Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Surprising news (not me)

I was fiddling around on facebook (new to it) and found some of my best old friends (somewhat drifted apart but still have ties of communication). 2 of them sisters and were part of my 3 friends I had to kind of grow up with. Anyways I just saw some picture of them both pregnant. Megan did u know Cassie is pregnant? (& erin on # 2?)
Guess I'm offically the last of the 4 to have a kid. Who knows maybe i never will.
But congrats to my girls, I love you all even though I'm not physically in your lives! Wanna see baby pictures!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

the new Nightmare on Elm Street early i'm shocked!

New Old Navy Outfit...

I decided to model it today due to the fact that I'm considering wearing this on my TN trip, I think it won't be too cold that I can't wear it or too hot (added the tights for extra warmth).
Shoes: got from walmart for my Dorothy's funeral (cheap! wish i had second pair)
Sweater (orig over$40) sale $20
Dress (orig $15) Clearance $7.99+extra 50% off= 3.99
Tights (walmart, old navy didn't have my size but same $) $5
minus my coupon= $24.68
note: green was not my first choice but only one in my size, wanted pink or black (pink still available online might buy but going to another Old Navy friday to see if they have any, yes addicted i know...but comfy and affordable clothing)

TN weather & sick puppy!

I was trying to estimate what the temps. might been in eastern TN for my Trip (slightly less than 1 month away). (based from Knoxville):
Avg First Frost: Oct 27th (day after I leave)
Warmest monthly avg (oct): 68.9
Coldest monthly avg. (oct): 51.9
(unimportant info)
Annual avg snowfall: 9.9 in
Last avg frost: April 9
Personal note: My last spring semseter I had at Walter State ended the first week of May and I wore a hooded sweatshirt to my finals b/c it was freakin cold! (which would have been last year).
On to another subject, my dog Zoey was sick yesterday. He must have thrown up nearly 10 times, mostly shorly after waking up. He wouldn't eat or drink....This morning there was a surprise waiting for me in the living room. Some disgusting unsolid poo with an odd purple plastic thing in it. I have no idea what it was but reminded of something that u might stick in a cupcake, a decorative thing? And he ate this morning too....I'm assuming that was the cause of his ailment. Note to self: when I buy a house, get wood/tile flooring!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Walgreens 9/27

Bought (2 trips): 21 items
2- Dawn
1- Robotunssin to go
2- Vaseline lotions
1- herbal ess. Conditioner
1- Gillete Power Razor
2- Dentek floss
2- Emergen C shot pks
2- Caramels
2- Halls cough drops
2- Chapsticks
2- Cow tails
2- Toothbrushes
Total Before-$65.83

After coupons: $55.08
RR recieved: 44.50

Publix 9/27

What can you get for $31.62?
All of this....

And this!(39 items)
12- Birds Eye Steamfresh veggies (50% off= .89 to 1.24 ea)
2- B.E. Steamfresh Lightly sauced (1.24 ea -50%)
2- Oreida fries/tots (3.39 ea)
2- Oreida Steam'n'mash (3.99 bogo)
2- O.R. kettle corn (bogo 4.89)
2- Volias (bogo 4.99)
1- Gal milk (2.99)
1- Heniz ketchup (3.39)
1- Heniz gravy (1.69)
2- A1 (bogo 2.19)
4- Grands (1.25 ea)
4- Basmati rice (4.19 ea)
4- Jasmine rice (2.79 ea)
$43.92 M
$5 S
Total Savings : $84.79

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Day...New Goals..

I woke up this morning and did my usual (take dogs out) then i rushed to the mail box to slip my nursing app in the mail. It's just going across town so I figure it might arrive around Monday (?). I don't know when they send out the official acceptance letters but i'm guessing it will be once they have received all 120 apps (# of students to begin Fall '10), i'd estimate that to be around the end of this fall semester. And since my school demands tht all prereq work be completed and grades in system prior to applying....I'd say I've got a pretty good shot at beginning the program next fall. Feeling pretty good because i can finally see it all coming together and soon will be able to pinpoint my graduation date and the start of a wonderful career!
On that note, I've got a new goal...getting a job. I don't much look forward to this as I'm unsure how it will go. But i know the worst part is the getting part and like the first couple weeks learning a new job. First stop will be Hot Topic of course! I have pink hair so I figure that might be a plus for them lol. Even though I've held down 2 different jobs for major companies with pink (or blue or blue & pink) hair, I'm slightly curious to see how employers will take the hair. I've learned something in the past 5 years and that is that more companies than you think Don't have a policy dictating the color of ones hair. And thus is how I've be "allowed" to have unnaturally colored hair. I really don't see why "color" should matter, what is more important is hygiene and that you look groomed (not dirty sloppy mess). I'm sure this maybe viewed as extreme, but it's really prejudice. If we live in a society where we aren't judged on skin color (or eye color) then why hair color? I suppose this battle will wage on because unlike those other things it is a choice, i mean i can "change" it, I just don't want to have to. Especially since I know that being a nurse means (99% sure) I'll have to "conform" and dye my hair a natural "acceptable" color (ugh!). But don't get me wrong, roll over and take it I shall not! You can bet that one day I'll ask my nurse manager and we shall see! (or just buy a blonde wig and dye my hair anyways lol). Yeah I know ... u say crazy...I say passionate! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thanks for the prayers...

....It paid off (thank you Lord!) I did pretty darn good. I even surpassed the school's average score. Go me! Now just to send of the nursing app to lock in my starting semester....

Since I was in a good mood I continued on with my photo project...

This is my living room wall, included in photos are my husband and I and my 3 nieces. FYI the bottom right is my niece at the annual Zombie Walk thing in MB.
Love Zombies!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I need your prayers

Tomorrow is going to be my second attempt at the NET test. For my school you have to make 65% or higher in reading comperhension. It's a timed test, so you only have so long to read and answer the questions. On attempt #1 I scored a 58% (national average is 50%). Meeting to requirements for my school tomorrow would mean the world to be as I would be able to apply to the nursing program and most likely would start next fall. (requirments are 65% or higher in reading comp and math)
You can only take this test 3 times within a 12 month period, and started in Jan my school is retiring this test and upgrading to the TEAs which appears to be harder because it involves more subjects (chemistry/science....and i'm not that good at chem). So Please say a prayer tonight or tomorrow morning because I need all the help I can get and God by my side.
After the test I'll know the score so if I do well I'll probably come home floating on a cloud of excitement and update my blog.....if the other happens then you probably won't be seeing any update because I'll be in bed feeling like a cloud is raining above my head. This is my last hurtle to get into a nursing program....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Navy

Remember that jacket i posted about here, well i bought it when I was at the store a couple weeks ago and it was actually $5 cheaper (also got a long sleeve halloween top and halloween pj pants that are not online). Well they just continue to add cute things, like this coat....

If I lived in a colder place up north, I'd definately get this! Or some of these cute items...

Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll have an awesome sale or 50% of clearance or get ones of those high dollar coupons they release weekly!

New Book from Library..

I've marked a few recipes from a book I've recently received from the library Christmas with Southern Living 2009. Here's the recipes I'll be adding to my recipe binder (a binder I use to store recipes i tear out of magazines and copy from borrowed books or Internet printed). I used to have a huge binder filled with recipes but I haven't been able to locate it since I booked to TN and now FL, so I've started a new one.
Caramelized Onion Dip
Dark Chocolate-Toffee Brownie Shooters
Honey Glazed Munchie Mix
Oatmeal Turtle Bars
Ham w/Bourbon, Cola, & Cherry Glaze
Holiday Potato Bake
Red Velvet Cookies w/ Cream Cheese Frosting
Chocolate Chip Brownie Pillows
Pumpkin Spice Bars
Sweet & Spicy Glazed Turkey
Red Velvet Swirl Pound Cake
Praline Pecans
Haven't yet tried any but the 2 I'm probably going to do first are the Pumpkin Spice Bars (my walmart was out of canned pumpkin) and the Honey Glazed Munchie Mix (it used chex mix, pretzels, m&ms, gummy bears and stuff). Thinking about making the munchie mix right before my trip to TN in a month and taking it with me, might b a good snack to share with the nieces?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Monday?

So this week i'm particpating the blog thing.....

monday- chicken taco salad
tuesday- smoked sausage w/ mac'n'chez and rolls
wednesday- chicken quesadillas
thurday-? pot roast maybe or take out (depends on mood, maybe too happy to cook, maybe in coma state)
friday- fish sticks
saturday- something helper


It's this time of year when I miss TN a wee bit more... the chill in the air, the cute sweaters at Old Navy... I never really thought I'd get attached to cold weather since I've never lived in it that much. And I can feel the 90's fade into 80's here, the nights are comfy out; it's not quite the same. Sweater weather is like 2 months top! I'd love to hand out candy on a chilled Halloween night with leaves blowing down the street from my house....(i don't have a house)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Shopping...

2- Apple juices (.88 ea)
3- Ball Park Hot dogs (4.39 B1G2Free)
6- Reeses (.39 ea)
1- Oreo (1.99)
2- Pizzas (3.98 ea)
2- Lettuce (.68 ea)
1- 5# potatoes (1.48
2- 1# butter (1.49 ea)
Total Before: $24.26
After Coupons: $20.86

2- Tyson spicy chicken patties (bogo 6.59)
2- Doritos (bogo 3.99)
2- B.C. fruit snacks (bogo 2.73)
2- Chef Micheals dog food (.75 ea)
2- Glade refills twin pk (bogo 5.49)
6- Pilsbury cresents/pizza dough (1.67 ea)
2- Jasimine rice (2.79 ea)
3- Wazoo candy bars (.85 ea)
Total Before: $32.94
Total After coupons: $24.73
Total Spent: $45.59
w/o the sales I would have spent nearly twice as much on the same stuff!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Publix & Albertsons 9/13

Bought @ Albertsons
2- B.C. icing (1.50 ea)
2- B.C. fruit snacks (2.00 ea)
3- Eckrich sausages (3.00 ea b2g1 free)
6- B.C. potato pouches (1.25 ea)
3- 4 oz Salmon (2.99 ea B1G2 Free)
3- Yoplait delights (2.00 ea)
1- Fiber One yogurt (2.00)
Total Before:$31.49

Coupons used:
2-Store Q $3/6 GM products
6-.40/1 B.C. potatoes
3- $1/1 Yoplait
1- $1/1 Fiber one
1-$1/2 Eckrich
1- $1/2 Icing
1-$1/2 B.C. fruit snacks
Total After-------------------------$16.09

Bought @ Publix:
2- Toaster Strudels -BOGO
2- Wach meals -sale
2- Quaker oatmeal boxes -BOGO
2- TGIFridays apps -BOGO

Coupons used:
2-$1/1 Toasters
2- $3.50/1 wach meald
$1.25/2 quakers
Total Spent---------------------$9.70

Total Spent:$25.79

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Horror Movie Scene..

This post is just about the news in the horror world...
  • I just read at Fangoria that a Halloween 3D, pardon my confusion but is this like the first Hallow but in 3D or a the third Hallow plus 3 dimensional? Either Way Rob Zombie isn't doing shit. My view- 1. if it's H1 in 3d- why? do we need a 3rd remake of H1??? 2.-if 3d version of a new H3- I really feel like RZ has put his stamp on the remakes of Halloween and am finding it hard to imagine that a 3rd Halloween could compare to the previous 2. If it was Rob i'd be open but am feeling like this had the weight of the world against it...
  • Also "heard" they are remaking a few more horror films.... Night of the Demons (loved the original, pretty hard to beat!), The Wolfman, The Crazies, Straw Dogs (w/ Alex aka Eric -True Blood), Hellraiser, Let the Right One In (English remake)
  • Here are some upcoming sequels------Cabin Fever 2 (Hello, took ya like 6 years to get it going?), Resident Evil 4, Decent 2, And last (& least!) more Saw's to come! Of freakin joy, let be jump on the table...seriously I've seen like 4 or 5 of them but after the second or 3rd i really couldn't care and honestly were never gaga over! I mean the whole concept it based on new gruesome ways to torture and kill people w/o a real offense..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Added new songs...

I've added a couple songs from a german band that I've loved for years! As a tribute to my german living friend Megan....I don't know what their saying most of the time but i still like them, I do know that the Du Hast song is something like "you hate me", and ican just about sing along to the whole song lol

Dent in my Day...

After some shopping errands and delaying our movie date, I decided to donate blood since the Walmart parking lot at the Blood Mobile. After waiting 1 hour, getting finger pricked and answering 53 questions.... I was unable to give blood because they could not locate a vein that they were confident about. I just wanted to give out some of my golden special most used o- blood..............poo

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I just saw the the new Halloween 2 by Rob Zombie yesterday....
I loved it! I really enjoyed the punk style of "lori". Don't remember exactly her style in H1 but believe the trauma has induced a more hardcore state of "punk" rebel style/attitude.
And the concert/Halloween party? I wanna go! Love Rocky Horror! And I wish I had a job like hers!
I love scary movies! And this year Rob and I (depending on funds) will be going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal.... i'll be so freaked out my adrenaline will be pumping until sunrise lol

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


What can you get at Walmart for around $32?
1- gal of Milk
4- Iams canned dog food
2- 28 oz. Bush's Baked Beans
1- Wach. Frozen chinese dinner
2- Betty Crocker icings
1- Chiquta singles fruit
2- Edwards froxen desserts
1- Hormel (shelf stable) meal (using for Hurricane preparedness)
2- Betty Crocker dessert bowls
1- Honey Bunches w/ pecan clusters
1- Mrs. Butterwoth syrup
1- Log Cabin syrup
1- 4ct Fiber One yogurt
2- Velvetta Shells & Chez cups
1- Bunch of Celery
1- 2 # bunch of Carrots
1- 10 ct Mrs Pauls fish fillets
1- 44 ct Mrs Pauls fish sticks
4- Random Healthy Choice tv dinners
Total before Coupons-------$61.95
Total Coupons used: $29.73

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


  • My favorite frozen veggie has a new printable coupon, I love the sweet buttery corn and all I have to do is pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes, no more pouring into a pan and heating up. (not to mention their are other new ones, check out the pilsbury grands!)
  • Have you been to CVS this week? Get the Glade Fragarence collection, it's Free After EB and if they're out just get a rain check so you can't get the deal when their available. I've bought several of these smaler candles at walmart when they had a $4/1 coupon attachment, they smell so good.

Duggar News....

I'm thrilled to pass along the news that the Duggar Family is expecting baby 19 (arriving in march). I'm just excited to see how it plays ot and hope to catch some moments on their show 18 Kids and Counting, guess they'll have to change it to 19 next year. I only wish i watched the the Today show to get the news....