Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's day week!

If a perfect world (one where i'm not 18hrs away nor a nursing student) I'd probably head to ohio to spend sunday with my dad or maybe he'd come my way for a family dinner... instead I sent him a card and a customed pencil/pen holder for his desk- it has a picture of me in his house when i was like um..4 or 5. I look pretty darn cute! And to make the day special he didn't even open the gift when it came- waiting until the "day". I so love my dad!

Awesome shopping deals online that I'm hoping to take advantage of a few: Victorias Secret is having there Semi-Annual sale! Love the quality of there bras and my fav is on sale for around $30 (vs over $40) plus they have a 20% offf a single item that works on the sale items. Lexmark online is having 10% off & free shipping, I have there printer so I could save a few dollars with this deal vs walmart (plus after i buy 5 inks I get 1 free!). Bath & Body Works is also doing the Semi-Annual thing- found a few lotions I'd like and candles but more importantly christmas ideas (plus i think there is a code for like some percent off- check Then my fav couponing blog (Hip2Save) has her hip to tour shirt available (for her donation tour to the tornado stricken areas & its for charity!). Then the Orlando Sentinel has a deal- 2 of there subsription options offering a $10 Publix giftcard (+ would double my coupons I get... hm...).

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