Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coupons & Deals Oh My...

I'm a "post" happy kind of mood so maybe I'll actually include some links for good stuff!! Yay!!!
  • Get out Gerber website, if you sign up you can print 2 coupons (one for $10/$50 puchase of clothes and one for $1/1 Gerber onesie) This would be awesome for people with babies or expecting some! Walmart sells Gerber, as well as many other stores...
  • One of my fav blogs (Hip 2 Save) posted about a neat website - Terracycle...check it out here... from what i've read they will basically take your trash (like candy wrapper) and use it to make stuff. Sort like recycling, they even give you the postage to send them the items (but i think you have to collect a bunch first) read more about and sign up! They give to a charity of your choice if you send them the recycle-ables!
  • New York & Co. have done it again (not the same deal) now everything is 50% off, score something nice for Easter or spring....
  • Want some Freebies? Check out what ya can get here...
  • $1/1 7-Up coupon here
  • "Get Free Kid Gear"... at least that is what it said in one of my magazines...Sort of like "recycling" Martenity, baby, & kids items (sometimes even coupons)...the downer? as of now it's only in larger cities (over 50)but if you need something(s) and it's free maybe you can trek an hour or two and get the goods! Check out! (if you went to site to check it out the lady in the video got a $250 breast pump for FREE)
  • Do you have a printer? Then check out my list of websites for coupons (some are organic)....


Walgreens 3/31

Stayfree 2 x 3.49 = 6.98
- $2 Q - BOGO Q (3.49)= $1.49
Sudafed Products 2 x 4.99 = 9.98
- $4 Q - $2 Q = $3.98
Halls =2.49
- $1.50 Walgreens Q - $1Q= -.01
Duracell Battery sale = 2.99
- .50 Q= $2.49
Wafers = $1.00
Dentek Floss sale = $2.00
Box Candy sale 2 x 1.00= $2.00
Gortons Fish clearance 2 x .75 = $1.50
Yoo Hoo (not pictured) = $1.39
Dove hair product= $4.00
Cadbury eggs 3 x .75= 2.25
- .75 Walgreens Q= $1.50
------------------------Total $21.70
RR recieved: $11
--------------------Really Spent $10.70
Saved: $31.38

photos 'n' stuff

My darling Max (loves u!) Me before a date, earlier this month...
(and that circular speck under my eye is a mole, not a make-up fudge up)
I got this awesome guide booklet/magazine thing from Louisianna this week, I think this is the best tourist booklet I've ever gotten- very informative and great layouts!!!
If you'd like one, go's free!

Here is "Dead in the Family" book that I won (& won't hit shelves until May but the cover is different)...thought it would be cool to post since it is nothing like the published cover, I love those covers with cartoon Sookie and whomever i might eventually buy it to have the complete collection :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

No Menu Monday...

I know, i have no excuse especially since I've been home most of the day (up since 6:20) and have been alone! Maybe I'll try to work on it a bit tonight..?....
  • I checked my school email today, progressing on the Fin-Aid, sending in some forms, hopefully in 2 weeks or so I'll know exactly what I'll be getting (or what I'll need to get to pay my tution and long list of extra nursing student costs lol)
  • Tomorrow is my errand day, which means I must "man up" to call the vet to get 1. Urine collection supplies 2. Heartworm meds for max & zoey 3. Syringes & Needles...that's in the order of ease of getting (gonna be a long complicated phone call)...Hopefully I'll have my experienced (probably knows my voice) receptionist who should know I've gotten the meds/needles-syringes before and can take my used ones....BTW did i say that the total of all this will probably be $150 or so (including urine testing fee) My doggies = my kids!
  • My sweetheart of a husband picked me up (during his double) to eat an early dinner at his work...i love my husband!
  • I was hoping to have more awesome things to post, like coupons or deals but I'm all tapped out! I'm going to get cozy for the night...maybe toss a load of laundry in or some dishes, shower and all the goodness!

Air Force...probably not...

I'd like to consider myself an informed person (if i question something I like to find an answer instead of brushing it off). So I "chatted" with the Air Force and found out thatthe cut off age is 27 unless I have a BSN, I'm starting my AS in August and hope to have BS but probably won't until I already have a nursing job and hubster is out of school....However...
For a BSN thet cut off age is 42.
So this is not likely a "Plan B" for me since I'll be 29 with I graduate and doubt if I get to the point where i can get my BS, that I need to join the military. I was kind of getting interested but I wouldn't want to up-root my already started new life.

Awesome Deal at NY & CO.

Go to New York & Co. and use the code 1068 for $10 off any order!
You could get something just for shipping!
I bought s tankini top that was on sale, I paid about $11 for it (including tax/shipping)!
There have several items lower than $10 so you could pay about $4.95 for it (that's the shipping).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Disney Princess Roses?

Yes that's right! Go here to check'em out.
They are roses inspired by the princesses and they are pretty!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Got US Military?

Firstly, is military a word of general use, as in to covers all branches like army, navy, etc... or is it just for army? I'm open for education on this.... :)
I recently found out that one of my cousins (2 years younger, married w/ 2 kids) might join the Air know me, I had to look up some info on it. What was the great perks or whatever that made my cousin decide this was best for his growing family? I looked up some info, found some neat things...and then I started to consider....
If I have a hard time getting a nursing job (heard some horror stories about graduates unable to get jobs b/c everyone wants experienced people) then I "might" consider joining the Air Force. I had once considered this when i was almost done with high school b/c 1. they would help me get a career or money for college 2. My grandpa was in the military, my dad was in the Guard, shouldn't i continue the family service? But i didn't, i mean come on...I'm slightly a wimp and well...most movies make basic training look as fun as drilling and pulling teeth....But I figure, if i have the nursing degree/license then maybe they'd want me (plus i'd start off as an officer).
I went to this one site and found out some stuff, like:
-the Air Force is tied for tough to get into with the Coast Guard
-they deploy less than other branches
-they also have more applicants than open slots
I know the chances of me, Lee, actually joining are slim-none but in the off chance that I have problems landing a job, I'm at least keeping an open mind about it. It wouldn't pay me more but it would get me a good start, a job! Plus would help me take care of my family and maybe give them an opportunity that they wouldn't otherwise have.....However....I'd probably have to be super desperate since Working as a nurse and Starting a family fall hand in hand to me....enlisting and starting a family do not!
Military Advice?

I finished my book!

I'm done with Dead in the Family but i want more!
I'd love to spill it all but i unable to, as a condition of the promo-manuscript. I will say that it kind of seemed like the next Harry Potter movie (2 parts to the same story).....But don't all really seem to be that way, good books at least? So it's almost 3 months until True Blood season 3 (OMG) and maybe a year or so until another Sookie Stackhouse book...that is as long as Miss Harris continues to write them.....I don't want to see it end but how long can it go on? I mean what's the longest book series?

Publix 3/26

Went to Publix, no photo..I know..bummer...but here's the list anyways...

4- Jimmy Dean roll sausage (2 each)
6- pks shredded cheese (3/$5)
3- Birds eye Veggies (50% off)
2- Ore-ida steam-n-mash (bogo 3.99)
2- Cascade action pks (3.99 ea)
1- pk strawberries (2.00)
1- Sara Lee pound cake (50% off)

2- $1/2 J.D. sausage
3- $2/2 Kraft cheese
2- .50/1 birds eye
1- .35/1birds eye
1- $1/2 birds eye store Q
2- $1/1 ore-ida
1- $1.75 off strawberries WYB sara lee pound cake

Spent----------------- $21.05

I certainly won't need sausage for a good while and I'm pretty good on cheese for a bit too!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I just finished page 103...
Taking a break, although i don't know what to do or how long i'll be able to do it because sooner than later the book will be calling my name....I can honestly say I think i read more books in 2009 than i have in my whole life...willing too....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I got the book!

(jumping for joy!)
& I'm already on page 66! It's a special uncorrcted manuscript proof! Wonder if that would be worth something in 50 years? I orginally thought I'd barrel through in one day, even if staying up until 1 am but since i didn't start until the afternoon.... I accept the fact I'm going to take a few days to finish it (& enjoy every minute).
What else is new today?
- I'm trying the Duggar's tatot tot casserole recipe but so far (30 mins in) it doesn't look like their's. Mine is lot tots covered with goosy soup sauce stuff...I just hope it tastes good...if not....Plan be may be a frozen pizza....
- Rob watched 2/3 of the Blind Side today and i think it even touched him a bit :)
So... after my daily duties & dinner, gonna read some book & watch some Survivor & read more of the book....Tomorrow Rob goes to work in the morning so i'll either A. Read the book or B. actually get something done.....hmm...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Duggar Tuesday- Late Edition...

I love the the Duggar family because I find them uplifting and inspirational....Much like I love The Blind Side.
We all can't be like the Jim-Bob & Michelle or Leigh Anne & Sean but we can have open hearts, kindness to others, & generosity. To know that these qualities exist in others is comforting and encouraging for me to have those traits as well.
So what else is new?
- my dog Zoey had been sick but he is well again (thank you God)
- I tried out a new dinner idea (score!)
- I haven't made that dreaded dental appointment yet because i just realized that I'm due for a shot (and before you know it, it'll be April 8th-Max due for another Urine test----hopefully it will go well and no more testing?!? God willing)'s about that time of night (feeling sort of Mr Rogers right now, when he breaks out the song and the sweater and the whol trolly gonna check in with God, take out my baby (Max) & prep myself for the Sand-Man
nightie night!

The Blind Side...

I just saw The Blind Side....

It was awesome! A truly inspiring movie!

I'm not a minority or born on wrong side of tracks (per say) but I don't think it matters, at least not to me. This movie can teach a person (like me) that you truly can attain goals that seem so far from reach....

I think everyone should see this movie, especially someone struggling....

I'm 27 and this movie has made me feel hopeful today, in all things, particularly that I CAN do well in nursing school and graduate with my head held high...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Where are the Dannon $1-4 pks?

I have seen the commercial several times, right now actually but have not noticed any "dollar packs". I recently bought a 4 pk at my local walmart but it was about $2. Hmm...
Today I entered into a couple giveaways
-2 Resturant giftcards giveaways here
-2 Vacation giveaways - one is part of Tropicana's reward program, the other part of Self magazine
-1 for years supply of cat food/litter (apart of my paw points rewards club)
- at least 1 for some money
I think I've probably won 3 giveaways in the last year or so, for:
1. Coupons
2. True Blood S1 soundtrack
3. ARC Dead in the Family (fav!!!!)
I know that God must have been on my side with those, especially the latter- can't wait until it's here, maybe in a week!

Menu Monday + Publix trip...

I ran some errands this morning, one which was a trip to Publix, I don't have a photo but here is the run down....

2- Fast Fixin popcorn chicken bags (bogo 5.99)
2- Contessa bagged meals (bogo 7.99)
4- Yakisoba noodles (.79 ea)
1 - Stouffers family dinner (3.99)
1- 25# Fresh Step kitty litter (9.99)

Total amount of coupons: $9.75
Total Spent----------------------------$22.02
Total saved (coupons+sales): $29.53

Monday- Popcorn chicken/fries
Tuesday- Grilled Chicken Stuffed Burritos (mock taco bell)
Wednesday- Spaghetti
Thursday- Jambalya
Friday- Tator Tot Casserole (Duggar recipe)
(I have half the stuff for meal #2 &5 and all for 1, 3, 4)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cute shoes

Aren't these flip flops cute?

From 7th Heaven to Double ovens...

Take a little journey with me...
It starts with 7th Heaven... I was watching an episode where the oldest Son marries a Jewish girl...long story short-->Jewish people do not/can not eat dairy and meat in the same meal--> this (if to the highest extent practiced) means that Jewish Kosher kitchens should have 2 seperate counter tops, 2 seperate ovens and maybe stoves, 2 seperate set of dishes, utensils, and cooking devices- to ensure that nothing that touches meat touches dairy and vice versa
That seems like a big deal and alot of work so I tried to look up why --> there is a scripture or something in the Jewish text that is something like "don't put a kid in mother's milk" (this is not a direct quote by no means!). And although they couldn't go into detail about "why" just that they simly follow this request or law to a T, those that are super Traditional or Orthodox or whatever they call themselves. --> but there was also some other part taken from another religion or culture that says meat represents Death and Milk =Life and therefore death and life can not mingle. Not in a dish or in the stomach (must wait 6 hours to eat the other). ---> Then I ask myself, what about pork? ---> These dietary rules are set from the old testament, pigs are deemed unsanitary or dirty so no ham for Christmas, so sausage gravy and biscuits and no hot ham & cheese sammys....
So how was the trip? I'm a curious person and luckily I have the Internet to aid me in my pointless yet curious perdictaments.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Awesome Deal on Disney's Princess & the Frog..

Walmart currently has the DVD on sale for $15.96 (or so)
Plus there is a $5 coupon
Plus 3 potential $5 Rebates (but i think you can probably only do 2 since these dvds usualy have 2 proofs of purchase, right?)
Long story short= after a couple rebates the dvd is less than $2....this is such a sweet deal (especially for a Disney movie) that i'll probably buy it myself (for future kids) even though it goes against my policy- don't buy it until u try it (watch it first)
One goal that my husband and I have is to own all the Disney movies on DVD for our kids, i think we only have one though (Wall-E- good movie)
For details on this deal, go to this Blog and check it out....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Duggar Tuesday

Being sick sucks and it makes everyday life activities suck as well....And while i'm complaining...I don't like this daylight savings thing. I like it dark or basically dark at 7 pm...this daylight is throwing me off and worse- making it hard to take my dogs out because everyone and there kids seem to be out now at 7, when just a week ago there was no one outside at 7. And since my dogs are on a schedule they know when it is 7 and are waiting for me to get up and take them out....uhhhhh I wish i could click my heals together and be somewhere else, in a previous home...There is no place like home there's no place like home....
But on a brighter note, the Duggars are on tonight, yay! This time the older girls are headed back HOME, to tie up some loose ends and i guess we get to visit Josh and his new family too....
Then i also have Lost and 16 & Preggers
Also on a brigther note, I'll be the owner of an ARC of "Dead in the Family" in about 2-3 weeks (it's coming from the UK), while most people will be waiting until May, I've been blessed to win a copy! This is the 10 & latest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse seires (aka True Blood).
So since I'll sick the Dentist visit is slightly delayed, was going to call this week but if i can't breath through my nose then the visit will not go well..
So I'm going to refill my Sunny-D cup and get a fresh box of tissues and take a dose of meds, curl up under the throw blanket in my bed and watch tv

Monday, March 15, 2010

I won a contest!

I have won a copy of the yet to be released "Dead in the Family"!!!
Go here and see for yourself and what i did to win....

Menu Monday

Monday- Hamburgers/ramen noodles
Tuesday- ?
Wednesday- Turkey, mashed potatoes & stuffing
Thursday- Beanie Wienie
Friday- Turkey sausage rice soup?
Saturday- ?
I'm feeling a bit under the weather, not sure if it is allergies or a cold but i've been tired/sleepy & my nose is on drip

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Praise the Lord!

I love the Lord and i know the Lord loves me.
After getting my generous gift (joyce meyer book) i decided I would look her up on the internet...low and behold she has her own little christian empire of info and outreach....she even has a magazine and is offereing free subscriptions on her website (go here to check it out)... I haven't looked all over but seems like a good source to come back to and I'm definately enjoying the book (Hearing From God Each Morning)....

Date night...

Yesterday me & hubby went out on a date...
We ate at Chick-Fil-A and saw Alice in Wonderland in Imax 3D..
It was pretty good, not sure the 3D made it better or not but it was really clear and even the previews were in 3D... i have never seen an Imax movie before and i thought it might not be as packed since it costs more...Wrong! It was packed! We had to wait in a line in the hallway next to the theater until about 20 minutes before the movie was to start and then we sat in there forever and people sat next to us and wasn't awful but normally when we see a movie we can sit away from people and just enjoy it comfortablly. Had a good time though..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Super Saturday Music Video...

I just saw this video yesterday and thought it was pretty good, almost made me cry, and the lyrics are great! - Nickleback "Never Gonna Be Alone"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Surprise Package

Thank you to my best friend Megan, for be so generous and caring. I got the book Hearing God Each Morning. Now I can read it everyday and not miss out on God's explained wisdom.
Today's is: God wants to give you His best.
Galatians 5:16
Of course I still read from my bible and have been doing pretty good at sticking to it. I'm currently on 1 Chronicles (just finished 15) so in about a week i'll probably be onto the 2nd one.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


My dad's dog, Brownie, died yesterday (but i just found out tonight).
She was a big old mut dog that showed up probably 17 years or so ago at my dads farm. She ran around the neighborhood and everyone loved her, especially all the cute puppies she had.
Rest in Peace Brownie...

Eclipse Trailer....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ruby and more...

Have you seen the show Ruby on the style network?
I'd consider another inspirational show (like the Duggars but different). Ruby is such a sweet lady and is beautiful with a lovely southern accent. It really makes me miss the south... (Florida is not "the south", it's just south, well i can only speak for southern Florida and central, maybe the panhandle is more "southern style"). I miss the southern charm, it's something ya can't bottle up and no matter where ya move too, it just can be transplanted.
Anyways...Ruby is on Sunday night at 9...
One recent episode had her go on a trip to Myrtle Beach (but it was mainly north myrtle and dude I never seen a house like that when i lived there, but my days were spent in Surfside Beach or on the former Military Base- which is like too hot to handle now...)
Besides my family was no so well off so the nicest homes i ever saw was one of my teacher's houses (field trip) on Pawley's was on stilts or whatever...gotta be that close to the water....
I think it's likely that my "best place to live" will be in the "south"...but that is a long journey....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Book Review: Hearing From God Each Morning

Why is it that when i get bad news (or less than perfect) I just have a sort of bad day that is either me being in a somewhat depressed mood or just mopeing around until God blesses my eyes shut for a nights sleep.....
I guess i just have a problem "moving on"? I love my dog and feel as though my first and last thought of the next 30 days will be about him and include a prayer to God....What a wonderful next 30 days, huh? I can somehow turn half of the things in life into terms of "waiting"...Truth is there will always be something I'm waiting for, whether i know when it will come or not. The waiting Game sucks but I'm doing my best to put my faith in God and that he will take care of sudo child Max.... I got some books from the library, one was not for me, one i really have "read" a bit to determine my feelings on, one a sort of like, one a definately like ....
It's a simple format, each page has a date (ex: March 23) and it lists a verse from the bible and then elaborates on it and applies to life. Sometimes the bible verses are hard to understand and i might read them several times to gain a deeper meaning, this book aids me in that.
I just flipped to my birthday (couldn't resist) and guess what the general theme is- waiting....Hebrews 6:15
I'll probably be adding this book to my "wishlist" since i can't keep it for a year and i think it would be a nice addition to my collection....Something that anyone on anyday could just open up and feel a bit better or learn something....

Max's results...

I spoke to the vet today.... Max has elevated liver enzyme levels and plus 2 protien in his Urine (0 to 1 is normal), so this could be signs of devloping cushing disease or could be old age related....
Of the 2 options given we are going to re-test the protien levels in his urine in 30 days to see if there is a difference....if they are normal then we're ok....if not then we need additional tests, maybe an extensive urine test involving a needle into the bladder (scary) and possibly testing for cushings disease (somewhat pricey)....since we doesn't have many symptoms of it we are choosing to not test for it unless future testing results tell us to. So if ya can, please keep on praying or my Max, that he has a good urine test in 30 days (around April 8th).

Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Monday?...not quite....

Today was definately a day where I was nearly on the fence and falling over to the side of "do nothing" day but I rebounded and actually left the house 3 seperate times - yes not gas efficent but it just had to be that way...
1st- Max's vet visit- seems he may alright but need blood/urine tests to comfirm
2nd- grocery deal shopping & library drop off
3rd- Urine sample drop off at vet
So my menu plan and walmart trip have not been completed as they usually are...maybe tomorrow...but tonight is frozen pizza! Which i will be making soon, probably while 7th Heaven is on tv (current "there is anything on so why not" addiction- but usually am doing other things while it's on...)
I did score some bargins today and here is the short list...
6- boxes quacker instant oatmeal
4- boxes rice-a-roni
2-boxes devil foods cookies
2- Digorno pizzas
1- fresh salad bag mix
1- pizza roll box
1- 2 liter M.Dew
1- Breyers ice cream
all for about $24
& saved about $30 or so
These deals were done with "free" promotions at Winn-Dixie & Publix!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's March....

(i forgot of what i wanted to post originally)
that means Max has his Vet visit (partly routine, partly not- keep up the prayers)
and if that goes well enough, i'll be heading to the dentist. The first trip in about 9 years, so I'm nervous and scared but i know i "need" it. I need way more than what I'm going for but one problem at a time will have to do for now.....Also, today in the morning i noticed my vision was off, i had my glasses on but the tv's guide (on the tv screen) was blurry to me, i could read it but it was a little blurry but when i look at it now, it's clear.... I'm not going to worry about this but will keep out an "eye" for future issues....I'm sure i could use new glasses, as well as the hubby but ATM it's just not in the plans....Being a child really spoiled me in that sense (although i hated it) I saw the dentist and eye doctor every year, got my teeth fixed up and new glasses every single year....One day I hope to be able to return to that practice and have my kids checked up on annually.... (Nursing benefits should provide well)
So why the heck am i posting this boring info? No clue, except for the fact I'm a bit nervous (100% on Max now, but once that is taken care of it will switch a bit over to the dentist).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Prayer For Max...

My darling little old man doggie, Max has a vet visit next Monday
twice in about a week's time span he has peed in the apartment, which is uncommon for my doggie. Last night he was sitting on my bed, sort of playing with a doggie bone, and he just started peeing out of nowhere, as if he had lost control almost.
I read some things on the internet about this and it could be a list of things wrong, including urinary tract infection, which he has had before. I hope it is nothing serious and that my little baby will be ok (and hopefully it won't cost an arm and leg). He is due for is bi-annual blood/urine screening so I planned it all for next Monday with my favorite vet. Please say a prayer for my Maxie...

Monday, March 1, 2010


Here are 3 out 4 babies, of course my most loved, "first born" isn't pictured here but i'll make him a special post....
An unexpected trip to our neighboring apartment complex (spur of the moment) yeilded mainly positive feelings...the only down side is they have gas washer/dryer hookups- but u can rent some & the rent is high unless they have a promotion - right now there market price rent for over 1,000 sq ft 2 bed/2bath is just over $1000 but there current promotion is $850 or so on thet same apartment w/ a 13 month lease.....that's in our price range and would keep us close to Rob's job....too bad we won't be moving until mid-to-late summer....
Tonight I'll surely be praying to God that an opportunity will arise come time, that will allow us to stay in the area and that our new place will not have problems like our current place....and i can study and sleep and take care of my babies while getting through nursing school!
Why did we even look at this apartment today? here's the story...
Yesterday i went with my mom to walmart and we drove by the complex and she said they don't allow i was at a smoothie shop next to an Albertson's i planned to go to about 20 minutes north. There was an apartment guide and i thought i'd peek at it, saw the apartment listed and it stated that they Do allow pets.....When Rob and I got home we looked up the loor plans they had listed online (spacious and thought we'd be able to fit our 3 bedroom into their 2 bedroom-cheaper) and i gave them call, which led to driving over and taking a look....Maybe this was God's plan..?..

Monday Meat Shopping...

Total: $61.53
I'm expecting a $5 rebate on the turkey meat which will make my total: $56.53
3# ground turkey
14 chicken legs
11 pork chops
18 steaks
= 15 meals
(maybe more than 15 meals, depends on how i use the ground turkey but at 15 for my 3 member family) so i'm pretty stocked up for a bit, i love Albertson's buy 1 get 2 free deals