Saturday, May 30, 2009


My cat has mitten paws, extra finger i guess you'd say.

Just for Fun....

  • I added 5 songs to my music player, one for each state I've lived in (wasn't easy to find)

Ohio is for Lovers (have always loved this song)

Rocky Top Tennessee (very catching, love the references to moon shine and that moutain folk only get there corn through a glass jar)

Florida Boy (song is too long but love the line "wear flip flops in the winter)

Gone to Carolina (couldn't find any with "south" carolina really but this i kinda like and Shooter is pretty cool)

Arizona (very hard to find a song with this state but this one is upbeat and catchy)

  • Also, I'm sure many off you know but just in case....Moutain Dew was another sang term for Moon wonder everyone i know (ohio born or TN residents) love the DEW hehehe

Dvelopmental Psychology...

I was reviewing some material for my class and found this....
"Psychological disturbance: stress can slow development and occasionally lead to deprivation dwarfism. Small children under uncompromising strain such as divorce seem to turn off their growth hormone and become almost dwarfed."
I thought it was interesting...
Also, African Americans grow physically faster than Caucasians.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Publix 5/29

Sorry no picture but I bought:
8- Steamfresh veggies
3- Goodlife cat food
2-beneiful dog food

Total after coupons: $12.02
Saved over $35


Today I made my donation to a homeless/low income Health Clinic. I gave them 5-6 grocery bags full of toothpaste, kotex, razors, soap, glucose devices, deoderant, ect. They took us back to speak to one of the nurses and she had me write my name and info down. She seemed so thrilled at the donation it made me feel so happy to give it. It was definately the highlight of my day and made me feel so happy I can not put it into words. Because of couponing, finding stellar deals, I was able to give a donation of items that others could use. I'm not rich, in fact, we don't have tons of money, not even insurance but I was able to do this. So can you. Please donate to help others whom are worse off than you and that could use a helping hand every now and then...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


One recipe that has been in my family for at least 3 generations is Pineapple cookies. They are soft white cookies that have crushed pineapple in them. Although this isn't the "exact" family recipe it looks just about right. My brother tested it out and said it tasted just right so i'm about to make some myself....Give it a try


I didn't win the Powerball lotto...poo. I'm not disappointed. I simply left it up to God, if it was in his plan for us to win then I just did my half of the work and bought a ticket. I mainly did so because I had some disappointing news concerning money. But I have faith that God will provide and that I will get through Nursing school....even if it means getting loans.
What's new?
  • I took a test for nutriton=A
  • Hopefully will be taking test for Dev. Psych. today but it is a dif format, not sure how it will go plus is timed (saying a prayer before).
  • Inspired by my brother, I think I shall having a cookie baking day this weekend maybe. Making my chocolate duets and pineapple cookies, maybe a 3rd. Yeah way to many for my small family but might send some with Rob to take to work.
  • Hopefully will be making donation tomorrow, just my excess health and beauty items to a local clinic for the homeless. Trying to help and do my part.
  • My dad might be having some health problems, so please say a prayer for him.
  • Going to have Rob pick a recipe from one of my "Top Secret Recipe" cookbooks and will make it. BTW I heard a new one is one the way... I love these books.
  • I think a found a walmart that still sells fabric in Orlando. Joy, unfortunantly since I'm not feeling financially stable...I probably won't be buying any.... :(
  • I really want to take a big trip and visit my family, all my neices (yes all 3) and see my dad (of course a stop to visit Dorothy's grave). But not sure if it will be happening. I miss them all. But like the story of my life...I'm destined to forever since we'll all never be in the same place. But I hope that they all know I love them so very much even though i'm not 15 minutes away. I admit that I fear the lack of physical presence will equate to some that I have a lack of love or that they can not depend on me But that is not true. My love is unchanging and undying.
  • Weird tidbit...I hada dream that i got my job at walgreens back but just as i clocked in they told me I was fired, that I was unable to be "re-hired". No clue where this dream came from....
  • My orange cat James has been picking on my big dog Zoey. He attacks him (not hurting, no claws) and zoey will whine because the cat will block a doorway and he is to chicken to pass. Very funny but I feel sorry for Zoey.

Must get to work now, test isn't going to take itself.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Check out the bottom..

No no, it's not a mistake or deja vu...I changed out my little video again, a just released NEW teaser for True Blood season 2.........I can't wait, i just wanna scream!

Memorial Day...

Today I'd like to reflect on those whom I've lost in my 26 years of life. First, i must mention the only one that I know of who served this country and fought in a war,WW2...
Grandpa Donald Radford
Dorothy (grammy) Radford
Grandpa Bair
Great grandpa Walters
Great Grandma Walters
Great Grandma Archer
Great Grandpa Archer
Aunt Cindy
Aunt Sandy
Uncle Jason
Cousin Mandy
Cousin Ty
And a year before my birth-Uncle Donald

Albertsons 5/25

2- 4 ct toliet papers ($1 ea)
60-packets of Kool aid (.08 ea)
Coupons used:
6-.50/10 kool aid
2- $1/1 toliet paper

CVS 5/25

2- band aids (2.99 ea)
1- Playtex tampons (3.99)
1- Colgate (2.99)
Total----------------------$12.96 (not including tax)
2- $1 band aid
$1 playtex
$1 colgate
(paid with $5 eb and rest cash)
EB's received-----------$9
---------------------------------------+$0.04 (profit)
Will be donating or passing all on...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Like...

So I completed my list of "to do's" and thought i'd bring my day to an end with a little blogging. And here i've listed some random things I like, maybe you do to...
  • The Duggar Family....i watch the show every week on TLC ( & discovery health) so why not check out a few tidbits online. See some webisodes at TLC or go to their own family website. Don't forget about Josh & Anna here...
  • A recipe for chicken in dumplings from Jessica Simpson. I just made it for dinner tonight (steamed mixed veggies on the side). It's not the traditional style but very easy and tasty!
  • The Land of the looks so funny. Love Will Ferrell. Did you know he's going to be on Man VS Wild on June 2nd....going to laugh all night....check out movie trailer here. Definately going to be the next date for Rob and me.
  • Hair Dye...I ain't talking about the plain 4 main shades of the world....lookie here.
  • Need to organize your budget? Print up this form and start planning.

The Dare

Have you seen Fireproof or heard of The Love Dare?
I recommend it. Here is a taste...
  • If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. -Mark 3:25
  • Husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. -Ephesians 5:28
  • Love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire. - Song of Solomon 8:6
  • Love believes all thing, hopes all things. -1 Corinthians 13:7

I recommend this movie to anyone, adult or child. In these times it easy to forget why we made some choices or why we made pledges to one another. The movie is wonderful. It isn't boring or like be preached to. The book is useful, although it is very structured, just reading a bit here and there. Perhaps practicing it at your leasure or just taking a moment to remember your faith and commitment to your spouse. And i suppose June Carter must having been reading point 3 (above) when she wrote that song "Ring of Fire"....

CVS 5/24

Just to note, each item was free after EB and/or coupon..
1- Playtex tampons (3.99)
2- Speed Sticks (3.99 ea)
2- Band aids (2.99 ea)
1- Clearasil wash (3.99)
1- Colgate (2.99)
1- Revlon nail polish (3.99)
Coupons: $12
(paid with $14 EB and $2.92 cash)
EB's received:$23.97
-------------------------+$7.05 (profit)

Walgreens 5/17-23

A little late getting this up...
Bought (multi trans):
5- Skintimate shave creams (1.99 ea)
1- Edge shave cream (1.99)
2- Band-Aid pks (2.50 ea)
1- Neo-to-go ($5)
4- Hair assecories (.20 ea)
1- Right Guard Clinical (5.99)
1- Colgate visable white (4.49)
2- Johnson & Johnson products (3.50 ea)
Not in photo:
1- Bayer 4 ct asprin powder (2.49)
2-Starbucks fraps (1.59 ea)


Coupons total:$16.75
Total remaining-------------$33.17
(RR paid: $24.50, rest cash and giftcard)
RR received:$26.50

will donate toothpaste, deoderant, & hair assc.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Check out the bottom of my Blog

I put up a new True Blood Season 2 teaser, thought i'd change it up alittle. Just a few weeks until it all begins and my phone shall be on silent on Sundays at 9 pm hehehe

Friday Shopping...

So today I went shopping at Walmart, Publix, Albertsons, CVS, Walgreens, and the post office and the total spent was $123
That includes 2 gifts, an overpriced ethernet cord, pet food/snacks, assorted food items (cherry picking), some HBA's, and mailing a package ($10.87).
I have no photos but wanted to share the best of my deals-Publix
This is what you can get for $18.69:
2- cucumbers
3- 3# bags of cat food
3- Assorted Kelloggs cereal
2- Kraft American cheese pks
4- Betty Crocker Supreme brownies
2- Gal Sweet Tea
1- Glucose monitor
1- Gal milk
2- Pedigree Denta Stick pks
Total Saved:$115.45
That's 20 items for less than $19

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Calculating Calories

It's pretty easy to do....
carb grams x 4
protein grams x 4
fat grams x 9

Add them all together and it should equal the calorie content of the food item

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

True Blood...

it was released yseterday (season 1 dvd) and I got it in the mail today for only $32.99. Hooray!!! And I about at chapter 12 or so in Dead and Gone.....sigh...finally........(all i'm gonna say)......
I wonder if my sister-in-law or cousin-in-law have gotten/read Dead and Gone yet. And as my clock ticks (to the right) the days get closer to season 2. I showed Rob a scene of it today..... a part of me, teeny part wants to just tell me or tease him with little clues of what is to come But...I don't wanna spoil it for him or torture him. I wonder how many years it will take until they get to season 9?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday...

To my Boobs! A year ago today I had a 7 hour surgery to remove and replace my breast tissue as a way to prevent my potentially 80% chance of getting cancer. This time a year ago i sitting in a bed waitng for them to start an IV and wheel me down to the surgical room.
Happy Birthday to my breasts, hopefully we'll share many more (before they have to be replaced or something "else" happens) :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

True Blood

This image was in a scene of true blood, can you guess where??? Behind the bar on the wall of Fangtasia....
Also I bought Dead and Gone at walmart today and started it...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've done it...

I'm a mere few pages from finishing up book 8 and ready to buy? book # 9 (Dead and Gone)

Friday, May 15, 2009

20 Best Cities..

I came across an article listing the top 20 best cities to live. 3 counties that had multiple listings? Germany, Canada, & New Zealand. check it out...

Back from Walmart....

While i was shopping (went to see if my chips were in stock, i've gone 3 times this week to find they have not stocked them, ugh!) I went to chek Kraft BBQ price and they are only with the $1 coupon that would FREE!!!!!!!!
Going to get some tomorrow when i search for my chips at another locaton!

My True Blood Tee

This is what I bought from check out the True Blood merch, they are currently having a sale, unfortunantly, some of the shirts are limited in sizes.
Also did you notice my counting down ticker?
I've read a few more chapters of book # 8, I think i'm at chapter 14??? but lte me say a little surprised.....hehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Upcoming Walmart ad...

I just got my Wednesday ads that start next Sunday May 17th
Walmart has an ad this week with some pretty good deals that there are coupons for, lot from this weeks Kraft Foods give out...
  • Oscar Mayer hotdogs $1.50 (use $1/2 q =$1 ea)
  • Kraft singles $2.50 (use $1/2 q =$2 ea)
  • Kraft BBQ 40 oz $1.50 (use $1 q= .50)
  • Miracle Whip 16.5-10 oz $2 ( use $1 q=$1 ea)
  • Poptarts $1.50 (use $1/2 q= $1 ea)
  • Wheat Thins/Tricuits $2 (use $1 q =$1)
  • Breyers ice cream $2.25 (use .75 q= $1.50)
  • Kelloggs Raisin Bran/Mini Wheats (use $1 q= $1)
  • Coke 12 packs $2.98 (use $1 q=$1.98)

Of course there are more deals but these were ones i knew off the top of my head there are coupons for...

If you still need the Kraft coupons go to (my side bar) or

And it looks like there might be 4 inserts in the next Sunday paper

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


  • True Blood Addicts? Well for thoe of you who have the "on demand" feature as part of your HBO subcription, then you might already know that yesterday HBO made the entire 1st season available "on demand". And no i haven't watched them all yet, although am in the process of watching with hubby so he's caught up....
  • My classes have begun and it appears all my work will be online, super fantastic! I'm starting off a bit slow but hopefully i'll get into a substainable groove to follow for the next 12/13 weeks.
  • Good news for me....I think I may have actually found a place to donate my H&B surplus (+ glucose monitors), still double checking but i've contacted a health care office that opertate for only the homeless and low income. Finially, I can put my 15 tubes of toothpaste to good use!
  • Check out I Am A Money Saving Magnet to find out about a new Dove Deoderant product that claims to (over time of course) make hair softer & finer & easier to remove, sounds awesome, you can also print a $2/1 coupon too (check her post for it).
  • Don't forget tonight on TLC is 18 Kids and Counting, i think thi episode has a double date with Josh & Anna and his cousin and her new boyfriend? (9 pm)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well today has been abnormal...I usually start my day with Folgers Cappincunno drink but since I had just finished a can and the only one i had left was put on top of the cupboards (my "extra" food storage space) I was too lazy to get the step ladder and grab 1:30 i was slunched over cuddling up to Zoey and my eyes started to close So I decided I was getting no where and got the ladder and made myself some coffee! I guess i'm addicted. Of course i went to walmart, nothing to awesome to say, they were out of one of the main items i wanted because i have like 7 coupons that will expire at the end of the month, last week they were out of it too! Not happy!!!! Then i took Max to the vet so they could gther up some pee and test it to check on some levels of some kind of hormone probably to insure he doesn't have some disease or whatver. Next month a blood test i think.....ugh....can't wait until i don't have to see them for like 6-12 months (unless needing heartworm meds or suringes and serum)!

  • Go to my coupons sidebar and check out all the Kraft coupons added today. If you visit kraft and sign up, you can get them there too, good ones like $1 off premium crackers, $1 kraft BBQ , as well as about 25 or so others.

  • If you have any of those Finish/Electrosol coupons left, $2.50 off? Dollar General sells a 12 ct box for $3.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Class Ring...

I was always so proud to graduate high school, especially since my dad hadn't. It really meant alot to my class ring meant alot to. Although it wasn't the type of thing i'd put on and never take off, i did wear it often. I'm not big on jewelry but this ring was a display of my success.
Unfortunately, one day in April 2004 i wasn't wearing the ring and it was placed in my favorite book bag with a few other important items, at my boyfriend's home. I was staying there and didn't think it as a big deal, i believe the bag was in his closet. But you know it was a big party place and naturally lots of stupid and young people came over, weather invited or not. So by the time the next day rolled around, I found my book bag was gone. Along with the contents.... This was deeply upsetting. I'd never see that ring again.
On Sept 19th, 2006 my grandma Dorothy died. A truly catastrophic event in my life, as I was her only grandchild and was quite close to her. So my family gathered with me in her house while we prepared for the funeral and attended it. There was a paper bag or box in the top shelf of a closet/pantry area in my grandma's bathroom. So I went exploring. It was filled with tons of old pictures, even a couple letters my grandma wrote. I remember one must have been after she graduated high school before she married my grandpa. Probably in the mid-to-late 1930's, she talked about needing a job or getting one a cannery. Somewhere in that box/bag was a small old golden ring. It had lots of detailed engravings, 19 on one side and 34 on the other, and engraved on the inside of the ring was DMS, my grandmas initials. This was her class ring, although it wasn't like modern ones with some type of jewel or stone in the center, and it was gold which i usually will not wear or buy. This ring made me feel closer to her and put it on my middle finger (the only one it would fit) on my right hand. It has not left my finger since that dreary week in Sept 2006. In a weird, probably silly way, I think this was the work of God. I don't know if i was meant to lose my own class ring but i think God had plans on me having it replaced with my grammy's. And I take that little part of her where I go.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New one out...

Have you gotten the just released 9th edition in the Stackhouse series? Walmart has it online, not sure about in the stores but in my opinion they should....

BBQ Baked Beans

This recipe is out of the "Even More Top Secret Recipes" by Todd Wilbur.
I'm frying the bacon right now and have not used this recipe before but it is supposed to be a mock recipe for KFC BBQ baked beans....

2- 15 oz cans white beans (i used navy, recipe says not to get pinto or great northern)
2 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp cornstarch
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
2 Tbsp white vinegar
4 tsp minced onion
2 pieces cooked crumbled bacon
1/2 tsp dr mustard (i left this out)
1/4 tsp salt
dash of pepper
dash of garlic powder
1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Pour entire contents of cans of beans into covered casserole dish
3. Combine water w/ cornstarch in a bowl, stir into beans
4. Stir in remaining ingredients into casserole, cover dish.
5. Bake for 90 minutes or until thickened. Str every 30 minutes. Let beans sit for 5-10 minutes after removing from oven before serving.
Serves 4-6
I'm having this for dinner, along with homemade chicken strips & coleslaw. Don't forget dessert....Brownies!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I'm in a pretty good mood today. I got my next round of the stackhouse series (From Dead To Worse) and i've already read a few pages. The old navy shopping has been a boost to my happiness today, i love clothes! Especially when it i a good deal and comfy too!
I want to remind you that tomorrow your mail carrier will be taking non-perishable food items to "stamp out hunger". I'll make a special trip just to drop them off in my teenie, tiny mail slot, which will give me an excuse to go snag a deal somewhere, probably CVS. Or maybe i'll drop off 4 ink carts. at the post office so i can earn my free ink cart. (Lexmark thing, every 5 you turn in they'll give you one free, your choice). And since i print stuff for school, and many coupons....this is handy!
I'm also pleased to announce i've started to work on a "tan". Yes, pale white as light me. Just a hair tanned now but by end of summer, who knows? In fact, i'm such a good mood i'm tempted to start reading Ch. 1 of my dev. psych book. Or maybe do some micro-organization....come to think of it....i don't think my "mood" is the only cause of this motivation, i think it's the 2 large cups of Folgers Instant French Vanilla Cappuccino.....(needed a boost after 45 minutes baking in the sun and only getting 4-5 hours sleep, i usually get 9).
Got Caffeine?


So I was up until 4 am but i got the 2nd best coupon Old Navy had $45 off $100 puchase. I got:
  • pair of reduced jeans (hole on seam of the leg, i'll sew it up, $7.50!)
  • shorts
  • flip flops
  • 2 dress/summer cover up things
  • dress
  • 2 sleeveless tops
  • pj pants

That's 9 item for $58 OOP

Also went to Staples to get the Free Bic pens (w/ Q) and some printer paper that is $1 after rebate.

Went to walmart for some ink, couple folders for school, & honey ham for sandwiches, went to a non-super walmart near my bank and found something my mom wanted so i got it as her mother's day gift.

We "were" going to get our Free KFC dinners today but found out they are giving a raincheck because of the large responders, the line was long so we decided we'd come back another day to get rainchecks...

I've started a "budget" booklet, i've used my left over paper from printing coupons and have it so i can put everything i spend and receive. So i'll know exactly how much money i'm using and where it's generally going. So far this month I've spent $117 on food/household items. That includes todays ink and the ice cream we got at Mcdonald's, nd the chinese takeout we had last week...u get the picture. Doesn't include my mom's gift or the "date" rob and I had at the movies last sunday.


This time not really for a book, although i'm one chapter away from finishing All Together Dead...And the next one is on it's way from the library.... I'm currently waiting for old navy sale site to reload or reboot or whatever, with new coupons so i can score a good Q and get some summer old navy clothes. They are so comfy and i love bright colors....& affordable.
Just 2 books left then i'll waiting until Oct. Hopefully book 8 will arrive tomorrow and i can read it before my summer classes start on monday!
I keep telling myself i need to start reading my first chapter but it's like i just can't let go of my temporary freedom. To study while in between semesters just seems wrong, ya know? Wrong or not though, i have to be ready and focused come monday if i want to succeed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Walgreens 5/6

Bought (multi trans):
2- 12 pk 7 up (3/$11)
1- 12 pk A&W (3/$11)
2- Colgate Sensitive (4.49 ea)
6- Hunts tomato sauce (.50 ea)
2- Fig newtons (3 ea)
2- Starbucks Fraps (2/$3)
Coupon used:
2- $1 Starbucks
2-$1 7-up
2- $1 colgate
2- .75/2 hunts
(paid with $19.50 rr and $6.29 cash)
RR's received: $17

CVS 5/3

Bought (multi trans,2 cards):
6- Adidas deoderants (3.99 ea)
5- 12 pk coke products (4 ea)
6-$1 off Adidas
$4 off $20 cvs q
$2 off $10 cvs q
(paid very little cash, mainly used ECBs)
ECBs Received: $28
(Adidas free after coupon and ECB, will donate)


  • Did you print you KFC free 2 piece grilled chicken meal? No? then you missed out. Since i have 3 out 4 computers capable of printing, i have 6 Q's. So...that's 2 free dinners for my family of 3. I can hardly believe that Mr. Kentucky (RIP) would give us such a great deal/coupon. Looks like you can still print today, up to 4 per computer, but might take a few attempts, be patient and you'll get'em! Linky
  • So a few of you, cough cough ben cough, might think i'm a wee bit overboard on my shopping/stocking pile of items. Who really needs a dozen shampoo/conditioners? No one needs it....but at rock bottom $ and a little bit of storage space (very little in an apartment though very nice size apartment) why not? I pretty much figure i don't need any health and beauty aid products. So if i just stopped buying any or the "deals" ended then i'd only have to buy food for Fams and my dogs (got the cats covered for awhile..). So if i'm having a bad month? Easy solution, cut back. And we won't even suffer....But the point of this is, check out one of my fav blog(I Am A Money Magnet), if u think i'm just a hair bad then look at her's.....
  • Did you catch the new 18 Kids & Counting last night? I can't believe Josh & Anna went to Myrtle Beach for there honeymoon. (it's on discovery health tonight at 9 pm if u missed it)Why they rented a 4 bdrm beach house for 2 people, i'll never know....& i didn't see K&W cafiteria, what a shame, they really missed out on that food but still was enjoyable. I'd like to take another trip there myself.
  • Check out the Sunday insert preview here
  • Live near Ingles grovery store? Check out there ad, .78 for a dozen eggs what a deal!!! Here is a rough coupon policy

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Completed a Goal...

Earlier in the year i made a list of things that i'd like to do. Most all of them are achievable, not like insane years to take to get goals, just simple accomplishments. And today i can confirm that i have achieved one of them at least....I've raised my GPA from a 2.86 to 3.05! Thank you god above! I got straight A's (only 2 classes though). I'm about to embark on 3 classes for the summer, hopefully i can do well in them. I'd love to continue the A's but with one class lasting only 7 weeks, while working on 2 other classes...i'm sure not sure if i'll be able to balance them all while getting extremely good grades...we'll see...Also will have to take the NET test this summer, as well as go to a seminar for pre-nursing students. Stupid? perhaps....Needless to say i won't be doing that until july....And it may appear that i'll have to conduct a few interviews, probably my nieces (age range specific), it's a Psych thing...

Monday, May 4, 2009

True Blood on Demand...

Finally!!!!!!!!!!! The first 6 episodes are on HBO on Demand as of today. I've already sucked rob into it (my plan worked). We are on episode 5 now....

Walgreens 5/4

3- big Pepto's (5.49 ea)
2- Starbucks Fraps 9.5 oz (2/$3)
1- Colgate Sensitive (4.49)
3- hair ties (.20 ea)
3- $1 peptos
2- $1 starbucks
1- $1 colgate
(paid with $13 RR & $5.90 cash)
RR's Received: $14.50

Kmart & Albertson's 5/4

Kmart Super Doubles
1-Old Spice APDO $3.99
-$2 MQ -1.99 doubled = FREE
1- Lysol Disinfectant $4.49
- $2 MQ - 2.00 doubled = .49
2- Venom drinks $1.99 ea
-2/$1 MQ - .99 doubled = FREE
3- Hormel compleats $2
-$1 MQ - 1.00 doubled = FREE
2- Fresh Step kitty litter $8.50 ea
- 2/$1.50 MQ - 1.50 doubled - $5?Iams dealw/litter?= $6

Total Spent-----------------$6.50

1-Kraft BBQ sale $1
- .75 MQ = .25
1- half gal milk sale $1
1- Marcal paper towel sle $1
- $1 MQ = FREE
1- Capri Sun sale $2
-$1 MQ = $1
1- DH Brownie sale $1
- .35 MQ = .65
1- Eggo waffles sale $1
- .75 MQ = .25

Total spent-------------$3.28

  • I'm taking a POLL, do you like the way i listed the price/coupons in this post or do you like how I normally list them (seperately)?
Please leave a comment stating which way you prefer.

(just to note, you might know i have enough deodorant for quite awhile but if i can get items like that for free and do not want them i plan to gather up a good amount and find a local shelter/charity to donate them to, for people who might not be able to afford it, any advice on where to donate, feel free to comment)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

So I saw the movie Xmen Orgins today, date with hubby. It was pretty good and i think his girlfriend played Dawn on True Blood season 1. Also stopped at CVS (will post later).
I'm patiently waiting for All Together Dead & From Dead to Worse, they are on there way from the library and I just finished Definately Dead last night, so i guess i'll have read New Moon tonight.
I also confirmed that my Kmart is doing super doubles up to $2. Going to make my monday trips to Walgreens, albertson's, kmart, & walmart. You could call it "cherry picking".
Not sure what Movie we'll get tomorrow but other than the previously listed i'll just be doing daily tidbits and not too exciting things. Maybe i'll talk myself into starting my Dev. Psych. book, since i'll reading 3-5 chapters each week until the class ends (end of june).

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Shopping...

2- 96 oz bleach (1.00 ea)
1- Smuckers Grape Jelly 32 oz ($1-.35Q= .65)
1- Natures Own Honey Whole Wheat ($1)
2- Doz. Eggs (1.00 ea)
1- half gal Orange juice ($1)
2- Eggo blueberry waffles (1.00 ea-.75Q=.25 ea)
1- Hot Pocket (1.67 -.75Q=.92)
1- Colgate Toothbrush ($1-$1Q=Free)
3- Pks Augus London Broil (Buy1Get2Free)
3- Pks Pork chops (Buy1Get2Free)
3-Fried Chicken Breasts (1.00 ea)
2- Vine tomatoes (.64)

Total Before Coupons:$93.34
Total After Coupons:$39.96
Receipt Savings: $71.44
(this savings includes sales so i didn't list the before sales $)

4- Chef michael's dog food (.79 ea-BOGOq=2/.79)
2- Pace Salsa (2.79 BOGO-$2.79M.Q.=Free)
2- Razors (6.29 BOGO-BOGO M.Q.=Free)
1- Sprite (not in photo 1.39)

Total Before Coupons:$23.42
Total After Coupons: $3.68
Receipt Savings: $20.14

Winn Dixie
6-Ronzoni Smart Tatse pastas (BOGO 1.49)
(Used 3-$1/2 coupons)
Receipt savings:$7.47

also went there but no photo, not really deal shopping just needed to get cash back from Robs "Pay Card" so i bought a few items that i was going to buy at a later time, like dishwaster gel tabs, 2 cans of refried beans, fabric stain remover, plastic forks, & brush to clean under finger nails. Came out to be: $11.70

Total Value----------$159.87
Total Spent-----------$56.81
Total Saved------------$103.06