Sunday, December 4, 2011

Studying, Christmas, Library Books Oh My...

The above will be me all week or at least it should be me. Got just a wee more than a week to study for the final of Nursing 4 aka Med/Surg 2 aka the 2nd to last semester! Woot! Requesting prayers daily!

Then after my final, I'll be waking up way before dawn on the 14th to make my way north to TN. The picture above is Graceland (not going there but all I could find when searching "Christmas in TN"). But I'm sure my brother's house is lighted up with Christmas joy!

I mentioned this book in a previous post but here is a photo for your viewing pleasure. I got this from the library and hope to start and God willing ( & time management) finish it before it's due. But since I did have a test the first week of the next semester.... it's not The priority. And here some other books that are "in transit" to my house from my lovely delivering library:

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