Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Birthday

 I bought myself some PJs from target & a little Snoopy with woodstock from Halmark (total just over $30_
 This is from Rob, TB tee
 From Rob, NBXmas hoodie (for those chilly days ahead in TN)
 Books from Rob, NBXmas family decal set for my car.
 Miss Holly & Miss Kayla at the Kick-Off Classic (part of ben's head too)
Part of the pre-game show, Miss Holly is on the back row of flags 3rd from the left...

So my birthday in a nutshell.... Started with heading to Knoxville. Went to payless to try on shoes because that's the nearest one to me. Why Mo-town doesn't have one is beyond me.... I ordered some heels online later that day, check them out (so out of my comfort-zone but wanted something hot). Then we went to Target (got pjs above) and then went to Old Navy but didn't see anything in store I wanted so I just ordered a couple things online because 1. they sent me a $10 off b-day coupon 2. got 25% off new product.... I got a green hoodie & sweats set, pink hoodie, & shirt (check'em out). Lets say I'll probably have a hoodie for each day of the week... my collection has vastly grown in the past year.... (but for some reason I often put on my old blue Rob hand-me-down when I'm lounging around the house. It's getting worn, the wrist section is fraying...).
Then I went to see the first Football game of the season for my niece, to support her flag team. After that the day somewhat sizzled out.... Rob & I watched the end of Hatfields & McCoys on the history channel and ate my birthday cake, which is somewhat like strawberry shortcake. My 11pm I think I was asleep. I also ate at Texas Roadhouse in Knoxville for lunch, Chicken Fried Chicken- YUM!
Later today I'm heading to my brothers for a post-birthday celebration & watch Big Brother & True Blood. Then tomorrow is my first day on my own, God help me and be with me always....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 8th Anniversary to me & Rob

 Rob & before going out
 My anniversary gifts
I got this Merlotte's glass (from true blood)

I have such a great husband. God has blessed me.... now in a few short days I'll be celebrating my birthday and with God's help it will be awesome (as well as the 3 days of work leading up to it).

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've been working hard lately and only have 5 more days of orientation then I'm solo. Also Last Saturday we bought Rob a new car, a Honda Fit. But more importantly I'm posting my tidbits!

  • TLC has a new show coming on this Monday at 9 United Bates of Americaif you have watched the Duggars the you probably know them. They have a large family and live just outside of Knoxville, TN. Also 19 Kids & Counting will be back with a new season in just a couple weeks. Hooray!
  • Have you been  shopping lately? Yesterday I was at Walmart & saw a Fall display! So excited because I love Fall. I love the new sweaters, the leaves changing/falling, the pumpkins, Halloween, & more! And now that I'm back in Ole TN I can actually feel a real fall season. Did I mention the fall seasonal candles at Yankee Candle?
  • So a while now this house has been sale on the same road my brother lives on. In some sort of fantasy in my head I kind of picture myself living there but yesterday I saw 4 cars there so I guess someone else is seriously interested.... Here is the house, guess we'll see if it gets sold. We have come to the conclusion that we should consider buying next year since our rent is high for the area and our rental has problems (most recently a mouse). Maybe if get a good interest rate we can afford something near the house above... 
Well I guess that's it for now ...