Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Praise Jesus I passed N3

So quick update: I passed my class and onto my 4th semester (aka nursing 4) at the end of the month. 2 semesters left until I graduate (take my boards) & become a nurse!!!!!!!!!!
On a shopping note: I spent under $20 on got a couple xmas gifts for some kids (clearance sales) & a couple things I didn't really need but Im compelled! LOL
Last minute note: Watching Hoda & Kathy at the moment and they just read some study or poll that married couples (non-newly-weds) kiss once a week, Dude? WTF I kiss my husband a minimum of twice a day (i always kiss him goodnight unless he is working and we usually kiss before one of leaves, like this morning he kissed me goodbye even though I was 80% asleep & didn't open my eyes). Just thought that was kind of weird- kissing 1 time a week but hey I'm not a judger!
Thanks for the support & prayers- now lots to do with 13 days until TN vaca! Wonder if I should start packing/planning my outfits..?... Yes I'm a pinch crazy- I like to call it Spicy.
Big date & shopping tomorrow!!!!!

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