Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Art Cow deal & menu

You know I can't pass up a good deal when I find it! I just ordered 4 customized cosmetic bags from for just under $15 total! (free shipping!) I saved like $43. And like my giving nature, not one is for myself- gifts for others. I could have probably made like 5 more but I do need to study, after all the test is about 2 weeks away..... ugh. Check out this dealio posted by hip2save here....

I also actually planned a whole weeks menu (usually ad-lib a couple meals).
mon- rob's pizza sandwiches
Tues- salad w/ crispy chicken
wed- Turkey burgers & fries
Thurs- pancakes
Fri- ham potato cheese casserole or Rob's sandwiches
Saturday- Mennonite Bean Soup (chicken soup for rob)
Sun- chicken lil sammys

The casserole & the bean soup are from my new cookbook I got for Christmas - Treasured Amish & Mennonite Recipes. The soup sort of reminds me of my oldest Best friend's mom's ham & beans. I didn't really like it much as a kid but I'd probably eat anything except peanut butter to spend more time at my bestie's house! As an adult I'm curious if I'd like it more, now that my food spectrum has expanded, maybe I should ask her for the recipe of this one is less than expected.. hm.....
So tomorrow the hubster & I have errands (return something to walmart & check out clearance, get milk, maybe a public run) and we may go to the movies. Probably the last for awhile since School is less than 2 weeks away..... I still don't think it's fully hit me that I have a huge test (like a final) the first week of class. And I'm far from ready for Pharm. Maybe I should skip my fin-aid & order my books (2) from Amazon since I can't get them from the bookstore for another week....


  1. I saw that cookbook in your pictures and thought, "Ooh, I would like to look at that one!" :) You'll have to let me know how your soup tastes. Were you talking about me and my mom's soup? :) I'll give you the recipe if you want it.

  2. Of course I was talking about the Millhouse soup! :)