Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday

Which means... 1 week until school begins...uhhh
So it was slim pickins in my paper today.... although the cover says over $1000 in savings inside... but just one little insert, where is the rest of the savings? I'm lost I guess...
I did stumble upon some campbell's coupons, some sweet too! Go here. I may just have to run to publix again before the sale ends on Campbells Chunky soup! (BoGO $2.39- $1/2 Q= $1.39/2 which is good because my walmart had them about $1.50/1). And it's super quick for when i just don't have time to prepare a meal....
Other than that I'm hoping to accomplish something today and that my ant bites will go away- they have been waking me in the middle of the night because they itch like crazy!
I hope that everyone has an awesome Sunday!!!!
God Bless us and guide us everyday!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Birthday

This is my birthday cake, link to recipe in previous post. I made this! It's not store bought but very Delicious!!!!
This is what i got for my birthday, doesn't show cards, money, or the nursing book my brother's family got me.

Skinny Jeans?

For the last few years it seems like everywhere you go they have Skinny Jeans... If fact I'm fairly sure that my nieces almost strictly wear them. I have yet to be consumed by this trend... so my question is.... Do you do skinny jeans?
please leave a comment!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday!
I got my gifts after i woke up (except for father's) and right now my Chocolate Lover's cake is baking!
I already made Max's vet appointment so I have the rest of the day to do what i want.... I think i may workout a bit and later on eat some take out and watch a movie. Might even play our new Lego board game, Harry Potter! Will post pictures later....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skinny Veggie Soup & more...

This is called Skinny Soup, party of a diet thing from Woman's day... pretty healthy looking but it tastes good too! Get the recipe here...
Tomorrow is my birthday, yay! I won't be cooking dinner but i am making my own cake. I'm feeling adventurous and chocolatey... so i'm going to attempt to make this...
And i'm gonna eat it with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream- yummy! Hopefully...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

I know it's only August but come on... no scary movie marathon... no "Friday The 13th" movies? Epic Fail! But on a good note Dinner was great! I made Balsamic Chicken Breasts (from Southern Living magazine) w/ corn on the cob and baked red potatoes (it's what i had on hand and needed a small side)... then afterward, I made myself a smoothie w/ 2/3 cup ice, 2/3 cup milk, almost a whole banana (had mushy dark spot that i removed) and 2 frozen strawberries- yummy and light. Plus I got in all my food groups (meat, dairy, fruit & veggie.. ok no "grains" but i got carbs!).

Target & Old Navy shopping...

Old Navy Purchases
Short Sleeve Sweater thingy- $24.50
Pink tee- $4.99
Blue tee- $5.99
PJ pants (skulls!)- $10 sale
2 Flip Flops- 2/$5
Used $10 off $50 purchase
Spent: $43.11

Target Purchases
(Bought a few other items not pictured, such as 2 undies, 4 pk muffins-overpriced, 4 ears of corn- used a coupon so only paid 33 cents total for the 4, lego game board game thingy)
Top Photo:
Planner for school - $5.??
King size Sheets (anniv. thing)- $33.?? sale
Shirt- $4 (clearance)
Boxers- $6.?? (clearance)
Hoodie- $4 (clearance)
Bottom Photo:
Sweat pants- $4.??
Tank top- $4.??
That outfit is a gift which is really awesome because they are like plus size clothes which usually cost a few dollars more than regular sizes!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's Up Wednesday...

  • Do you take vitamins? Nature Made brand? Well if so, or maybe u should switch... b/c they have an awesome rewards program... I just signed up and entered the codes off of 2 bottles I've had a month or so. They yielded me 130 points; once I reach 500 points I get a $5 off coupon- how awesome!!! Check it out here...
  • I love my "on demand" tv! I have exercise tv on demand and am going to try there 30 day- 10 lb regime... check out the website- i think they off free online videos too! Here..
  • Do you like Arbor Mist drinks? If so you can score $1/1 coupon if you like them on facebook, just print afterwards! (you print 2, maybe pass along the other to a friend)...

That's it for now but might have something new to post about tomorrow! BTW a new season of the Duggars has already started- tues at 9 on TLC- watch it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nursing stuff

Here is most of the stuff I got today for my first nursing class... I still need 2 books and exchange my lab coat (not to mention I never ordered a uniform for clinicals!)...

Publix 8/10

4- Crystal Light Fitness drink mixes
($2.99 BOGO - 3-$2/1 coupons= +.02)
"Buy Their's Get Ours Free Promo"
1- Kraft Easy Mac ($3.39)
1- Publix easy mac (free)
1- Motts Applesauce ($1.89)
1- Publix applesauce (free)
Total Spent----------------$5.65
Saved: $16.36

Monday, August 9, 2010

Top 3 Things Knoxville & Morristown Need...

I onced lived in eastern TN and may end up there again... but I will miss a few places if I do! Here is my list of what Knoxville & Morristown need to build to make me slightly happier and more convienent....
  1. Target
  2. Starbucks
  3. Old Navy


  1. Aldi (more than just one)
  2. Cheesecake Factory
  3. Ikea!!!

Explainations: If morristown had those places I'd probably shop more, or at least would forgo going to knoxville (even if just east side) to shop there. If Knoxville had more than 1 aldi, and one on the eastern part of town I'd definately shop there for some items to stock up on because they are pretty affordable. The nearest cheesecake factory is in Nashville, aka day trip or weekend getaway! Same for Ikea, I'd have to drive to Atlanta to get my fix! Which is 4 or so hours away! Definately an overnight stay because who wants to drive 4 hours, shop, then just drive back 4 more hours! I guess it is doable but not sure it is something I'd wanna do.....

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'm quite impressed with myself today... instead of just walking past the boxes outside my bedroom I actually took some time to organize/unpack/repack them.... Now you can actually walk right through the middle of the room.Now if i can only do the same for my closet & my dresser/nightstand.....
Also, my paper had 3 inserts today!!!! And yes I got my newspaper- it was laying in the driveway.... so what's up for this week?
6 days until Anniversary
Gonna buy my text books (all $900 worth!)
Hopefully I can figure out some things with my kitchen....did I mention tomorrow is 3 weeks until nursing school!

Friday, August 6, 2010


well... It seems like i've done alot today but then again it seems like i do one thing, then take a break, do another, then take a longer break.... or maybe it just feel likes it should be 5 pm instead of 3:10.... lol
I did pretty much figure out some organization/storage ideas for our bathroom & closet... now i just need to do something with the unpacked boxes outside my room and figure out some kitchen/cleaning storage. Make some yummy sausage gravy & biscuits for dinner (early for rob), tomorrow is pot roast (in the slow cooker). Going to chill out and try to make a dent into my "to do" list....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ikea Shopping Trip

1- toliet brush w/holder
1- drink bottle ice cube tray
1- 6 ct steak knife set
1- 2 ct funnel set
1- 5 ct small plastic bowls

1- long standing lamp
1- recycling sorter set (3 bag system)
1- Ikea reusable bag

First of all... I love Ikea.... I wish that I could just outfit 75% of my house with Ikea stuff. If I move back to TN I'll be sad b/c they don't have one! Which reminds me.. I could make a post on what knoxville/morristown needs....
Spent $26.12

Thursday Tidbits.....

So... now that I live in a house that has a gated community front... I may attempt to get one of those gate openers (like a garage opener) at Home Depot because we have 1 gate opener (came with house) but I'd like to have one and Rob too. It's just 10 times easier to press the botton in the car while you pull into the community VS pulling up to the key-pad and punching in 4 numbers....Anyone got advice on this?
Also, I have my blog linked onto my facebook account, I wonder if anyone ever clicks to view it? Most people would only know i have a blog if they looked at my info on FB (at least the peeps that know me IRL)..... leave me a comment or something if u clicked my FB link!
  • Got an email with new home plans loaded onto this nice website, here is another one that I like ....
  • One of my Fav cooking websites/blogs... I may have posted this before but Love her and she was on Today w/ Hoda & Kathy! Check it out (the best part is the pictures)... Click here for the "home" page..

August 5th - Happy Birthday Hubby

Today is my sweetheart's 28th birthday!
And it hasn't been that
We "were" going to wake up, go to the vet together for Max. Then go to the bank and Ikea!!!! Then Chili's for dinner & search for a yummy ice cream cake! However.... shortly after waking up Rob gets called into work... (Dude is Gary, aka other prep cook, can't show up for all 3 shifts there is no way he should be 5 day prepper, he should just get is 2... especially when he doesn't show up on the day of the other prepper's (Rob) Birthday!!!!! ARgh!)
So I went to the Vet with Max... we just got back... he lost 1 pound but has an ear infection... so gotta clean/treat his ears for 2 weeks then he has to go back to see if it is gone and that no other infections have popped up. Went better than expected i guess because i thought he hadn't lost any! But his ear troubles did tack on about $80-90 to the bill.... ugh... luckily... God made sure we had an extra paycheck last month plus in 2 months I should have a fat check from school (to SAVE! & use for new glasses/contacts because Rob and I desperately need them- Dude I failed an eye test on my left eye with my glasses on! Embarressing but it's been like 3 or so years).
And we just got new tires on the Geo...It seems like everytime we have a chunk of extra money something comes to claim it but instead of feeling bummed I should be like " hey thank God because we really did need that"...
So... What's going on w/ Rob's b-day?
Probably do the Chili's & cake thing but Ikea with have to wait (sad face).
Rob's Birthday Count:
-From me: 1 pair special pants, playstation live for 1 year, & $30
- From Funderburg's: $50
-From My Mom: $50 + Card
- From Rob's Mom: Card
I'd have to say, from past experiences, there is probably a 10% chance Rob will get anything else from his family, and he will get some money from my dad in a couple weeks. BTW I'm so grateful for my family

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home sweet home... or something like that..

I'm home... yay... well i missed my husband and my pets but that's about it.
  • I started some laundry. Rob had a few piles and i'm not sure what or if they are clean/dirty so i am washing some, rob can finish i guess...
  • I unpacked my stuff
  • I tried cleaning a spot in the shower, the grout, that is tinted a bit darker- dirtier... but no lucky, even the product with blench didn't really do anything- I'm stumped...
  • I paid my car tags, newspaper renewal, made a vet appointment for max tomorrow (not looking forward to it because i weighed him and he hasn't lost weight... i hope i get a different vet lady who just looks him over and gives the shots because i don't really want to get into a big event with taking max back again and again... plus i need more serum because ours is expired- opps)
  • Tomorrow is Rob's birthday... so after the vet we might do something, he wants to eat chilis....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Time To Go Home...

Hopefully in less than 24 hours I'll be in Georgia....
Although I could probably stay here forever... life must go on... and I'd miss Rob & Zoey... maybe the cats.
Gonna wake up before the sun and make my long ass drive home but in the meantime I'm making banana bread & sugar cookies. Gonna hang out with my nieces and at some point get some gas. There school starts next week (early) mine is at the end of month (orlando public's start a week before mine).