Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joel Osteen Dec. 2nd

So sometimes on Sunday morning, while i clip my coupons and wake up, I watch Joel Osteen's 30 min sermon. It's the closest thin to church in my life at the moment. So a couple years ago I had Rob agree to go to church once before the year ended... needless to say the year ended without church. So on Dec. 2nd Rob & I are going to the Night of Hope with Joel & Victoria Osteen. I think it's a couple hours but it will be the first religious event my husband and I have attended together. And if you know my husband then you'll know this a big deal. I can't predict what my future involvement with church will be but I love my lord & savior and will for all eternity. So I hope that mu husband will enjoy the evening and come out with some new insight or something. It's kind of fitting that it is in Dec, with Christmas and all. Also it is after all my lectures are done and the day after test 4- so only the final will be left. But right now it's still Oct. & I need to do my mental health IPR & get cracking on some more neuro since the test is in 1 week.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Long time, no update... (mental hospital & aunt in ICU)

So wish me good luck and safety for the next 2 days because I'm spending 20 hours as the mental hospital! Yay for me! Not so much... Just part of my class, 2-10hour clinicals at the local mental/behavioral health center. All I know is what I've heard- no touching (they all want hugs), there is a peds unit (great- is Damien there? - omen ref.), the teacher tries to get you to do crafty things with the patients, and of course tuesday is an article presentation.... yay public speaking! So for multiple reasons my natural tendency is to dislike, stress over this. But I'm going to get through it, i know this.... so I'm going to attempt to do my best and put my fears aside (box them up and place them in my internal closet). After this I only have 3 clinical days left OMGoodness! Then it will practically be Thanksgiving and soon to done with N-4. So next week is test 3. Nervous because we only covered half the content so far (just 2 wks of test material on the test) and i have clinical, ie- monday paperwork, tuesday nursing work. So test 4 & final I'll have an extra amount of time to study.
Lord be with me everyday but especially on monday/tuesday when I "may" need your presence a little more so than just an average day at home. Keep in check, my mouth shunt unless saying appriopate theraputic communication, allow my to handle whatever the situation, not be embaressed (especially to the point where my face turns cherry red and I get nervousy like sweating and hot).
On a less than funny/cheerful note- my aunt Jan (diagnosised with Cancer couple months ago) is fighting for her life in a columbus ICU. She's been there over a week, she has 2 kids in college that still need her guidance in life. I think nursing has given me a strength to be very work like in these situations. It seems like this season is always not the greatest on my family....
So I'm going to get to work now.... finially writing my little paper that i must turn in tomorrow (yeah yeah I had a bad procrastinating weekend- call it stress).
God bless all my loved ones and have a great week!