Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve!

My agenda today:

  1. Make pumpkin pie & deviled eggs

  2. Prep turkey in roasting pan & veggies

  3. Put away clothes (didn't do yesterday)

  4. Vaccum (didn't do yesterday)

  5. Do errands with hubster (didn't do yesterday)

  6. Do CVS shopping at midnight

  7. Monitor Amazon

I think that's it, of course my silent intention is to have the bulk of it done (stuff I can do at home) by noon so I can then plan my CVS trip & continue with my note card making, because for some reason I didn't complete them yet..... All I know for sure is that I will not be getting 8 hours of sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be cooking, watching the parade, & visiting as many deals online as possible- maybe I should take the laptop to the kitchen? I'm sure I'll pass out in the afternoon, I probably should plan a nap because tomorrow night we have an evening run to Walmart, & I've been tempted to stop at kohls but probably won't. I'm really an online shopper, hate having to work to find items I want in store, if you know what I mean. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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