Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Shop-a-Thon

Bath & Body Works (Semi-Annual Sale)
5- Full size lotions
2- Full size body washes
4- small candles
1- travel size lotion
1-5 ct small bottles of hand sanitizer

All items were on sale/clearance & I used a code (THANKS20) for 20% off
Spent: $33.59 (that includes shipping/tax)

Victoria's Secret (semi-annual sale)


1- bra (sale)

used 20% off 1 item

Spent: $34.?? (includes tax & $6.99 for shipping)



1- Halter/tank top

used $10/$20 purchase

Spent: $15..66

Plus my Hip2Tour tee (charity for Tornado ravaged south)

And trying to order my lexmark ink cartridges....

(I have to admit buying myself a top at Kohl's was not my goal but due to being pressed for time I wasn't able to search for good Christmas gifts. I was hoping to find some clearance/sale items or small useful items that I could get for gifts or just things we could use, maybe next time)

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