Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cucumbers, Free McD's, & 14.99 Back to the Future Trilogy OH MY

I have baby cukes!
A couple weeks ago Rob and I went to McD's after my clinical for a quick hot meal. I ordered something I usually don't get because I was in a splurge kind of mood and was very dissatisfied so I emailed the company to express my feelings.... long story short.... a couple days ago We got a letter and 2 cards for a free value meal. (we used them on wed.). It pays to be vocal! Next email I'm going to tell them how wonderful there peach pies are and I wish they would keep them year round!

Newly released- Back To the Future Trilogy Bluray & Dig. Copy $14.99

So if you browse the Sunday ads then you may have noticed on the front page of the Target ad they listed a few movies for sale $14.99 (new ones)- I was like this is awesome! So my first thought was Amazon, I've seen them in the past lower prices due to other stores having low prices- so I emailed them to ask and make them aware of the target deal. They sent some BS copy/paste answer and I was like ok. But the next Monday morning it was on sale for $14.99. Now normally I'd bought it ASAP but due to some uncontrollable money issues I decided to wait until Saturday- pay day. Well hours later Amazon jacked the price up to $24.99- sad-face. However Walmart price matches! There latest commercial is all about it & they even say no ad needed. But I know how slow to change & paranoid many employees are (especially in this current economy & how easy some companies are to write up employees and tosh them out like expired milk- n0t mentioning any names but I have a few insider intel to a "thrifty" co.). So I price matched it last Thursday- was the last one on the shelf! But I did wait like 10 minutes for s supervisor to stick his key in the cash registered. Somehow waiting for a good deal doesn't seem as irritating as it would normally LOL The cashier did examine the ad carefully (doubtful I could have gotten this without the AD unless I waited & called a manager that was knowledgeable on current ads- is there one?) he even called nearby co-workers to examine it- i guess one said 25th edition & one did not. really? Even the super. looked (for 3 seconds) and said price match it, just match it, don't u know lol (he was laughing) and the cashier said he got in trouble once. I can understand the cashier's hesitance but hope that more walmart employees will adapt to the not new policy. This could have easily gone south but rather than consider the possible outcomes I am happy & thankful.

BTTF movies are awesome and I think they are pretty family friendly too which is hard to find nowadays but then again these movies came out when I was a kid and things have certainly changed a lot since then.....

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