Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday but feels like a weekend to me....

Shopping day! Or should i say shopping day 1... lol

    -I went to kohl's & used my $10/20 purchase. I got a pair of capris & a tank top for OOP $13.82 (saved $35.02- they had some good sales)
    -Went to the party store to pick up some odds and ends for my packages to send out :)

    -Went to publix to use my $5/30 coupon- stocked up on soda, got some air freshener stuff, some corn (4/$1), & disposable razors ($5.49 BOGO - $2Q - $3Q=.49/2 Go Me)

    -Ordered somemore plastic drawers from & spotted a deal, at least I think so.... 8- 18 gal totes for $43.76 I figure I can replace some of my boxes with plastic totes. And Rob can use the drawers plus when we move we probably are not taking our bedroom set, since it was a hand me down- it will lighten the load.

    Some other tidbits.....
    -I stumbled upon this cool site that sells gentle used kids clothes (mainly baby/toddler stuff but anything really) This is how it works.... the seller gets a prepaid box to fill with as many items as they want (they make a list for the website), each box is $5 (plus the buyer pays shipping $10?) but you could 10 thing or 20 things or 2 things, depends on what you pick out. And I think if you sell high demand sizes then you may be able to get credit towards buying?) Check it out....

    -CMT awards were just annouced, yeah I know I must be sick but I voted. What can I say TN is country and I miss TN.... I still love my hard rock!

    -This Sunday paper is loaded with coupons, Pepsi coupons? Check here... if this is true I'm gonna have to get extras!

Well that's all for now folks!

Tomorrow I'm going to get my books for school, yay!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Final= 87

It was rough and even during the last question I closed my eyes and felt light headed. I even silently said God please help me several times during the almost 2 hours it took to finish!

Which 13 questions I missed Ill never know. Which is a disgrace because I'd love to correct the "wrong". But anyways I'm so so so thankful and excited and happy. In 2 weeks I'll be knee deep in kids- yep my first month of clinicals is Peds, then a month of mother/baby (aka labor & delivery!), then 2 weeks community clinic & 2 weeks women's health. And I'll learn all of it at some point in my th/fri classes. Sadly not all of my class has passed, I know of 4 confirmed so far...

Arnold & Winnie Palmer here I come

(that's my clinical sites)

Thank you God!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm about to go insane.....

in about 22 hours I'll know my fate, or God's will for me.....
I fell so stressed, trying to study/review- can't fully focus. Trying to give my brain breaks so I get up and walk around the house and go to the kitchen & consider eating but I'm not hungry.
A part of me wants a week more of studying, another part wants to take it now because what more will i know in 20 hours. My plan is to "try" to soak up something between now & 8 (6 hours) then it's relax time (maybea hot shower, maybe 1 hr of TV). Then bed by 9, wake up about 6:30- make good breakfast (eggs & toast?), then get ready, then review last minute tidbits for an hour, then drive to school and take a moment to myself in the car. Then Test time......
2 hours
110 questions
(10 don't count)

So please say a prayer for me, I've prayed already and will probably at least 4 more times before the test. Trying for an A but need to pass. I'm in God's hands....

Update 4:13 pm: I think I'm going to cry tomorrow no matter the outcome. I will cry for sorrow or for joy. I can practically see myself on the floor praising God for my success & sparing me from repeating such an intense class. Either way my emotions will be intense. Lord lead me toward my destination, I put my faith, my life, & my future in you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter...

I have fond memories of coloring eggs my Dorothy's house, getting an Easter basket- always peeps and my fav cadbury eggs. Oddly I don't ever remember coloring eggs with my mom..?... but anyways this day is about far more than cute bunnies, little newborn chicks, and candy! Good Friday- the crucifixion of Jesus and Easter Sunday the miraculous Resurrection.
I will sadly not be celebrating. I don't have kids so it makes a little easier to not make a fuss. But I must focus on my final. I will ignore the day but will not make a feast or attend any celebrations. I'm watching Mr Joel Osteen preach right now, then I'll get myself ready for the day and study. Hopefully God will extend holy week for me until Tuesday afternoon or at least continue to Bless me like he did the last week. I know just how truly wonderful God is and his will for me is what is to be and that is my future. I find peace in that. So...

I hope that everyone can celebrate this day in their own special way and God will Bless you and yours and that we will not forget that Jesus was resurrected on this Easter Sunday so long ago...

Friday, April 22, 2011

To look or not to look?

So the semester is nearly over....

All I have left is the final on Tuesday because today I took the last exam....

My class has a private FB page and so far my other classmates don't have anything good to say which scares me. Normally we wait for a week for the grades but today they are posted since we only have a few days until the final. So I don't know what to do. Do i look today? Do I wait until like the day before the final?

I think I've decided I need to look before the final (vs after) because I won't know if I passed OR better yet the teacher will just say you failed and I'll be double shocked!

But I know if it is less than 84 I'm not going to be happy because I need 168 points to pass (2-84's will do it). I might even (worse case) find out I failed upon looking at this grade. My fear is that my grade will affect whatever plans I have at studying. That I won't be able to instantly turn around and go back into hyper-study mode.

I feel ok, I felt more prepared for this exam, even though I did go back to about 10 like usual and they sneaked a few questions not pertaining to this material in there (not happy). God took away my fears the 2 days prior to the test so my anxiety did not overwhelm me.

What would you do?

UPDATE: My brother was pestering me to look so I told him to then he told me (even though i said not too but it's ok) because I got a 90!!!! Go me, isn't an A but hey I'm happy with it. Now as long as I score 78 or better on the final I will pass and start my 12 weeks of mother baby, Peds, & women's health on may 9th. So keep praying, I'll keep studying, and God can take the reins... his will is my future.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Downer Thursday...

So a couple hours ago I found out my Pharm grade....70. Really wanted, kind of needed an 80. I have exam 4 next week then a few days later the final & I need 84 or better on each. I know I'm still in the game, although for a brief moment I miscalculated in my head and thought I was out. So I was going to get to town on some flash cards tonight but I find myself stuck in a negative mood. I'm teetering between making myself a jumbo cocktail & whipping up those flash cards like i was going to do. So I'm frozen in this feeling because I won't know until it's too late if my next move was the right one... So until 10 am on April 26, 2011 I will be more or less busting my "brain" in my full attempt for success, saying prayers and devoting a few moments to God along the way. Exhausting all resources available .. because it's all I can do. It's amazing how close something can be...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No clinical Tuesday!

Man I feel like it's been 6 months since I've started clinicals (just since Jan) and although most of my class had that no clinical last week, it's new to me. If every week of nursing 2 was like this I think I'd have at least a high B.... So let's thank God and ask him for aid so that I might just pull through with N2 & kiss the ground that God made! I haven't felt this much peace since Christmas break.... And although my test results tomorrow might change that- I'm still hopeful that with my time I can study enough to get the best grade every on a N2 test for exam 4. Then it's just a few days til the final & well...

So I did my notes/reading, I cooked up some dinner (cajun seasoned pork chops with loaded mashed potatoes & honey butter biscuits) & did the dishes, gave max his ear meds & took the dogs out with Rob. Now I'm going to take a breather (and post) before I settle into some nightly TV & maybe make some note cards as well.

Speaking of TV I already checked my guide & noticed Deadliest Catch premeires tonight! Yay! And since Glee is a rerun (ugh) I think I'll watch Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy. I've noticed lately my TV tastes have been leaning toward more wholesome shows & less (excuse for a better word) skanky shows. Don't get me wrong I do have a few guilty pleasures but I've been watching more educating/less rated R reality TV shows, like history channel, A&E, Lifetime. And I know no one cares but me about TV but I'm going to list a few linkies to some shows I've watched. And I just have to say 1 last rant- I have barely seen the last season of 19 Kids & Counting due to it being moved to Monday (pre-clinical = must go to bed early) night. Ever so slightly tempted to order an episode from Amazon ($1.99 each).

And of course it goes without saying I watched all of Teen Mom 2 (Love leah & corey & the twins!!) and I'll probably watch the new season of 16 & Pregnant that starts later this month, especially since I'll be starting the best semester of Nursing - Women's health, Maternity, & Peds (I've probably mentioned this before lol). And FYI True Blood doesn't start back up until June 26th? (Get the next book the first week of May!!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Publix 4/10

This is what I bought:

1- bag Rold Gold

1- box Moist & Meaty (for Mr Zoey)

1- bag Beggin strips

= $13.26

This (above) is what I got for FREE:

1- bag Rold Gold (BOGO)

1- bag Beggin strips (BOGO)

1- pack of busy bones (get free with Beggin coupon)

1- 2 oz hand sanitizer (FREE publix coupon for baby club)

1- 16ox coco butter lotion (same as above)

1- 16 oz bottle alcohol (same as above)

Value = $15.85

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Evening Post...

So I'm not going to mention that "constant" thing in my life that is like a roller coaster of stress.... instead going to round up a posties because I'm "off the clock" for the evening....

Loving Lifetime network lately... I recently discovered the show One Born Every Minute (about a Columbus, OH labor & delivery unit) Love it! And they have another show, Coming Home, about military people coming home to surprise there family. It's worth while tear-jerker. Brings me back down to earth and humbles me to life and all that jazz. Praise the Lord for small miracles...

Well I thought I could come up with a few more but busy watching coming home and gotta get ready to "hit the hay" as my momma would say..

Night night & have a Bless & Beautiful Sunday

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here I come Mr. Pharm...

Well it's 7:55 and in 12 hours I'll be sitting in the classroom, waiting for my fellow students to arrive (probably trying to zone out of the commotion) and about to take a 50 question test on Drugs. No not the substance abuse kind (I'd probably do decent on that I did complete DARE ya know!).

So in a couple minutes I will do a quick review since I did study most of the afternoon, and then I'll take a moment out for my Lord & Savior. And although I feel as though I could puke, I'm going to try my best to release my anxiety and let God take the reins on this one. This class as been more challenaging than I ever thought and I will fight until the very last day, the final, to pass this class. So if you are saying some nightly prayers or some morning ones and you want to say something for me, that would be awesome. Going to get some rest tonight so I can be prepared for the exam. And when I'm done I'll keep in mind "God's will & plan" as I wait until next week for the grade. Also going to do a little retail therapy... Kohls here I come....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

4 weeks to go....

So I'm about to embark on my 4th to last week of Nursing 2. (unless something really goes wrong).....
Tomorrow I will go to a huge hospital I've never been before and pick up a patient... Then Tuesday my last clinical! Yay! Just wish my last one was last week like most of my class so that I could have an extra day & a half to study study for the Pharm test. This might my biggest challenge yet and I need 80 or better. Doable but I've started to feel the stress tonight. It will get worse as Friday approaches. My brain can only take so much so i gotta take breaks from studying. Although I think that I can honestly say that I have studied for a big part of the day. And honestly, again, I feel like I've only absorbed a small tin fraction of all the info.... I'm scared. But I keep telling myself that however I do on this test/class is God's will. If his plan for me is to pass then I will, if his plan is something then well... we'll just see what happens.

I read today in my Joyce Meyers, waking up with God book, that you have to move in some sort of direction in order for God to "direct" you. I'm moving and now God can take over should I derail from his plan. It is a lesson is giving up control and having total faith & trust. And yes it is hard but I guess I feel I have done all that I can and the rest truly is up to God, whether I want it to be or not. My future is in God's hands. But since I still believe this is "the" direction I will pray for myself and doors it will open for my family, as well as my classmates- that we may pass and find our own right path and lead to helping others.