Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm still in the game....

So I didn't get the B or better that i wanted but i'm still surviving...

Just means that I need 37 out of the 47 points left, which should be something like 80 points or more on each test. So far I've only gotten one test about that number. So in addition to studying! I'm going to pray passionately and try to remember to fit in devotional time for my lord & savior! I know I can do this, I can be an awesome nurse. So great that everyone on the floor will want to be my patient. I will love and care unlike most others! I just need to pass my classes so I can graduate and then pass the big NCLEX exam!

Nobody knows if you are an A nurse or a C nurse, just that you are a nurse. I might not have all the answers but I'm ready to make this a life long learning experience and help others until I'm unable to physcially do so!

So if you are the praying kind, like me, please send them my way. I have 3 more tests and 5 weeks (including this week) left of school!

Becoming a nurse will be a big step to other wonderful opportunities to serve in God's name and spread whatever joy and caring that I can. A true domino effect!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gloomy Monday...

So this weekend was nice, I got to see my TN family, which i miss very much. I miss them even more right after they leave! We had a good time but it went fast.

Also took test 3 and i have no idea how i did but it was hard and I had to go back to many of them. It's kind of like a puzzle in my head, i got most of the pieces just having problems matching them all up. Darn F&E!

So Wednesday night I expect to know a glimpse into my fate, which could have several outcomes...

  1. I get a good grade (like test 1) & have a good shot at passing! Yay!

  2. I don't get such a good grade & have to have a few small miracles to pass...

  3. I totally bomb it! & reluctantly accept that I'll be repeating N2 .. ugh..

Then my secondary options should number 3 be the unfortunately fate...

  1. Get in to summer N2 class & pass

  2. Get into summer N2 & fail- will probably attempt to move because I'll be out of Valencia's program for good

  3. I don't get into summer N2 because it's full = ???

I know I want to move to TN but I want to do it right, not rushed or under hard hard life circumstances. I do not want to end up homeless... So I'm going to be praying for God's divine intervention and that his "plan" for me is the one I'm working hard toward. So let's all hope I pass this class and stay on track and I can graduate in may 2012 and get my life heading into a blissful direction.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Love Finale!!!!

First of all, I'm sad the show is over. It was good entertainment (not a rep. of the Mormon faith!). And if you don't want to know how it ended then don't read this...duh!
I will say I predicted this one.... but I'm still shocked and/or saddened that Bill was killed. And by the wacko crazy neighbor. I know not one person represents any organization/race/religion/etc. but man it doesn't look good that a Mormon killed the polyg- in the realm of the show. But let'ss face the facts most "killers" have a screw loose regardless of who they are....
Glad to see the family didn't separate but still held on.... So sad that Bill left like 10 kids or something, more than have kind of young. But he did stand up for what he believes in and that is admirable on some level.
Also sad that poor Bill's mom kills herself because of Alzheimer's. And like for real she would not be able to get the syringe and 3 viles of meds. I really don't even think 3 viles would fit in 1 syringe (she would have had to refill/reuse). As a future nurse... any med/syringe/whatever can not be left out of site, must be in hand or next to at all times.
So I'm sad it's over, although I may not share in the beliefs that they do, it was entertaining and nice to see such a supportive close family and deeply religious too.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

2 down, 2 to go!

Well I survived another milestone, injection check off! Now I can offically stab people with a syringe lol just joking! I have to admit I was nervous but it was fairly easy. Sites aren't that hard, after I tried a couple people & of course drawing up a syringe is a piece of cake for me. Thank you lord for my continued success!!!!!!!!!
So now I have 4 days of hardcore prep in order to get ready for Sim Man day- uhhh & test 3! So let the lord smile down onto me and aid me in passing the Trach check-off, as well as pass (hopefully with a grade of 80 or better) test 3! I admit- I'm probably fail both if t were happening today but I'm going to put full effort into learning what I need to know! So God, if you're listening... I'm going to try my hardest to do "my part"!
That being said... this is probably my last post for a little while, as the day of my test (Thurs) my brother and family are coming! Just after the stress subsides! So here are my tidbits:
  • saw this article on 10 best cities to find a job.... here (note none in FL lol!)
  • Hip2Save- one of my fav blogs, has this recipe posted, I think it looks tasty and wish I could whip it up right now but my husband doesn't eat cream doesn't it look yummy? here
  • Sunday coupon preview here
  • Since my brand new mattress set is so tall (did not look that tall at store, my mattress sit on the floor without a frame and as a high as our old bed in a frame) my little max can no longer jump on the bed and seeing him try several times is heart wrenching, I'm thinking of buying theses steps here... if they don't workout at least I can return it... & the carpet wood made ones are 3 times this price

in the words of the looney tunes... thhhat's all for now folks... (i think that's what they said or maybe i'm "losing" it lol)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

1 Down, 3 to go....

So the next 7 days are going to be killer....
I survived my presentation, with only a few word stumbles...
Tomorrow is the injection check-off (gotta find 3 sites & do one injection on the dummy).
So while you say your nightly prayer or morning prayer... Think of me and give God a shout out for my success & my fellow Nursing 2 classmates....
May God keep our minds focused & calm and that we all will be successful on this first attempt at injections, as well as passing the class. AMEN!!!
Only about 6 weeks left.... but 4 tests w/in those weeks....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Albertsons Meat Stock-Up

ok so first of all sorry for no photo but I just wanted to get my stuff put into the freezer....
6 pks- steak (B1G2F- $33.26)
3 pks- bone-in chicken (ranging from $2.68-$2.27)
1- Pork roast
2 pk- pork chops (BOGO- $10.38)
1#- Ground beef
3 pks- Tilapia (B1G2F- $9.99)
1- Cantalope (sale $1)
The breakdown....
Pork chops- both had $3 off meat coupons attached (10.38-6=4.38)
Chicken- each had $1 off meat coupon attached (so each pk was $1 something)
Ground beef- had $2 coupon on it (otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it, $2)
& the pork roast- couldn't find one at walmart and I want to try making pulled pork... no sale or coupon...
Total Price for all of the above: $63.13
Total saved: $113.17
That meat will make at least 23 meals
& yes my freezer is full.....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homemade Freezer Burritos

Books i'm interested in & my secret Easter gift for Rob

So I'm make a quick post before I dive deep into GERD!
I'm going to buy a bible for my husband for Easter. He doesn't have one and i think i found a perfect one for him.... here.
  • Mrs. Duggar has a new book coming soon... here. BTW so jealous of everyone who can stay up Mondays to watch the show... although I'm usual up (lately) my TV is off and I'm busy busy with paper work. This to shall pass...
  • There a few crafty books I'm curious about too.... here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

So it's time to get down to it... enjoy my tastes....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Fun Day!

This is my house party stuff I got for FREE!!!! So worth it!
So I went shopping today...decided to put together a little gift basket-like thing for my nieces when they come. Just some snacks/candy and little trinkets. Then I got a new bra and did some damage at Old Navy! Was going to see a movie but Rob and I couldn't agree on a movie so we went bowling instead. Good day with my husband... the last for awhile. Tomorrow is kick my butt into school gear..... uhh... I wish spring break was 2 weeks, sadface.
Here are some links to what i got at old navy!
and i got a pair of shorts but they don't have them online....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday...

So my pace at attacking school related things is a turtle....
But tomorrow is my "planned" chill day, starting off with a shot, then hubster and I are headed to a favorite shopping spot. We'll probably get some lunch & maybe maybe catch a movie. All and all it should be a great day... and who knows maybe the spirit will be in me to do a little school stuff in the evening... maybe... but no pressure.
So happy Fat Tuesday/mardi gras! I had my pancakes tonight. Here is what menu options we'll have this week-
Turkey Club sandwiches
Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Casserole
Pizza Casserole (& 1 to freeze)
and Tilapia something...
I'm also planning on making a batch of burritos for the freezer. A satisfying snack or meal for those days I can't afford to cook (and the hubster is working). This mountain is getting steeper and I really need God to help me progress successfully. I look forward to the day when I look back & think it "wasn't so bad". Wish I could fast forward to then....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Monday...

I sure hope it is good to me (like the song says lol)
So I ate my breakfast & made the Internet rounds (checking my fav sites, email, etc.) now it's time to get to it, school work that is.....
Last night I had a little bible study and prayer & this may sound a little looney but as I was praying I felt as if God was hugging me and it moved me. I was praying for the most stressful thing in my life ATM- school! The endurance it takes to stay focused & committed is more than I ever thought b/c it's not like a class & in 4 months it's over... some new class to come either way. No- it's building & if you don't pass this one you can't go onto to the next And there is nothing else you can take. So I'm going to try to refocus my studies. Starting with F&E then if i get bored with it (losing focus) I'll start onto some injection practice (i got my hot dog & orange waiting hehe). I also have some other things to do inbetween, for those moments I need a break: workout, plan my Publix trip, browse Cafe Press since today I can place my order if i want. Of course if I don't get to them then maybe tonight when I have some R&R with the TV I'll do a bit of multi-tasking.
I hope that God helps me have the strength, endurance, focus & concentration, persistence, confidence & whatever else it takes to continue to climb the mountain leading to my successful graduation with a Nursing degree.. with each class completion leading to a small plateau of a break before starting the next....
& I'd be more than happy to pray for anyone else that feels they need it

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Walgreens 3/06

Been a long time since a posted a shopping trip, been awhile since i really went deal hunting too...
2- Puffs (sale 99cents)
2- Swiffer wet clothes
1- always
1- gloves (sale 3/$10)
2- boxes magic erasers
Coupons used:
BOGO swiffer
$1/1 Magic erasers
.50/2 puffs
$1/1 Always
Plus I got $5 RR
-----------= $11.00
I use the gloves mainly for hair dyeing
Love the swiffer, can always use a few spare boxes of tissues, & the Always were free...
And will need those magic erasers whenever we move (they clean up walls really well)!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Duper Saturday!

So this is my first official day of spring break.....
I have lots to do, mainly school things to catch up on or complete and do some prep for when my brother and his family comes down for a weekend later in the month. Normally I'd totally do this cleaning the week before but my first 2 weeks after S.B. are hellilacous! So I'm doing some stuff now.
Saturday To Do...
  1. Wash guest bed linens & pillows in process
  2. Clean up 3rd bedroom a bit
  3. Fold & put away clothes (i washed yesterday) done
  4. Finish notes on GI & make headway on F&E

I will likely have an errand to run when Rob gets off but it's not 100% set in stone. Wednesday is my free day! Going to start off with a little DR appointment then heading to Waterford lakes with Rob for a little therapeutic shopping (lol) and maybe will actually start mattress shopping....

On a side note, yesterday I bought my first "Groupon" for They make all kinds of shirts and such. It's almost like a create your own logo or whatever you want or pick from theirs. They have some cute breast cancer awareness & nursing stuff! The deal was $25 for $50 of merchandise! Sweet!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh golly...

So I checked my grade on last week's test (we'll get them handed out tomorrow in class)... I did worse than on any nursing test I've ever taken..... What did I do differently from test 1 to test 2???
Glad I didn't have to take the initial reaction in front of the whole class.... I know I screwed up, not sure how or what I could have done to get a better grade but i'm started to get concerned.... please keep praying for me- one knock to the head is survivable but a second just might take me out of the game....
It really sucks to get this negative news, especially since this month is one of the busiest for my class- it also doesn't help that the day before my next test might be one of the hardest due to Sim Man day- with a trach check off, hypertension case study with passing grade, simulation, grab bag check off, and there might be one more thing- can't remember. And- get this it's all fking day!!!! From 6:45 am til 5 pm. So when am I supposed to study for the 8 am test on the following day (it takes me an hour to get home!) to sleep or cram, that is the question? Guess spring break really will not be a break- I was planning on work anyways but now i better get my damn project done so that I can study my (excuse me) ass off! God I needed you before but man oh man I need you so badly now- start with picking me up off the ground. Sad Face..

Finally some good sleep...

But I did have some strange dreams related to school, hospital, and diarrhea... don't ask...
On a lighter note.... Today I did some shopping. Last weekend I was planning on getting a new plastic mat for Rob's desk/chair on because i couldn't find it locally and it was the cheapest.... and then i saw they had a deal (spend $50 get free shipping) & I saw a coupon code too ($10/$50 purchase) so I thought how sweet! I added some extra stuff to my cart and went to place the order but it said i had to pay almost $10 for shipping.... Oh no! So i emailed them and long story short I even tried last night- same issue. So i stopped at staples and found the mat for $5 more but hey no shipping! And i was able to pick up 3 of the other items at walmart for cheaper....
plastic mat $29.99
5x8 index cards (100 ct) $1.88
6pk small legal pads $2.44
4ct Mini sharpies (that you can attach to a key-ring or something) $3.84
So I'm glad that I chose this route, maybe is divine intervention....
Another act of D.I. was my husband placing a pre-order for a video game (shocker! lol) at Amazon and not paying attention that I had a few items in my cart (I was considering but was waiting for money to come in and hadn't made final decision) he bought them all.... Thank god I didn't have anything expensive but it was 4 items. So I will be getting a book on preserving/canning food (for that one day with a green thumb & a garden- ie years away) And a couple things for one of my cousin's b/c she is about to push out a cute little baby! The major downside is that I was planning to directly ship the baby items to her, rather than to my house which is like 1,000 miles away so now I get to cough up some shipping costs! I told Rob his punishment is to have to to the post office by himself to mail the gifts.. LOL
Am I a horrible wife?
Anyways, monday I was up til 1 am with clinical paperwork- so only 3.5 hours of sleep before my 10 hour shift at a hospital. I managed pretty ok & last night I slept a good 9 hours. I hope this was a rare occurrence but I do have at least 2 or 3 more clinicals with 2 patients. I'm kind of shaking in boots, praying for better luck next time. I have other fish to start frying or worrying about anyways.... spring break should be called spring catch up.... I'm really glad N2 was in the spring, let's hope for a better N3!