This has probably not happened in Nursing school before because I've not had 2 classes at the same time, nor 3 classes in 1 semester. This Thursday is N5 2nd exam, covering disaster nursing, Change/Conflict, & Quality Improvement/time management. Then next Monday is the Pharm Hesi Final (omg be with me), then the friday after that is N5 Hesi Final, then the Tuesday after that (or 2 wks from tomorrow) is N6 1st general nursing exam covering Pharm, MH, Dosage- assuming that you/I/we pass Nursing 5 & Pharm!!!

So I could really use a few extra prayers on behalf! The N5 exams are hard because you don't know what they are going to ask, the material is less black/white than normal nursing content. Pharm, well what can I say, it is my hardest topic. Seriously how many drugs are in the world and you want me to know random information about each (interactions, expected/not expected effects, when to give it/withhold it, etc). Then there is the general exam... since that is the first day of nursing 6 I'm not really sure what info we will get before the test (like tips or helpful hints or advice for the course & exams). I've been calling it "hell weeks", although I'm pretty confident it is nothing like hell itself. Hell is surely worse but it will be a huge challenge, at times tortuous, extremely stressful. I will be yo-yo-ing between studying and can't take anymore studying, then guilt for not studying enough, then convincing myself to focus on content I half know VS learning new things and of course consuming high sugar substances & when the house is bare of these items telling Rob I need a McFlurry or McD's ice cream cone STAT!

I know God will be with me on my personal roller-coaster of all the above & emotions. I believe and trust he will get me through it and I will succeed, I will exceed at the exams and be promoted to the next course (N6) & do well on its first test so I can be on the road to graduating May 2nd!

And then on March 27th, after all the exams are over for a brief period I will take my cats to TN to stay with my brother until my Husband & I will make the BIG MOVE...

With my hardest effort and faith in God that he will bless me & my family, with his will & hope for my life.

So if anyone out there sends a prayer for me I thank you from the depths of my heart. Nursing school is and has been a long long long hard road and I'll be crying tears of joy on the inside when I get my pin on May 2, 2012.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Giving it to God...

Every now and then I get caught up on something in life....

Most recently it has been over money, more specifically the fact that TN RN's get paid on the low side of the range, the very low side. So naturally I became concerned abut my ability to provide for my family, whether we could afford for Rob to go to college or get deeper in debt with student loans, could we even afford a child and still love a comfy life, or would we be worse off than now (and for the record "now" is unrealistic- too few bills and a monthly trust- all ending soon..). You might say it made me kind of down. I immediately recognized how absurd I was being. That a job is blessing and since i don't have a job ATM.... having one would be an improvement. A then a for a second I considered my back up option... my go-to last resort choice= Dorothy's house. A place I hope I own all my life and teach my children well enough to continue to pass it down the family tree like a giant heirloom. True - Ohio nurses do make more the TN. But I'm seriously considering it, thus the "last resort" theory. Although apart of my dream is to fix Dorothy's house, put in central heat and air, fix any flaws, maybe even update it a little. But as I contemplate how I'll ever afford to buy my own home, how then could I ever have enough funds to fix up a house I don't live in. In my mind selling the house isn't an option, I nearly tear up at the thought of it, in fact I think it would scar me so badly that I'd forever have difficulty driving by it. What can I say, I', F****d up in the head ?!?

That wasn't my point... my point was......

I always am driven back to God. I'm again and always putting my faith in him and asking for guidance. I believe in my heart that God will, in one way or another, provide for me and my family. That whatever is going to happen is all apart of his plan. And I will do my best to listen diligently and do my part. I'm not just about to graduate nursing school because I did it all on my own- God was there the whole time, along with other support. So that I was stressed and down, I'm giving it over to God....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I feel the light of heaven shining upon me....

I got my practicum schedule, which starts the 3rd and I have a couple days to study before the exit Hesi, and I get to take my "cats to tn" trip. I also applied for my first nursing job, I don't know what the odds are of me getting it but hey I did have a little luck with applying to one job and getting it.... I really only applyed because the job doesn't start until June 25th, kind of afraid to apply for other jobs because I can't start til about june since I have to finish school and get the License!!!

So I'm feeling pretty good but before the mini trip and before practicum (on a mother/baby unit- yes!) I have 4 exams. 2 hesi finals, a N5 exam, & General nursing (pharm, da, mental health). So I have some major cramming to do over the next few weeks.... Lord help me please!

And maybe we'll even get to view a potential rental house and the landlord might be so nice to let use reserve it for may/june... if he does I hope God continues to bless me by getting me a nursing job....

This truly must be his will

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring break!

So my skimmed by on the Pharm exam and successful passed my IV check off. Yay! Now I'm on spring break & trying do as much as I can. Yesterday my husband and I went to visit his dad who is serving life in prison for being a habitual offender- when he was a teen I think he asulted someone or stole something(not for sure), then a few years later grand theft, then a few years later armed robbery (however the weapon was a toy gun- no real weapon). For those actions he is in for life, I don't think the punishent warrants life in prision, at least let him have the option for paraole. But the only shot at that is if my Husband & I gather funds & find a lawyer to pursue it (he has no else involved in his life). I never knew the criminal, nor my husband, but we have grown to know a little about him now which must be changed. And my husband might even have a couple siblings that he will probably never meet.

Meanwhile, have heard about all those Tornado's this past weekend? My brother had to hang out in his basement again but they didn't get one, got to love the valley.

Also Practicum assignments are out!!! I got Winnie Palmer - mother/baby unit (postpartum). Of course I'm sure God must have played a role in this. Tomorrow I get to speak with my preceptor & figure out my schedule. Don't get me wrong, there are still lots of exams left that must be stellar grades so I can succeed & exceed so I may get pinned on May 2nd.

Now for a few Tidbits....

  • 10 Foods good for hair here, I know I could always use a little more strength and shine, I'll admit it I dye my hair. I was born with blond hair, so pretty, with a hint of strawberry-red highlights. People would kill for that, but since my hair got somewhat darker- a dirty blond I suppose, I go all out with the bleach blond effect. Although some people may wonder what my true color is (those who didn't know me as a kid) look at my eyes (blue) and my eyebrows- they are light. I'm not like the Hollywood bleachies with near black/dark brown eyebrows....

  • I just have to laugh at this one- a Ranking of the 10 Happiest States (and the less than happy) here .... Tennessee is tied for 10th for low well-being, only to be neighbors to Florida at number 9. Taking a look at the low ones- a lot are from the south so maybe health places a role- lots of obese people in southern states....

  • I found a new blog, Survival Mom, thanks to the Today show. I'll admit I watch Doomsday Preppers on Natgeo. I find it interesting and at some point may consider having a 3 month supply of food (maybe?) but definitely interested in getting some N95 masks (thanks to Contagion and me being a nurse) and increasing my medical supplies. I've lived through Hurricane warnings when the shelves are cleared before the news can report it, when power goes out for a week and the grocery stores can not sell anything or only dry goods, and gas is getting in line for at least an hour. So I know first hand that getting the items you want (vs the items you'll only use if you have to like certain foods) means shopping before the event, before the warning. And to some extent couponing can play a role in this! Are you the Ant or the Grasshopper??

Well I hope that was enough mindless info and updating....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let the Lord lift me up tomorrow & this week...

As the hours wind down to the ever closer testing time my nerves kick in just a bit more than before..... I've been studying a good portion of the day, first my note cards and for the past few hours practice questions... I really thought I'd be done with the ?'s by now but I guess they took longer than I expected. I'm planning on being awake in 24 hours so I can make a good breakfast (probably some scrambled eggs) and have enough time to do a mini devotional & study a few quick notes..... I really don't know if I have ever felt "prepared" for any of the exams I've taken but despite my feelings God always has a plan.... And this semester I'm feeling even more blessed by the grades I've gotten so far. Hopefully this trend will continue, I'll complete all my assignments before the due date, and pass the clinical portions too- then get pinned on May 2nd. I must say something like that about 5-10 times a day. I pray probably on average 2x day and each time I never fail to mention my hope & desire to pass, succeed, and get to the next step on this road. Right now I'm attempting to finish up those practice questions, relizing that I probably will not get to study my practice cards as well as I'd like to, also listening to Third Day on my pc (practice ?'s on pc too). I was luck or blessed that the great O.C. library system has tons of great items, including Third Day cds to check out, so I ripped them onto my lappy. I am so thankful for what and where God has taken me and look forward to continuing my path with him by my side to guide me. I know some of you in the world may think I'm nuts, may think I'm one of those holy roller or judgemental types. The truth is I tend to keep my spiritualness or religious beliefs or expression to myself or in my home. Not for fear or not because of shame or fear of others judging me- not at all. I am who I am & at the end of the day I don't care who knows it or what they think. I just tend to worship privately, I think my relationship is private with God or maybe with my husband too, not sure but anyways. I don't force my beliefs down onto anyone. I only hope that everyone in the world will find there spiritual leader, mine is God and that is what I believe. So say a prayer if you care & if you are a believer- Pharm 2 exam tomorrow and trying to complete Virtual IV this week, if not get checked off too, and as usually the 3rd to last clinical on Wed. I have peace and hope...

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Study Group

I thought I'd share with you what my study environment looks like, 3 of the 4 animals are on the bed with me (ricky, james, and zoey). I guess you could call this my study group... onto the studying....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Break approaches....

I have almost a week until spring break but lots to do until then.... I have a pharm exam which I am currently not prepared for, on Monday; I also have a few appointments to do my virtual IV work and maybe I can get checked off on that... While on my break I much to do as well. Like:

  • 8 case studies for N5

  • Study my butt off to prepare for the end of N5 & Pharm and beginning of N6 (aka hell weeks- in less than 2 week period I'll have 4 exams - 2 finals & 2 nursing exams - one on half of N5 content, other one on General Nursing)

  • See my biological father in law (prison visit)

  • Pack some stuff (preparing for the big move)

  • Get an Oil change

I think that's it but who knows.... With God's help I hope to pass all my classes and exams and everything in order to graduate on May 2nd. Until then I must prepare for Pharm, prepare of IV, and have one more clinical day (til Spring break).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A future home?

Yesterday evening turned around my mood (see previous post) let me explain why....
For several months a house down the street from my brother has had a "for rent" sign. This house also has a large dumster in the driveway with items sticking out of it and some of windows look rather strange as you drive by, I think there is tape or something on them. It really makes you wonder how the inside looks since it would "seem" the they owner doesn't care too much about the outside or the dumpster. So my husband called the number (my brother gave me) just to see if they would allow pets and the price. We were just curious to see if it might be a future option since no one has rented it in the many months the sign has been displayed. The man told Rob he was remodling it and it would not be ready 2-3 months, rent is $900, and pets are allowed. I have to say, even withot seeing the inside it sounds great. It is just over 1800 sq ft and has a basement/garage combo, on the good side of town, close to my brother (walking distance) in the area of town we know most. It even has a fenced back yard for the dogs! I'll put a google map link below (it's old though).
My goal (school pending) is take my cats up to live with my brother at the end of march until we move, and arrange a viewing on the home and if landlord willing - put a deposit down to reserve the home for us to move into after I graduate. So of course I've added this to my prayer list- that if this home is meant for my family that God will work things out so we will take residence there. I have faith that God will provide and guide my family....

(I couldn't paste the link for some odd reason but it is 552 ravenwood dr, morristown, tn on google maps website (there is a white vehicle in the driveway))

Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm neglecting myself...

Today I semi-started it off by going to get my depo shot and renew the prescription and got the pleasure of stepping onto the scale. Pleasure it was not! First of all weight is a very sensitive topic for me, look at me and you'll probably see why; know me and you'll realize it has been an up and down battle for me. And I won't go into the mental details of how it has affected me through the years but lets just say I've allowed this issue to take control of me at times. I'm not blind to the fact that since I quit working I've gained weight, although whenever I'm not looing at a photo or in the mirror I still think I'm thinner than I really am. I suppose my mind is still stuck in that once thinner (but never very thin) image I used to be several years ago. If fact I never mention my weight, I don't ever say "I'm fat". I avoid the topic is social situations because it is hard for me. I sadly, will admit like an alcoholic does, I'm the heaviest I've ever been. At the moment I find the stress of nursing school fueling my weight gain over the last 1 1/2 years. The potential of failing an exam or being kicked out of the program has probably led me to eat a few pieces of cheesecake and try to satisfy my stress with food. It's not the way it should be go but I'm going to try to twik it alittle while completing my last semester. I truly plan to step up the effort once I'm done with school. Maybe I'll even go to a gym or get a personal trainer or take a class to keep me accountable. Maybe my employer will offer some discounts to aid myself in the goal of better health and weight loss. Like nearly everything in my life I will pray about this. So right now I'm going to work out.... And if anyone even thinks about asking, forget about it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blessed again..

Isn't everyday a blessing? But sometimes we are blessed a little more than the average day... I got a B on nursing 5 exam! Now I just have to stay on task, keep up the good grades, and nursing 6 will be here before I know it. Then on May 2nd, with the Lord's help and blessing I will complete the nursing program with the pinning ceremony. It might just be one of the happiest days of my life.
So God if you're reading my blog - Thanks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 6..?..

So exam 1 of Nursing 5 (N5 content) is over but I won't know the results until Thursday... I don't know if I did well but there definitely a few questions that had a couple good answers or a question I didn't fully understand what they were asking in relation to the choices or might have misinterpreted? So N5 needs to rewrite some questions. I tried by best and asked God for an A but the end of the day the most important is that I pass.
Excited to have 2 weeks until the next test so I'm going to cook some good meals...

  • Grilled Chicken Burritos

  • Mexi Chicken & Rice soup

  • Pot Roast

  • Beef & Noodles

I just have to go shopping to make the stuff. By the way we are out of bread and I estimate will be out of milk sometime tomorrow (are grocery run isn't planned until Friday- Rob's only day off). I am going to school just about everyday this week- hopefully it is worth it! Also taking photo for graduation wall for school. Also need to run Max to the vet for a booster vaccine and some dog food. Then there is the always present "stay on top of school". (And wed clinical)

So as always my faith is my core and I pray daily and have bible time. On my daily planner I always put BE on each day- means Bible and Exercise because those are things that nourish my body and need to maintain good health and happiness. Before I know it these 2 classes will be over and by the Grace of God I'll enter Nursing 6 and a month later (May 2nd) I'll get pinned (aka graduate).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I will thank God no matter what the outcome...

Well if you've seen my recent posts then you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm preparing to tackle another hurdle or challenge. We are about a month into Nursing 5 & Pharmacology and it hasn't been too bad. The first week was a test, then week 2 hesi, then week 3 the beginning of clinical and week 4 the real deal of clinical and as week 5 begins tomorrow- the first exam for pharm. Am I ready? can you truly be ready? I have tried my best for the last week, especially last 2 days to study. It has been difficult, I have battled being induced into a sleepy fog but I did try. I've done practice questions and pharm chat, and review and flash cards. I even did some calculating to see what my worst case passing scenario would be.... if I maintain my case study average then it turns out I don't need A's to pass, however I'm aiming for that awesome A. Pharm might be a life long battle, with new drugs popping up every year and a vast amount of information that can applied to each individual drug. It I could know it all I'd be writing the Davis drug guide. So maybe I'll get a few more minutes of studying in tonight, maybe I'll wake up early for a review but come 10 am it will be up to me and the Lord above. For he is always with me despite the task. As the minutes gain close to that test time I try to pull myself together. To get into the mind set, to use my energies for less studying and more keeping calm, pushing out stress, and reassuring myself with faith, God's will or plan for me. I may not know how to perfectly recite many or any bible verses but I do know that With God All Things Are Possible....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clinical game changer...

First day of clinical= done! Well it was really orientation but hey those hours count toward my "clinical hours". And unlike any clinical experience I've had I'll acting be in a role of nurse. Until now I've been more or less a tech that does assessments, sees a procedure from time to time, and passes out meds on one patient once in a blue moon. Due to uncontrolling factors I have practice hardly any skills on living breathing people. My top 3 goals on my daily clinical experience prior to now was do my assessment and vitals, get my patient bathed & linens changed, and make sure they have food/water as needed, comfy, etc. Now I will not be changed out soiled depends and bathing patients, I will not even being doing the scheduled vitals; I'll be doing my assessments (3 per patient), giving meds, doing whatever skills they require or orders they have pending. Of course I'll be working with there nurse and there are some things I just can't do but my biggest challenge is staying on top of it with a load of 2-4 patients. No post conference or pre bull-crap, no picking up patients just the nitty gritty- nursing. How will I stay on top, how will I get my meds out, how will the nurse be with me, how will the tech be with me, can I figure out to manage my time, accomplish the goals. To say the phrase shell shocked, may be appropriate in this instance. I'll definitely have a few extra things to pray for.... by the way I also have to manage me a time to eat lunch.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3....

Alrighty, so this week, on the surface, would appear to relatively easy. However, no week in nursing school could just be as simple as "easy. I thought having 2 classes wouldn't be too bad, after I all I've done 4 at one time before.... But there are a ton of discussion boards and more group ones than I would prefer. Not downing the groups, they have been great but I like to depend on myself and have control over what I'm doing and when I'm gonna have it done. Example, we have another group post this week for N5, I'd like to have started my end of it but I was waiting to see if anyone had input since it's a collaboration. (Will email tomorrow if not emailed back) I've been keeping up with the chapters ok but have not started studying for pharm yet. Tonight I'm doing practice questions, tomorrow some pharm stuff, see what's up with group, and maybe finish this weeks reading. Then Tuesday is first day of Clinical.
Sometimes I don't know how I've done it or how I'll do it. But one thing I do know is I couldn't or can't do it without God. Everyday it seems I find some way the lord has blessed, whether it seems like a smaller one like getting what I wanted or a surprise freebie in the mail OR passing a class or getting an A on the hesi. Like I've typed on here many times, I believe it's God will for me to be a nurse. So I do what I can, pray for God to help me do more & succeed, and put it in his hands.
I take a deep breath and God calms me, then I just keep thinking "May 2, 2012"...

Saturday, January 21, 2012


And God has continued to bless me- I passes simulation! My next challenage - do good on my first pharm exam (there are only 3).
In the meanwhile I have a pinterest account so hit me up.

God bless everyone...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Prayer & prepare...

Wed is the next big day in nursing school career- Simulation day! It's pass or fail so I'm gonna be praying and preparing to the best of my ability until then....God's will....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 1 has Begun!

Ok so the stress levels are running high.....

First week of the last semester of Nursing school (thank the lord for getting me here).

I could maybe benefit from a few extra prayers.... Thursday morning I have a test on EVERYTHING! Then Wed. the 18th, in the afternoon, I have a simulation. Which is basically a physical test of the act of Nursing- like 20-30 minutes with 2 random fake patients. It's pass/fail with the opportunity to retake but I want to pass the first time because this semester is getting down & dirty from day 1. I'm sacrificing staying on top of my assignments to study for this big Thursday exam, which then I have to write something that must be turned in by 6pm, then I actually need to read this week's chapters & start next weeks chapters. Before Wednesday I need to practice or prep for Simulation & sometime I need to work on the big pharm group case study and the regular group case study! Ugh!

Lord be with me, I'll be alright and come May 2nd I'll get pinned & start preparing for the boards.... With God's will, I will

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ant & Grasshopper

So last night I was reading a couple chapters in my new study bible that I got for Christmas (above photo, from walmart), it was Proverbs 5 & 6. It mentioned the old fable of the Ant & The Grasshopper. I remember hearing it has a kid. I guess I felt as though I could relate & apply this to my current situation (most people probably can). I guess I'm feeling nervous and some worry since in less than a week I have my first exam (keep in mind class begins the coming Monday, first test a few days later). I know I "should" feel some confidence, after all at this stage I should know all the content but truth be told I think it would take years of experience for me to truly know 99% of the nursing content. So I'm wondering if I should do some drastic, or attempt it- to help increase my focus & time on studies & reduce distractions. I'm thinking of unplugging my TV with maybe the exception of Sunday evenings or weekends. I have several TV shows that I enjoy watching usually some kind of reality documentary types (like Alaska:the last frontier & One Born Every Minute). I'd love some feedback from my blog readers on this idea or any suggestion on what I should/shouldn't do. I keep telling myself the next 4 months maybe hard but it will be either lead to me graduation or me wasting 4 months and doing all over again (which would domino effect my life drastically!).

Am I the Ant or the Grasshopper?

(What do I need to do to be successful this term?)

  • Macy's has been have some good clearance sales & today only an extra 25% off (many sweaters under $20)- shop if you can! Update: I spent $110 on 2 jeans (hydraulic), 2 sweaters, 1 dress, 1 undies- saved about $238 (also got free ship since over $99 & a $10 off coupon code of for a purchase of $75).

  • Just a heads up there are going to be a bunch of coupons in the Sunday paper!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Goals for 2012

Here is a list of goals, some of these will happen on certain dates or parts of the year, while others maybe a general goal to complete by 2013. I love hearing what other people's goals are & find it very encouraging when they accomplish one or all of them. And I don't mind praying for others & meeting their goals, if you would like to pray for me I'll welcome the support! (They aren't in any specific order, although goal 1 & 2 are most important, occur during the first 4-5 months, & will have a domino affect on other/future goals)...

  1. Pass my 3 remaining Nursing classes & Graduate with my nursing degree (get pinned May 2nd)

  2. Pass the NCLEX (the "boards" aka get my license to practice as an RN)

  3. Get my first RN job

  4. Move to TN (need number 3 for this one)

  5. Be more consistent with reading the Bible & leading a faith filled life

  6. Replace the old Geo with a new(er) car for Mr. Rob

  7. Get in better physical shape (whether it be losing a couple pounds or improving my strength)

  8. Pay it forward

  9. Meet my goal to have $X amount saved by move date

  10. Start 2 long term goals: expanding the family & Rob's education

  11. Spend more time with family & loved ones (take more photos too)

  12. To not take anyone or anything for granted (spread kindness & appreciative)

Sunday, January 1, 2012