Monday, September 19, 2011

Missing my Grandma- 5 years later

So... I did good on my test, 84, I could go on about how I should have done better and blah blah.... the fact is- on the first test of each nursing class I've only once done better than this grade (once got the same). If I made an 84 on each exam I'd be happy. So tomorrow I'll see my unit at the hospital and then have a fake test and check off. Woohoo- not. I'll get through it though, I always do....
On a less than chipper note- today marks the 5 year anniversary since my beloved Dorothy died. I'll never forget the last month of her life, the last time I saw her, or heard her speak, or walking into that funeral home with my dad on one side and my mom on the other as I broke down crying just barely in sight of her in the coffin (yards away). I dream of you often grammy and miss you so much. There will always be a hole in my heart with the aching of missing you and loving you.
Was it a coincidence that Hereafter was the movie to premiere on HBO Saturday....

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