Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby Stuff Tally

So far I have a nice little collection of things for my little baby:

Baby Towel
1 pair socks
Bottle set w/100 inserts
Healthcare grooming kit
Johnson & Johnson starter kit
 Daiper genie refill
Flip Flops
Formula can
        4 short sleeve
         2 long sleeve
        2 short sleeve
       1 short sleeve
       1 short sleeve
       3 short sleeve
       3 short sleeve
2 packs Wipes
    Size 1 = 2
    Size 2 = 1

and so much more still to buy (or be gifted)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

8 Weeks on Thursday

  • This week your baby can officially be called a foetus. This particular label will continue for the rest of your pregnancy until after birth, when is finally known as “The Baby” or by its name. Around this time, some couples makeup a nickname for their foetus. Be careful though, it can be very hard to stop using those little terms of endearment once they stick!
  • Your baby is around 1 centimetre long this week and it is finally losing its little tail. But it still looks like it is all head, with a big forehead and a little body. Don’t worry though, in the next few weeks it will lengthen and those limbs which look so tiny now will only grow and take more shape.
  • This week your baby develops a tip on the end of its nose. Its fingers, toes and lips, eyelids and legs are becoming more clearly defined. Its eyes look to be positioned very far apart and more to the side of their face than where they will eventually be.
  • In week 8 the valves in your baby’s heart are present and the passages which will help air flow from their throat to their lungs have formed. There are small definitions on their paddle like feet and hands where their toes and fingers will be.
  • This week your baby is making little involuntary movements, though these are so small you won’t be conscious of them. It is still in a C shape, similar to a kidney bean but flickers and jumps around inside your uterus.
  • Your baby’s bones are starting to form in week 8 and they can bend their tiny arms at their elbows and wrists.
Stay tuned for tomorrow is another doctor appointment...

Monday, July 15, 2013

6 weeks and counting...

So in a few days we'll hit the 7 week mark. I wish I were skinny and not bloated because I feel like my tummy is sticking out more than usual but I know it is too early for the "bump". So far routine nausea but no vomiting. So I have been checking out maternity clothes because sooner probably than later I'm going to need some. I was pretty bloated when I went to the Drs so my jeans were a bit tight. Maternity clothes are $$$. So I think my plan is to make trip next month to the motherhood maternity outlet and check out places like old navy and kohls. Of course I will have to buy some scrubs, probably will buy one set fairly soon to just check it out before I need it. That will cost me at least $50 just for 1 set.... ridiculous! Might see if I can just were my scrubs low and get bigger tops... like walmart style??? I will have to make it through winter so we will see what I can still use.
I just had to get my dog in from outside and noticed 5 webs with spiders on my deck (note this AM there were none as I had made sure). Creepy... too dark to defeat myself so I sprayed them with wasp spray and will let hubby take webs down in am. Then time to invest in spider spray!!!! Maybe we should invest in pest control too... ahh the expenses of home ownership and adulthood.

So I did some research on how to save on maternity clothes, best tips so far are here. Of course I'm a big old navy person so you can bet I'll buy something from them.... I just hope my winter coat fits, if not I guess I might have to steal hubby's?

In the next 10 days I probably won't have much to post but might manage something... since my schedule is crazy I'll mainly be working and sleeping (wish more sleep than work but unfortunately that isn't how my job works, one can only hope maybe I will get a school nurse job or something..). But in just over a week near the end of my horrible schedule I will get my first ultrasound of baby watts!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

1st photo of me after the "preggers"

So this is a bad blurry picture but just a sort of baseline shot before I start "bumping out". I wasn't "thin" before the preggers but I do feel quite bloated and perhaps a little bit of a bump building.... I ate a whole can of peaches today (it really just looked like a big bowl) but maybe I need to cute back before I birth a 10 pound baby. After all I have a long way to go.... BTW please vote on my Blue or Pink Poll to the right of this post!!!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Preparing for baby

Stocking Piling Diapers - I found a blog that gives hints on how to do this. Check it out. I already got 2 packs (one each size 1 and 2).

I have a couple items I have collected through the years (they are in boxes somewhere...). But maybe I can go through them ..... Still low to no caffeine sucks! Feeling nappy....

We're expecting...

I'm Preggers!

Baby Watts is due March 6, 2014. I am currently 6 weeks 2 days. I feel nauseous and bloated. I'm coming off of a sinus/cold things which has only made things worse. 

Our first ultrasound is July 24th
We are registering at Walmart and ???

That is all I have for now
Except I did read this interesting article, about disney pixar films - check it out.