Monday, November 7, 2011

Not without Jesus....

... could I have all passing grades on my 3 previous exams (or really any exams, right?). So my last exam was more difficult than I anticipated earlier in the semester. Yes it was exactly 3 weeks from the minute test 2 began but I wouldn't be able to anticipate that I would be miss a big lecture (and quiz) or more importantly- that my Aunt Jan would die 6 days before the exam. Although I can not say I've spent an exceptional amount of time with my Aunt or that I was very close with her- it is still sad to lose a person who has been in my life since birth. Perhaps equally sad to be able to say I've lost 3 Aunts & 1 uncle... I have only left 3 Aunts & 1 uncle (biological, not spouses). One thing I've learned in life: it sucks to lose people and it never really gets easier, and when around family/friends (people you care about) that start to cry- you'll soon start crying too.
On an uplifting note, hence the title of this post, God blessed me again because I got a 79 on my exam, that is a C & only a few points into a passing grade but I accept it cheerfully. And knowing that I exceed that grade on the next exam. I think God has carried me or boosted me when I needed it and now that it seems like I'm in a better place, I can be more devoted to earning that better grade on the next exam.

  • Here is an interesting article on the mostly likely times of the year people are sad. Here.

  • Now that Halloween is over, time to prepare for Black Friday (Thanksgiving too hehe). My fav 2 sites: tried & true black friday info site I used last year and deal news which posts the best deals online each day plus BF info.

So that's all I got today... I have to do a case study for clinical, tidy the house for the inspection tomorrow, and make a batch of cookies for my clinical comrades.... Let tomorrow be a blessed day!

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