Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clinical game changer...

First day of clinical= done! Well it was really orientation but hey those hours count toward my "clinical hours". And unlike any clinical experience I've had I'll acting be in a role of nurse. Until now I've been more or less a tech that does assessments, sees a procedure from time to time, and passes out meds on one patient once in a blue moon. Due to uncontrolling factors I have practice hardly any skills on living breathing people. My top 3 goals on my daily clinical experience prior to now was do my assessment and vitals, get my patient bathed & linens changed, and make sure they have food/water as needed, comfy, etc. Now I will not be changed out soiled depends and bathing patients, I will not even being doing the scheduled vitals; I'll be doing my assessments (3 per patient), giving meds, doing whatever skills they require or orders they have pending. Of course I'll be working with there nurse and there are some things I just can't do but my biggest challenge is staying on top of it with a load of 2-4 patients. No post conference or pre bull-crap, no picking up patients just the nitty gritty- nursing. How will I stay on top, how will I get my meds out, how will the nurse be with me, how will the tech be with me, can I figure out to manage my time, accomplish the goals. To say the phrase shell shocked, may be appropriate in this instance. I'll definitely have a few extra things to pray for.... by the way I also have to manage me a time to eat lunch.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3....

Alrighty, so this week, on the surface, would appear to relatively easy. However, no week in nursing school could just be as simple as "easy. I thought having 2 classes wouldn't be too bad, after I all I've done 4 at one time before.... But there are a ton of discussion boards and more group ones than I would prefer. Not downing the groups, they have been great but I like to depend on myself and have control over what I'm doing and when I'm gonna have it done. Example, we have another group post this week for N5, I'd like to have started my end of it but I was waiting to see if anyone had input since it's a collaboration. (Will email tomorrow if not emailed back) I've been keeping up with the chapters ok but have not started studying for pharm yet. Tonight I'm doing practice questions, tomorrow some pharm stuff, see what's up with group, and maybe finish this weeks reading. Then Tuesday is first day of Clinical.
Sometimes I don't know how I've done it or how I'll do it. But one thing I do know is I couldn't or can't do it without God. Everyday it seems I find some way the lord has blessed, whether it seems like a smaller one like getting what I wanted or a surprise freebie in the mail OR passing a class or getting an A on the hesi. Like I've typed on here many times, I believe it's God will for me to be a nurse. So I do what I can, pray for God to help me do more & succeed, and put it in his hands.
I take a deep breath and God calms me, then I just keep thinking "May 2, 2012"...

Saturday, January 21, 2012


And God has continued to bless me- I passes simulation! My next challenage - do good on my first pharm exam (there are only 3).
In the meanwhile I have a pinterest account so hit me up.

God bless everyone...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Prayer & prepare...

Wed is the next big day in nursing school career- Simulation day! It's pass or fail so I'm gonna be praying and preparing to the best of my ability until then....God's will....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 1 has Begun!

Ok so the stress levels are running high.....

First week of the last semester of Nursing school (thank the lord for getting me here).

I could maybe benefit from a few extra prayers.... Thursday morning I have a test on EVERYTHING! Then Wed. the 18th, in the afternoon, I have a simulation. Which is basically a physical test of the act of Nursing- like 20-30 minutes with 2 random fake patients. It's pass/fail with the opportunity to retake but I want to pass the first time because this semester is getting down & dirty from day 1. I'm sacrificing staying on top of my assignments to study for this big Thursday exam, which then I have to write something that must be turned in by 6pm, then I actually need to read this week's chapters & start next weeks chapters. Before Wednesday I need to practice or prep for Simulation & sometime I need to work on the big pharm group case study and the regular group case study! Ugh!

Lord be with me, I'll be alright and come May 2nd I'll get pinned & start preparing for the boards.... With God's will, I will

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ant & Grasshopper

So last night I was reading a couple chapters in my new study bible that I got for Christmas (above photo, from walmart), it was Proverbs 5 & 6. It mentioned the old fable of the Ant & The Grasshopper. I remember hearing it has a kid. I guess I felt as though I could relate & apply this to my current situation (most people probably can). I guess I'm feeling nervous and some worry since in less than a week I have my first exam (keep in mind class begins the coming Monday, first test a few days later). I know I "should" feel some confidence, after all at this stage I should know all the content but truth be told I think it would take years of experience for me to truly know 99% of the nursing content. So I'm wondering if I should do some drastic, or attempt it- to help increase my focus & time on studies & reduce distractions. I'm thinking of unplugging my TV with maybe the exception of Sunday evenings or weekends. I have several TV shows that I enjoy watching usually some kind of reality documentary types (like Alaska:the last frontier & One Born Every Minute). I'd love some feedback from my blog readers on this idea or any suggestion on what I should/shouldn't do. I keep telling myself the next 4 months maybe hard but it will be either lead to me graduation or me wasting 4 months and doing all over again (which would domino effect my life drastically!).

Am I the Ant or the Grasshopper?

(What do I need to do to be successful this term?)

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  • Just a heads up there are going to be a bunch of coupons in the Sunday paper!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Goals for 2012

Here is a list of goals, some of these will happen on certain dates or parts of the year, while others maybe a general goal to complete by 2013. I love hearing what other people's goals are & find it very encouraging when they accomplish one or all of them. And I don't mind praying for others & meeting their goals, if you would like to pray for me I'll welcome the support! (They aren't in any specific order, although goal 1 & 2 are most important, occur during the first 4-5 months, & will have a domino affect on other/future goals)...

  1. Pass my 3 remaining Nursing classes & Graduate with my nursing degree (get pinned May 2nd)

  2. Pass the NCLEX (the "boards" aka get my license to practice as an RN)

  3. Get my first RN job

  4. Move to TN (need number 3 for this one)

  5. Be more consistent with reading the Bible & leading a faith filled life

  6. Replace the old Geo with a new(er) car for Mr. Rob

  7. Get in better physical shape (whether it be losing a couple pounds or improving my strength)

  8. Pay it forward

  9. Meet my goal to have $X amount saved by move date

  10. Start 2 long term goals: expanding the family & Rob's education

  11. Spend more time with family & loved ones (take more photos too)

  12. To not take anyone or anything for granted (spread kindness & appreciative)

Sunday, January 1, 2012