Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well it has been awhile since my last post... My mom's visit has come and gone but in about 2 weeks she will be moving in my house to stay for a little while. My mom is coming back to TN and that makes me happy.

Please say a little prayer that I am able to get my schedule so I can attend all the football games and competitions. If I am lucky to get some beautiful shots with my Nikon then I might get one published in the yearbook!!! Excited! I'm a photo taking kind person, always have been....

Going to have a big tye-dye day with the nieces, making some "school" spirited stuff and something cute for my bestie's future child.... Also thinking about taking my nieces to knoxville to go to target or something... we'll see. Before I know it summer will over, the girls will be in high school together, and we'll have weekly football games.

  • I noticed that many shops are having semi-annual sales, or had some memorial day discounts. I have to say I have spent some money- got a few gifts, couple things for the house, maybe a couple things for myself (some needed). Bras at VS 
  • Also I got the free shipping subscription at Zulily- I love them so much because 1. everything is one sale! 2. they have the best and newest stuff 3. they have new items/retailers every single day and email the list at 9am 4. I can save things to my wishlist so if i don't buy it the first time I see it then I can think about and easily see when it has returned for purchase! Please sign up for an account through my link (I get credit for you if you use my link to sign up) Sign up is free it just allow to see the sales - no obligation to buy, to fee to sign up.  Go here Zulily please!
  • I have part of my garden started, still have to dig my second bed and have hubby build the frame. That will have my cucumbers, zucchini, cantalope; already got my tomatoes and pumpkins started. The pumpkins have actually started to sprout above ground (so excited). 
Stool $12.99

Top $9.99
Cotton Swab Holder $5.49
Above photos are my recent purchases from Zulily, aren't they cute? and affordable?!!!

  • One problem I am having is what to send my dad for father's day. No idea what to do but hopefully I can come up with something this weekend. Any ideas?
I  guess that is all for now folks... Seeing my nieces tomorrow and then a shift a work...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Nurse Week

Tomorrow begins National Nurse week, so to all my nurses out there thanks for your effort and let us celebrate! My job is doing a couple things, my last shift before my vaca-stayca I will get to wear a t-shift for half my shift & get an ice cream sundae (assuming that my patient don't hit the call like constantly at the start of my shift).