Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prayer Request....

Ok so don't flip out or anything, no one is dying! However this is still a serious issue to me & my future (ie families future?).... I have my final for nursing 4 this coming Tuesday around noon or 12:30 until 3:30 i think. I normally do pretty well, all my past Hesi exams were in the 80's. Unlike past courses this one requires your average exam grade to be a passing average (there are an optional 20 points that they will only count if you get the passing average, yes it's weird). So I need a 72 to pass this class. Although 76.45 or lower is consider failing (no D's in nursing). I'm going to give it all i have but I wouldn't deny anyone for sending God a few prayers for me. I know I need him with all endeavors, especially ones like this. So if all goes well I will celebrate Tuesday afternoon by getting down on my knees or closing my eyes and bowing my head as soon as I hit the car or maybe even as soon as the grade pops up on the computer my inner voice will shout "praise God thank you lord". It's what I want for Christmas I guess you could say. I just want everyone to be healthy & for me to pass this class = stay on track to graduate next spring.

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