Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day...

Is memorial day really a happy day?
Isn't kind of sad?
I understand it is respecting and appreciating the fallen soliders and for some just remembering everyone who have passed. I dad was in the national guard and i'm not sure if that makes him a "veteren" but my grandpa served in the army and was even deployed overseas.
So my day was spent grocery shopping (got a shirt my orientation, pink!) & house hunting (for rent, not sale). We didn't go into any but drove to a few and tomorrow after my errands i'm gonna call about "seeing" a couple. Hopefully we can have one nailed down soon and praise Jesus we can move out of here. I have a new found appreciation for peace, quiet, & serenity. I guess this was a lesson from God or maybe just Karma.
So going to spend more money tomorrow!!!
Getting the honda fixed up & if i'm lucky my titer results will be positive (meaning i do have immunity to chicken pox by way of having had it or vaccination. if negative then i have to get the shot!). Then all i'll have to do is go to my CPR class (saturday), get my FIT test done at orientation, and go to orientation (completeing whatever i need to there, like the uniform issue) And I'll be ready to starting nursing classes in late August & ready to go to TN to spend a last hurrah with my nieces and brother/sis-in-law and maybe get to hang out with my good friend and uber of course!!!
Wish Me Luck
(on a slightly more sad note I returned about 8 books to the library and was only done with 2 or 3... I guess this is how it will be because i'll no longer have the free time to dilly dally around with library books, the only books I'll probably be opening are my school books, the bible, & my waking up with God book. So in 2 years when i'm done with school & land a sweet job, i'll probably binge on library books or buy a few at least!)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lost Season 6 - The Final Scene

This is the end of "Lost", what a show.... and they all go to heaven together...

I just want to give a lttle opinion of the symbolism of Jack laying down to die and the Dog comes up to lay beside him. Dog, man's best friend never to leave ur side. D-O-G much like G-O-D, who never leaves your side come rain or shine.

Publix trip sans photo

Went to Publix Got 21 items for $28
BOGO Edy's Ice cream (rob's fav we don't usually buy b/c it' so pricey)
BOGO Oscar Meyer hotdogs (used free coupon makes 2 packs free!)
Yakisoba noodles (sale 60 cents, used $1/2 Q, 10 cents each)
Got other things too, even some unplanned like milk, pork chops, chips....but still saved over $35 (more than we spent).
Think im going to do some packing.
Sort of had a little hiccup yesterday when my school sent out an email informing us that the uniform fitting was rescheduled to july 16th but instructed students to send email if that posed a problem. I did and the response was that on orientation Mrs. Hansen will take care of it.... not sure what that means but maybe she can get our sizes/measurements for us?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Book review: Generation T-beyond fashion

Love It!
I own the first G. T book and love this one even more because it hhas a wider variety of items to turn used tees into. I love the baby and pet sections!
If you are a crafty person and love t-shirts then this just might be the book for you! First project I'd tackle: making a blanket out of t-shirts! How awesome and comfy that would be, plus u can turn those not-so-perfect tees into something useful without tossing the old tees away.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a day!

I did get a mailed package but email works, for my nursing school orientation info.
I feel like i have 20 things to do but it's not that much. Today i scheduled my life support class and uploaded 2 vaccine forms, trying to get signed up for my FIT thing & in the next couple days will figure out when next week I'll get my physcial/vaccines/tb test & drug test.
Going to wash my Max, but this is what i need to do by July (really july 16th but want to get it done so i can go to TN).
  • Get Physical
  • Get Varicella Titer (maybe Hep B too)
  • Get Varicella vaccine & Hep B too (if beg titers)
  • Get tetnus & flu vaccine
  • Get TB tested
  • Complete Basic Life Support class (w/ CPR cert)
  • on Orientation day: get FIT done, uniforms fitting/ordered, formal orientation, sign up for nursing assoc.
  • Get Drug Test
  • Get my Background check results (already started, just waiting)

I think that is it for school

tomorrow I'll be going to the dentist in the morning (been almost 10 years, sort of nervous, insurance only covering 20% for "emergency" type service). Then at 4 I'll be seeing a house w/ my mom, although I'm not sure how it will go but hoping for the best......So sometime in the next month or so I'll be moving as about a busy busy summer....Not to mention all those tests/vaccines/uniforms will cost about $900 (not including the cost of new khaki's since i don't own a single pair!) And I still have books to buy (before class but "might" be able to use Fin Aid, not for sure yet) yeah alot to do, alot of money....add school drama + momma drama + tn extended stay = lots of work in less than 2 months.... I'm up for it though!

I'm just worried about tomorrow...gulp!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost is done...

Do you watch LOST?
I watched the long finale last night, cried during half of it. The best part for me was Charlie & Claire getting back together. Up until then, i think his death several seasons before was the most prominent scene of the show for me. But I'm still somewhat "lost" about Lost!
I read a few opinions and this it what i get.... Either they all died in the crash and the whole show was like purgatory Or they all died at some point on the island and the sideways thing was purgatory...??..
For me, I think it is easier to believe the first idea, at least for the most part. But i'll never really understand. All in all it was sad to know that they did all die, there was no happily ever after with everyone being saved from the island to "live" there lives... maybe they were saved from the island but only to continue to afterlife (heaven) together. When Jack was laying the in sand dying, was that really after years of island life or was that minutes after the crash? I guess it's much like life. I don't understand it all or why somethings weren't/aren't prevented but in the end the end is the same, the destination is the same regardless of the means.
What else is going on in my life?
  • ATM waiting for the mail to arrive so i should have my nursing packet (or will need to email school -ugh!)
  • Going to the dentist wednesday, not looking forward to them looking in my mouth and saying which cavity do u want fixed (b/c i have so many and can't afford them all)
  • Going to work on packing b/c i'm moving! Looking forward to not having my rude neighbors but not looking forward to the hell-lacious drive, nor the fact that my mom is being more selfish and less compromising...but hey as long as we make through nursing school and license i'll be free of dependance and better off (moving again)
  • Hopefully, pending school information/requirements, I'll be packing up my car and Max to spend some more time in TN (hope the packet comes)

That is mainly what is going on, trying to take it as it comes but truthfully I'm not too happy about the living situation and am just trying to focus and get through it so I came move on with my husband, doggies, & kitties.....And that will probably be TN. The next 2 years will be interesting, as well as the next few after that. Maybe in 5 or 6 years Rob and I will being closing on a house in TN with little Dax and our lovely jobs. It won't be easy but once we're there it will be great!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So far I have 3.5 boxes packed and all but 1 will probably stay packed until we move again or to a house or something because in 2 years (at latest) I'll be moving again. It seems like a waste sometimes to pack, unpack, repack, etc. don't ya think? But i want to keep those things and know i won't be using as many things i own b/c of nursing school and directing my sole attention to it..
So while my husband spends his day at work, i will clean and pack and be productive! Yay!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Binge & Splurge....

An unusal Saturday for me and my hubby....
  • it started off with us going to Rob's Charity event thing for local employees of hospitality businesses. But due to some misunderstand or lack of effort on a ended with a bit of disappointment, with sweating in the sun for several hours doing nothing until we ditched it!
  • After a couple quick, cooling showers all was on the up & up.... but I didn't get my nursing student packet (was told to have it by weeks end, will check monday, then contact them), so that was a bit of a downer as I want to know what is going on so i can Plan...
  • Then it was followed by us picking out chinese take out, rob decided we should splurge on over $20 worth of food (3 dishes), but before the food arrived I had a forced conversation with my mom about our future living situation (don't really want to talk about but the jist is I'm pretty unhappy as it will increase my monthly bills dramaticly) i filled up my plate with an extra scoop or 2 - the binge
  • Later, the food coma came on, added to the sun exhuastion & the emotional diseree...a tiny bit of a nap
  • Then I decided i need alitle retail therapy, if u can call it that when i only spent $3.50 on myself (Rob spent $60 and bought a couple things for others, but all was on free visa gift card i got from my bank for my visa points)
  • Then the cheesecake, not my own but still tasty and rob got his ice cream!

So...i'm problems aren't vanished and even sleep won't make them disappear because they'll be there when i wake up and probably for the next 2 years, until i graduate (hopefully) & get my license so i can get a really good job! My vacation seems more like a last hurrah before the ship sinks...but i didn't know it was sinking...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back from the Trip.... was great. But now i'm missing my nieces and my heart is sad. Does anyone ever want to return to daily life? Not me... in fact... this trip has probably made me more negative about my life or at least those parts i hate... like the area i live and being so far from them, my family. I'd never admit this to anyone face to face but i actually cried shortly after i arrived home b/c i miss them already and don't know when i'll see them next. It's pretty crappy to be so far away and hate the area i'm's like a double whammy. I'd walk on hot coals to be with my nieces...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I woke a little bit earlier this morning (and it was all me not my darling Max- missing him already BTW), followed by the usual routine and skipped the cup of capp. to opt for half a caffeine pill (w/ a capri sun & 1 blueberry poptart i stole from my husband's stash). And as I started my daily "click"fest I came upon some article about old marriage rules you can break... please view it here
So I feel drawn to post my ideas and opinions on the matter. Not b/c I'm perfect, or have a perfect marriage or feel as though i'm overly entitled expert with all of nearly 6 years experience. I am who I am, I supposed it took all of my 27 years to mold me into the person I am today, with all those good and bad experiences to have produced the product of ME. I think I'm really one of the lucky ones when it comes to marriage. It's hard to put into words but the way I came to be married is not something I recommend to others. Not to say that my marriage is a failure, not at all, it is great but i feel as though God was more involved. I think he blessed me and my husband and i can't say how or why but it worked or is working til this day. For those of you who read my occasionally drawn out posts that don't know me IRL, I dated my husband all of 4 months before we said "I Do" and no, we didn't grow up knowing each other all of our lives but we are almost married 6 years and i think we've got what it takes to go the distance....that said... here is my thoughts on marriage
My opinions on the article i mentioned....
1st- I disagreed. Don't go to bed angry if it all possible. For me, i can't sleep when I'm angry and end up taking medications, but really if the problem can be hashed out in a reasonable about of time then please sort it out before going to bed and letting the responsibilities and distracts of life draw it out to a longer and larger ordeal (i understand that somethings might be too "big" for a little old conversation and kiss nighty night- that's the exception).
2nd- Sort of Agree. Honestly in Life is important, period. But we all know that the lines concerning honesty and kindness vs honesty and hurtfulness are somewhat blurred. God says to be kind to one another, so be kind. If your spouse asks if they look fat, maybe they do but don't say yes hon drop 10 #'s & ask me later! So my stance, be honest as much as possible but when the honest answer would be taken as hurtful then evaluate it, can i put the answer in a more kinder way? is this something insignificant therefore a small lie used to be kind (that can't cause damages) be used? Be gingerly about it!
3rd- basically agree. Although every marriage is different, even the Mr and Mrs Duggar have been separated by one of them going on a trip (El Salvador). But this really goes beyond vacations for me, couples had lives before they met, before they dated, before they married; so they should- to some degree- still have a live. I think people need a full circle of relationships and therefore need more than just 1 person to feed them all the social interaction of life. So yes, having a girls night or maybe a girls weekend "should" be ok so as your marriage is in good shape (it isn't an excuse to escape a problem and there is no need of one spouse to be worried the other might partake in activities that would harm the marriage- if u understand me). Of course I think money plays a big role (ex: if u can take 5 vacations a year, sure 1 w/o the family wouldn't hurt, but if u have only one to take and it is w/o the husband or family...sounds like something is wrong?)
4th - Agree. We can always agree on everything with everyone and if we do, it's more likely we are trying to please everyone like a robot that has no personal thoughts, views, or opinions on ANYTHING! But there might a point in time where the one needs to evaluate the fighting, fighting all the time is not healthy and should set off alarms in the brain that something is off in the marriage- get counseling and see if it can be worked out so there is less overall fighting.
5th- somewhat agree. Let's face it, by now we should all know that our kids learn from us. They are more impacted by our actions in life than our words, so if you smoke but tell them not to smoke it's bad... don't be sent into traumatic shock when u catch them smoking.... Kids should, to degree, be the main priority in life. If you're in a bad marriage, don't stick with it for the kids, they'll be more screwed up watching mommy and daddy fight it out every night or worse, than if u just leave. But that doesn't mean should neglect a good marriage because your kids are abusing the unconditional love thing. Kids are not adults but are smart, some are so smart that they are rather than list 10 examples- this one should be evaluated based on individual situation.
6th- agree. But why are you sleeping apart? That is the golden question, if your spouse is snoring so loud that you barely get any sleep, then ok. If it is more of an emotional issue, like problems in the marriage then creating physical distance might create more emotional distance in the marriage; therefore, causing more harm and one might just be walking down that road to street called DIVORCE. Beware of the reasons.
7th- Agree! Spending time together with my husband is great and at times my smile might be bigger because of it. But neither one of us should give up the hobbies we enjoy (so long as they don't put additional stresses on the relationship, like finances or used as excuses to not spend time together). I like what i like, he likes what he likes, and we like what we like. It works out! I think it makes for a good balance.
8th- Agree! It it were all sparks or nothing then how did so many people end up married? lol The vows are not "Sparks do us part". Marriage is about Love, Trust, & Commitment. The last one is truly an act of love; I'll be faithfully yours until we die, through illness, through problems, through whatever life brings us. Too many people get married w/o even listening or applying those vows or understanding exactly what they are doing. If it is too much for you then just stay single and date your spouse. (although it doesn't mean stay in a bad unhealthy marriage or risk your life to stay true the vows, obviously!)
9th- Agree. Life, not just marriage, has ups, downs, and crazy turns! Sometimes we plateau, is that so bad? But don't mistake this as a gap between the couple that grows with distance. Go on a date and be thankful!
10th- Agree. It's like the ups and downs theory. We have go through phases and changes and all that jazz, what is important is communication. Don't avoid the conversation about this or any other topic. And don't use sex as tool in marriage, that is not what it was intended for. So if you can't be open, honest, & communicate then you might have more problems. You'll also need that kindness and understanding thing too. That is if you truly have love for each other and commitment to your marriage....
I think too many people rush into marriage when they really shouldn't even be considering it. Therefore they eventually realize they made a mistake and raise the divorce rate by a notch. I'm not saying divorce is wrong, it has a time & place surely. But maybe people use marriage has a tool sometimes, a band aid, a distraction from the real issues going on. If it isn't working out when you're dating, marriage is not magic fairy dust to solve all problems and "they lived happily ever after". Sometimes one needs to step outside there body and really take a look at what is going on, if you dated and broke up and dated and broke up and then dated and got married, now your headed to divorce...maybe you should have seen this coming? (no offense)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Duggar Tuesday...

Did u catch the Duggar special on Mother's Day? It was very touching watching lil Joise come home but sadly she ended up back in the hospital... tonight we'll get to se more on that....
  • E-mealz have u heard of it? Well i saw a post on it from one of my fav bloggers Money Saving Mom. Basicly they plan a weekly menu, including grocery list that fits into a specified budget (something like around $38 for 5 dinners 2-3 people, $75 for 4 people 7 dinners) and u just pay a few bucks a month for the service, they'll even pair it with your favorite store (like walmart or publix) using there sales for the week to help save and may have links to printable coupons to go with the grocery list. Seems pretty nifty! Check it out here...
  • Hip 2 Save has a nifty post on cooking tips! Check it out!

Well I don't have much more to comment on b/c this is an unusual week since I've been preparing for our little trip and not doing much shopping. Just about ready though! Praying for good traffic and weather! Oh and Tonight is the 3rd to last episode of Lost! Starting to get nuts thinking how it will all end....

Note: Michelle Duggar was holding Joise, skin to skin, that is a technique used on preemies called Kangaroo care... it's soothing to the baby.


Mon- Pizza
Tues- Tomato Soup w/ grilled cheese
Wed- ?? something easy
Thursday- Out (road trip)
Fri- Pizza?
Sat- Burgers?
Sun- ??
Mon- ??
Tues- Out
We're getting ready for out Trip, probably will be our only one this year...might be are last one for awhile since fabulous nursing school starts in August.... (if any trip were to occur it'd have to be on break time which is probably 2 weeks in May, 2 weeks in August, and 3-4 weeks for Christmas Holiday dec/jan) at least until May 2012!
I have no idea what will go during my trip except visiting my family but i'm game to see what pops up! Gonna miss my doggies a bunch! Been a while since I've actually been w/o them (may 2008).
On another note... My boobs are having their birthday or Anniversary - they are about 2 years old!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Publix & Walgreens 5/3

2- Vitamin waters ($1 sale - $1/2 Q)
= 50. each
1- Donuts ($2.50 sale)
= $2.50
3- Carefree products (.99 sale - (3) $1/1 Q)
= +.03
Total= $3.80
Spent: $7.38
(total before coupons was over $40)
Also went to walmart
Best Hidden Deals :
Publix .99 Carefree products - $1/1 coupon = Make 1 cent
Walgreens 2/$3 Sure - $1.50 sure coupon = Free
Walmart 2 pk Gillete Mach 3 razor refills $4.87 - $4/1 coupon = .87
Will be buying 10 more packs of the 2 ct razor refills and use them for PG coupon rebate deal (good until 5/31, spend $50 get $100 worth of coupons)
*Warning* Personal statement to follow----
It goes w/o saying that I have tons of feminie products and probably will get a few more for free (who can pass up free?) I'll have a pretty big stock pile especially b/c I haven't "needed" them for the last 3 years (thank you Depo). Guess I'll be very prepared whenever i do "need" them again...or I'll have something to donate.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bourbon Pound Cake part 2

Well I learned a lesson today: when a recipe calls for a 10 inch tube pan, a 9 inch tube pan will not work! Tastes good but had a little "overflow, luckily the cake is flipped so the top is still pretty! And the bottom was cut off...if you'd like the recipe, just leave your email address in a comment!

Bourbon Pound Cake part 1