Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let the Lord lift me up tomorrow & this week...

As the hours wind down to the ever closer testing time my nerves kick in just a bit more than before..... I've been studying a good portion of the day, first my note cards and for the past few hours practice questions... I really thought I'd be done with the ?'s by now but I guess they took longer than I expected. I'm planning on being awake in 24 hours so I can make a good breakfast (probably some scrambled eggs) and have enough time to do a mini devotional & study a few quick notes..... I really don't know if I have ever felt "prepared" for any of the exams I've taken but despite my feelings God always has a plan.... And this semester I'm feeling even more blessed by the grades I've gotten so far. Hopefully this trend will continue, I'll complete all my assignments before the due date, and pass the clinical portions too- then get pinned on May 2nd. I must say something like that about 5-10 times a day. I pray probably on average 2x day and each time I never fail to mention my hope & desire to pass, succeed, and get to the next step on this road. Right now I'm attempting to finish up those practice questions, relizing that I probably will not get to study my practice cards as well as I'd like to, also listening to Third Day on my pc (practice ?'s on pc too). I was luck or blessed that the great O.C. library system has tons of great items, including Third Day cds to check out, so I ripped them onto my lappy. I am so thankful for what and where God has taken me and look forward to continuing my path with him by my side to guide me. I know some of you in the world may think I'm nuts, may think I'm one of those holy roller or judgemental types. The truth is I tend to keep my spiritualness or religious beliefs or expression to myself or in my home. Not for fear or not because of shame or fear of others judging me- not at all. I am who I am & at the end of the day I don't care who knows it or what they think. I just tend to worship privately, I think my relationship is private with God or maybe with my husband too, not sure but anyways. I don't force my beliefs down onto anyone. I only hope that everyone in the world will find there spiritual leader, mine is God and that is what I believe. So say a prayer if you care & if you are a believer- Pharm 2 exam tomorrow and trying to complete Virtual IV this week, if not get checked off too, and as usually the 3rd to last clinical on Wed. I have peace and hope...

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Study Group

I thought I'd share with you what my study environment looks like, 3 of the 4 animals are on the bed with me (ricky, james, and zoey). I guess you could call this my study group... onto the studying....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Break approaches....

I have almost a week until spring break but lots to do until then.... I have a pharm exam which I am currently not prepared for, on Monday; I also have a few appointments to do my virtual IV work and maybe I can get checked off on that... While on my break I much to do as well. Like:

  • 8 case studies for N5

  • Study my butt off to prepare for the end of N5 & Pharm and beginning of N6 (aka hell weeks- in less than 2 week period I'll have 4 exams - 2 finals & 2 nursing exams - one on half of N5 content, other one on General Nursing)

  • See my biological father in law (prison visit)

  • Pack some stuff (preparing for the big move)

  • Get an Oil change

I think that's it but who knows.... With God's help I hope to pass all my classes and exams and everything in order to graduate on May 2nd. Until then I must prepare for Pharm, prepare of IV, and have one more clinical day (til Spring break).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A future home?

Yesterday evening turned around my mood (see previous post) let me explain why....
For several months a house down the street from my brother has had a "for rent" sign. This house also has a large dumster in the driveway with items sticking out of it and some of windows look rather strange as you drive by, I think there is tape or something on them. It really makes you wonder how the inside looks since it would "seem" the they owner doesn't care too much about the outside or the dumpster. So my husband called the number (my brother gave me) just to see if they would allow pets and the price. We were just curious to see if it might be a future option since no one has rented it in the many months the sign has been displayed. The man told Rob he was remodling it and it would not be ready 2-3 months, rent is $900, and pets are allowed. I have to say, even withot seeing the inside it sounds great. It is just over 1800 sq ft and has a basement/garage combo, on the good side of town, close to my brother (walking distance) in the area of town we know most. It even has a fenced back yard for the dogs! I'll put a google map link below (it's old though).
My goal (school pending) is take my cats up to live with my brother at the end of march until we move, and arrange a viewing on the home and if landlord willing - put a deposit down to reserve the home for us to move into after I graduate. So of course I've added this to my prayer list- that if this home is meant for my family that God will work things out so we will take residence there. I have faith that God will provide and guide my family....

(I couldn't paste the link for some odd reason but it is 552 ravenwood dr, morristown, tn on google maps website (there is a white vehicle in the driveway))

Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm neglecting myself...

Today I semi-started it off by going to get my depo shot and renew the prescription and got the pleasure of stepping onto the scale. Pleasure it was not! First of all weight is a very sensitive topic for me, look at me and you'll probably see why; know me and you'll realize it has been an up and down battle for me. And I won't go into the mental details of how it has affected me through the years but lets just say I've allowed this issue to take control of me at times. I'm not blind to the fact that since I quit working I've gained weight, although whenever I'm not looing at a photo or in the mirror I still think I'm thinner than I really am. I suppose my mind is still stuck in that once thinner (but never very thin) image I used to be several years ago. If fact I never mention my weight, I don't ever say "I'm fat". I avoid the topic is social situations because it is hard for me. I sadly, will admit like an alcoholic does, I'm the heaviest I've ever been. At the moment I find the stress of nursing school fueling my weight gain over the last 1 1/2 years. The potential of failing an exam or being kicked out of the program has probably led me to eat a few pieces of cheesecake and try to satisfy my stress with food. It's not the way it should be go but I'm going to try to twik it alittle while completing my last semester. I truly plan to step up the effort once I'm done with school. Maybe I'll even go to a gym or get a personal trainer or take a class to keep me accountable. Maybe my employer will offer some discounts to aid myself in the goal of better health and weight loss. Like nearly everything in my life I will pray about this. So right now I'm going to work out.... And if anyone even thinks about asking, forget about it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blessed again..

Isn't everyday a blessing? But sometimes we are blessed a little more than the average day... I got a B on nursing 5 exam! Now I just have to stay on task, keep up the good grades, and nursing 6 will be here before I know it. Then on May 2nd, with the Lord's help and blessing I will complete the nursing program with the pinning ceremony. It might just be one of the happiest days of my life.
So God if you're reading my blog - Thanks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 6..?..

So exam 1 of Nursing 5 (N5 content) is over but I won't know the results until Thursday... I don't know if I did well but there definitely a few questions that had a couple good answers or a question I didn't fully understand what they were asking in relation to the choices or might have misinterpreted? So N5 needs to rewrite some questions. I tried by best and asked God for an A but the end of the day the most important is that I pass.
Excited to have 2 weeks until the next test so I'm going to cook some good meals...

  • Grilled Chicken Burritos

  • Mexi Chicken & Rice soup

  • Pot Roast

  • Beef & Noodles

I just have to go shopping to make the stuff. By the way we are out of bread and I estimate will be out of milk sometime tomorrow (are grocery run isn't planned until Friday- Rob's only day off). I am going to school just about everyday this week- hopefully it is worth it! Also taking photo for graduation wall for school. Also need to run Max to the vet for a booster vaccine and some dog food. Then there is the always present "stay on top of school". (And wed clinical)

So as always my faith is my core and I pray daily and have bible time. On my daily planner I always put BE on each day- means Bible and Exercise because those are things that nourish my body and need to maintain good health and happiness. Before I know it these 2 classes will be over and by the Grace of God I'll enter Nursing 6 and a month later (May 2nd) I'll get pinned (aka graduate).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I will thank God no matter what the outcome...

Well if you've seen my recent posts then you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm preparing to tackle another hurdle or challenge. We are about a month into Nursing 5 & Pharmacology and it hasn't been too bad. The first week was a test, then week 2 hesi, then week 3 the beginning of clinical and week 4 the real deal of clinical and as week 5 begins tomorrow- the first exam for pharm. Am I ready? can you truly be ready? I have tried my best for the last week, especially last 2 days to study. It has been difficult, I have battled being induced into a sleepy fog but I did try. I've done practice questions and pharm chat, and review and flash cards. I even did some calculating to see what my worst case passing scenario would be.... if I maintain my case study average then it turns out I don't need A's to pass, however I'm aiming for that awesome A. Pharm might be a life long battle, with new drugs popping up every year and a vast amount of information that can applied to each individual drug. It I could know it all I'd be writing the Davis drug guide. So maybe I'll get a few more minutes of studying in tonight, maybe I'll wake up early for a review but come 10 am it will be up to me and the Lord above. For he is always with me despite the task. As the minutes gain close to that test time I try to pull myself together. To get into the mind set, to use my energies for less studying and more keeping calm, pushing out stress, and reassuring myself with faith, God's will or plan for me. I may not know how to perfectly recite many or any bible verses but I do know that With God All Things Are Possible....