Saturday, June 11, 2011

Give from your heart and get a little reminder....

So last monday I went to donate blood because I felt a deep desire to give and help out some people. It's free & they can always use my blood. I'm the universal donor baby! But, sadly I was unable to donate because they could not find the vein after they stuck me (they did have it before hand and I'd say they eventually got it because as soon as they withdrew the needle a spurt of blood came out- clogged needle?) this is my second failed attempt! It really brings me down. And ever since my arm has been tender, mainly my forearm. Weird.... It's Sat & I still have the red needle prick & the larger deep red splotch.

So now i'm struggling with Pharm studies ..... say a prayer! First test Thurday morning (drug aka pharm test) let the lord shine light onto my brain, give me peace & strength... As God as my witness I will pass nursing school in may 2012 & I will donate blood!!!

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