Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Almost packed...

Rob's closet- full of bagged clothes, sheets, etc.

My corner of boxes
My closet- most is ready to go, even got some stuff packed for TN

Sunday, June 20, 2010

True Blood & Treme...

Two great shows that just so happen to take place in the sweet southern state of Louisianna!
The more I watch the more I want take a long vacation there or buy a house with my "lotto" winnings lol. True Blood is the love of my tv life... treme is a nice little post-katrina show....
I can't not believe that John Goodman's character got killed off! Unexpected and sad.... Can't wait to see what may happen next season... but not as attached as i am to TRUE BLOOD!!!
And i'm finally glad to see the Sookie is noticing the "softer side" of Mr Eric....and am so glad my brother has gotten HBO so i won't have to miss and episode or hear my husband goat about them making the suffering worse lol

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Morning Thursday

Good Morning...
I finally changed my comment settings, so all have to be approved. This is my attempt at stopping those Asian language posts... i have no idea what they said but they had links and when hovering over them they looked not something I'd want on my "Family Friendly" blog!
  • I read an article about a prequel movie to "The Thing", love The Thing but unsure of this "prequel" ? Check it out yourself.....
  • Another article about growing just a few easy veggies can save you money, although I can not put this one test... I miss the garden we had in TN and look forward to digging in the dirt again...whenever I have my own home... check it out!
  • The Disney Store is having a semi-annual sale... check it out...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's up Wednesday?

Well Friday is my orientation for Nursing school.. yay... And then a week later we're moving into a house....yay! Then it's TN here I come...then it's Nursing school here I come...
True Blood has started! So thrilled, I've already watched it twice and probably will watch it at least once more before the next episode and my brother "might" even get HBO so i can watch it while i'm there, that would be sweet as I'd miss 3-4 episodes (out of 12). Sadly 99% of my hair is blonde again... it's cute but i was somewhat attached to pink.
Enough about me...
  • Check of the upcoming Sunday inserts....
  • has a nice .75/1 ball park hotdogs coupon and yesterday (zip 90210) had $1/1 goldfish grahams coupon but that one might be gone ??

Wish I had more links to post but been distracted lately with packing and school, etc. Going to watch The Book of Eli tomorrow with the Hubster, hopefully pack alittle, work out, & prepare for orientation.... that's what i'm shooting for at least... oh maybe quick trip to Walmart for $4 12 pk Double rolls of Angel Soft tp and need gas too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Monday...

Monday- Steak & Corn on the Cob
Tuesday- Buffalo Chicken Salad
Wednesday- Chicken Patties w/ chips
Thursday- Tacos
Friday- ??

Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Blood!!!

True Blood (season 3) is about to begin!! So excited!
Also... why do i keep getting comments in like chinese/japanese?
1. who ru people?
2. why don't u type in english b/c i have no clue what u r it's pointless...i doubt many people view my lame blog so what is up with the asian comments ???

Friday, June 11, 2010


  • Signed up for a few "Free Samples" today at, get yours!
  • I may have to order some coupons from b/c there is supposed to be a fab coupon for Bagel Bites (my husband is addicted and they're sort of expensive!) check out what coupons will be coming out here... (remember coupons Vary per area of the country but no worries you can always "order" the great ones that you may miss out on)
  • Sears is having a good deal, buy $50 in Men's clothing & get $50 back (i think it's store credit for future purchase but check out more info here..)Note: transactions 6/11-6/20 good for this deal!
  • Old Navy is having a one day sale Saturday- $2 Tank tops! But they have a pretty good "sales" section online.. I noticed that they recently (finally) reduced some of the wintery sweaters to half or less than full price...I put 6 items in my cart (all sale) just to see what it would cost (things i'd like to buy or would buy b/c it's a great deal) the total was about $30, w/ shipping $37.??.....I haven't bought them yet but might.

I hope the weekend goes well, nice, peaceful, & quiet! Gonna make myself a little tuna salad bagel sandwich with some strawberry lemonade!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday sans Duggars...

this is my mom after her bech weekend getaway
Here are the shoes i bought today for my "professional" orientation thing

So the Duggars are in break or at least an airing break but hopefully it will just be a couple months until a new season rolls out and that Josie will be home....
In a couple weeks I'll be just about ready for school to start (but it doesn't start until aug 30th). I could close my eyes and it would feel like Jan 1st. It's kind of a weird and hard to explain feeling but i know in a few months i'll be saying "I could close my eyes and it would feel like june 8th" lol. Pretty soon i'll be deep into school and wishing, hoping, praying to get through it and finish it quickly!!! Graduation will truly be rewarding!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Good Deals...

  • JCPenny's has a sweet promo code, $10 off a $10 or more purchase, just used code: DADROCKS (i think this is good through june 20th)
  • I got a Victoras Secret catalog yesterday and it had a $10 off any purchase coupon, how awesome! They are currently having there Semi-Annual sale so grab something good!
  • Medco health store has a promo code for $10 off $10 purchase as well (including .99 shipping), check out Hip2Save for more info....
  • This Sunday there will be 3 coupon inserts in the paper, 1 each - Redplumm, Smartsource, & PG! So buy one or check out what coupons u might want to order from The Coupon Clippers...
  • Get PG samples & coupons for free by signing up for them here...

Friday photos

My Dinner: Nuggets & Cucumber sticks
What I got in the mail today: PG Saver package(free)
Maxie, my sweet doggie

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday

So... if all goes as "planned" I'll be heading to TN in roughly a month (give or take) & staying there for a month! Sure I'll miss my husband and my other pets (my baby Max of course is coming with me, he's my co-pilot) but i think i'll have a pretty good ole time. I plan on taking it easy with my nieces and hanging out with my friend a little. Brushing up on my Anatomy, maybe even catch some deals...I have located a Rite Aid in morristown so I may attempt a trip there.... If something is worth it, right?
Tomorrow- Drug test & maybe walgreens & making cookies
Saturday- Life Support class
Tonight- chilling with my coupons, might study CPR
The house hunt is still on...slow moving....
Less than 3 months until my first nursing class starts....
so excited and yet nervous, I'll probably be like in my own little bubble then so don't be surprised if i'm just a blur passing ya by....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick Update

Just got back from the clinic.... my titer results are positive (yay!) which means A. I've had chicken pox or B. I had the vaccine as a child...which means no more shots!!! Here is what's left:

- Drug Test (just got info on it)
- FIT test (june 18th)
- Basic life support cert. (Saturday)

Then I must wait to see if each file (for each requirement) is approved, praying to God! Then i just gotta do my orientation and all that involves (uniform thingy! and by some pants).