Monday, August 31, 2009

What a day (or 24 hours)....

Last night....
The biggest Palmetto bug (looks like a giant roach) pops out of our ceiling vent, fluttering towards my general direction (at my computer desk playing WOW)....ran out of room screaming, locked self in bedroom...Rob followed but aws my hero by locating and eliminating Bug!
Started off as planned (slightly stressful) trip to vet for my darling Max (routine shots and check up)- Everything just fine (relief) next visit in 6 months for senior blood work (i love my little 12 year old baby, i am like a teen mother with the exception that my baby is furry and adopted! LoL
After previous event I ate and slightly stale bowlof lucky charms while waiting for the Hubs to wake up, believing all the while that we'd be seeing 2 movies that we both have been waiting for.....However......After the less-than-perfect bowl of cereal I woke up the hubs to confirm the movie plans....
Well.....(skipping to next scene)....I'm looking up directions for the florida hospital (11:00 am), We get there, just after 11 am-----------We leave at 5:10 pm. Some blood work, urine sample, xray and ct later.....Rob is fine, generally speaking. He has some kind of pain or strained area in his left lower rib area (cartilage something or other they said likely or did something like lifting w/o relizing the "strain").
All of that aboove resulted in just over $400 OOP today...with a ER bill to come. But hopefully we will get financial assistance due to out low income. Rob's taking a lovely yellow muscle relaxer(sedative looking) pill and got a rather large amount of prescription IBprofen. And he gets to stay home sick from work tomorrow. But his blood pressure and everything is peachy!
The worst part was after 12ish my head began to hurt due to either stress of not having had anything to drink today...this continued and worsened until we left and stopped at KFC for refueling. By the end of the day I was in more pain than rob.
But I am glad that 2 of my most loved guys are doing well...Thanks God!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wish List

When I lived in east TN I constantly borrowed my husbands newst jacket/coat he got at Pac Sun. It was just a hoodie but fur lined so it was so freakin warm! Old Navy has added a jacket similar to this style and I want one! I really hope that thid item goes on sale/clearance at some point! (it's $34.50 right now)

randomness + Prayer request

Here's a few tidbits i'm passing along to ya'all........

  • New site for coupons-> All You
  • Sign up at the Smithfield pork products website and print up 2 coupons for $3/1 Bacon...probably would be super cheap or free! (Love a little bacon on my burger or in cheesy potato soup or just for BLT's)
  • one of my Fav stores is having an sale online $10 off all bottoms . My husband loves the pants, i love the skirts, and I bought a few items including one of the shorts super cheap after sale! Pink +Skull= how could i say no? ;)

  • Did you get the BOGO coupon for Venom energy drink? Go here... & pein twice per computer

Just a reminder, True Blood on tomorrow at 9 pm...should be pretty damn good as we quickly come to a close on the season. Also Big Love has started filming their next seaeson . And most importantly, Monday I'm going to take the NET so pray I do good, at least better than 65% so that I can turn my in Nursing App that day as well (meaning I will begin August 2010=Graduate May 2012). The test in about 3 hours so if ya'all can throw a prayer my way I'd be more than grateful since this will impact my future and make the dif between graduating before 30. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


it's my birthday
so far i've got 2 gifts and should be getting 2 more....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Walgreens 8/16

Wags2 trips


2- angel soft 9pk (4 ea)

4- starbucks (sale 4/$5)

1- crayons (49 cents)

1- Nutra soft soap (3.99)

2- airwick refills

Total Before-------------------$23.62

Total After coupons -------------------$17.62

Recieved $4 RR-----------------------------------$13.62

Kmart Super Doubles 8/16-17

2 Trips
2- Angel soft 6 ct double tp (4.29 ea)
4- Scrub Bub toliet gels (3.50 ea)=Free
2- Glade scented oil candle holders (3.49 ea)=Free
2- Hit Shot home bug spray (3.99 ea)
2- pounce cat treats (1.29 ea)
1- 3 pk doublemint (2.49)
2- Mountain dew game fuel 8 pks (2.99 ea)
1- Lysol wipes (2.67)
1- Lysol toliet cleaner (2.19)
1- Dawn scentsations (3.19)
1- Mountain dew flavord 20 oz (1.59)
1- Starbucks energy (2.00)= Free
1- Axe soap (4.29)
1- Hartz cat treats (1.79)=Free
Total (before doubled coupons)-----$69.73
After all my doubled coupons------------------$24.95
A savings of 65%

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Death Panel?

I was watching the Bill Maher show on HBO and this topic came up. I haven't watched the news in weeks so I had no clue. I'm not exactly sure what it is all about but what i picked up on is that it is a proposed system that would have doctors or a specialist discuss "end of life" choices. Which could lead to denial of health care, like to an eldery person or maybe an elderly person with a bad disease. Sounds like a way to cut money for health care but letting people die. I thought that was one of the great things about this country, we won't let anyone die. I mean seriously? If an illegal Mexican immigrant can get food stamps and health care then I may not be eligible in my later years. Sounds messed up to me.

They also discussed global warming and the pentagon forming plans to deal with government effected disasters, like running out of water and mass migration, this could lead to a powerless government.

All I know is that I don't currently have insurance but believe that will change; I hope to have some insurance and the bestest care for the rest of my life (so long as i actually go to the dr). And i really hope the global warming aftermath stuff doesn't happen in my lifetime.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Good-it's our 5 years wedding Anniversary
The Bad- Rob just called to let me know he'll be working an extra shift tomorrow, so.... I'll only get to see him a couple hours probably.
I'd like to say we'd be doing somehting awesome but we'll probably just eat at Chilis (1. it's close 2. good deal going on). This year out Anniversary gifting was different, we bought a Wii game and those DVDs. On the up side of things at least he'll be making more money!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Self-Sufficient Life....

This book, The Self Sufficient Life & How to Live it, is of my fav books. It's perfect for those wanting to reduce there dependence on society and the retail world, but also good for instruction about growing or raising your own food.

This photo is one of 2 ideas of how to lay out your land. This "model" is what the author suggests for 1 acre of land. This would be a "fantasy" of mine, it would be neat to save money and reduce dependency, although it is currently not in the cards for my life. (thus the "fantasy" part) Great for people who want to live off the grid....

Publix 8/9

2- Betty Crocker muffin mixes (BOGO 2.59)
1- Smithfield smoked pork (5.87)
2- Kraft shredded cheese (1.67 ea)
1- Wonder bread (1.49)
1- 8ct donuts (4.29)
Total Before---------------$17.59
Coupons used:
$1/1 Smithfield
2-$1/1 Betty Crocker
2-$1/1 Kraft
Total After--------------------------------$12.58

CVS 8/9

1- Schick Razor (11.99)
1- 40 serving Benefiber (clearance $3.07)
1- 250 mL CVS mouth rinse (2.69)
Total Before---------------$18.16
Coupons Used:
Raincheck for Razor (reduced $ to 7.99)
$4/1 Schick
$2/1 Benefiber
$3/1 Benefiber -CVS Q
Free CVS mouthwash -CVS Q
Minus ECBs Recieved: $3------------------------------+$0.53

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cvs/Wags 8/8

CVS + Wags
2- Stayfrees ($5 ea)
1- Blink eye drops (7.99)
1- Benefiber (clearance 3.07)
1- Gal milk (not in photo 2.79)
Total Before --------------------------------$24.43
Coupons used:
BOGO Stayfree
$3/1 Blink
$3/1 Benefiber CVS Q
$2/1 Benefiber MQ
Total After----------------------------------$11.43
(paid w/ecbs and cash)
ECBs recieved:16.99------------------------- + $5.56
note: Benefiber was on clearance and still produced the $3 ECB (made money on that)
4- Various Sudafed products (4.99 ea)
1- Scotch paper cutter (clearance 1.59)
Total Before---------------------------------$21.66
Coupons used:
4- $2/1 Sudafeds
.50/1 Scotch
Total After------------------------$13.16
Minus RR Recieved:
I'm ready to wrap gifts and for cold season!
________Total Saved(listed on receipts) $49.79______

Friday, August 7, 2009

Angel Food

You know the Angel Food ministries....well you no longer have to buy the base box of food to get the specials. Now you can buy the specials alone or whatever you want. How cool!

Straight A's

Yes it's true. I got all A's in my summer semester! And have raised my GPA to 3.24
Oh yeah oh yeah

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy BirthDay

Happy Birthday to my Husband Rob! I love you babe. Figures that tonight, on your birthday, is a Full Moon.. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9 Movies = $32

Without A Paddle
The Stepford Wives (remake)
Wedding Singer
Blades of Glory
-----------------------Each Above $3
Amityville Horror (original & remake)
The Rundown
Final Destination
--------------------Each Above $5
-----------------------------------= $32 (+ tax)
A few days ago we also bought Final Destination 2 ($5) & Jaws ($5)
All these movies were located in the $5 Movie bin. We also pulled out a few that were over $5 but didn't buy them. We probably spent 25 minutes digging through them, we were looking for one advertised on the sign attached to the bin (old school) but after digging for so long we gave up and pulled a few "potential" buys, price checked'em. We were just going to get 4 (=$20) but when we found that some we were considering were only $3 we decided to take advantage of it.

Monday, August 3, 2009


CVS 8/2

1- Gal milk (2.79)
2- Visine eye wipes (3.99 ea)
2- Stay free maxies (5.00 ea)
1- Softsoap nutra body wash (4.99)

Total before-----------------$25.76

Coupons used:
2- $3/1 Visine
1-BOGO stayfree
$1/1 milk

(paid with $5 ecb, rest cash)

ECB's Recieved:$10

Publix 8/2

2- Betty Crocker Turtle brownies (bogo 2.63)
1- Edy's ice cream (not in photo 2.99)
1- Publix strawberry ice cream (not in photo 3.99)
1- Degree Deoderant (2.00)
1- Nesquick strawberry syrup (2.19)
1- Frosty Paws doggie ice cream (not in photo 3.19)
2- Goodlife cat food (4.49 ea)
8- "Coke" products 12pk (B3G1 Free $4/ea)
Total Before-----------------------------------------$52.46
Coupons used:
.75/2 Betty Crocker
.75/1 off Degree
free nesquick WYB Edy's (2.25)
.75/1 frosty paws
2-$3/1 Goodlife
8-$1/1 Coke products
$5 off $30 Purchase (publix Q)
Saved: 37.72