Friday, April 30, 2010


I got a big delivery of library books today! Joy!
Unfortunantly one of the cookbooks has pages missing (aka torn out), saddens me that this is not the first time I've witnessed an abuse to the library system....
Also got "Hobby Farming for Dummies"...looks pretty darn good. I guess a farm is kind of like a fantasy to me...not sure if i'll have it but it's in my blood. I'd love to grow my own fruits and veggies and maybe have some chickens...maybe...fresh eggs everyday "might" be nice...?...
So while my hard working hubster is gone for the greater part of tonight and all day tomorrow at least I'll have something to do....
Also went to the Good Will today...I was able to find some toddler shorts and a girls t-shirt. Since they had blue tags and that was the color of the day I saved 50% less than $1.50!
Despite the ups and down of the day It's been pretty good....
I love my husband and appreciate him and am thankful for the blessings God has and will give us!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Publix & Walgreens 4/29

Walgreens: Free After RR's (actually made a dollar!)

Publix $20.03
8- Vitamin waters (sale $1 +(8) $1/2 coupons)
= .50 each
2- Mission Tortillas (BOGO sale $2.69 + (2) .75/1 coupons)
= .59 each
2 - Ken's salad dressings (BOGO sale $3.29 + $1/2 coupon)
= $1.14 each
1- Lunchable (sale $1 + $1/1 coupon)
= Free
1- Polly-o Ricotta cheese ($2.59 + $1/1 Store + $1/1 Man. Coupon)
= .59
1- 12pk new mountain dew flavor (sale $3)
= $3
1- pound ground beef ($2.61 + $1.50 off fresh beef WYB 2 Classico sauces)
= $1.11
3- Pasta Sauces (2 classico $2.59/1 publix $2.49- Buy Theirs Try Ours Sale + Buy white sauce get red sauce free classico coupon)
= $2.59 for 3 OR .86 each
2- Bow Tie pastas ( Ronzoni $1.39/Publix $1.15 - Buy Theirs Try Ours Sale)
= $1.39 for 2 OR .69 each
2- Italian salad dresssings (Wishbone $2.79/Publix $2- Buy Theirs Try Ours Sales)
= $2.79 for 2 OR $1.39 each
Grand Total: 23 items for $20.03 = Awesomeness

Monday, April 26, 2010

What's Up?

Yesterday I found the GMC channel just as "Facing The Giants" was about to start...I watched most of it and thought it was pretty good...definately would like to watch it with my husband. I think it's something that my husband and I could appreciate at this point in our lives.
Can you believe I have no library books? I know right! I just turned my remaining 5 in today.. but I have probably 5 or so "in transit" to my home. Over the weekend i got a little book happy and just added some to my list...Next week is a new month so they'll have new books to pick from! Joy! I love non-fiction because I love to learn!
Just a few weeks until our little vacation to TN, can't wait! Things are really rolling now... vacation...then moving...then school...Oh My!
I recently recieved a $10 off $10 or more purchase card for Kohls, took the hubster. Been awhile since I've been there but they have some nice things, even kitchen stuff. I let Rob use the card, he got some atheltic shorts, sale price was about $18, which is kind of high but with discount it was average and they are longer than his old ones.
So while i wait for my expected arrivals maybe I'll have a sweet week!
God Bless Ya'all!
Monday- pizza
Tuesday - Sweet Onion Chicken Subs
Wednesday - Chicken Helper
Thursday- Pork Chops
Friday - ???
Saturday- Taco Soup?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walgreens 4/25

After RR's recieved I only spent $6
Great week for Free-After-RR deals!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Alittle Religion For You...

I'm proud to say I'm christian and believe in Jesus here are some christian links I've recently stumbled on.....but first I'm glad to say that I'm now on the book of Job! And that I want to say that my favorite bible story as a child was Noah's Ark....have you seen Evan Almighty? Love it!
  • Children's Bible Lessons - this a neat learning tool type site, they have cute activities and quizzes for kids.
  • Popular Children's Bible Stories- has a very long list of bible stories; honestly i've enjoyed reading a few just to brush up on my knowledge.
  • Joyce Meyer- Of course! I read one of her "daily's" books and try to catch some of her morning devotionals on tv (i see them on Discovery Channel at 8 am M-F), I've also signed up for her magazine/newsletter thing which I got my first issue a few weeks ago (it's free!). I think you might be able to few the daily devotionals on the website (not sure) but if you haven't seen her speak you really should, she'd pretty funny.
  • Family Christian Stores - I've been to a few of there stores and there online store as well. Gotta love them, they sell more than just bibles! I got some super cute ear rings when i was teen, they have a couple beads and a small heart with a teeny tiny cross engraved on it!
  • Daily Bible Verse- Get a daily bible verse, i get one emailed every morning, i follow it with my morning prayer and it makes me feel like i got a good start on the day.
  • Lifeway- A christian resource site, don't know much about it but looks worth exploring...
  • C28- Christian store with some really cute tees and stuff, even baby onesies.

Well I think you get the picture....enjoy the sites, May God Bless Ya'all

Feels like Saturday

but wishing it was Sunday..... I'm all by myself. Rob is at work (actually called in a bit early and my mom is somewhere on the west coast of FL, probably at the beach. So I as embark on a realatively boring night by myself, tending to the dogs and stuff... I'm occupying some of my time online....
  • Saw this site on a blog, looks like a great shop for stockpilers or Mormons who wish to follow the food storage plan thingy..check it out
  • Sometimes when I'm bored I like to day-dream...when i was a kid I would browse catalogs for hours (still do once in awhile) but lately it's been house plans...because one day that dream will come true! The only problem is, what i want in a house is probably more than i'll be able to afford, which is why this home site is great b/c they list estimated building cost!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do you need a coat?

Jcpenny has tons of items on clearance, even winter coats.... they have a men's leather coat for under $50 and the original price was about $250! Can you believe that? Check out the coat here....
There is also a code for $10 off (not sure of the restrictions) 4BestMom

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday....

Just about every other day I make a list of to do's, sadly in my head I'm an over-achiever but in actuality not so much.... but so far today I'm doing pretty well. I just finished exercising (on te treadmill) and now I've freshened up, relaxing on the bed with my laptop, the tv on TCM watching "Westard the Women" (seen it half a dozen times as a kid), with Goober (aka Zoey) napping next to me and Max on the floor beside Rob's side of the bed napping as well. Of course my husband and mother are i'm posting...
  • The movie is at the part where the little boy died, the buried him and moved on but his dog got loose and ran back to the grave....I could just about cry. A dog isn't just a pet because they truly love you back.
  • Sunday's Coupon Preview here..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Duggar Tuesday...

Update on Max...he needs to lose weight! So he's on a diet that he isn't too fond of.... but if he can lose some weight his health should improve or uncover the precise issues (or lead to testing that will).... I'm guessing that we are going to see if he can lose a bit of weight and if yes then maybe he won't be getting on full time meds..... keep on praying for my lil baby! a bit I'll be making my dessert- chocolate molten cake (first time), I even bought some hot fudge sauce and ice cream to make it just like at a restaurant! Then at 9 I'll be watching 19 Kids and Counting!! Gotta love those Duggars!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Monday & Walgreens..

Monday - Grilled Chicken Salad
Tuesday- Pancakes w/ sausage links
Wednesday- Something easy
Thursday- Fish sticks & mac'n'cheese
Friday- Another easy day
Saturday- ???
I haven't really figured much out, but it will just be me and Rob eating most the week since my mom works a couple nights and is going out of town for the weekend...
1- Pet hair sweeper thingy (3.50)
1- Colgate toothpaste (2.99)
1- Mountain Dew (1.00)
1- Single size doritos (1.00)
Total spent after coupons & RR's used-- $1.98
Got $2 RR back

Random Photos...

Our nice and tidy bed...
My sweetheart Max

My Anytime Rolls (recipe made 24 but froze the remaining dough for "anytime")

My silly cat Ricky...

Not a great video, was taken with my digital camera (don't have video camera) but it is Ricky playing with some packaging plastic with air in it, he ended up deflating it....BTW way my little porker weighs 22 pounds (Max is 23)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sometimes I find an ad for a sweepstake or contest in a magazine, sunday coupon inserts, or just by email. So I thought I'd list a few of them that I enter everyday (because most contests you can enter once a day until it's over). I just made it part of morning online routine....
  • All You Dream Come True Sweepstakes - Grand prize = $25,000, First prize = $2,000, Second = $1,000, 50 Third prizes = $100, and 1000 Fourth prizes = $65 (i think that 4th one is the value but the prize is a watch?... but all the prizes have the option of taking the money value or your choice of gifts, example Grand prize could be $30,000 savings bond OR $25,000, u pick!) Ends Jan 31, 2011
  • $5,000 Grocery Giveaway - one Grand prize = $5,000, Ends April 30th
  • Zatarins Jazz Fest Getaway Vacation - A trip to New Orleans Jazz Fest 2011, air/hotel, Big Chief VIP concert passes, HOB After Party tickets, For 2 people ERV: $4,800. Ends May 31st
  • Campbells Grocery Giveaway - 4- Grand Prizes= $10,00 Cash $5,00 Publix Giftcard, 200- First Prizes= $100 Publix giftcard, only open to states with Publix locations (FL, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, & TN!!!) Ends May 31st
  • Folgers Jingle Contest - Grand Prize = $10,000, daily prizes= 25 $25 itunes giftcards. Vote on your fav new jingle, Ends April 21st
  • Dannon Light & Fit Beach Vacation Giveaway - Grand Prize= A week at cape cod beach house, chance to win 1 of over $20,000 worth of prizes as well, Ends May 30th, no purchase nec. you have the option of getting a code emailed to you in order to enter.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a week so far...

  • The moment that made me smile and thankful for my husband: he watched that commercial/infomercial where like babies or toddlers are reading or something like that.... he was kind of surprised such little kids could do that and said that we should get that when we have kids so we can have the smartest kids.... I can't wait to have babies with my husband and i have faith that he'll be a great dad!
  • Saddest moment: Finding out Max has cushings (unless it was a false positive) even though I was prepared for a positive result it still is sad because I love my doggie! I just want him to live healthy and happy the rest of his years. True be told, this is as hard as losing a human being...knowing the fact that I will outlive him does not make it easier to swallow or hurt any less....This why I'll never, ever ever, watch Marley & Me again!!! I cried uncontrollablly!
  • My poor husband is at work as we speak, with a fever... i hope he will be well before is am shift tomorrow.... all he did was sleep until work, didn't even eat...Wait- he just walked in the door...still sick...might even call out tomorrow...meaning 4 day work week = less on pay check....uhhhh

Since most things that I have issues with I can not control... I'm putting my faith in God. That he'll take care of my max, take care of our finances (that i can pay for max's treatments), and aid us in keeping/getting in good health! Amen!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Mail Call...

A good mail day here.... I got:
- 2 Blockbuster movies
- free sample of tissues + a bunch of Good coupons for them
- Zoey's flea meds

I'm hoping to get later this week:
- Max's flea meds
- a check
- coupons (i ordered)
- maybe a magazine or catalog or somemore free samples

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Monday & Book Review....

The first 4 photos are from the book Show Me How. Every page is like these, beautifully colored picture instructions from little mindless crafty things to life skills and more! Very entertaining for younger ones and adults. I'll probably add this to a list of "might want to own one day books"...

Here is my latest library books, Carry Me has cute bags in it but not sure if i'm on the right level to start up a project like that...
On to my day....
Max is home (picked him up about 6 pm) he was thirsty and tired and is now resting on our small section of tile flooring at our front enterance. I might know tomorrow the results... praying!
As for Menu Monday? Not sure, won't be going to the grocery store until Wednseday so eating out of my freezer for now.... maybe lasagna or something? Just taking it one day at a time...especially with Max, my sweet little old man

Sunday, April 11, 2010

God Bless Sunday...

"Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness." Psalm 29:2
The day is nearly done and I'm feeling pretty good. The only hiccup in my day was my Sunday paper not being delivered nor redelivered, no biggie.
I'm starting to a hint of nervousness for my Maxie, tomorrow is the day... I'm sure it will go well and I'll be counting down until I can pick up my baby! So say a prayer for my baby, Max.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


It's finally Saturday and a predict it shall be a good one...
  • Go here if you want some free samples or free things to sign up for
  • Go here for some Photo Deals! I'll be getting 20 Free prints at Walgreens (if i remember to pick them up hehe)
  • Want to Support Our Troops? Go here, sign up, and pick one of several ways you can contribute (donations, adopt a soldier, bake for troops, make blankets and more...)
  • Update of my Terrcycle collecting, I have 5 or 6 chip bags w/ 3 more in the works.. (thank you mom and Rob for craving salty snack foods!)

That's all i have for now, gotta walk the dogs and do some tidying up!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Update on Max...

Monday he's going in for all day test for Cushings disease...

Doubling up on the prayers! I'll miss him that day (probably gone from 8-5) and i'm sure he won't be liking me when they have to drag or carry him back into the doggie area w/o me. I'll definately need a bit more strength that day so i won't cry. He truly is like my child and I'll be so thrilled to pick him up, I just hope that they won't have the results until the next day or something....I really don't want a face to face result thing....

Today in my Waking up with God book the message is: Go Ahead and Ask....

(based on 1 John 5:14)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So Max got his urine tested again today...still high levels of protein....going to do another test on the same urine...
I'm praying that we can figure out what the problem is and that hopefully it is reasonably fixed/remedied.
Other than is the same...

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Doughnuts

Here are a few, day old, doughnuts i made..only problem is this recipe makes about a dozen & a half...too many for 3 people to eat...I would guess that by day 3 they might not be so appealing to eat since they are preservative free...we'll see...

Shopping 4/5

1- gal milk (3.09- was out & didn't want to make extra stop for cheaper milk)
2- Meow Mix (BOGO 4.89)
2- Doritos (BOGO 3.99)
2-Fiber One yogurt (BOGO 2.50)
2- Volia meals (BOGO 4.89)
2- BC Brownie mix (BOGO 2.63)
1- Goldfish cookie crackers (1.00)
3- Helpers (1.00 ea)
Spent: $20.51
Saved: 28.94
1- G2 gatorade
1- Starburst
1- Kotex
Spent: $3.70
RR recieved: $2.50
"really" spent------$1.20
Saved: $6.29
Total Saved Today: $35.23

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunday Breakfast?

Which should I make for Sunday, glazed doughnuts or hot cross buns?
These photos (& recipes) are from Pioneer Woman...not only does she have a book (i checked it out but pages were ripped from it) she also has a website with recipes!!!!! for Free!!!
Check'em out here...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Air Force Reserve?

I've come to find out that you can be a nurse in the reserves with an ASN.
So maybe that will be an option to consider...
Now i just gotta find out if they would pay someone to get a BSN while they served with their ASN.... that could be a means for me to get my next degree (intended on getting from day one).
It says that Basic is in San Antonio, not sure if that is for general enlistees or all enlistees (since medical field people typically get different training).'s still an option I guess....also you can be much older as reservist (age 34 rather than 27 but none applies to me because nurses can be 42)...
---Update: I literally emailed the AFR before i posted this about the tuition thing and they already responded! Awesome A+++ on time! Basically I or someone could use the GI Bill and tuition assistance..?... I'm not for sure abut the GI bill, he/she attempted a quick explanation about the payment and then went into being reimbursed after for monies not yet covered... Sounds awesome! So this could be a ticket to get my BSN or MSN...and I'd always have the op to transfer to active duty Air Force, if i wanted to probably but still unsure of any of this....just collecting "options"