Saturday, July 9, 2011

story about kid with terminal cancer- fine, add a dog - tearing up...

Quick update.... Test 1= B thank you lord!
3 regular weeks left but they highly irregular... next week double clinical & test 2. Week after: 12 hr lab & (1st) final. Last week of month: last clinical so i have to have a peer review article to mention! (or fail course)....then the 2nd final.....
So yesterday was our children's cancer lecture & our teacher showed us a youtube video & that we might need some tissues... i didn't. But later on she told us the story of a 10 year old boy who had terminal cancer and how he wanted his dog in the hospital (she allowed it) and she said it was one of the 2 funerals she ever went to (patient funerals) and they had a little dog bed thing beside the casket & the dog laid there the whole time. I seriously just about lost it. Children dying is sad but that poor dog really made that boy's life better in the end & now he's heartbroken (the dog). Maybe it's just cause i have dogs and no kids but the pet aspect really gets to me. Pets do love back!
So send some prayers if you like, I'm sure gonna need all of God's glorious help! So close to completing another semester successfully!

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