Monday, November 30, 2009

Have you seen New Moon?

I did and here is a poster for the 3rd installment of the Twilight seires. Doesn't really give any hits or clues huh? Well I'm currently awaiting the book to arrive via the library so I can figure it out. Sad thing is, I basically know how the whole story ends....just gotta fill in the blanks....BTW forgive me but i'm really sad for Jacob and wish she would have just stayed with him....but uhhh true love....can't fight it

Cyber Shopping....

They have a FAB deal going on, check out this blog on how to do it. I just did, I got 3 sweaters and a scarf for less than $33. (I ended up spending $41.?? b/c I also bought a bra on clearance for $9.99, that includes shipping too. Not bad for 5 VS items for $41). I'll be gifting 2 of the sweaters and the scarf, keeping one sweater for myself hehe. I think you can get this deal through wednesday but better to do it ASAP if you want a particular color/style/size.....
Right now, today only...they have 20% off your order online. I bought 8 items for $54.51. Most of it are gifts but a couple items are my Xmas gifts that Rob doesn't know he bought me...hehe....Nearly everything I bought was on sale (4 tops, 2 undies, 2 dresses). Also if you spend $50 you get free shipping (that takes off $7). So....I ended up getting some items I can't buy in store, paying reduced cost and no shipping so it was as if I shopped in store.
I can honestly say I have 8 packages coming from online shopping I've done in the past week and I think I'm nearly done Xmas shopping.... (2 walmart, target, amazon, VS, old navy, ebay, HT) .....I might have a couple items I could buy to bulk up the gifts but I can honestly say that If I couldn't spend anymore I have at least something for everyone on my shopping list.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

TG dinner

Roll, Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes w/homemade gravy (neely style), scalloped corn, & sweet potato tasty and filling...other than a few snacking this morning, this was my only meal...couldn't even fit in the pie but forced it in at 9:00 pm b/c Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving w/o pumpkin pie---YUM!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TG Eve.....

Dinner: Alfredo Pasta w/ Shrimp, Chicken, Zucchini, & Mushrooms
Deviled Eggs

Pumpkin Pie

Photo #1 Grated Zucchini
#2 Just put into oven, Zucchini Batter
#3 my 2 baked Zucchini bread loaves
I also prepped my relish try by cutting my carrots, celery, and cheeses; also used extra pieces of veggies to chop up for soup (leftover turkey, sausage, rice soup next week). I wasn't planning on making zucchini bread but I had bought some for my dinner and the only way Publix was selling it was in packages of 4 so I made the bread to use up the veggie before it would go bad.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Duggar Tuesday!

I can't remember the last Tuesday when there wasn't a "new" 18 Kids & Counting. How lucky! Although I normally have a good clue about what tonight's show is about, i'm pretty confused tonight. Why? Because the aired previews show them Duggar parents leaving the kids at home to handle things, while my nifty digital cable tv guide says it's about the 1st month of lil Miss Grand-Duggar's life...???...Guess we'll just have to see...
I'm already for Thanksgiving...Today I made my brine & the turkey is soaking in it now. Tomorrow I'm making a pie, my eggs, relish tray, and (due to mistake in dinner planing) Paula Deen's zucchini bread!
  • Are you going to shop Black Friday? Here is a pretty cool site that has alot of ads.. I've never really done it but who knows....I prefer Cyber Monday
  • I know the usually on holiday weekends there isn't any coupons in the paper but according to PG there will be a PGSaver insert in the sunday paper...
  • Been to a RedBox lately? Well here are some freebie codes, some have been out awhile so you may have used those already but check to see....
  • I got a little suprise in the mail today...3 coupons for Old Navy...useable in store or online for select dates when you pay with a Visa! Definately will be using at least one of these...
  • Wanna will $1000 GC, go here to "scratch & win"....
  • I've recently explored Ebay (i used to ebay all the time, at least window shop until something peeked my interest) and found some awesome things I could "gift"... some fleece blankets, lots of children's books for dirt cheap, not to mention some clothing. I imagine this would be useful for Christmas shopping on a budget and I don't know about you'all but I'm not "too good" for good condition used items.... in the past I've gotten new w/o tags VS bras for $5, random clothing items like skirts, jeans, tees, even a new CD for less than $3....

Just in case I don't post it before the holiday....please remember the meaning or symbolism behind it and not just the yummy turkey dinner the most of us are fortunate to enjoy. Give thanks to the lord for the many blessing he has given to us and be thankful towards one another for the love and kindness we receive. Don't take for granted this day or your loved ones, especially if you're lucky enough to share the day with them...and don't forget to eat a bite of pie or turkey for that special loved one watching from heaven (grammy)...

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 23, 2009

Date day/night...

It's date night with the History, Zoey, and Ricky are curled up together on the bed watching "Surviving the Holidays w/ Lewis Black" ...a sort of comedic take on the history of thanksgiving.....
My daytime date was with the hubby. We ate some breakfast at Mcdonalds, followed by killing 30 minutes at Target (could have spent much more), and completed with seeing the movie New Moon. ----Should have "Elispse" from the library later this week or early next. And so far am slightly disappointed w/ Bella's choice.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Starting my Xmas shopping..

Yesterday I went to my local Good Will and found some items my cousin may wear, a pair of jeans that look like that haven't been worn much and 2 kind of long sleeve tops. I spent just under $15 for it all. My cousin doesn't have alot so I know whatever I give, used or new, will be appreicated. If fact, if I still have Xmas money left in 2 weeks or so I'll probably make another trip to see if they have gotten anything more in her size.
I truly love my cousin Trisha so much. She called me tonight and we spent 9 minutes on the phone but it was probably the best 9 minutes of my day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Albertsons 11-20

14- 8 pk Game Fuel MDew (clearance due to expiration in dec $1 each!)
1- Honeysuckle turkey 14 lb (8.25)
2- 1 lb brown sugar (sale .59 ea)
3- Birdseye steamfresh veggies (sale .79 ea)
1- BC potato pouch (.50 ea)
1- 4 pk Marcal TP (2.99-overpriced!)
1- Marcal Paper towel (1.39)
1- Mrs Smith pie (sale 1.99)
Coupons used:
$1/1 Marcal single roll
$2/1 Marcal TP
3- .50/1 Birdseye
$1/1 Mrs Smith
.25/1 BC potato
.50/2 Domino Sugars
$1/1 Honeysuckle
$4/1 12lb or larger Turkey when you spend $25
Total Spent-------------------------------$22.62
Total saved: $50.61
So... i paid $3.25 for the Turkey, $1 pie, .78/2 lb brown sugar, .25 BC potato (feeds my family of 3), .29 frozen veggies.......if I had a home with a bigger freezer I'd be ordering more coupons and stocking up on these items, even the turkey b/c you can't even get half the size chicken for $3.25....If I move away I'm sure gonna really miss Albertsons!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Knoxville made the list...

As a former Tennessean I just had to post about this....
I love those "Best Places" type of things and this one was about 15 Standout Metros for Starter homes....check it out...

Thanksgiving menu: Expansion Pack

This is for my brother, who this year will have to partially cook dinner by himself, with my nieces to assist him. Like I mentioned in a previous post, some TG dishes are tradition and well my brother has never had to really supply them because (before we moved to FL last year) he just came over to our house or had us at his to prepare the meal.
Scalloped Corn
2 cans of corn, drained
1 egg
1 "sleeve" of saltine crackers
1. Mix the corn and egg together
2. Crunch up crackers and add to corn mixture, season w/ pepper
3. Pour mixture into oven safe dish
4. Pour milk over mixture until milk just covers the corn
5. bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, mixture should be set
Deviled Eggs
Eggs (however many you want)
Miracle whip
Paprika (important!)
1. Boil eggs about 15 minutes; allow to cool until you're ready to peel'em
2. Cut each egg in half lengthwise, collect yolks in a bowl
3. Mash up yolks (or use food processor) really well with a fork
4. Add big heaping spoonful of miracle whip, mix with yolks and taste- continue to add more miracle whip until the taste suits you
5. Fill eggs and sprinkle a touch of paprika on top
If you don't already have a recipe in mind.......
The bird should come with cooking directions (temp + minutes/lb)....But first...make sure you put your FROZEN bird in the Frig several days before as it takes quite a bit of time to thaw.....
1. After bird is thawed (day of or night before)... remove from package and take out the insides!!! Also rinse the bird off....
2. If you made a relish tray you could take the carrot peelings (if any) and ends of celery (like the leafy parts and all) and place in bottom of roasting pan. You could also add onion to this or oranges. I usually will put a piece of quartered orange and onion in the bird (but not stuff it full). Also you need to rub a little oil on the bird and can season with herbs (thyme is popular but anything will work, go simple use Mrs dash or whatever on hand, garlic, whatever).....
3. Start your bird, I usually bake it uncovered to start for the first part until it gets browned a bit then cover with foil to prevent over browning....also I rotate the bird and baste it about every 30 min. Juices should be clear when it's done but safest to use thermometer to check.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walmart Black Friday!!!!!!!!!!

go HERE to check it out, looks pretty good but still not sure if I'll even try to wiggle through the crowds....

Most Livable Markets...

I read this article about the most livable places in the US...
1. Des Moines, Iowa
2. Buffalo-Niagara, NY
3. Oklahoma City
4. Scranton- Wilkes- Barre, PA
5. Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minn
6. Little Rock, Ark
7. Ogden- Clearfield, Utah
8. Columbia, SC
9. Houston, TX
10. Columbus, OH
Somewhat surprised to see SC and OH make the list. Nor did I know that Ohio State is the largest college campus, go OS.

Albertsons 11-18

4- 8 pk M Dew Game Fuel ($1 ea)
3- Mrs. Smith pies (1.99 ea)
4- cans Green Giant veggies (.50 ea)
4- Martha White muffin mixes (1.00 ea)
2- B.C. potato pouches (.50 ea)
1- Reddi Whip (2.00)
1- Miracle whip (3.00)
1- AP flour (1.49)
2- dial soap (.88 ea)
1- pint whipping cream (1.00)
1- 16 oz sour cream (1.00)
1- 12.?? pound Turkey (7.63)

Total After Sales & Coupons---------------$27.87

Wednesday Newspaper ?

About a week ago I got a phone call from my local paper saying they'd like to offer me a free trial of the Wednesday through Sunday service since I've been a loyal Sunday subcriber....Today I got my first of the trial... OMG...there are all my local grocery ads in here, even Publix and walmart (which do not start today like the others). I truly can not believe this, I usually wait to get these ads (not pblix though) in the mail later today but sometimes am unable and get them tomorrow but most often the mail carrier does not place the ad packet in my mail box so I have to it out of the trash from thankfully other people that don't want them. Why don't I always get the ads in my box? No f-ing Clue! Although the packet also includes sneak peak Kmart, CVS, and usualy Big Lots (the paper does not) I'll still want the packet of ads but for rob is off and I was planning on doing some errands but since I knew I wouldn't get the Albertson's ad until the afternoon I wasn't planning on hitting it up today but since it's in my hands as we speak I will get my coupons out and plan a trip this morning! YAY! I just hope this free trial is for 2 weeks, as I'd love to get next Wed-Thur-Fri papers and am unsure of any plans to leave the house......
Also...I have the best intentions to post later on an interesting article I read....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

True Life: I Have Broke Parents

That's what i'm watching at the moment on MTV. I had to post about it because it is just so sad. These people have no jobs and thankfully are geting at least some government aid but are still struggling to keep the basic necessities of life as well as their family together. I'm so thankful that my parents have aided Rob and I through this transition in our life, a transition for the better and hopefully will allow us to be helpful to others as we have gotten help. It's so easy to think wow I'm not going to be able to buy 2 or 3 gifts for my nieces this year or the vet visits were alot this month so better watch my christmas spending...when it all actually we should be thankful that we could afford the vet and I can buy everyone i love at least one thing.

New Breast Cancer Screening...

Well if you know me then you know I have an opinion about this... If you're out of the loop in the news there has been a discussion about how women should not have yearly mamograms starting at age 40 but instead have every other year a mamogram at age 50. Here's the part I agree with....mamograms are not very good at detecting breast cancer in younger women. The part i think that is slightly vague and confusing is that this suggests that women need no advanced screening until age 50 or that they do not need a regular medicalk screening.
Here is why I feel that way-----When I was 21 I went to a clinic for birth control and was surprising denied because they thought my breast tissue was lumpy....which lead me to where I am now.... after meeting with a boob specialist I was instructed to get a Sonogram (yes like the one a pregnant woman gets) on my breasts. I think I had 2 sonograms before finding out at age 22 that I was BRCA 1 + (there is a 2 but i'm 1) immeadiately I had a chest x-ray, another sonogram, and my very first mamogram, but it was more of a base line thing not to detect any disease currently but to compare to future screenings. Since then I've had one other mamogram b/c some medical center refused to give me the DR recommended MRI and blood testing, which untimately led me to just remove most of my breast tissue. I, unlike a large chunk of others, will need advanced forms of screening for the rest of my life and will more than likely have undergo at least 1 more surgery but probably more than that.
In my family, there has been 3 cases of Breast cancer and they were all younger than 50, in fact one was 29. The leading cause of death in my family appears to be cancer...Get some screening!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving menu

Like probably most of you, my menu is mainly, if not fully, dishes that have been a tradition since I was born....

Relish Tray: Cubed Cheese, Crackers, Dip, Carrots, & Celery
Deviled Eggs
Turkey (of course!)
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Cranberry sauce (from a can)
Scalloped Corn (aka corn pudding)
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Since my family is very small I'm leaving out some things, like noodles (cooked in a chicken broth w/meat, homemade noodles), green bean casserole, and i may or maynot make sweet potato casserole- it's not tradition but i discovered a very good recipe last year and it's tasty- I'm on the fence b/c i like it and my mom too but rob not so's almost like a dessert-ugh! And I'm having a 7 UP/ Hawaiian Punch beverage....

Monday postie-poo

First, before the more interesting part, I have a couple things to say. I had a horrible Sunday paper service: my delivery paper had 1 of 3 coupon inserts, so I had them resend me due to "incomplete paper"...they called me (never do) and it kind made me feel on the spot and uncomfortable but all was well. I got my "redelivered" paper by 12:30 and it had 2 of 3 inserts and was missing half of the store ads= UGH! So I hitched a ride with my mom to Publix and checked their papers and confirmed there are supposed to be 3 coupon inserts so i broke down and bought one.....(total so far 3 papers, paid full price for 1, discounted price for delivery of 1)....this morning I wake up to take my dogs out at 7 am and low and behold there is another "Sunday" paper....with only 2 of 3 coupon inserts. Ok...
Second...I went to walgreens yesterday and failed to take a photo or blog it so here is my mini run down.... Got: 3 Puffs tissues, 1 bottle Olive Oil, 4-12 pk Soda=$16.?? Need to go back for more tissues (my winter stock pile) since i have a few more Puffs coupons that expire at the end of the month....which happens to be Cyber Monday (may have to restratagize my couponing so i use my expiring ones before TG and won't leave the house monday)
  • Saw this cute video showing ya how to use coupons at the grocery store or in this case the Military Commissary....check it out here.....Megan you may wanna watch it, pretty neat.
  • Sonny's has wonderful cornbread, in fact it's really more cakey than bready....trying to find a mock recipe and maybe this is one here...
  • Can you believe that in 2 weeks it will be Dec.? Where did the month go? I don't even have all my TG ingredients, let alone christmas shopping is a million dollar question- What do i want for christmas? (that is a material and realistic thing)

Menu Monday

Monday- Breakfast Biscuits (didn't get to'em last wk)

Tuesday- Beef Broccoili

Wednesday- Hamburger Helper

Thursday- Smoked Sausage w/ mac'n'cheese

Friday- Steak w/ mashed potatoes & veggie

Saturday- Sausage gravy & biscuits

Starting to think about next week since it's TG, maybe will do broccili cheese soup and teryaki salmon, but not sure yet, just know that I don't want leftovers and Wednesday needs to be lite dinner (if all else fails we can always hit up a sub shop like Subway or FireHouse subs- philly cheese steak sounds good! lol)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do u know how to...

Do you know how to make a long denim skirt, like ones the Duggar girls wear?

I've searched around but have yet to find a "long" skirt recipe like the skirts the duggar's wear. They look so comfy and I remember seeing one in a catalog for teens a few years back but it was like $50.

What's going on in my life?

  • My computer dilemma= resolved, after a high price of course but in the end lesson learned
  • Still looking for a job, don't get me wrong I'm not pounding the pavement everyday but I really would like to get a call back from someone and at least get a little work
  • Rob's job is going well, his first pay check was $6.?? but in less than 2 weeks we shall see # 2 (with some real hours) they don't open until next week and families get a sneak peak free tasting on Saturday - looking forward to some BBQ and going to make brownies for the boss on monday (b-day) love to bake and finally glad Rob likes his co-workers so he'll take in my extras
  • I've found myself getting more of those boredom moments so I'm going to thrust my brain into my old Anatomy book in prep for my nursing program (Aug 2010)
  • My babies (aka doggies and/or cats) are healthy! YAY!
  • My mom's car should be done this week so she can get back to her regular life
  • My freezer is full (partly due to a 20 # bird) so this week and next I'm focusing my dinners on eating food from the freezer= less money flying out of my pocket (not that there is much in there lol)
  • I signed up for Kmart's reward card today (online, visit, I hear Hot Topic has one too.... :)
  • A week or so ago i got a great deal at Bath & Body Works-- in the mail I got a coupon for a free signature collection product with any purchase--- I bought$1.25 travel hand sanitizer (warm vanilla) and got a full size bottle of Warm Vanilla lotion FREE (total was about $1.6?)
  • Do you often find yourself looking forward to the after holiday clearance deals more than any pre-holiday sale? Me too! I'm already imagining what items I may need to restock (wrapping paper and cards for sure = using p last bit of what i bought when i worked at Walgreens & the cards are what i found at my grammies, waste not want not!)
  • I've also been drooling over the sneak peak Black Friday (leaked) ads. I never ever hardly leave the house on black friday but I have to admit I'm slightly tempted and if i had more money say $300 I'd definitely "try" to get that flat screen tv

Thursday Morning Tidbits..

  • Here is a great blog that gives ideas for having Christmas on a Zero Budget!
  • Want some easy to make Grand biscuits for your holiday dinner? Here is a stellar $1/1 coupon...
  • I heard Kmart has some sort of double coupon deal for the next few weeks but have yet to call my kmart or test it out...learn more here..
  • Here is the Sunday insert preview, there's going to be 3 inserts.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Target Black Friday Ad...

I guess it's been leaked, check it out here....

Since I'm having a non-splurge holiday shopping this year, really who can afford it? The deals the peak my eye are on:
jackets for the family
women's sweater
700 thread count sheets (what does 700 feel like?)
a few DVDs
I wish I had the patience and money for the 32 in. flat screen. I feel almost like we are the only people left without a flat screen TV. Between my husband and I we have 3 TVs (used to have 4)...Rob's big tv he had before me and it's possessed (likes to turn itself on), my big one I got on a holiday when i was 19, then the wee lil one, my first tv, had it umm at least since i was 12. If i could I'd replace the lil one because it's tiny and Rob's (which i happen to be stuck with, why?) b/c i think it's on it's last year(s). Truth be told, if the next tv we buy is just one flat screen then we'll probably fight over it.
I saw this interseting article that ranks states on happiness, most factors include tolerance and wealth (wealthier states can provide better to the needs of the citizens)....I had to see where some of the places I've lived matched up on the list....
10. Arizona
26. South Carolina
30. Florida
42. Tenneessee
47. Ohio
Wow...I somewhat surprised. The top state was Utah and the lowest was West Virginia. I have to say it seems like most of the midwest and south is toward the bottom of the list. That's pretty much the only places I'll ever consider. I think Ohio's biggest problem is that is was once a thriving state but over the last few decades the job market has taken a dive. Due to that fact and the aftermath of it, it is major reason why not to move there in my book. I really wish that the state will recover and rebuild because it is a beautiful place and will always in my heart be home (besides the fact that it will be my "final" home). Check it out..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Duggar Tuesday!

Pumpkin Cupcakes

It's that time again...

Tonight I might even watch the Table of 12 show that comes just before 18 Kids and Counting; it's a new season so I might check it out! I can hardly believe that Christmas is 44 days away. As a child I remember the Holiday season not really starting until after Thanksgiving and even though that is just about 1 month before, that always seemed like the longest and at times the funnest month before Christmas. Now here are my lil tidbits....

  • Have you ever bought the magazine Cooking Light? Well my pumpkin cupcake recipe was from them (actually a cake recipe but i make cupcakes instead)...there is an AWESOME deal for a subscription here 1 year for $5 (good until saturday night!)....check out some other good deals here...

  • Did you know the Cracker Barrel has a rewards program? I had no clue and I love their food, there is one just down the street. Check out the program here...

  • You know the Glade company? All those yummy smelling candles, my fave are the scented oil candles. Tons of coupons for Glade products, and I just noticed at my walmart they finally have the holiday scents out, I bought 6 so far, hoping to get more though lol..

  • Are you in the Military or a Veteran? Well check this blog for Freebies you can get tomorrow only!!! or check here...

  • Itching for sneek peak Black Friday deals? Check out this site...

Happy Early Veterans Day...

Of course this will wreck my normal Wednesday mail, I'll have to wait a whole additional day to get my sneak peak grocery ads, darn! But all in all I'm truly grateful for all the people that have served. My grandpa served in WW2, Dorothy (my grammy) gave me a postcard photo of him while deployed in Italy (before they were married). Even my dad was in the National Guard, though never called to duty he did assist in the big tornado that hit near Dayton years before my birth. I also have a cousin who served some time too. So thanks to everyone who made the gracious choice to protect this country and to those who have been lost, especially the recent tragedy at Fort Hood.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Monday...

Monday- Cheeseburgers w/ Sweet Potato Fries
Tuesday- Pork Chops w/ Honey Biscuits & Veggie
Wednesday- Pizza
Thursday- Chicken Taco Salad
Friday- Stove Top Stuffing Casserole w/ Chicken & Veggies
Saturday- Breakfast Biscuits
Desserts: Jumbo Pumpkin Cupcakes w/ Cream cheese icing and Jello

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ok so last night I had a little computer problem, aka virus....don't ask me how but that was frustrating enough....long story's cyrrently at Staples getting "healed"......then today I decided to check my bank account to just confirm in my mind how much I have since I just spent alot at staples.....however...the purchase right before the staples (still pending) is not one that I made and have no clue what business it is with.....Emailed the bank but ultimate have to wait until the charge is complete to dispute and might just have to get a new bank card. Don't know if these too events are tied together or not but I'm stressed and slightly paranoid that someone has voilated me. Tomorrow I have to take the dog to the vet and then i'm going to call my bank or whatever.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Have you started Christmas shopping?

Well here's how my breakdown goes for my shopping..
Rob- stocking stuffers left (already bought games and just wants money really)
Nieces- have little ideas but still awaiting "official" lists
Ben-??? (but could wing it)
Barbara- ? (heard she wanted money/gift cards, awaiting "official" confirmation)
That's my priority list but if the money flows well I would add a few more to shop for (like couple cousins I'm somewhat close to, maybe send my grandma in the nursing home something- she has Alzheimer's, who knows)Some others I already have gifts for in needed, and any last minute person can get a candle (i have tons) lol. Rob's bosses will probably get a candle, we might not normally give them anything, maybe cookies but since we have so mant cheap to free candles I'll give some out. Who does like a flicker light and smelling goodness?
Oh and somewhere in there Rob has to buy me something!
I always start shopping for him early, trying to catch a really awesome deal and save it, he always probably gets more than he ever thinks because of this and has no clue, that at this moment there is a box with stuff for him in my closet! lol I can't wait until I have a kid so I can do the same thing!

Walmart Deal on Movies

Check it out here...Walmart has a deal on 10 hot presales of movies (DVDs)....each one is only $10 and free shipping to your house-
Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian
Star Trek XI
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Angels and Demons
Four Christmases
My Sister's Keeper
Santa Buddies
Julie and Julia
Terminator Salvation
I bought Harry Potter total: $10.63 (varies due to taxes)
And I'd love to wrap it up for Christmas but I know that on December 8th when it is released Rob will want to buy it ASAP so I'll just have tell him no, it's in the mail hehehe. Really good deals though, better the most in store new releases....

Friday, November 6, 2009

40 cents a lb

Turkey's that is, at Walmart as part of their "idea" that you can feed 8 for Thanksiving for $20.... They limit ya 2 but of course it's not like you can't just come back later and grab another. If I had that house of mine with a kid or 2 I'd probably be interested in grabbing a few to freeze and eat throughout the year....So they only had 2 big ones! At first i really just wanted a small to medium one since it's just the 3 of us. But since there were only 2 I decided I better get one just in case the next time I look there isn't any. So for $8.22 I got big 20 pounder, surely will get a few meals from. I can already see the left overs... grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches...turkey soup w/ rice and sausage.... turkey pot pie....maybe even shredded turkey sandwiches....of course in all else fails and we get turkeyed out we can always freeze it....I love turkey so if i come across a small one for $5 or so I might get have to buy it as well......I know I just can't help it....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Duggar Tuesday!

Wow what a week...
  • Just got back from TN a week from yesterday
  • last Wednesday spent just over $200 on the Honda (reg maintenance & new battery etc.)
  • Yesterday took my baby Max (my little old man doggie) to vet
  • Husband officially start his new job (a wopping whole hour of work!)
  • Last night found out my mom's car has a cracked radiator (ie undriveable!)

In the next few days hopefully my mom's car will be fixed so that I can have my car back, next monday Zoey gets his turn at the vet, and hopefully on or by Thursday I'll know wheather or not Max's lump is something to stress over! Praying it is A-ok!

When I get stressed, like kind of this, I just feel like I can't do anything major until the stress is releaved. I guess it's that waiting game type of thing, not that I had major things to do, the top of my list is get a job and re-learn Anatomy! Guess that will have better luck next week. So I am really looking forward to my mini vaca with the Duggars tonight. 2 hours of inspiration starting at 8 pm on TLC!

  • Have you see any holiday commercials? or displays? Boy have I....Sears.....Kohls...Target....Walmart....JCPenny...
  • I noticed that tomorrow one of my local grocery stores is having a Turkey sale, i think it's about .78/lb (plus I have a $1 off coupon)...I guess it's time to start planning, nearly 3 weeks until the big weekend!
  • Also heard a rumor that Old Navy's new sale (starting friday) will be something like 40% off coats....we'll have to see....

Walmart 11/1

Sorry it's just a wee overdue but with the trip and laundry list of to do's (like taking the car in to the dealership and the dogs needing vet visits) I just hadn't gotten around to it....

Total $22.29
I went early Sunday morning to get the new sale deals and maybe some Halloween clearance....
Candy was not on sale except the paydays rang up $1.24 even though they were in the process of bring stocked in the regular candy isle....
Campbell's cream soups = .58 each
Swanson 32 oz broth = 1.48 each
Carnation Evap milk, Cake mix, stove top, & BC potatoes = . 78 each
Stocked up on some of that stuff (stove top is usually well over a $1 since the walmart brand is usually neat $1) and preparing for holiday feasts! (and of course I used coupons to sweeten the deals!)
  • Using the lettuce, tomato, & tortillas for Chicken Tacos (already had in stock chicken, salsa, sour cream, taco seasoning, & cheese)
  • Using 1 can of soup & zucchini to make a recipe from my library book (previous post) "healthy" Turkey Tettrazini (already have in stock chicken(substituting), pasta, spices, parm cheese, onion & garlic, and bread crumbs)
  • Other meals of the week: Pancakes w/bacon, Steak w/ veggies & bread, Buffalo chicken salad

Cookies and random pics!

My baby Max in his bed
Zoey in what he "thinks" is his bed, while i'm washing the comforter

One of my sugar cookies, Bengals inspired!

a Few of the cookies I made, Peanut Butter and Sugar
A Christmas ornimant thing I got at Walmart ($3), I put it on our living room wall instead because 1. it's too big/heavy for our tree & 2. I just like it, think it should be viewed all year long!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Posty-Poo

Look at this cute Lava Lamp at Kohls

  • Update on Max: The vet believe his little lump is just a fatty tumor (he has some others but are harmless) so they took a sample and are testing it to make sure since it's hard to tell you pray...say one for my little old man Maxie - should know in 2 to 3 days for sure
  • After the above event, my hubby was unable to start is work today due to the inspecter not showing up (thus can not work) so we decided to check Target for clearance Halloween gear.....I was shocked to find that their candy is only 30% off, other items were 50% but still too high for the select few items we were employee said that theyy may be further reduced tomorrow but was unsure and suggested we check back. So I've basicaly had no luck on after holiday clearance since Target is too high ATM and walmart was cleared out basicaly by 8:30 am Sunday. But Target did have TONs of candy left, I mean Isles! Also got a free $5 GC=Joy!
  • Do u have any old, broken, ot just used and wanted Xmas lights? Well Home Depot has a great offer for ya. Just bring in your old stringed lights and you get a coupon for $3 off new energy saving lights....check it here...
  • Been on a mini baking spree as well. Yesterday I made some Old Fashion Peanut Butter cookies and today Sugar cookies (still working on it) will take photos and post later....

Coupon Giveaway!!!

I'm giving away over $80 in November coupons!
To enter please post a comment to this post and leave your email address (so i can contact you about mailing it if you should win). If you want double the entries then follow my blog and mention it the post, if you already follow my blog then just remind me in the post. This contest will last until Friday at noon, I will then randomly pick a winner and contact. Last time I had less than 10 people enter so good odds at wining!!!
Good Luck & God Bless!!!