Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fav Fall Fashion....

Clogs - Rack Room Shoes $34.99 (many other stores have similar)

Shirt Dress - Old Navy $29.50

Scoop Neck Tee - Old Navy $14.50

Draped Front Vest - Old Navy $22.50

I don't own these items but they have caught my eye...Waiting to see what other new fall fashions come out :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 5...

my dinner- buttered bread w/ grilled chicken salad
uber with a mock body pillow, poor pug ain't built to put his arm down

So my day was pretty good, except i got a nasty blister on my hand. Guess that is what i get for doing a good deed.
Today i...
- did some dishes and lundry
- rolled up the water hose
- swept the driveway (pretty big one- very intense)
And that is pretty much it, i think tomorrow i'll wake up early to go to walmart and then who knows! Friday the Funderburgs come back and then just one last weekend until i heeve ho..

Wednesday Wake--up

Good Morning... thought I'd break up my daily "house/dog sitter while my brother's family is out of town.." blog. My stay here on TN has been great, I hope it will give me that extra drive to push myself through nursing school so I can truly decide what/where/whatever I want in life. Sounds good, huh?
  • Interesting article about what free or low cost community things may or will go up in $$$... read it here... one of them is a parking fee for a park, $5 a day!!! Good Gracious- isn't Disney like $10 (universal is $12- outragous but still it's a theme park, not a grassy knoll with a few playground equipment & walking path...)
  • I've always been a long hair gal, I just like having options. My youngest niece says she wants to grow her hair, just like her sister... aww... so here is an article with 10 tips to growning long hair... just skip down until you see the numbered tips..
  • Want dome freebies? Get them here... some are for your birthday but others just involve sign ups..
  • One last note: Sunday there is "supposed" to be 4 inserts!!! Grab a paper! Suppor local economy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 4...

I put a towel down & uber laid on it...

max & uber
My Dinner: Sauteed chicken with veggies (mushrooms, onion, pepper, yellow squash) Tasty!
My lunch: 1/2 can cheese ravoli w/ 1/2 bagel & banana

So far so good....
Today I...
-cleaned the half bath
- disinfected/cleaned up a little bit some doors + handles, light switches
- rolled the trash back down the drive way
- brushed thet dogs and trimmed max a tiny bit
- washed some of B&B's towels & blanket & watered plants
-cleaned up uber puke
Going to...
Watch the season finale of Deadliest Catch, and flip between Teen Mom & Cheerleading Nation

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 3...

uber & max
my dinner - grilled chicken salad
my dessert- Green Stuff

Today went well....I went to walmart and got a bunch of stuff, a few items I used coupons (ex: visine eye drops $3 x 2= $6 - $5Q = 50 cents each)I feel like didn't get that much but spent more than necessary.. ah well.... I did forget to pick up my photos though -Darn- guess that means I'm going back....

- I did some dishes
- doing some laundry
- going to watch Secret Life of the American Teenager & RH of NJ

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 2..

Thought I might see my friend today as it is her only day off while i'm still in town... but didn't happen... oh well
Caught up on a few shows (including DC: phil's death- tear jerker), watched my Big brother & True Blood- lots of bloody goodness tonight, 1/2 way through & i just realized that the 4th season I am most looking forward too and I'll be in nursing school then foey... Dogs behaving well but max is a piglet!!! Got some Zaxby's for dinner... took care of a few weeds in my way....
Not a bad day, going grocery shopping in the morning... also may have discovered a way to get rid of B&B's carpet stains

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 1

It's only been just over 12 hours since my brother & his family left for vacation (while i'm staying at there house to watch uber and stuff).
It's been a somewhat boring day... went to Ingles for just a couple items to tide me over until I go to Walmart....Uber peed in the house (but not on carpet Thank You God) .... I've probably taken in more calories today than any other day since i've been here (boredom snacking- soda drinking -ugh) ...
Currently: Max is asleep on the floor in front of me, Uber asleep in the middle of the couch.
Nothing much on TV tonight... so ... I might do somemore knitting...
I know in 1 1/2 weeks I'll be leaving and I'll probably miss my TN family even more than I have in a good while because I truly love them and desire to have them in my life Full Time, not once every year or two.... So now becoming a nurse isn't just fueled by my desire to buy a house and have a kid but to get closer to my family so I can build a lifetime of memories... Pressure!
" Pressure pushing down on me, pressing down on you no man ask for, under pressure that burns a building down, splits a family in two -puts people on the street.... Chippin around - kick my brains around the floor, These are the days it never rains but it pours.." Queen

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Tidbits.....

Well I accomplished a new milestone today, i guess. I took my niece (or any child ever) to the dentist! And it went pretty darn well.... I really hope it goes well whenever I have kids....
  • Big Brother: On at 8 tonight- YAY! Who will go home? I think Monet but I know better than to "bet" on that since alot of "pawns" to get sent home..... I really don't know who i want to win but i know a couple that I kind of don't!
  • Tomorrow Miss Holly comes home Yay! But saturday they all leave for Myrtle Beach....Then before you know it I'll be making that long-ish, boring drive South with Mr. Max.... Then hello school!
  • Saw an article about sandwiches in a can. Yeah I know, right? So here it is, I couldn't resist it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Photo Update...

Holly at Color Guard practice (red hat)
Holly & Kayla at pool
Max w/ Hollly's hat on
Another of Holly at practice
Holly & Kayla (with makeup)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

what's going on?

  • I ready a little aricle ranking the state based on obesity.... TN is 3rd...check it out
  • I haven't been watching as much tv as i usually do since i'm in TN but I have been watching True Blood & Big Brother.
  • I finally got my nursing shoes, sketcher shape ups- all white & pricey!
  • I got Free Amazon Prime!!! All i had to do is put in my school, major, & school email i can get free shipping for the next year Woo Hoo!

I guess that is about it for now, still working on those pictures but hopefully I'll get on the ball!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm TN...

Unfortunantly I haven't taken hardly any pictures and don't have much to post about. But will work on that! The only major thing I can think of is that Uber (Ben's pug) attacked Max yesterday but luckily Max was not hurt. Hopefully that will not ever happen again, scary! It was like partly "deer caught in headlights" kind of thing and OMG my baby is trying to run away but this dog is on his back I have to save my baby! - kind of moment....
Max is a lot of talk no action kind of dog....