Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have an Annoucement

I just took my final in nutrition and missed only 2 have an A in the class. And thanks to extra credit I guess you could say I got a perfect score, I got 1001.5 points out of 1000. I'm feeling pretty good, now only if I could find out my grade for my psych class and my teacher grade part 2 of the final in my hummanities class....Then I would know what my whole summer grades were and maybe see if my GPA will be altered (hope it goes up).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

True Blood Promo!!!!!!!!!!

this is a promo for the last half of Season 2, you gotta see this

Who is the woman getting stabbed?

Who is in bed with Sookie?

Who is going to die?

Why is Sam in jail?

I just, just can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walmart 7/28

I'm not going list each item I bought because you can kind of tell but will list coupons
Total Before Coupons:$67.57
Coupons used:
$1.50/2 Kotex
$2 of sugar WYB 10 packets of kool-aid
$2/1 Axe shampoo
$1/1 Banquet chik nuggets
4-$1/1 Smart Taste Ronzoni pasta
$1/1 Dessert Frozen edys
$1/1 M&M ice cream
3-$2/1 Pedigree Dog snacks
2-.55/1 Knorr sides
$1/1 taco bell kit
$1/1 Alexia Crunchy snacks
.50/1 rice
$1/2 hot dogs
$1/1 Goodys hair
$1/1 Marie Calendar's Al Dent meal
Total spent---------------------------$44.82
Saved: $22.75
Add this amount to my previously post.....
Total Spent of Groceries---------------------------$97.57
Total Saved for the day--------$94.22

Publix, Albertsons, Aldi 7/28

Publix (above)
4- Boxes frosted mini wheats (4.19 ea bogo)
1- Bic luminare lighter (5.19)
1- Friskies (sale $3)
1- Fresh step cat litter (9.29)

Total Before:$27

Coupons used:
$3/1 Fresh Step (publix q)
2-$1/1 mini wheats
1- BOGO mini wheats
$1/1 Bic
$2/1 Friskies (publix q)

Saved: $24.26

Note: I ended up paying $2.29 for 4 boxes of cereal

Albertsons & Aldi above
Bought at Albertsons:
3- pks steak (B1G2F $17.98 ea)
2- Jimmy Dean Bacons (2.50)
1- Jimmy Dean sausage (2.50)
1- Hillshire farm sausage links (2.50)
2- Sara Lee Buns (1.37)

Total Before: $30.72

Coupons used:
2-.40 of bread
$3/ off sausage/bacon purchase


Aldi Bought:
2- 3# chicken breast (5.49 ea)

Total Spent:$52.71

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chicken Wraps

That's what my family had for dinner tonight.We had 3 different flavors: Buffalo, BBQ, & Ranch.
1 Boneless Skinless chicken breast (per person) slived into strips
Flour Tortillas
Lettuce (chopped or shredded)
Shredded Cheese (your choice)
Sauces (your choice)
1. Cook up the chicken in a skillet (spray with pam first)
2. Heat up tortillas
3. Either dip 1 serving of chicken in sauce (smother in a bowl) or pour sauce on chicken after in tortilla. Asemble your personal wrap with your sauced up chicken, lettuce, & cheese.
4. Wrap it, eat it!
An easy, inexpensive, yet very satisfying meal. (We had tots on the side too)
In the buffalo wrap we smothered the chicken and then poured a little blue cheese dresssing on it before wrapping. You could try other sauces too, like teriyaki, burbon, honey mustard, etc.

Publix 7/25

No picture

1- Edy's ice cream (4.99 rob's treat)
12- Seasations 2 pk flavored fish (5.99 ea bogo)
1- Yakisoba noodles (.89)
1- Nesquick strawberry syrup (2.19)
1- Hot dog buns (1.19)
Total before Coupons-----------------$45.20

Coupons used:
11- $3/1 Seasations (could have used 12 but only had 11)
1- free nesquick WYB Edys
1- .35 Yakisoba

Total After Coupons--------------------$9.60

Savings of : $71.54

Note: I would have spent less if i either A. bought 1 less Seasations or B. hadn't taken rob (ice cream/nesquick is idea
Also the cashier was super friendly, never had her before, had no problems with the coupons in fact she asked if I had another Seasations coupon since I had 12 products but only 11 coupons. She even said to the guy behind as she was looking at my receipt savings that i saved over $70 and he was like how. She asked where i got all the coupons and i refered her to the website i use to order them. A very good trip! If I had a big freezer I would have planned on getting more.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Old Navy

I ordered these 7 shirts online (online only item). It was a few days ago and the deal is gone or the screw up because i'm not sure these shirts were supposed to be that low....It only cost me $24.50 (tax/shipping=$33.55)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Additional song....

I've added "only One" by Yellowcard to my playlist, it says only once but someone fudged up. This is my husband and my's song, we danced to it at out lil wedding nearly 5 years ago.

New Song of the Week...

"Careless Whisper" by Seether
Love them but nice take on a remake....btw I think this son would also be good in the New Moon movie....
Have you seen this video yet? It's kinda cute, total 80's gaming style
(NewMoon- would be a good song for when Bella is reminiscing in the woods/ when Edward leaves her..)


I've been in a rut that last week or so with my school work. Getting back on WoW has only fueled the flames of procrastination but today, as I actually learned a tad bit about Renal Disease (Nutrition course), my desire to learn and accomplish is renewed. Example, I have 3 assignments, in which i only need to do 1 but am tempted to do them all just because I'll learn more. I must be on a education high lol.
  • 1 week left and all i have are 2 finals & 2 asignments left (i think I will miss school after a couple weeks on nothing but wow and maybe job hunting)
  • I plan on pulling out the old Anatomy Book and brushing up, so easy to forget all those details, like the names of each of the 206 bones(and locations) Damn how did Kelly get A's on everything & raise 3 kids?
  • On to the otherside of life, did you go to Starbucks today and get your free baked good item when you buy a handcrafted drink? We did but by the time we went (9:30) they had super slim pickins (stayed up to late on wow....most addictive game ever!)
  • In my Nutrition book it says that you if you reduce your kcals (calories) by 500 daily, in 1 week you'll lose 1 pound, additionally the same theory works with exercising...burn 3500=lose 1 pound.....if you cut 500 and burn 500 everyday for 1 week you should lose 2 pounds/wk-----sounds hard---I spent 1 hour on the treadmill (can't run but walked fast 2.5-3mph) and only burned about 230 cals. I guess ifi do that EVERYDAY and cut 270 cals i'll lose 1 pound a week...
  • Wanna know if your "techniquely" obese/overweight/healthy/under? Give your height and weight I can tell you and your BMI.....You might just be surprised...
  • I "hear" ingles will have triple coupons....might wanna check it out Ben here and here
  • Guess What? Publix will have the Seasations BOGO in the next ad, if you got the $3/1 q's that means Free Fish....and easily cooked too....check here
  • BTW have you see in the Freebies at CVS/Wags for back to school? I know someone who should/could probably didn't get them.....& there kids go back to school in 3 weeks...go to CVS first week of August and get some BTS deals
  • Have you been to Chili's for the 3 courses/2 people=$20 deal? We did and it was super fantastic just spent $21.30 in FL (water to drink)....Going to back for Rob's birthday if deal still on.....
  • Last but not least...Sunday Coupon Preview

BTW I should be getting a sweet package from Old Navy on Thursday...look for a postie (super awesome deal on my fav super comfy shirts!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Return

to Wow...Yes I have re-activated my account after years of being away. My classes end in a week and a half so this will be a little hobby. It's pretty fun now, not as hard as when i left (before the 2 expansions).
Now if only my new ram would arrive so I can play on my desktop whenever I want....
Not too much new except that yesterday marked the 1 month til my b-day mark. I'd like to say I'm excited, I am only a little bit due to that fact of I will have to scale back on our b-day budgets this year and that I won't probably be spending it with anyone except Rob. Maybe we'll go to disney because I can get in Free....but will have to see if Rob works...

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Personal Life Plan

I've been thinking the last couple days and "rough" idea/plan of the course of our future...
  • Graduate with ASN 2012
  • Work as Nurse and have child while Rob goes to school for couple years or so
  • Start BSN program around 2015 (if rob graduated) possibly get employer to pay for it & buy house
  • By 2017 graduate with BSN (possibly eariler depends on which school, programs vary from 1-2 years)
  • Both of us work for few years, have another kid, consider the option of a MSN (if yes start by 2020)

That's my rough- always subject to change- today in the moment- plan or idea of the next 10 years or so. I can't say today for sure I'm going for a masters but i'm 99% sure i'm getting the BSN, I've looked at a few programs, found one that is completely online, one that is 14 months at a state U.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


(Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist)
"Reflecting the level of responsibility they assume on a daily basis, CRNAs are some of the best-paid nursing specialists currently working. According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, the reported average annual salary in 2006 was approximately $165,000."
I am considering this a potential career destination. I'm on track for the AS but would need a min. BS and probably MSN. I know if i were to do that I'd just be spending 1/3 of my life in school but let's face it there must be a teeny tiny part of me that enjoys the torture of school.
The website I got the above quote doesn't list it but UT Knoxville offers this degree program. My local 4 yr University doesn't. Interesting...
Update: They also offer this degree at UTC (Chattanooga) in addition to the nurse practitioner masters...can you say overly ambitious :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I hate to say this and honestly never ever thought I would but as I watch 18 Kids & Counting while they visit Pigeon Forge, I kinda miss Tennessee....

Jason Stackhouse...

For anyone who say Episode 4 of Season 2 of True Blood...I've posted a new song to my a tribute to Jason and his state of "confusion" lol


  • First of all, one of my fav reality tv shows has started up (pretty much annual thing) Big Brother on CBS (airs 3 times weekly). I've been watching it for nearly a decade I think. And even when I was just a new adult I wanted to sign up for it but you have to be 21 and well by the time 21 came around the urge ceased and honestly...I'd bet money on me getting booted out pretty early on....I do not thrive in large social settings with strangers....
  • Secondly, after turning in an assignment for a class I was doodling around on the internet (trying to PG my phrase...I usually use another 7 letter word...) And found some pretty delicous sounding & looking recipes that I believe are not too far out there in ingredients and possiblely kid friendly...?... go here.... Kraft Recipes .....I found one that I'll be making next week Hot Ham and Cheese Roll Ups! - Maybe BFF Megan & BB Ben can get some ideas there..(BB= Big Bro)
  • Thirdly....some may know that mu husband's hours at work have been slashed in half due to the lack of summer business for the restaurant he works at....but he was called aka awoken today and went into work....he is still there, which at nearly 3:00 has been 7 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is/was only scheduled 14 this week....hopefully he'll still get those 14 and won't get cut. I guess the top 2 things on my prayer list are husband better hours/work and that my baby Max is healthy (and other pets too).

Jessica + Hoyt....

Monday, July 13, 2009

April 16, 2010

Save the date because that is the projected release for the remake of a Nightmare on Elm Street.....I have even heard that the girl playing Nancy has signed a contract to do 2 films as Nancy....NOES 2?
I've got a date with the Hubs this week to see the new Harry Potter.... I used to despise the cult of Hogwarts but after my husband forced me into watching one of them, I sorta had to watch them all. It's probably the way he feels about me making him watch True Blood. Just have to know what is going to happen....
Did you watch True Blood last night?
We got to meet's just weird seeing these characters and knowing what will happen in the future....or at least how it all goes down in the book. This Jessica is being to grow on me least she isn't so bratty anymore. Can't wait to see what happens with Hoyt...And then poor Jason...I really feel sorry for the guy, I think he is confused and vulnerable to these Fellowship of the Sun people....he should have just gotten some thearpy....And WTF is up with Eggs...I think it's not going to go well for Tara...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Albertson's 7/9


4- Easy Mac cups
2- bags Kettle cooked Lays
4- A1 steakhouse marinades bogo
6- Smart Ronzoni pastas bogo
1- Sara Lee bagels
1- Bread
1- Tator tots (over priced:()
3- pks angus steak b1g2f
2- Baby Back ribs bogo
2- Roma tomatoes
1- Bacon
Coupons used:
6- $1/1 Ronzoni
2- $2/1 A1

Random Photos....

Zoey in his lil cage with a biscuit
Max with his baby giraffe

Rob with Ricky in recycled cardboard box/cat house

James in box w/ ricky behind him

Ricky doesn't like the box house but james sleeps in it

View of out office (3rd bedroom) from the corner with the closet and window. I cleaned it up last week and rob rearranged thte desk and tv. His desk is beside me or to the right.

Me and Rob after our early morning errands...which included Rob getting his regular license

Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm proud to say that after 5 years, my husband has a full fledged license to drive. I often feared this day would not come but it finially has and a stress has been lifted off my shoulders. Now though..... I will at some point have to be the "passenager"....uhhh
I'm not a good passenager, mainly because i'm worried about "my" car. And I've been driving us everywhere since the day we I don't think rob will take over that job. He can drive us every once and awhile.....maybe in 10 years I'll be more able to share the

Weekly Menu

Monday- Grilled Chicken Sandwiches w/ sweet potato/seasoned fries
Tuesday- Beef & Noodles
Wednesday- Chicken Taco Salad
Thursday- Meatballs & Mac'n'cheese
Friday- Hamburgers ??
Saturday- Frozen Cali Pizza
Sunday- Pork/chicken ??

Sunday, July 5, 2009

True Blood Soundtrack

On a positive note, I won the season 1 True Blood soundtrack from my fav fan site. Although I was 3rd in line....the others didn't "respond" in time and Joy for me....


Well I'm afraid I haven't been feeling my super posty self lately. I have alot going on with my summer semester coming to an end in a few weeks and have to play catch up in one class. Also have found that my husband has been cut hours by more than half, they say there just trying it out, I sure hope because 10 hours a week (still 5 days of work) isn't going to cut it. In fact after gas and tolls for driving 5 days it will hardly be worth it....but it's still a job and we can't be choosey.
It's just one of those times when all your "ideas" or plans seem to melt away into the back ground as if they never exsisted. This roller-coaster is exhaustng...

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Happy Birthday Mom
Today I'm making a Paula Deen Pineapple cake. But before that I had to run some errands. Including spending 2 hours at the car dealership getting the underneath splash guard replaced....why u ask? Because someone parked it to close to the cement thingy and my car sits a hair low so it often will scrape it. Well Saturday before the concert as i was pulled the car out it make a horrible scraping sound. Long story must have gotten loose because most of it was missing (probably was scraping the ground and "flew" off on 528). So they removed what small piece was left (and hitting ground) and it cost me $118. But the brakes and air are perfecto... Well worth the peace-of-mind.
Now i'm going to look through/ organize some stuff in boxes that are in our "storage closet" aka 3rd bedroom/office closet.
Tomorrow got a date with the in-laws....