Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Let's get to it, things that I find interesting!

  • Do you watch American Horror on FX, if so then you'll understand my sentiment "wow", so if you want a peek into season 2 then read this article, looks like we won't be seeing the "house" or the Harmon clan (sadface) but it will be totally different, maybe not even a haunting at all....

  • Want to drop a pound or 2? Mosr americans probably could spare a few... read theses tips

  • I'm a sucker for those articles that rank American towns, check out this one on the Best Downtowns here....

Ok so today was kind of slow for tidbits, Thought there would be some awesome deal for after Christmas shopping, I did find True Blood season 3 in the Target ad & online for $15 but other than that .... lots of stores have sales if you have any money left to blow lol

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