Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Moon...

I just checked my hold status for the library, I reserved the regular and large print book, my holdings are : 32 of 41 & 44 of 49. I'm sure the hard core readers will whip through the book in a week or less but you can keep the book for 3 weeks.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Max is home...

Poor dog looks exhuasted, I got some meds for him and he's resting after rdinking a bit of water and eating 1/3 can of food. It cost in the range as pre-planned (w/surgery) but didn't get the surgery so it was a little more than i thought. Dr only charged for 2 teeth removals, thank god. Meds are about $75. In 10 days I will fork out some more, hopefully those tests will come out good and won't need further meds....For me it's not really an option, I wouldn't let my dog suffer....

Update on Max...

They ended up taking out 5 teeth because they were loose and when the Dr went to heck on him after he was awake he was bleeding so they had to put him under to suture up some spots but is doing super now. And he has a mild bladder infection, so he'll have pain meds and antibiotics, plus in 10 days need a urine test and clot test to see if he is alright. Also might need another blood test in 6 months to check his something levels to do with the liveror adrenal gland to insure he isn't developing cushings disease. So much to up keep.
Clot test -----10 days
Urine test-------10 days
Ear measuring/call to discuss--------4-6 wks

I love my doggie!

Good news...

I guess....my lil maxie isn't having surgery because it would be too difficult so they said I should measure the bump and monitor it for about 6 weeks and call the Dr to let her know the changes, if any; then she'll decide weather to leave it or remove it, but if removing a derm will laser it off opposed to surgery. But he did go under for teeth cleaning and needed to remove a couple loose ones, poor maxie! I'm waiting for the phone to ring to know he's ok and when he'll be awake to go home....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post 99

Here's to you Grammy (Dorothy) 2yrs 6months 9days


I watched the movie Twilight the other day. Going into it I thought this movie was going to be a blow you away type thing. Or at least I thought it blew away some people, but all along i was sceptical. So I will say it did not blow me away, which was expected but yet just a tiny hint of disappointing because so few movies blow me away. It was good. In fact I wish I had watched it twice but since it had to go back i didn't.

So i lurked around the Internet the other night and found the first chapter of the New Moon, of course i got suckered into reading it. So here is my dilemma...I'm already reading the Sookie Stackhouse series which does blow me away.....while waiting for the 2nd season to begin. I am tempted to read the twilight series however, i have already a book going, and i think the books will not give me that satisfied feeling like the movies do. I do want to be a slave to a book series since I will eventually be consumed by school. ugh.... i just don't know.....and i don't want to buy the books. Somehow i think the library won't have it in stock, must check....

On a Downing note...

My homescan device would not transmit today so after a call to CS, they instructed me to send it back because it must be broken. So that means not entry this week, not device for about 3 weeks or so. Uhhh disappointment. It's ok, not the end of the world buti was excited about it and did enter info into the scanner. I sure hope i don't have any problems with the next one!

Friday, March 27, 2009

CVS 3/27

2 Transactions in 1:
4- Dawns (1.00 ea)
1- Starbucks drink (2.89) (rob likes it, needed $2 filler)

Coupons used:
4- .50 off dawn

Total After Sales/Coupons------$5.09
used $4 in EB------------------$1.09 giftcard

Eb's Received:

Long story short, the Dawns ended up being free because $2 coupons + $2 EB= $4 = Free & that is the only reason i bought it since i have so much lying around.

Walgreens 3/27

2-Equals (2.50 ea raincheck)
1- Iceland Memory pills (19.99)
2- Tuf garbage bags 20 ct (3.50 ea)
2- Scrub bubbles wipes (3.00 ea)
1- Windex wipes (3.00)
2- Scrub Bubbles toliet gels (3.50 ea)
Coupons used:
2- $3 off/2 Scrub Bubbles products
2- $2.50 off Equal
1- $1.50 off windex wipes
Total After Sales/Coupons/RR used--------$36.99
Used $10 RR ------------------------------ $26.99 on Giftcard
Rebates Receiving: $27.99
Total remaing---------------$1.00 profit

Thursday, March 26, 2009

True Blood....Big Love...

True Blood : So from what i've been finding it looks like season 2 will start airing in mid june or early july. Thank the lord that ain't too far away. I'm nearly 1/2 way through book 2, when i read it i see it playing out in my head with sookie and bill and eric.....sigh........

Now Big Love: did u see the season finale? Things i never imagined. What will season 4 hold? A wedding? Getting comfy with new daughter? Ray Henry sending the cops to get Roman, only to find him dead? What about Alby? Will Margene become as famous as Bill for Homeplus? And will they ever get the damn casinos going? So many questions, zero answers, but one thing is for sure if you thought season 3 was a wild ride, i have a feeling season 4 will top it! On a downing note, it will probably be 2010 before this will come to light, 9 frickin months....ughhhh the agony.


Ya know the math test I posted a couple days ago about, I thought i didn't get an A. But I did! I got a 100, the teacher made the last problem a bonus so I did miss 6 points on the test but the bonus got me a 100. That makes my average a 97 in college algebra, with one test left plus 2 homework grades and the final =240 points left. Plus I got some good shopping deals at publix and walmart, made a deposit at the bank. But my lil old doggie max is going to the vet monday to remove a benign tumor on his ear and get his teeth cleaned. I'm slightly nervous because it's surgery but I love my doggie, he is my baby since i was 16. So say a prayer for my baby, i'm sure he'll be ok.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


  • So I decided I'd share with you my menu of dinners this week: Monday - Bourbon Breaded Chicken w/ Fried Rice; Tuesday - Soft Tacos; Wednesday - Chicken ala king with biscuits; Thursday - Cheeseburgers with tator tots or sweet potato fries; Friday - Roast Beef (pot roast) with carrots and red skinned potatoes; Saturday - Pork chops; Sunday - Bertolli Chicken Parm oven baked meal (we're going to a new mall and super target this afternoon so I wanna an easy, throw in oven meal)

  • Couponer? Check out the preview for Sunday inserts here! Need to order some coupons? Check out the couponer clippers, I live in Florida (they are based there) so it only takes me 2 days to get my order once it's sent.
  • Keep an eye out in April for the Skintamate Shave Gel/Cream sale at Walgreens & CVS. Should be able to get it free after RR or EB....great time to stock up, I can never find deals of women's shaving cream.
  • And just to note I didn't publish my last week walgreens run so here is the short version. I bought I got 6 candy bars, 8 Dove go fresh Deordorants, 3 boxes of tissues. I used $12 in RR and put $8.?? on my Giftcard. Got back $10 RR. (I need to re-stock tissues because we've all been sick this month & now i have a stock-pile of deordorants just like Rob, I'd guess a year worth, and no I don't think I'm crazy just frugally practical :)

I got my homescan!

So I got my homescan device a couple days ago. Yesterday I plugged it in and went shopping at walmart. It took me about 5 minutes to scan my merchandise, in the guide it said I might have to enter prices, which i did but I'm hoping either with updates or internal memory I won't have to re-enter prices for items I've already entered. I did it by myself but I think I might enlist Rob's help next time, he can read off the receipt.
How does it work? Or why is it worth "my" time?
Each calendar week I will "transmit" my scanned info (i just hit a button). If I scanned nothing that week I still transmit because for each week you transmit (you only transmit once a week) you get points. I'll use these points like money to shop from their catalog. For the first 6-months I get 150 points/wk, after that I get a raise. And you raises up to 6 years. Additionally for each transmit I get entered into the weekly sweepstakes, monthly sweepstakes, and if i transmit every week during a quarter I get entered into the quarter sweepstakes which 2 people win their choice of: luxury vacation, a car/truck, or $20,000. Their are 15 winners for the weekly and 10 for the monthly (i think). The catalog mainly consists of home items, gifts, electronics, like a Xbox 360. So I figure eventually I might win a sweepstakes which would be super worth it and until then i'll collect points until I find something I want. Granted the higher price items require a lot of points (years worth), the catalog is good through 2010 so I figure in the next one maybe they'll have a PS3 or some gadget we haven't gotten yet. (I'm sure Rob would want a PS3 before then but the only way he'll get it is if we win the lotto or he saves his money, he's not good at that, too many cheaper things he wants)
On another note I'm just about 100% or better. Just some slightly flem or nasal congestion, Claritin working well for that. Yesterday was my math test and I'm pretty sure I didn't get an A on this one. Rob went to work this morning (mom too) So it looks as though i'll be alone until mid afternoon. This week Rob might actually work 40 hours, which would be terrific because he is supposedly just "part time" according to paper work. So I'm about to compile a list of potential To Do's now that my life is getting back to normal. Ya know I have this "itch" to go to Disney World. It's only 30-40 minute drive (probably 25 miles) so I actually could, i'm not cause ya know I'd have to semi plan it, Rob and all. But I could!!!! I really wish my nieces were here so I could take them, that would be so much fun! Maybe my brother will let then come down.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Now i'm sick..

Well i'm sick. I got my coupons i ordered yesterday for the walgreens dove deal. I was going to go this morning but i think i might just spend the day in bed instead. Tomorrow is the last day to get the deal so maybe i'll venture out tomorrow. I need to get better though because my doggie goes to the vet monday, my mom is off 2 days in a row (rare, gets 1 day off a week), and I have a math test tuesday and i really gotta study for this one. I just ran out of juice, i have 2 boxes of tissues open with only 1 left unopen from my stock pile. I have plenty of meds though, good thing for the stockpile. Well i headache is coming and i haven't taken any meds since i went to bed last night. Gonna take a nap with my doggies and some meds.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turkey recipe...

I saved a draft to post to my blog last thursday but I didn't complete it until today but it posted on the date of the draft so it bumped to the next (older post)page. So go here to see pictures and a recipe for roasted Turkey.

CVS 3/15-16

I used 2 cards in 3 transactions. I got 1 irish spring free because I had complained via cvs.com about an experience i had and they said they'd do something for me when I came in next, I guess that was it.
Combined Bought:
3- Irish Spring body washes (4.99 ea but 1 free so 9.98)
3- Gold Emblem candies (.88 ea)
2- Glade scented oil candle refills (2.50 ea)
2- Glade oil plugin refills (2.50 ea)
1- Mountain Dew (Hubby 1.00)
1- Colgate max (2.99)
1- Bandaid 40 ct (3.39)
1- Bandaid 15 ct (4.49)
Coupons used:
.75 colagte
2- 1.00 bandaids
$1 Glade
$2 Glade
.50 Irish Spring
$1/2 gold emblem candies
Total After coupons ----------$27.34
ECBs used:
Total Remaining-----------------$1.47 (cvs GC)
ECBs Received:
2-$3 $27.34
total: $18.97 ECBs -
Dif $8.37

Great trip, 3 body washes for free for hubby.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Shopping...

Old Navy

I had a $50 off $100 purchase coupon that I couldn't pass on....
1- Tank top
1- PJ pants
2- Sleeveless tops
1- Shorts
1- mini football for Zoey
Total after coupon : $64.43

1- Iams smart kitten 4# bag (7.98)
Total after coupon : $3.50

1- 8pk mountain dew (for mama)
2- Birdseye steamfresh meals for Two
1-Yakisoba noodles
1- Publix Tote bag
1- Goodlife cat food 3#
1- Dawn Direct Foam soap
1- 16 ct Cascade Complete action paks
Total of Coupons used: $20.33
Total OPP after coupons : $15.37

1- Jack Daniels BBQ sauce
2- Cans of green beans reduced sodium
1- Facial tissue box
1- Generic Paper towel roll
1- Pack of Shortcakes
1- 20 oz. Sprite (filler)
1- 3 ct Kettle Popcorn
2- Gorton's Fish sticks/fillets
1- 2# pot roast
3- 4 ct packages of pork sirloin chops (buy 1 get 2 free)
3- 8 oz blocks of cheese
4- 8 oz packages of Kraft shredded cheese
1- Oscar Meyer hot dogs
1- Potato hotdog buns
1- Roma Tomato
1- 1# strawberries
1- Icebreakers gum (filler)
Total price of coupons used : $38.37
Receipt says I've saved :$62.07
Total Spent out of Pocket ------$46.02

Total Spent Sunday ---------------------------$129.32
Sorry no pictures today

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another post... man i've been on a super posting week, must be the spring break. Just wanted to make my bloggies aware of a few things before i get on with my day. I just finished eating lunch and before that I cleaned out my car, armoralled it , and did the windows (clean/rainex). On Sunday Rob said he'd help me wash it, which means if i have any wax i'll be doing that on my own. I take care of my car!

  • Go here and get a $3 off coupon for the good life cat/dog food. Buy the smallest bag and this could save you more than 50%. (remember 2 per computer)
  • Wanna check out the upcoming walgreens/cvs deals, go here.

And I finially, after a long wait and headache, got an old navy coupon for $50 off a $100 purchase with a dress. I'm gonna get one of those long ones on the new commercial, here, I missed out on the $75 coupon again, shucks! And a couple minutes after I got my $50 coupon they were all gone. Is this a conspiracy?

Well, I just got an email saying they don't have a scanner available right now but i'm onthe reserve list. They'll keep me posted , hopefully one will come up soon, i can't wait!

Did I tell ya'all that I got an A in my government class? Let's pray that math shall go the same (so far an A but 3/5 of class left) so I can bump my GPA up, my goal is to be 3.0 by years end, just 2 points away.

Happy Birthday Ben

today my brother is 35 and what a wonderful day to fall on :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Breast Cancer Gene"

  • Estimated risk for breast cancer, general population: 13.2%, BRCA positive: 36-85%
  • Estimated risk for ovarian cancer, general population: 1.7%, BRCA positive: 16-60%


So i just got back from Walgreens (see below!) And I'm feeling pretty good, now only if I can track down 4 Lasting Impressions at Wags tomorrow then my BOGO Q's won't expire.
I also got my Coupon Clippers coupons in the mail today, they were mailed tuesday, I used the degree ones in the Walgreens transaction below.
Now i'm keeping fingers crossed that I get at least a $50/$100 coupon for old navy tonight!

Walgreens 3/12

5- Glade Sense and Spray (7.99 ea)
2- Degree mens Extreme Deoderant (1.69 ea clearance)
1-King Size Snickers (1.69 =overpriced!!! & in Rob's stomach)
2- Vanilla Cokes (1.29 ea)
Coupons Used:
WC $4 off Glade x 5 = $20
2- $0.75 off Degree
BOGO Glade
3-$4 off Glade
Used $2 RR
Can I say Awesome?.... Coupon high....

Turkey Thursday

Here is a recipe I found in Taste of Home magazine. It'd called Grilled Aplle Brined Turkey (but i didn't grill mine, just roasted.
2 quarts unsweetened apple juice (i just 1 quart)
2 1/2 cups brown sugar
1 cup kosher salt (i used table salt)
4 oz peeled, sliced gingerroot(i used a tsp or 2 powedered)
15 whole cloves
6 garlic cloves, crushed
3 bay leaves
3 medium oranges (i used 2)
3 quarts cold water
1 turkey 12-14 pounds (mine was 9.5)
2 tablespoons oil

Rinse turkey discard giblets/neck.

Combine first 7 ingredients in large pot and boil until sugar/salt is dissolved. Remove from heat and add oranges.
Add water ( i added some ice to) once brine is room temp add turkey. Place in frig until ready to cook, recommened 24-48 hours. I went with the longest!
When ready to cook I used an oven bag and followed the directions for a turkey of my wieght. Although at thanksgiving I did not used a bag and it turned out fine. But pour oil over the bird before cooking with either method. It took about 2 1/2 hours. I also stuffed 1/2 an orange and a chopped onion into the bird while it roasted.

This is my turkey dinner. The turkey was moist and had a hint of apple flavor to it.

The good, The Bad, The Ugly..

Ok so I just found out (by wasting time and "dicking" around on the internet) that one of my favorite movies is being remade, take a guess? NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET - that's the good

The bad- it won't be out for a year or so, they haven't even started filming and you know how remakes go, some flop but some lately have done well

The Ugly - according to this website Robert Englund won't be playing Freddy. Stab me in the heart! How could anyone, seriously anyone else play my dear sweetly sick Freddy Krueger. He was the torment of my elemtary school days but grew to become a highly respected and much loved horror movie character. This is so disturbing that it makes me believe that perhaps the 50/50 chance of this movie being good or bad just tipped the scales in favor of bad. I will watch it of course but how could Freddy be FREDDY without Robert Englund!

Are you a Horror movie lover like me? Check Fangoria for upcoming flicks.
FYI: The Nightmare movies plot was set in Ohio....gotta love it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Coupons

  • preview the new Sunday coupons and guess what there will be 3 inserts, go here to get a peak.
  • Didn't get lat week's paper but wanna get some of the coupons, buy them at the coupon clippers. You pay just cents for the coupons so you can still take advantage of awesome sales and promotions, like Starkist Seasations $3 off, The goodlife pet food $3 off, Gillette Body wash $2 off, or $0.75 off any kotex liners (at my walmart they are $1 so with coupon they are 25 cents)(I made my first order this week total cost $6.66 value of coupons $56, beats buying extra papers anyday!)
  • Got RedBox, then use the march free wednesday code :7BG123 . Good only until 9p.m. and must be returned tomorrow if you want it for free!

Well I best be going now, have some tasks to complete and the dogs need walking (Rob got called to come into work this morning, was supposed to work tonight so not really sure what's going on there).

Snow Pictures!

Finally some snow pictures I can relate to! Check out the snow my brother got this winter in TN. Figures once I leave they get a decent little bit of snow lol.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CVS 3/10

(not in picture: pack of pecan rolls and a mountain dew)
1- Mountain dew (1.00)
1- Vanilla Coke (1.49)
1- Doritos 3.6 oz (1.29)
2- Herbal essence shamp/cond (2.88 ea)
1- Secret Flawless (3.99)
1- Crest ProHealth (2.99)
2- Stridex pads (4.49 ea BOGO)
Coupons used:
$1 off Crest
$2 off Secret
$3 off 2 herbal essence
$5 off 20 purchase
$4.99 ECB
$5.98 ECB (or are they called EBs now)
Total----------------------------$0.33 (paid with gift card)
EBs Got back:
Note: I wanted to get 2 packs of garnier face wipes but they were sold out Poo! And i couldn't find the TriScents, it looked like they didn't have a spot for it in the normal fragance isle. Sadness!Well at least my Q is good through April, maybe another deal will pop up.

Walgreens 3/10

Bought (2 trans):

2-Advil 16 ct PM (4.49)
1- Card (2.29)
1- Indiana Kettle Popcorn (not in photo 3.99)
1- Scrub Bubble Toliet Gels (4.49)
3-Fructis Shamp/Cond (2.99 ea)
3- Fructis Hair styling products (2.99 ea)
1- Axe Shamp/Cond 2 in 1 (5.99)
2- Colgate toothpaste (3.49)

Coupons used:
WC- $2 off fructis products (2 x 6 = $12 off)
WC- $2.50 off Colgate (2.50 x 2 = $5 off)
6- $1 off fructis
2- $1 off colgate
2-$2 off Advil
$1 off Scrub Bub.
$8 RR
$3.50 RR
$2 RR

Total After Coupons & RR-------------------$9.62

Rebates will receive:
---------------------------------------------- $2.63
RR received:

(According to the end of the receipts my estimated savings (not include rebates or RR receiving, is $51.50 i think that would be 90% savings without rebates and RR)

RR= Register Rewards (printed coupon/receipt paper use like money)
WC = Walgreens Coupon

my first attempt to knit...

Ok ok i know this looks a little funky, It has a few "hole" type areas and as you see it's getting wider. It's supposed to be just the basic stitch, like to make a scarf, but um this is clearly not what is happening. Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong or any tips for a beginner? I only want to learn knitting so that i may knit an afghan, like that one my great-grandma made for my mom. It has been destroyed and tossed years ago, but i miss it early. It was knitted well but with ugly colors, though i still wish i had it bad, so i want to knit a few myself, to give and to use and one day my kids can have them and think of me.

Random photos...

Here is jamesy, why he is on top of a box that it waiting to be shipped, i'll never understand.
Here is ricky, inside the empty water bottle box, i've caught him sleeping in one of these before.
I guess the point is, don't buy fancy cat houses, just get a box!

Here is a little something that I absolutely love, i'm totally into skulls and who doesn't love "love". It reminds me of my husband and our marriage.
Also we watched Fireproof yesterday. Rob didn't fall asleep, which is surprising. I didn't think he'd like it or that the movie could hold his attention but it did. Check out this site to fireproof your marriage! They even have a marriage helpline if things are not going well for your marriage.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Is breast cancer in your family?

For those of you who know then you know my answer. Yes, breast and a list of others. It's like a the fat that is perfectly steadily streaked through a Kobe steak. And if you know a bit about it then perhaps you noticed on my side bar that I am BRCA 1 positive. Don't know what the means? Well....so far there has been 2 genes found to be related to breast cancer, the hereditary kind. So if u don't have the gene, it just means u have "normal" risks, but if you have the gene you have a drastically higher risk of potentially getting the disease. But that doesn't mean you'll get it. Just higher risk. And since this issue means alot to me, because i'm positive, because of my family, and because of medical field interests. I want to share my story, so if anyone needs a little education or support, i'd gladly share whatever i know.

My mom had breast cancer when i was 2, so it's always kinda been around in my life. When I was 21 I went to a Planned Parenthood to get some birth control and a check up. The nurse practitioner would not give me any birth control because she said my breasts tissue felt "lumpy" possibly fiber cystic tissue but "could" maybe be cancer. So she referred me to Dr and said i could return after their permission. Well the first Dr was a surgeon i believe and she didn't offer me much options. I got a sonogram and she said i could keep monitoring it or have a prophylactic mastectomy and suggested that my mom get tested for the breast cancer gene. The Dr my mom saw for this tested her and i eventually became her patient because i didn't like the first Dr. And a few months lady, at age 21 I found out my mom was positive for the gene. Next step was me but since i wasn't married yet and so young they didn't want me to get tested yet. Well by the next visit i was married and no longer 21 so they said if u want to get tested then lets do it. And so i did and about 6 wks after i had the test i got the results. I pretty much thought they would be positive. When i was a kid i thought i would get cancer just because my mom had gotten it.
So it was positive. I had thought i wanted to get rid of my breasts asap but i guess i just didn't know enough to fully commit to it. So i had a several tests and just went to Dr every since to check'em out for a few years. Then in December of 2007 my aunt discovered she had breast cancer and that it was not the first stage. I think it was that event that made me consider my original intentions of having a mastectomy. In my mind I didn't want to die and leave my future kids motherless because i waited to get cancer; i didn't want to have to take time off work and maybe lose my house or just have to suffer or my family, if i thought i could avoid it. So Last spring i told my new cancer Dr in TN that i was seriously considering it, he completely agreed and made me an appointment with a surgeon. A couple months later, on May 19th, I went into surgery and it took 7 hours. I was told just before they put me under that my Dr was going to try to save my nipples and put the implants in. He originally was going to take it all and put in expanders and over the summer they'd slowly stretch my skin until implants would fit and manufacture some nipples. So I didn't really know what i'd wake up, but since for weeks i'd been thinking i'd be flat as a bored and hide out in my house. I woke up and i had my new fake boobs and my nipple grafted back on. This was my first major hospital visit, it really wasn't too bad. It was kinda nice not having to get up to pee LOL. It's now march and my boobs are healed, although i imagine they still have healing like maybe thickening of the skin or fading of the scars. I did have some minor complications with healing and i believe because of that one of my nipples does not "function" but maybe some more grafted will fix that or tattooing to complete the process. And they are shaped differently now too, my boobs. But I'm happy with them.
I could still get breast cancer but because i have such little breast tissue left it reduces my chances. That doesn't mean I can't get ovarian cancer or pancreatic cancer or anything else that might be related to the gene i have. And yes, my future sons and daughters might get this gene and continue to pass it on. I will still have to see an oncologist every year and may need to redo the boobs in the future (breast implants don't last forever, although my mom has had hers most of my life). I don't feel pressured to have kids, which was advised to me when my test results were given. Having kids before is supposed to reduce breast cancer risk, and cancer treatments can potentially make u sterile. I'm glad with my choice and don't miss my old boobs, just my piercings but that will hopefully change sometime in the future.
Two of my favorite causes or important things i support are animals, like dogs, humane society and stuff and cancer issues foundations. So take care of your pets, they deserve it; and get tested, get your routine exams and don't hesitate or it will be too late.

Sweet Meatballs

Here is a recipe that has been in my family longer than myself. It's bbq meatballs or grape-jelly meatballs....sweet meatballs....Simple recipe!

Just take equal parts grape jelly and ketchup!
Heat it up until it becomes one (jelly melts and ketchup mixes)
Then add your pre-cooked meatballs

I made my own meatballs first and then added them in. I used 1 small jar of grape jelly and then filled the empty jar with ketchup and added it to the pan. For my family of 3 this is more sauce than needed for the 1# hamburger meatballs, so i've reserved the rest of the sauce and am freezing it for another time, but i could have made extra meatballs and saved half to freeze. Th key is 1 part grape jelly + 1 part ketchup

(I was trying to get the photos of me and Zoey under the recipe but um, i'm not to blog savy, that's me a couple weeks after the re-dye job and zoey in the kithen watching me make the meatballs)


So, I usually do some shopping on monday because I have school tuesday and I avoid it on the weekends because of crowds. So I went to Walmart, before coupons it was about $47 but after it was $35 (only $12.?? out of pocket because i used the last of Feb's foodstamps but glad to say pretty soon we'll be off them since Rob has a job now, although his hours aren't good yet, too little but they said they'd get him up to 40 so i'm trying to be patient!)
I went to walgreens cause i didn't go yesterday when the sales started. Big mistake! They were out of the Glade sense and spray and lasting impressions. I plan on going back tomorrow because my fav cashier ( i almost check out with her exclusively) wasn't there, maybe her day off, so i decided to not get my deals that would be free because the coupons are technically 1 cent more than the cost and once i had a lady say (actually twice) that i couldn't use it, although a manager told me they could adjust it anytime if i asked because i complained. My fav cashier already knows this and is very smart about coupons! So i'll ask her when they'll be getting in anymore, get a raincheck maybe, hit up the next 2 walgreens to check to see if they have'em. I have a ton of coupons and 3 expire this week so i hope somebody can get'em, i'd hate to waste bogo coupons.

Also, i just want to remind ya'all that u can save on food by checking out this place (very minited states) , it's like angel food ministries. Buy a food of food for discounted price.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Walgreens 3/6

1- Ultra Touch mini (14.99)
1- Vaseline Lotion (2.69)
1- Colgate max toothpaste (3.29)
1- Dawn Dish soap (.99)
1- Blink tears eyedrops (7.99)
1- Revlon toenail clippers (3.29)
1-Physicians Formula eye liner (3.89)

Coupons used:
walgreens $1 off Revlon
MQ $1 off Revlon
$15 off Ultra Touch
$1.50 off Vaseline lotion
$2.00 Blink eyes
.50 off Dawn
$1.00 off Phy eye liner
$1.00 Register Reward

Total Remaining----------------$15.05

RR (register rewards) Received:

Total after RR's------------$1.55

Note: So did redo the deals on the Vaseline lotion, glucose testing device, and blink eye drops!

Walmart 3/6

(not shown is Glade Carpet Fresh powder, gift for brother totaling:15.83)
1-Knitting Needles (2.97
1- Cat Chow 3.5 oz (4.18)
1- 100 ct Plastic Forks (2.28)
1- Pledge Duster (2.84)
2- Can Dog Food (1.27)
2- Kotex panty liners (1.00)
1- Yarn (2.47)
1- Toliet paper 12 ct double rolls (5.97)
1- Gift
1-Glade Carpet (1.97)
Coupons used total : $9.54

I think that would be a savings of around 27%
if it weren't for the gift it would have been around $20

Deal Busters: cat food $4.18 - 3.50= .68
Kotex $1.00 - .75 = .25 ea
Dog Food $1.27 - 1.27 = Free

true blood

So has been long enough since HBO has aired a new episode? Talk about cold turkey! I don't see it on Demand but have managed to catch an episode randomly on. I even try to find out when the new season will be at a fan site but there isn't a definate date/month listed. They have some cute t-shirts on the HBO store, even found 2 at hot topic online. I finially started the 2nd book in the seires but it doesn't fill the void that the show has left inside....sigh....

KY Introducing new product

So have you heard of the new KY product coming out soon? Their website doesn'y say much but you can still print 3 different coupons for various products. Like $5 off KY Yours & Mine; get it here and try it out, it's worth at least that.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Laptop is here!

It's a bit darker blue than i thought, i wish they had baby blue but oh well. It is so great! I'm sitting in bed right now!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How's Your Day?

My day was involved 2 tests, which I basically got an A on one of them, joy! I also found out that Rob is only wrking 2 days this week, but they did say they awntto cross train him and will get him up to 40 hours a week. Rob is better but has sniffles and he likes his job, the people there so that's good. And got some nice Mcdonalds coupons in flyer today, they are good til the end of the year....and right now I'm watching Oklahomaa because i was flipping channels and BAM it was on. lol
  • Got an email from Redbox today, free movie codes wednesday through march! Check out more details here.
  • Wanna see some pretty snow pictures? Go here and check out frugalsuz's blog. I've been waiting for my brother to send me some snows photos but I guess he is too busy to share!
  • Want a free tote? Sign up here, but hurry once there's a limit!
  • Check out new coupons from my side bar, there is $5 off huggies.

So, now it's time for the nightly news and that means I need to get dinner started, on the menu: cheeseburgers with sweet potato fries!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

it's on the way...

My laptop! I just got an email saying it would be here on wednesday. Perfect timing since I have 2 tests on tuesday. And after thursday i'm on spring break!!!!!!!!! I just don't know what i'll do. I've never had a laptop before, I'll have to ask my brother how to hook it up to print. Internet Addiction here I come!!!!! (jking) lol