Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Final= 87

It was rough and even during the last question I closed my eyes and felt light headed. I even silently said God please help me several times during the almost 2 hours it took to finish!

Which 13 questions I missed Ill never know. Which is a disgrace because I'd love to correct the "wrong". But anyways I'm so so so thankful and excited and happy. In 2 weeks I'll be knee deep in kids- yep my first month of clinicals is Peds, then a month of mother/baby (aka labor & delivery!), then 2 weeks community clinic & 2 weeks women's health. And I'll learn all of it at some point in my th/fri classes. Sadly not all of my class has passed, I know of 4 confirmed so far...

Arnold & Winnie Palmer here I come

(that's my clinical sites)

Thank you God!

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