Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Shopping & Date

So today me & the Hubs did some shopping, ate lunch at Five Guys (which was pricey for burgers), & saw Breaking Dawn....

I have to admit this twilight flick was maybe a little inappropriate for the tweens, I'm not sure how I'd feel about my 15 year old niece seeing it but hey I'm not a parent. No nudity but where do you draw the line of censorship. I know teens aren't dumb & isn't it ok for a married couple to "do it"? But still seeing the motions of it seemed like something maybe I wouldn't want my kid to see. Like seeing it will make them want to do it- i don't feel that way, I'm truly confused on what is ok and not ok for teens. Any who....

  • Dollar General: got the awesome deal om Libby's canned veggies (sale 40 cents/can) used my $1/4 coupon so I ended up with 16 cans = $2.40

  • Next I went to pet smart where my husband saw puppies- OMG if I said yes we'd have a new family member but then again... we'd possible have a kid by now. I asked Rob baby or puppy? he said puppy lol! I truly can't blame him, after all at some point in my life my dogs were not my pets anymore, if you know what I mean. Doubt many will understand by Max is my baby, and sadly one day I'll have to say goodbye- can you imagine that feeling? Anyways I got a couple gifts for my doggies, spent $21

  • Then went to target- forgot to use my gift card like a dummy ($5 rob got from work) but ended up getting the last of my personal holiday cards & a birthday card, some charlie brown Christmas glasses set, spent way too much...

  • Then Old Navy: 75% of sweaters. Deal & sweaters- sold! Got 1 (many had rifled through) a $50 sweater for under $15. Yes I'm addicted to Old Navy & sweaters. Yes I live in FL where it's still in the 80's most days- I have issues, who doesn't !?!

Lessons I learned - Sundays suck for dealing with crowds, should have stopped to eat before we got to the shopping center (like McD's or taco bell- cheapo!), & I might actually be better at shopping online because i can look and think much longer than in store. Also it kind of leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you spend nearly $20 for 2 adults to see a movie.

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