Sunday, February 28, 2010

One of my fav stores..

(above is from the kids store)

It's a girlie store for sure... but the bestest part is that they are if the clothes don't suit your taste, try out the accesories...especially the sunglasses (under $6).

They also have tons of other cheapies, like makeup & tons of jewelry (even Hello Kitty tissues!)

And they even have a kids store now....

(just a note: there sizes run slightly small)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Serenity Saturday....

This Saturday morning and afternoon I've been all by myself... (Rob got a morning prep shift yay!) But it is cold and rainy...
  • In Orlando there is a hygiene drive going on and my apt complex is gathering up goods, it's to benefit the needy and homeless in central Florida...since I haven't been on super coupon mode for awhile I don't have as much to donate as I have had in the past but i will gather up a few items....maybe catch a deal or two before the cut off date..
  • As i was reading some blogs on the big monthly freezer cooking day(s).. go here... I found a recipe for garlic knots, they look tasty and i had something like it at a wedding...I'm going to try out the recipe Tuesday when i make some homemade Lasagna! Yum!!!
  • do you dink Tropicana OJ? Sometimes there are coupons so i do (OJ is outrageously priced nowadays) then sign up for their rewards program here. You earn points for each product that can be used for things like coupons for local things like bowling and such or sporting good store....something to get the family out and doing something!
  • I'm planning on making a trek to discover an Albertson's location near me (just need to mapquest it) since we got paid today and my freezer isn't full (about out of beef & pork) and b/c Alberston's is the only place that does those wonderful Buy 1 Get 2 Free deals on Meat! Gonna stock back up...Probably will thaw out one of my turkey's to eat next week as well....but dinner tonight is an easy comfort- Cheesy Chicken Veggie Pasta (just combine cooked chik/pasta/Velveeta/broccoli & cauliflower...
  • March is almost here...that means St. Patrick's Day, 2 birthdays, a dentist & vet visit! (always some "bad" with the "good") So for my prayer request this month is that I and my Maxie poo will have "good" vet/dentist visits! It's been way to long since I've been to the dentist but hopefully they can provide me w/ the service i request (w/o trying to suck me into more needed work) and that my jaw won't ache or get sore whole tryin to keep my mouth perfectly open for them to work! And hopefully our dental insurance will cover a worthy portion.

That's all i got for now but have a peaceful night!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zombie Wednesday...

(Zombies- Simpson Style)

Every morning my lil dog wakes me up (usually between 7 and 8) he starts by begging (sitting on butt and putting his paws together in the air and moving them up and down, also looks similar to praying) then he jumps into the bed with me and get partically on me and licks my hands and sometimes my face....thus waking the "dead"....after a few minutes i stagger out of bed and prepared myelf to walk the dogs. I would say, since i take them out immeadiately, that i probably look like a zombie to other people. I walk slowly, my head slightly down, if the dogs bark i just let them, i try to not open my eyes wide and just "go through the motions" until i think they're done and get them to go back up the steps....I have on no glasses, my hair is tossled and my clothing: sloppy! & instead of craving/moaning for "Brains" it's more like "Fakuccino"* lol

But I'm watching 2 out of 7 Zombie movies I own (Dawn of the Dead -fav, Return of the Living Dead).
  • Do you watch Lost? I caught most of last night's episode....Jacob said something about Jack being important.... Is this whole thing for Jack? Who is Jack supposed to be in Jacob's eyes? Is it me or does this seem like some religous influences? I'm on a spiritual high lately so forgive me if i incorporate it into everything! Even Lost...but it seems like (could be so wrong!) that Jacob is like a "God" figure, the newly fake John is like a "devil" type figure and Jack?? is a "jesus" figure? Which could give the "Lost" title i whole different meaning (not Lost on an island/ from mankind but Jack was Lost and God is directing him?) go here to read more on this...
  • I recently made one of those packages of ready-to-bake cookies and of course they're all gone but I'm in a cookie kind of mood so i might bake up some today. I found this recipe in my mail box which is for choc chip cookies but uses an interesting ingredient- pudding mix, has anyone tried this? Not sure if Ill venture onto it today but thought it was worth posting....check it out here
  • Check out the Sunday insert here (just 1)....nothing super special to me but i might have to order some coupons or at least next week b/c i got to use the $4/1 Knox coupon on $1.?? gelatin...i got the overage at Publix!!!! So needless to say, If i can buy a few boxes each trip that means I can score some free stuff ... but i won't go overboard b/c i don't want them to question my totally legit couponing deal....(they tons of the Q's left at, which surprises me)
  • New Product at Walmart? I was in the freezer meat area and noticed some roll pkg (like bulk sausage) of Turkey meat, i think they were Italian & Taco flavored, and the sticker above it said $1.... Seasoned Turkey meat for $1? Although I wouldn't normally consider any seasoned meat and I do usually like my turkey meat all white (those pkgs aren't usually)...if i were making ground beef tacos, maybe this might be something to substitute..... especially if it's half the $.... I really wish I just find white ground turkey for a good $ (my walmart has them around $2.99/lb, once i got it cheaper b/c they had some on clearance and I had a coupon but i hardly ever seen any "reduced" meat at my walmart, what about you? anyone know what day they reduce the meat?)

Well that's all i got for now.... gonna continue to watch my Zombies! & later cook that BBQ Rib dinner.... (had to postpone b/c Rob got called into work right as I was about to start the Ribs, so he's off tonight instead!)

*FYI: Fakuccino= fake Folgers Cappuccino powder mix (just add hot water) YUM!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Burpee coupon code...

Are you going to shop from Burpee gardening soon?
I just got there 2010 catalog in the mail (unfortunantly I live in an apartmet ATM)...
But there is a code for $5/$30 purchase (BX53)
They probably sell just about any type of seed/plant you could want. When I get my house (someday...) I want a nice little garden in the back yard. Maybe just some zucchinis, tomatoes, peppers, & cucumbers OR if i get a helper (like the hubster or eventually a child) maybe i can have some fruit too and some more adventurous stuff like pumpkins or corn or green beans.
Fresh veggies are so yummy and probably save you a bit of money!
Maybe I'll even have a small flower bed out in front of the house and i can buy some flower bulbs too!
I'll definately need one of those "full size" freezers!
The last garden I sort of had yielded alot of HUGE zucchinis & cucumbers, monsterously huge!
Gotta luv a little miracle grow lol

Menu Monday

Monday- Buttermilk Pancakes w/ sausage links
Tuesday- BBQ Ribs w/ lil corn on the cobs & rolls
Wednesday- Chicken Wraps
Thursday- Cheesy Chicken Pasta bake OR Grilled cheese & soup
Friday- Steak w/ veggies
Saturday- Either chik pot-pie OR Chik'n'dumplins

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Sunday..

Although I haven't left the house and my husband is currently at work, i'm having a pretty peachy day.
First of all, I'm totally addicting to the "while i'm waiting" song...I spent some time rocking out to it while playing freecell this weekend! LOL And this may sound strange but it kind of makes me feel a little bit closer to God, maybe like singing hyms in church or something....
I did some dishes (no slacking today) and made an early dinner for me and Rob (burgers w/chips and warm cookies & milk for dessert). I've also been gathering a plan for my errands tomorrow and feel a bit more coupony.... (plus i've been entering daily for a chance to win 1 of 4 $10,000 Publix giftcards- can you say groceries for 2 years?)...
I'm about to get my "sweat" on before doggie duty and get all cozy for a peaceful night (including Big Love and maybe calling my cousin).
I hope that anyone who stumbles onto my Super Sunday post has a blessed day and remembers to thank God with praise and love!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite new spring clothing item...

This is from Old Navy and I think the cute little cropped cardigan is awesome. I haven't gotten one myself but if I had the money or a super fab old navy coupon I'd definately get this!

Shredded Chicken Sandwich...

That's what I'm making for dinner.
I'm from Ohio but never realized that this is an Ohio thing. I stumbled upon a whole website devoted to it, plus locations to eat it and recipes....
For those who aren't farmilar with this, it is not a BBQ chicken just chicken...though most recipes have a few added ingredients to increase the flavor. I first had one at a major corner in Urbana at the Dairy Isle, which has sadly been replaced with a blockbuster (althought the small town needed one, i still miss the dairy isle). I've had a couple generations of my family make it at home as well....
I haven't nailed down a written recipe but it's easy and simple....just cooked up some chicken (easiest with boneless skinless chicken but could do it old fashioned way) in a slow cooker until it is falling apart and if needed use what little effort it takes to shred it.....then add a can of cream of chicken soup....if too soupy add some bread crumbs or something of that nature....
Put it on a bun and grab some chips...there's dinner!
For more info check out the shredded chicken website here...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Publix 2/17

2- Frosted Flakes (the real deal BOGO $4.29)
2- Pilsbury cookie dough (BOGO $3.09)
2- small country crocks (BOGO $1.99)
2- Goodlife cat food (BOGO $4.49)
2- Nivea body wash ($2.89 ea)
1- Yakisoba ($.79)
1- La Choy creations ($2.99)
$1.50/2 frosted flakes
2- $1/1 simply cookie dough
2- $.40/1 country crock
2- $2/1 Nivea
$2/1 goodlife (only had one coupon, would've been super sweet w/2)
$1.50/1 La Choy
$.50/1 Yakisoba
Spent after coupons -----------------$11.79
Total saved: $31.96
I know it's been a long time since i posted a shopping trip but for awhile I just didn't feel up to it and I've honestly not been needing much since I was getting such good deals last year. If fact I've probably got enough instant potatoes that I won't buy anymore for the year....But since I needed a couple things that were on sale and then found a few things that we "like" w/ coupons too match...I couldn't help myself....especially since our finances are alittle tighter now. This will be a month supply of cat food (hopefully) and i spent way more at walmart than I wanted too, probably nearly $60 just on 2 pairs of jeans (rob's work pants) and cat/dog supplies...ugh! Truth is I love my babies and I'd probably eat Ramen noodles everyday if i had to just so that they had what they needed (especially the dogs, super especially Max- yes i know loving or favoring one more than the others might not be right but they aren't my real kids, just my substitute kids and therefore I don't care what anyone spend a few years with a pet and have one you spent over a decade with and tell me how u feel).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Song from Fireproof..

John Waller - While I'm Waiting (Official Music Video) from Provident Label Group on Vimeo.

Duggar Tuesday

Maybe I should change it to "TV Tuesday" as it seems to be my favorite or best TV night.
I only wish that the tv schedules were altered just a bit...I always end up missing half of Lost because I watch the Duggars and then miss the second episide of the Duggars (re-run) to watch the last half of lost....if this was my bigget problem life would be darn sweet!
I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday, mentally that is. So i cleaned up a bit today, got my slow cooking going for some soup later for dinner, waiting on my last load of laundry to dry, and coping some recipes from my library books. Tomorrow, when i have my car, we'll hit up walmart before Rob goes to work to get some groceries and pet supplies. So I've slightly winged my menu thus far....
Yesterday - popcorn shrimp w/ Real mashed potatoes
Tonight- Double Corn Chowder (slow cooker)
Tomorrow I might wing some chicken pot pie: use up the much needed potatoes, some carrots in the frig, chicken from the freezer, some cream of chik soup from pantry, and some canned biscuits from the frig- food on the fly!
And although the first half of yesterday sucked big time! My husband did watch my newly owned, Fireproof....such a good movie! One we both enjoy and reminds us to be better people.
I just got my car back (in the the middle of this post), seems good but they didn't wash it, like they usually do. Spending that much money is mentally draining! But it's only money....right?
Well my bacon is cooking and that means dinner is just about ready! I'm about to get all cozy for my evening of TV overdose....tomorrow is going to cold here in FL...going to feel like 28 when i take out the doggies in the am....

Monday, February 15, 2010

My "would rather have stayed in bed" Monday...

Instead of sitting at Red Lobster and eating with my husband....we were at the Honda dealership eating "complimentary" breakfast pastries...
It didn't take too long to find out the damage.... which is pretty much equal to our expected income tax refund
Yesterday when I filed the taxes and thought wow this money will be put to good use, mainly save it but maybe go to the dentist and eye doctor this year....
I'm trying to look at as God blessing us with enough money to fix our car, rather having to pull it from somewhere else....Never-the-less it's still somewhat depressing to be in this position. car is at Honda and tomorrow I will likely pay way more than I ever wanted to, to fix my car and drive it home.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not exactly a great a Valentines day...and it's only 9am

Last night, around 12:30 my husband came home and called my name...I wasn't realy asleep because I've been staying up a little late watching the Winter Games....
I don't exactly understand how it all occured but he ended up hitting a curb with my tire and apparently dented or damaged it the rim and hubcap....Lucky the tire is not flat but it isn't "right" either....So our V-day plans are flushed down the toliet and I'm going to call my Honda dealership when they open to see if the service department will be open tomorrow, since it's a holiday....Hopefully Monday or Tuesday I get my car looked at and fixed for a reasonable price....
My poor car is only 4 years old and of all the little problems and imperfects that have been inflicted upon it, I have hardly been invloved with any of them....
I know I'm somewhat selffish but I can not wait for the day that I have a brand new Honda that only I will ever drive! Too bad that day is far away and that I will see my husband get a new car before me....Maybe I should play the lotto...?....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day Gifts...

What are you getting for your sweetheart?
My husband and I are having a frugal V-day....although we could further frugalize it, we have reduced our original planned spending.
What I got for my Husband: the first 2 Harry Potter DVDs, this is something he has been wanting and will complete his collection- this is nontraditional but it is a gift that can be used for years and that is desired, slightly more economical than most traditional V-day gifts....
What my husband got me: a stuffed v-day Doggie (usual type gift) and Fireproof DVD (my request). We each spent about $20 total + cards. We will also watch Fireproof together this week as part of my request (we've seen it once before but i think watching together once a year or something will remind us of things sometimes lost along the way...), also on Monday (his day off) we will eat lunch at Red lobster and maybe catch a movie plus do alittle target shopping since it is all right in the same area.
Sunday is not just Valentines day but it is our 5 1/2 year wedding Anniversary...which means it's 6 months until August (our Wedding Ann., our birthdayS, moving, school starting). We certainly never planned for our 1/2 anniversaries to fall on Valentines day, just ended up that way.
So darlings, what are your plans?

Great deal on jeans!

At they have an awesome selection of juinor jeans...they have regular styles and skinny with regular to plus in you enter cod TEN4You you can get $10 off/$10 purchase....
I bought a pair of jeans $8.99 + tank top $7.99 = after discount $13.11 shipped! (There are some other items that could get this cheaper, i almost went with a $4.99 tee but needed the tank).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I need a home....

I have decided that I hate Orlando and that I wish I never left TN.
I wish i could start my nursing program in TN and find some small place there to call my home until graduation...that my husband and pets could thrive in and not have to deal with loud inconsiderate neighbors...that ultimately you can do nothing about....
Hopelessness is truely a horrible feeling...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beauty Products You Can Make At Home...

Are you having a bad month financially? Or just had to do a budget make over due to a loss in the flow of monies? And you just ran out of scented body spray or astringent? You've checked out the right blog! Here are a few budget friendly, frugal thrifty, ideas to spare the debt and not sacrifice life's little basics!

1. Astringent:
Combine 2 parts hazel to 1 part distilled water and a couple drops tea tree oil (optional).

2. Scented Body Spray:
2 parts rubbing alcohol + 1 part water + couple drops of scented oil of your choice + spray bottle (recycled or new)= Your Own Personal Scented Body Spray
I recommend using something this as a regular old day scent and save the "perfume" for date nights!

3. Body Oil (use after hot showers, especially in the winter)
olive oil + your fav scented oil = scented body oil
Or just grab litte oilve oil from the kitchen and rub it on, people in the Mediterranean have done this for years!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lemon Goo Cake

Super easy to make, just combine 1 box lemon cake mix, 4 eggs, 1 cup milk, and 1 tub lemon icing; then bake for 1 hour at 350 (don't forget to grease & flour pan).
This is very yummy, light and super moist but not overly sweet like you may have imagined!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Monday

Monday- Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Tuesday- Potato Cheese Soup
Wednesday- Breakfast Burritos
Thursday- Burgers & Fries
Friday- Fish Fillets w/ Salad & Mac'N'Cheese
Saturday- ???
Sunday- ???

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Night Saturday Night...

I think I have something to look forward to, other than school....
My mom mentioned it during a conversation and I'm unsure of any "ideas" or details she may have in her head but moving might just be my saving grace....
The only slightly negative thing is having to actually pack/move all my stuff but if it means peace and quiet in an equally nice apartment in same area then I'm game!
And on another equally positive note... Rob's dad (biological) called today! I know you're thinking "so..?.." well his is the slightly shortened version of a long story.....
When my mom-in-law had Rob in Ohio, shortly after, her baby daddy went to she fled back to her home state FL and got married to a long time friend (Mr Watts) whom adopted my husband in infancey....Rob found out when he was 19 that Mr Watts wasn't his real dad...But after his real dad went in and outof prision a few times, the system said no more and gave him life! (Florida's 3 strikes you're out law) and it wasn't until after we were married that he sort of met his dad (in prision). And afterward for about a year they had weekly phone calls until we moved to TN in it's been that long!

Friday, February 5, 2010


How's your weather?
My dad (in ohio) has reported lots of snow and more to bus got stuck in a ditch on his country back road...
My weather was overcast for first half of day then followed by rain and under a Tornado watch until 8pm...after that who knows Warm but ight get colder after rain....
My darling husband is working hard at Sonny's and my mom is home relaxing sans BF, I've got Zoey sleeping by my side (in the bed)..Hopefully it isn't raining much when i take my doggies out in 30 minutes....
What am I doing tonight? Well like most nights, much of nothing....just piddling around my apartment, probably find something entertaining to do with my beloved laptop....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Book Review: Make it Fast, Cook it Slow...

This is a general slow-cooking cookbook.
It is based on off someone's 365 day blog to slow cook daily through trial and error. It has a lovely intro about this person's personal experience. And awesome bonus: all the recipes are esstenially Gluten-Free (ex: if it's a pasta dish they use gluten free pasta or soy-free soy sauce but u can just use regular kind). I've found a bunch of recipes i like, half are some i might want for my mom (if she has to eat Gluten-Free) and the other half just sound tasty for the whole family! Buy a slow-cooker! & check out this book....
I've only "dabbled" with my crock-pot but am interested in trying out some new things so on long school days I can have a hearty meal nearly prepared by the time I get home or thinking into the future...having a warm meal waiting for my kids after being a lovable nurse for 8-12 hours....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cravin some Cajun?

I sure am....
I've only driven through the lovely state of Louisiana (I-10 route i believe) but would love to (and eventually plan to) visit the unique place....
But since I can't afford to fly out to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and stroll down Bourbon street and eat Beignets....I found a nifty little website/store that offers things from Alligator to King's Cake......Gator is Tasty!
Get your Cajun on here...

Duggar Tuesday!! Back!!

If you have a loving heart, don't forget to say a lil prayer for baby Joise Duggar as well as all the little preemies in NICU's around the country
Note to readers: As I type this post I'm watching one of my ATM favorite movies Zombieland which just came out to buy/rent today....It's very funny (not so much scary) & has awesomely detailed slow motion scenes! BTW... Woody is the bomb!
Would you be able to survive a Zombie Apocalypse?
  • Go me! After my weekly walmart trip (had to spend my allowance on Zombieland) I put my chicken (for dinner) in the crock-pot, made a big batch of rice for dogs, marinated steaks and pork chops for meals this week.
  • Want free eggs? Sign up here for Incredicle Edible Egg facebook page and on friday get a But One Get One Free dozen of eggs (limited number of coupons so be early on friday)..
  • Hip 2 Save Mom has some awesome coupons to print posted on her site (check out her videos too, they are pretty cool)..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome Back Duggar Tuesday (prep)

That's right...
All new episodes are here...
If you missed the Sunday special above Joise's arrival then you can catch again at 8 pm, then to follow is a new episode (Joise's first Christmas) at 9 pm....
The break was short, thankfully, and I'm very glad to watch and learn more about the Duggar family!