Monday, June 27, 2011


So my test is just a couple days away.... so here is the breakdown of my gradual peak of stress....
1. My impending test Thursday
2. My dad's Dr. app. Friday
3. My Aunt Jan has cancer (not just cancer but multi cancers)

so... I'm kind of stressed but i know a little bit more room for a little more stress (just enough so that every 6 hours or so it goes up- as the test time approaches)
So Friday I'll celebrate only 4 weeks of class (not counting final week) with a date night with my husband- Transforms plus awesome Red Lobster deal (& a trip to petsmart for my babies needs hehe). Hopefully my dad will call me with good news to end the day/week. I may not have brand new cars or a house of my own but I am blessed. I know life has challenges but I also know that God only was success for me, my family- to prosper, to help others, & all the good stuff!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

1 week away- Send a little prayer for me

So yeah 1 week until our first regular test covering all OB/newborn, peds- pain, nutriton, growth & development & GI.

  • So on the plus side I come home to 3 packages: my Hip2Tour shirt *w/coupons, my bath/body purchase, & a library book (Betty Crocker's the big book of cupcakes - i think I gotta add this to my wish list!)

  • Waiting on: FX shirt (exchange), Victoria's Secret, & my 2nd newspaper to start coming -?-

I guess that's about it- My cucumbers are coming along and I'm basically trying to get my booty in gear in terms of school. Clinical is good & I truly believe or hope that a regular exam will go better than strictly Pharm! But as with all endeavors in live- I can only do and go as far as God's wills is for me to go & do. In my heart I feel this is his calling for me so I'm hopeful that I'll be successful & graduate on time next spring & can truly turn the page onto helping others.

Hip2Help lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Double clinicals...

My feet hurt! LOL
So I finally checked my pharm grade- 68. Around the same as Pharm before. I think I got a few things reversed which messed me up but I was kind of expecting this to be my low test. It is pretty hard. Even though i "felt" better, guess I still had some struggles. The next test is 1 week from tomorrow so gonna pray and study my but off! Only 4 test remaining and I need to pass this class to move on... Dear God - let all be uphill from here!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cucumbers, Free McD's, & 14.99 Back to the Future Trilogy OH MY

I have baby cukes!
A couple weeks ago Rob and I went to McD's after my clinical for a quick hot meal. I ordered something I usually don't get because I was in a splurge kind of mood and was very dissatisfied so I emailed the company to express my feelings.... long story short.... a couple days ago We got a letter and 2 cards for a free value meal. (we used them on wed.). It pays to be vocal! Next email I'm going to tell them how wonderful there peach pies are and I wish they would keep them year round!

Newly released- Back To the Future Trilogy Bluray & Dig. Copy $14.99

So if you browse the Sunday ads then you may have noticed on the front page of the Target ad they listed a few movies for sale $14.99 (new ones)- I was like this is awesome! So my first thought was Amazon, I've seen them in the past lower prices due to other stores having low prices- so I emailed them to ask and make them aware of the target deal. They sent some BS copy/paste answer and I was like ok. But the next Monday morning it was on sale for $14.99. Now normally I'd bought it ASAP but due to some uncontrollable money issues I decided to wait until Saturday- pay day. Well hours later Amazon jacked the price up to $24.99- sad-face. However Walmart price matches! There latest commercial is all about it & they even say no ad needed. But I know how slow to change & paranoid many employees are (especially in this current economy & how easy some companies are to write up employees and tosh them out like expired milk- n0t mentioning any names but I have a few insider intel to a "thrifty" co.). So I price matched it last Thursday- was the last one on the shelf! But I did wait like 10 minutes for s supervisor to stick his key in the cash registered. Somehow waiting for a good deal doesn't seem as irritating as it would normally LOL The cashier did examine the ad carefully (doubtful I could have gotten this without the AD unless I waited & called a manager that was knowledgeable on current ads- is there one?) he even called nearby co-workers to examine it- i guess one said 25th edition & one did not. really? Even the super. looked (for 3 seconds) and said price match it, just match it, don't u know lol (he was laughing) and the cashier said he got in trouble once. I can understand the cashier's hesitance but hope that more walmart employees will adapt to the not new policy. This could have easily gone south but rather than consider the possible outcomes I am happy & thankful.

BTTF movies are awesome and I think they are pretty family friendly too which is hard to find nowadays but then again these movies came out when I was a kid and things have certainly changed a lot since then.....

Weekend Shop-a-Thon

Bath & Body Works (Semi-Annual Sale)
5- Full size lotions
2- Full size body washes
4- small candles
1- travel size lotion
1-5 ct small bottles of hand sanitizer

All items were on sale/clearance & I used a code (THANKS20) for 20% off
Spent: $33.59 (that includes shipping/tax)

Victoria's Secret (semi-annual sale)


1- bra (sale)

used 20% off 1 item

Spent: $34.?? (includes tax & $6.99 for shipping)



1- Halter/tank top

used $10/$20 purchase

Spent: $15..66

Plus my Hip2Tour tee (charity for Tornado ravaged south)

And trying to order my lexmark ink cartridges....

(I have to admit buying myself a top at Kohl's was not my goal but due to being pressed for time I wasn't able to search for good Christmas gifts. I was hoping to find some clearance/sale items or small useful items that I could get for gifts or just things we could use, maybe next time)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's day week!

If a perfect world (one where i'm not 18hrs away nor a nursing student) I'd probably head to ohio to spend sunday with my dad or maybe he'd come my way for a family dinner... instead I sent him a card and a customed pencil/pen holder for his desk- it has a picture of me in his house when i was like um..4 or 5. I look pretty darn cute! And to make the day special he didn't even open the gift when it came- waiting until the "day". I so love my dad!

Awesome shopping deals online that I'm hoping to take advantage of a few: Victorias Secret is having there Semi-Annual sale! Love the quality of there bras and my fav is on sale for around $30 (vs over $40) plus they have a 20% offf a single item that works on the sale items. Lexmark online is having 10% off & free shipping, I have there printer so I could save a few dollars with this deal vs walmart (plus after i buy 5 inks I get 1 free!). Bath & Body Works is also doing the Semi-Annual thing- found a few lotions I'd like and candles but more importantly christmas ideas (plus i think there is a code for like some percent off- check Then my fav couponing blog (Hip2Save) has her hip to tour shirt available (for her donation tour to the tornado stricken areas & its for charity!). Then the Orlando Sentinel has a deal- 2 of there subsription options offering a $10 Publix giftcard (+ would double my coupons I get... hm...).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bum Bum Bum....

So in 12 hours I'll be 5 minutes into a very challenging Pharm test! Yay for me lol
I wish I had more time, that is my only complaint with nursing school I wish my brain had more time to "thoroughly" absorb the accurate info. God is with me always and that will definitely be a comfort tomorrow (any day really). This class, this semester, this week- I can not put into words quickly enough to relay my feelings... night night all- Tomorrow my goal is to do my super best & be happy no matter what!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Give from your heart and get a little reminder....

So last monday I went to donate blood because I felt a deep desire to give and help out some people. It's free & they can always use my blood. I'm the universal donor baby! But, sadly I was unable to donate because they could not find the vein after they stuck me (they did have it before hand and I'd say they eventually got it because as soon as they withdrew the needle a spurt of blood came out- clogged needle?) this is my second failed attempt! It really brings me down. And ever since my arm has been tender, mainly my forearm. Weird.... It's Sat & I still have the red needle prick & the larger deep red splotch.

So now i'm struggling with Pharm studies ..... say a prayer! First test Thurday morning (drug aka pharm test) let the lord shine light onto my brain, give me peace & strength... As God as my witness I will pass nursing school in may 2012 & I will donate blood!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

JCPenny's shopping

Cami- needed a nude/natural shade (kind of hard to find)
$5.60 ---Orig:$16
Velour Pants (navy)
$7.99 --- Orig:$30
V-neck Sweater (green) been eyeing this since winter
$10.80 --- Orig:$36
Bath Towel (needed a few more $ to use my coupon)
$4.19 --- Orig:14

Used a $10 off $25 purchase or more (code:GO2SHOP)

Total including tax/shipping: $26.16
Saved about: $77