Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday but feels like a weekend to me....

Shopping day! Or should i say shopping day 1... lol

    -I went to kohl's & used my $10/20 purchase. I got a pair of capris & a tank top for OOP $13.82 (saved $35.02- they had some good sales)
    -Went to the party store to pick up some odds and ends for my packages to send out :)

    -Went to publix to use my $5/30 coupon- stocked up on soda, got some air freshener stuff, some corn (4/$1), & disposable razors ($5.49 BOGO - $2Q - $3Q=.49/2 Go Me)

    -Ordered somemore plastic drawers from & spotted a deal, at least I think so.... 8- 18 gal totes for $43.76 I figure I can replace some of my boxes with plastic totes. And Rob can use the drawers plus when we move we probably are not taking our bedroom set, since it was a hand me down- it will lighten the load.

    Some other tidbits.....
    -I stumbled upon this cool site that sells gentle used kids clothes (mainly baby/toddler stuff but anything really) This is how it works.... the seller gets a prepaid box to fill with as many items as they want (they make a list for the website), each box is $5 (plus the buyer pays shipping $10?) but you could 10 thing or 20 things or 2 things, depends on what you pick out. And I think if you sell high demand sizes then you may be able to get credit towards buying?) Check it out....

    -CMT awards were just annouced, yeah I know I must be sick but I voted. What can I say TN is country and I miss TN.... I still love my hard rock!

    -This Sunday paper is loaded with coupons, Pepsi coupons? Check here... if this is true I'm gonna have to get extras!

Well that's all for now folks!

Tomorrow I'm going to get my books for school, yay!

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  1. I just have to vent... I tried 3 times to fix this post so it was so spread out with large gaps and taking up several page lengths.... I give up lol